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15 Best Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore for Authentic Malay Cuisine (2024)

Satisfy your Malay food cravings with the best Malay cuisine from the best Malay restaurants in Singapore. Enjoy top dishes like Nasi Padang, Mee Rebus, Prawns and Putu Piring with the authentic flavour of spicy Malay food, if you are looking for the best Malay food in Singapore!

Updated on October 30, 2023 


Jason Wong
Best Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore
15 Best Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore for Authentic Malay Cuisine (2024)
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Malay Food Singapore

Embark on a culinary journey to savor the rich and diverse flavors of authentic Malay cuisine at the best Malay food restaurants in Singapore! We understand that you crave the spicy, aromatic, and delectable dishes that are an integral part of Malay culture. That’s why we have meticulously researched and handpicked these top restaurants that promise to satiate your taste buds with their mouthwatering offerings.

As you explore these culinary gems, you’ll indulge in traditional recipes, innovative twists, and exquisite presentations that will leave you longing for more. We believe that the carefully crafted menus, warm ambiance, and impeccable service will undoubtedly elevate your dining experience. The chefs at these establishments have gone the extra mile to ensure that their dishes not only taste delicious but also cater to your dietary preferences and needs.

So, why wait any longer? Dive into our list of the best Malay food restaurants in Singapore and let the tantalizing flavors transport you to the heart of Malay gastronomy. Because with every bite, you’ll be immersed in a world of pure culinary bliss!

What To Look For in a A Malay Restaurant in Singapore

Choosing a Malay restaurant in Singapore can be a daunting task, given the sheer number and variety of restaurants available. To make sure that you’re getting the best experience, here are a few factors you should consider when selecting a Malay restaurant.

  • Ambience – The atmosphere of the restaurant should be one of your top considerations. Does the restaurant have a pleasant ambience, with plenty of seating and a bright, inviting atmosphere? Is the seating comfortable and the vibe inviting?
  • Menu – You should take a look at the menu and make sure that the restaurant serves the type of cuisine that you’re looking for. Is the menu diverse? Does it include traditional dishes as well as modern twists on classic recipes?
  • Service – The service should be friendly and attentive. Are the servers knowledgeable about the dishes and able to answer questions? Are they courteous and accommodating to your needs?
  • Price – Price should also be taken into consideration. Are the prices reasonable? Do they offer discounts or promotions?
  • Location – Location is also important. Is the restaurant easily accessible? Is it close to where you live or work?
  • Quality – The quality of the food is of utmost importance. Is the food fresh and flavourful? Is it prepared with care and attention?

These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a Malay restaurant in Singapore. With careful consideration and research, you’ll be able to find the perfect restaurant for your needs. Bon appetit!

best iconBest Malay Food in Singapore (2024)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the best Malay Food in Singapore. Our list of recommendations are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

🏆 Best Overall

Best Malay Food Singapore: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant Catering Pte Ltd

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd

Enjoy a variety of delectable and juicy dishes, such as Sundanese Grilled Chicken, Lemak Siput, Sambal Goreng, Tahu Telur, Beef Rendang, Oxtail Soup, and more!

Pros-Tick-IconPrice: 5/5

Pros-Tick-IconQuality: 5/5

Pros-Tick-IconService: 5/5

Ratings-IconOur Rating Score: 5/5

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Best Malay Food Singapore: Kampong Glam Cafe

Kampong Glam Cafe

Sample a variety of local favorites, such as Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Tahu Goreng, Soto Ayam, Gado-Gado, Lontong, Kacang Pool, Roti Kirai, Nasi Lemak, and Laksa.

Pros-Tick-IconPrice: 5/5

Pros-Tick-IconQuality: 4.5/5

Pros-Tick-IconService: 5/5

Ratings-IconOur Rating Score: 4.8/5

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Best Penang Cuisine Option

Best Malay Food Singapore: Penang Culture

Penang Culture

Enjoy authentic Penang cuisine cooked by Penangite Head Chef Wong Thin Lipp in a comfortable environment.

Pros-Tick-IconPrice: 4.5/5

Pros-Tick-IconQuality: 5/5

Pros-Tick-IconService: 5/5

Ratings-IconOur Rating Score: 4.8/5

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1. Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd (Halal Nasi Padang)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Hjh Maimunah Restaurant Catering Pte Ltd
Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd
DetailsApart from enjoying the food at our restaurants, we also provide buffet catering to suit your occasions. With a range of dishes that you can choose from, our food can be enjoyed right at your doorstep. Here at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant, we are also known for our fine selection of signature dishes. One must try the delectable and juicy Sundanese Grilled Chicken, the tempting Lemak Siput and the wide varieties of barbecued fish. Along with that, dishes such as Sambal Goreng, Tahu Telur, Beef Rendang and Oxtail Soup are among the more-than-40 selections that you can choose at our restaurants.
AddressJalan Pisang
Address: 11 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199078
Phone+65 6297 4294

Joo Chiat
Address: 20 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427357
Phone+65 6348 5457
Operating Hours

Hong Leong Building⁣
Located in: The Basement @ Hong Leong
Address: 16 Raffles Quay, #B1-45 The Basement, Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581
Operating Hours
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Woodlands Height
Located in: Koufu HQ Foodcourt
Address: 1 Woodlands Height, Singapore 737859
Phone+65 6291 3132
Operating Hours

Blk925 Yishun
Address: 925 Yishun central 1 #01-211 Stall, #2 Kedai Kopi Pte Ltd, Singapore 760925
Phone+65 6291 3132
Operating Hours

City Square Mall⁣
Located in: City Square Mall
Address: 180 Kitchener Rd, Level 4, Singapore 208539
Operating Hours
ContactAs above per location
Operating HoursAs in the address info per location
PricesHjh Maimunah Sambal Goreng Pengantin 1kg: S$19.00

We really love Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd because it offers you the most authentic and flavorsome Malay Kampung-style cuisine in town! You’ll be thrilled by their extensive menu featuring over 40 succulent dishes like Sundanese Grilled Chicken and Beef Rendang.

What we like about this restaurant is not only their mouth-watering traditional kuihs and desserts but also their catering services, which allow you to relish their scrumptious food in the comfort of your own home.

We must mention their convenient delivery service via Oddle Eats and easy reservation system, which make it a breeze for you to enjoy their delicious food whenever you crave it. So, treat yourself to a delightful Malay dining experience at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant – you won’t be disappointed!

What We Like

  • Treat yourself to delicious, traditional Kampung-style cuisine from Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd, Singapore’s favourite Malay food destination since the 1990s!
  • Enjoy a variety of delectable and juicy dishes, such as Sundanese Grilled Chicken, Lemak Siput, Sambal Goreng, Tahu Telur, Beef Rendang, Oxtail Soup, and more!
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with the traditional kuihs and desserts available at Hjh Maimunah Restaurant.
  • Get your Malay food fix at your doorsteps with Hjh Maimunah Restaurant’s catering services.
  • Enjoy convenient and fuss-free delivery through Oddle Eats with the ability to make reservations on Oddle.


“We came here out of curiosity about one thing: the Michelin guide. What are the standards given by Michelin for this restaurant to earn such an honour? After we had our lunch here, what can we conclude is they really serve real and authentic Malay foods.”

2. Kampong Glam Cafe (Nasi Lemak & Nasi Goreng)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Kampong Glam Cafe
Kampong Glam Cafe
DetailsA lively option serving regional and international eats such as fried chicken, noodles, and rice dishes.
AddressAddress: 17 Bussorah St, Singapore 199438
ContactPhone+65 6294 1697
Operating HoursTuesday-Sunday: 8:00am-2:00am
Monday: Closed
PricesNasi Goreng Kerang: S$6.50

Kampong Glam Cafe is the one-stop destination for all your Malay food cravings! We love it because their extensive menu offers a unique blend of Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, and classic western cuisine, ensuring you’ll never run out of options.

The cafe’s relaxed and comfortable atmosphere makes it perfect for a quick meal or a leisurely catch-up with friends. Open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, you can enjoy delicious dishes like Mee Rebus, Nasi Lemak, and Gado-Gado, followed by mouth-watering Malay Kuih and Brownies.

Quench your thirst with a variety of beverages, including the unique Cinno Mania and Kopi Halia. Trust us – at Kampong Glam Cafe, you’ll be delighted with the friendly service and flavorful dishes every time!

What We Like

  • Enjoy a unique blend of flavors from Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, and classic western cuisines at Kampung Glam Café.
  • Visit Kampung Glam Café for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, open daily from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.
  • Sample a variety of local favorites, such as Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Tahu Goreng, Soto Ayam, Gado-Gado, Lontong, Kacang Pool, Roti Kirai, Nasi Lemak, and Laksa.
  • Treat yourself with Malay Kuih and Brownies for dessert, and choose from a variety of drinks including Cinno Mania, Kopi Cinno, Teh Cinno, Horlicks Cinno, Kopi ‘O’, Kopi, Kopi Halia, and Kopi ‘C’.
  • Experience a delightful dining experience every time with friendly service and fresh, flavorful dishes at Kampung Glam Café.


“Went there for breakfast. Good, fast service in spite of the morning crowd. Good variety of delicious local food.“

3. Penang Culture (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Penang Culture
Penang Culture
DetailsA big part of the attraction in Penang lies in the street food. From Penang Fried Koay Teow, Rojak, Assam Laksa to BBQ seafood, Penang offers a staggering variety of hawker food. While the traditional favourites remain popular, the street food scene is also constantly evolving and innovating. Interesting new dishes and new takes on old dishes continue to keep customers intrigued and in love with Penang food.
AddressNEX – Serangoon
Located in: NEX
Address: 23 Serangoon Central, B1 76 NEX, Singapore 556083
Phone+65 6634 0667
Operating Hours

Changi Airport T1
Address: Level 3 Viewing Mall Central, #03-19 Terminal 1 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819642
Phone+65 6802 3691
Operating Hours

Compass One – Sengkang
Located in: Compass One
Address: 1 Sengkang Square, Unit # 03 – 13, Singapore 545078
Phone+65 6385 2820
Operating Hours

Located in: VivoCity
Address: B2-23E, Vivo City, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585
Phone+65 6962 7172
Operating Hours

JEM – Jurong East
Located in: Jem
Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04 – 27 Jem, Singapore 608549
Phone+65 6734 8006
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 10:30am-9:30pm
ContactAs above per location
Operating HoursAs in the address info per location
PricesPremium Nasi Ambeng Set (3-4pax): S$99.90

At Penang Culture, you’ll experience the perfect blend of innovation and tradition in their delicious Malay dishes. Helmed by the talented Penangite Head Chef Wong Thin Lipp, they offer authentic flavors like Penang Fried Koay Teow, Rojak, Assam Laksa, and BBQ seafood. We love that they maintain the essence of Penang street food while providing a comfortable dining environment for you.

What’s even better is their catering service, which brings restaurant-quality Penang food to your events with live stations and curated favorites. They’ve received rave reviews from top food critics like Wong Ah Yoke and influencers like Ms. Tam Chiak and Lady Iron Chef, because of their impeccable flavors and presentation.

Plus, enjoy islandwide delivery from just $5.90 and save 20% on self-pickup orders. Don’t forget to claim your 10% off on your first order with an $80 minimum spend. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the taste of Penang Culture!

What We Like

  • Enjoy authentic Penang cuisine cooked by Penangite Head Chef Wong Thin Lipp in a comfortable environment.
  • Sample delicious dishes such as Penang Fried Koay Teow, Rojak, Assam Laksa, BBQ seafood and more.
  • Get restaurant-quality, authentic Penang food for your event with Penang Culture’s catering service.
  • Take advantage of islandwide delivery from $5.90 with minimum $60 purchase.
  • Save on self-pickup orders with 20% discount and enjoy 10% off your first order with minimum $80 spend.


“I love the food here. If you like spicy food like me, I recommend the sambal fried rice. If you like Penang food, this could be a great option for you.”

4. Coba Coba (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Coba Coba
Coba Coba
DetailsNaturally, we specialize in the old-school way of sharing Nasi Ambeng and Nasi Padang with the important people in your lives. Among the over 30 dishes at Coba Coba, the signature dishes are its tahu telur, lemak siput sedut, and sotong sumbat. They also provide catering services for all occasions, from home to corporate events, at your convenience.
AddressAddress: 20 Beatty Rd, Singapore 209947
ContactPhone+65 6970 4961
Operating HoursWednesday-Monday: 8:00am-3:30pm
Tuesday: Closed
PricesBeef Rendang Set: $6.90

You’ll want to check out Coba Coba for its authentic Malay cuisine and warm, homely atmosphere. Because they offer over 30 traditional Indonesian dishes, you’ll never run out of options to tantalize your taste buds. The father-son duo behind this gem ensures that only the freshest ingredients from Malaysia are used, and their dedication truly makes a difference in the taste.

We like Coba Coba not only for their delicious food, but also because they cater to any occasion, making it super convenient for you. Plus, their islandwide delivery ensures you don’t miss out on their amazing dishes.

Featured in the Straits Times and well-loved by customers, staff, and friends alike, Coba Coba is a must-try for a unique and scrumptious Malay dining experience. So gather your family and friends, and head over to Coba Coba for a meal you won’t forget!

What We Like

  • Enjoy a unique Malay dining experience at Coba Coba, established in 2014 by a father-son team.
  • Choose from over 30 dishes, from tahu telur to sotong sumbat, all halal and made with fresh ingredients from Malaysia.
  • Coba Coba has been featured in the Straits Times and is well-loved by customers, staff and friends.
  • Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere for families and friends, or take advantage of their catering services for any occasion.
  • Islandwide delivery is available – order your favourite dishes from Coba Coba and enjoy them from the comfort of your home.


“The food is amazing as always. My favourite Malay food restaurant, will always be my go-to one. Price is reasonable to me.”

5. Pu3 Restaurant (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Pu3 Restaurant
Pu3 Restaurant
DetailsA 100% Muslim-owned restaurant selling authentic Malay dishes. Our signature Ambeng Platter (Dulang Ambeng) is filled with mouthwatering traditional spread that includes the Ayam Masak Lemak and Beef Rendang together with Sambal Goreng, Bergedil, Terung Belado, Urap, and Serunding. You can also order our Tahu Telor, Lemak Siput, and Sambal Sotong as sides.
AddressLocated in: 111 Somerset
Address: 111 Somerset Rd, #02-20 TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
ContactPhone+65 9272 0034
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm
PricesNasi Rawan (1 Pax): S$9.80

At Pu3 Restaurant, you’ll discover a world of authentic Malay cuisine that will excite your taste buds! We like their signature Ambeng Platter, which features scrumptious dishes like Ayam Masak Lemak and Beef Rendang. Because of its variety, it’s perfect for sharing with friends and family!

You’ll love the convenience of Pu3’s doorstep delivery, making it easy to enjoy their delicious food at home. Their special tea time set, available on weekdays after 3 p.m., is another reason to visit – we’re sure you’ll be delighted by the Roti Kirai and shiok teh tarik!

And if you’re planning a special event, Pu3 Restaurant offers catering and buffet set-ups with various menu packages tailored to your preferences. So, go ahead and indulge in an unforgettable Malay feast at Pu3 Restaurant!

What We Like

  • Enjoy a unique dining experience with Pu3 Restaurant’s authentic Malay cuisine!
  • Get the signature Ambeng Platter with Ayam Masak Lemak, Beef Rendang, and sides like Tahu Telor and Lemak Siput for a family feast.
  • Treat yourself to Pu3 Restaurant’s special tea time set for just $10.80. Get Roti Kirai and a cup of shiok teh tarik from Monday to Friday after 3pm.
  • Need catering for a special event? Pu3 Restaurant offers different menu packages to suit your taste.
  • Get Pu3 Restaurant to deliver the Ambeng Platter to your doorstep for a convenient and delicious family feast.


“The Nasi Ambeng is authentic and super delicious. Reasonable prices and staff provide good service.”

6. Haig Road Putu Piring (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Haig Road Putu Piring
Haig Road Putu Piring
DetailsHaig Road Putu Piring has been bringing bite-sized little chunks of happiness to Singaporeans since 1985. Putu Piring is a steamed rice cake.
AddressHaig Road Market & Food Centre
Located in: Haig Road Market & Food Centre
Address: 970 Geylang Rd, #01-02, Al-Azhar Coffee Shop, 1 Onan Rd, #81 facing at Hotel, Singapore 423492
Phone+65 9797 5635
Operating Hours

East Village
Address: 430 Upper Changi Rd, #01-14, Singapore 486936
Operating Hours
ContactAs above per location
Operating HoursAs in the address info per location
PricesGula Melaka Putu Piring (Original) 4pcs/box: $4.00

We believe Haig Road Putu Piring is the ultimate destination for you to experience a taste of traditional Malay desserts with a modern twist. Their signature Putu Piring, featured in the Michelin Guide 2019 and Netflix Street Food Asia, offers delightful flavor combinations such as nutty peanut and creamy pandan that will tantalize your taste buds.

What we love about this business is their dedication to using high-quality ingredients, ensuring that each bite of Putu Piring brings a smile to your face. This passion for quality is what makes their desserts stand out and benefit you, our audience.

So, why not indulge in Haig Road Putu Piring’s delicious offerings? Because when you do, you’re not just enjoying a dessert, but a piece of Singapore’s culinary heritage that will leave your heart full of happiness.

What We Like

  • Sample the delectable Putu Piring, a classic Malaysian dessert, made with rice flour, palm sugar, coconut, and a dash of salt at Haig Road Putu Piring.
  • Enjoy a variety of flavour combinations like the nutty peanut flavour and the creamy pandan flavour.
  • Featured in the Michelin Guide 2019, Netflix Street Food Asia, The Straits Times, and CNA Luxury – a testament to the quality of the desserts.
  • Bite-sized treats that will bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with happiness.
  • Try some little chunks of happiness today and savour every bite!


“These are the best sweets in all of Singapore. I had the original, and I was amazed at the flavor and texture.”

7. Warong Nasi Pariaman (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Warong Nasi Pariaman
Warong Nasi Pariaman
DetailsWarong Nasi Pariaman is an eatery along North Bridge Road and Kandahar Street in Singapore. The restaurant is believed to be the oldest surviving stall selling Nasi Padang in Singapore.
AddressAddress: 738 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198706
Phone+65 6292 5898
Operating HoursThursday-Tuesday: 7:30am-3:00pm
PricesAyam Bakar: S$6.50

You’re going to love Warong Nasi Pariaman – a true gem for traditional Malay cuisine! Established in the 1940s, they’ve stayed true to their roots while staying relevant, even winning the Heritage Heroes Award in 2016. We like their Nasi Padang dishes, and so did Anette Tan of Condé Nast Traveler, who listed them among the 28 best restaurants in Singapore.

You’ll be greeted by friendly owners and staff, and the reasonable prices will delight you. Enjoy your meal in a bento box, on a banana leaf, or shared on a platter – or even order online for convenience! Plus, because they house a mini-heritage gallery, you’ll get a unique glimpse into the culture and heritage of Malay cuisine. Don’t miss this amazing dining experience!

What We Like

  • Enjoy delicious traditional Malay cuisine at Warong Nasi Pariaman, one of Singapore’s oldest surviving stalls!
  • Awarded the Heritage Heroes Award in 2016, Warong Nasi Pariaman is dedicated to preserving local culinary traditions.
  • Anette Tan of Condé Nast Traveler included Warong Nasi Pariaman in her list of the 28 best restaurants in Singapore in 2019!
  • Friendly owners and staff, affordable prices, and a variety of meal options like bento boxes, banana leaves, and platters.
  • Get your cravings satisfied and learn about the culture and heritage of Malay cuisine with Warong Nasi Pariaman’s mini-heritage gallery!


“Best Nasi Padang in Singapore.”

8. Yunos N Family (Satay)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Yunos N Family
Yunos N Family
DetailsOffers a wide range of meats to add to the classic mee rebus, such as chicken drumsticks, babat, and oxtail.
AddressLocated in: Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre
Address: 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-01, Singapore 560724
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 11:00am-7:00pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesEnquire for pricing

You need to visit Yunos N Family for an authentic Malay food experience! Our analysis found that their rich, thick, and scrumptious mee rebus gravy is a game-changer. Add to that, the variety of meats they offer, like chicken drumsticks, babat, and oxtail, really elevate the dish to new heights. We also loved their satay and begedil, which perfectly complement the meal.

What truly sets Yunos N Family apart is their warm, friendly service and the passion the brothers bring to continuing their father’s legacy. We guarantee you’ll love the flavors and authenticity of their dishes, because the food bloggers can’t all be wrong! Don’t miss this unforgettable Malay meal experience.

What We Like

  • Experience Malay cuisine at its finest with Yunos N Family! Established in 1965, this stall offers a wide range of meats to add to its classic mee rebus.
  • Enjoy mouth-watering mee rebus gravy, made with their signature recipe.
  • Have a generous portion of begedil with your meal for a unique and delicious Malay flavor.
  • Food bloggers have highly recommended this stall for its mee rebus, so don’t miss out!
  • With great service and an extensive menu, you’re sure to have an unforgettable meal at Yunos N Family.


“I did takeaway on the Gado Gado. The takeaway bowl is huge. The food is a big portion too, with a standard price of $4.70 for takeaway. The peanut gravy is very rich in flavor and concentrated. Worth the price with such a big portion and good food.”

9. Mihrimah Restaurant (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Mihrimah Restaurant
Mihrimah Restaurant
DetailsNasi Padang, Roti Canai, Teh Tarik 
AddressAddress: 742 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198710
Phone+65 9019 7846
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 8:00am-9:00pm
PricesRoti Ikhwan: $3.50 per piece

You’ll really love Mihrimah Restaurant because it offers a perfect blend of traditional Malay cuisine and modern dining experience! We like their ever-changing menu, ensuring you always have something new and delicious to try, like their famous Nasi Padang, Roti Canai, and Teh Tarik. Made with fresh ingredients and prepared traditionally, these dishes truly satisfy your taste buds.

What’s even more exciting is their ‘Pay As You Wish’ Friday offer, giving you the flexibility to pay what you want for your meals. Plus, with food delivery options available, you can enjoy Mihrimah’s mouthwatering dishes from the comfort of your home.

What we love most is that they not only provide top-notch food and service, but also contribute to the community. So, by dining at Mihrimah Restaurant, you’re part of a greater mission. Don’t miss out on this amazing culinary experience!

What We Like

  • Enjoy the best of Malay cuisine at Mihrimah Restaurant, with its extensive menu of traditional dishes such as Nasi Padang, Roti Canai, and Teh Tarik.
  • Every Friday, customers can take advantage of the ‘Pay As You Wish’ offer, where they can pay whatever they want for their meals.
  • For those who prefer to enjoy the restaurant’s delicious food from home, Mihrimah Restaurant offers food delivery for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Mihrimah Restaurant believes in giving back to the community, and strives to provide its customers with the best possible experience.
  • Visit Mihrimah Restaurant today and experience the best of Malay cuisine in a truly special way.


“A simple Malay mamak food outlet. You can get nasi lemak or local kuih to go with a teh tarek. Or even roti canai. Prices are cheap. Service is quick.”

10. Rahim Muslim Food (Mee Rebus and Mee Soto)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Rahim Muslim Food
Rahim Muslim Food
DetailsWe are especially known for our Power Mee Rebus.
AddressLocated in: Chong Boon Market & Food Centre
Address: 453A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-01, Singapore 561453
ContactPhone+65 9786 7362
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 12:30pm-7:00pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesPower Mee Rebus: $3.80

You’ll want to check out Rahim Muslim Food! Their mouth-watering Power Mee Rebus has been delighting taste buds since the 1960s, and it’s no wonder why.

With its rich, sweet, and creamy flavors, tender ayam, and satay peanut sauce, it’s a truly satisfying and scrumptious meal. Because we know you love authentic Malay cuisine, you’ll also enjoy their Mee Soto, Soto Ayam, and Satay dishes. Why not add extra chicken to your Mee Soto for an even more indulgent experience?

We love how they’ve made it easy for you to share their fantastic food with others – their catering services and delivery options are perfect for gatherings and events. And don’t forget to try their Party Platter during the festive holidays! Rahim Muslim Food is definitely a must-visit for an unforgettable dining experience.

What We Like

  • Enjoy delicious and authentic Malay cuisine at Rahim Muslim Food since the 1960s.
  • Try their signature dish, the Power Mee Rebus – a rich, sweet, and creamy dish made with secret recipes.
  • Indulge in other delicious Malay dishes such as Mee Soto, Soto Ayam, and Satay.
  • Get catering services for social gatherings or corporate events.
  • Order their award-winning noodles for delivery or their Party Platter for Mee Soto and Mee Rebus during festive holidays.


“Uniquely well known for its Mee Rebus. Do try their Power Mee, which comes with cut chicken. The gravy is the unique attraction for many, where it is mixed with a dash of satay sauce.“

11. Padi @ Bussorah (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Padi %40 Bussorah
Padi @ Bussorah
DetailsServing authentic Nasi Ambeng, Malay, and Western dishes.
AddressAddress: 53 Bussorah St, Singapore 199469
Phone+65 6291 3921
Operating HoursSunday-Thursday: 12:00pm-9:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 12:00pm-10:00pm
PricesBeef Rendang: $7.50

We are amazed with Padi @ Bussorah for their delicious and authentic Malay dishes! You’ll be transported straight to the heart of Malay cuisine with their mouth-watering Nasi Ambeng Platter and irresistible Kampung Glam Fish & Chips. Because they use the freshest ingredients, every dish bursts with flavor. Don’t forget to try their must-have Teh Tarek Menarek Signature Drink!

What’s even better is that Padi @ Bussorah offers delivery via Oddle and special discounts for first-time customers. You can enjoy $5 off with the promo code ‘PADI5OFF’ (minimum spend of $60) or a 5% discount for self-pickup orders.

So why not gather your friends and family for a cozy and delightful Malay meal at Padi @ Bussorah? With their warm atmosphere, scrumptious dishes, and enticing discounts, you won’t be disappointed!

What We Like

  • Experience an authentic Malay dining experience at Padi @ Bussorah, located on Bussorah Street.
  • Enjoy a variety of delicious dishes like the Nasi Ambeng Platter and Kampung Glam Fish & Chips.
  • Try their Signature Drink, Teh Tarek Menarek, for a truly unique taste experience.
  • Take advantage of discounts such as $5 off with the promo code ‘PADI5OFF’ and 5% off for self-pickup orders.
  • Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, Padi @ Bussorah is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious and affordable Malay meal.


“I love the customer service there! The price of the Nasi Ambeng is totally worth it.”

12. Muslim Delights Malay Food and Noodles (Malay Dishes)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Muslim Delights Malay Food And Noodles
Muslim Delights Malay Food and Noodles
DetailsMuslim Delight is one of the top Muslim/Malay catering and wedding service providers in Singapore. We have been featured in the Michelin Guide and made headlines for being the caterer of choice for celebrities like Taufik Batista, Radio Deejay KC, Orange CEO Syah Ibrahim, and even Zack Zainal’s daughter’s wedding. We provide a one-stop catering and wedding services solution that ranges from the wedding venue to wedding catering, set-up, and other services.
AddressAddress: 117 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534834
ContactPhone9633 0261
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 6:30 am–6:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesAyam Masak Merah: $55.00

You’ll love Muslim Delights Malay Food and Noodles because their mouth-watering dishes and exceptional service make them Singapore’s top choice for Malay wedding catering.

We really like their wide variety of menu options, from Bento Boxes to Halal Buffets, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect meal for any event. Their fully customizable wedding services allow you to create the most unforgettable experience on your special day.

What sets them apart is their commitment to honesty, integrity, and prompt service, guaranteeing high-quality food and event management at affordable prices. You’ll be in good company, as they’ve catered for celebrities and even earned a spot in the Michelin Guide. Trust us, Muslim Delights will exceed your expectations!

What We Like

  • Enjoy delicious Malay food and noodles from a premier caterer that has been featured in the Michelin Guide!
  • Muslim Delights has catered to celebrities like Radio Deejay KC, Taufik Batista, Orange CEO Syah Ibrahim and even Zack Zainal’s daughter’s wedding.
  • Choose from a wide selection of Bento Box menus, Halal Buffets and Function & Engagement services.
  • Customisable wedding services available so couples can have a unique and memorable experience on their special day.
  • Trust Muslim Delights to provide high-quality food and services at an affordable price.


“Great service and a fantastic crew. The food was scrumptious, and the staff was efficient.“

13. Syam Corners Muslim Food (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Syam Corners Muslim Food
Syam Corners Muslim Food
DetailsA humble, family-operated Malay restaurant.
AddressLocated in: Fortune Centre
Address: 190 Middle Rd, Singapore 18897
ContactPhone+65 6339 6759
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesNasi Lemak & Donut: $6.20

We’ve discovered Syam Corners Muslim Food, an amazing family-operated Malay restaurant in Singapore, and we believe you’ll love it! Why? Because they offer an incredible selection of classic Malay dishes at affordable prices.

You’ll be able to enjoy their mouth-watering nasi padang with spicy chicken drumsticks or great crispy fried chicken without breaking the bank. The clean environment and friendly staff make it even better.

What we like most about Syam Corners Muslim Food is that everything is halal, ensuring the highest quality of preparation. So, if you’re searching for authentic Malay cuisine, look no further! Head down to Syam Corners Muslim Food and treat yourself to a fantastic meal.

What We Like

  • Enjoy classic Malay dishes like nasi padang, paru, crispy fried chicken, aromatic rice, and sambal at Syam Corners Muslim Food.
  • Everything is halal, so you can rest assured that your meal is prepared to the highest standards of quality.
  • Enjoy an authentic Malay meal without breaking the bank – Syam Corners Muslim Food offers incredibly affordable prices.
  • Experience a clean environment and friendly staff in this family-operated restaurant.
  • Indulge in amazing flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds at Syam Corners Muslim Food.


“I ordered mutton rendang, quail eggs, and vegetables for $7.40. The mutton is so tender; overall, it is tasty. Recommended!”

14. Al Aziz Restaurant (Delicious Food Curry)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Al Aziz Restaurant
Al Aziz Restaurant
DetailsServes a variety of Malay dishes.
AddressAddress: 365 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427610
ContactPhone: +65 6345 1450
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours
PricesEnquire for pricing

At Al Aziz Restaurant, you’ll love the authentic Malay cuisine that transports your taste buds to Singapore! The Cheese Egg Prata and Bee Joon Goreng Ikan Bilis are must-try dishes, and the Kambing Soup with French loaf bread is a traditional delight.

You’ll love the outdoor seating, take-away options, and parking space for convenience. Plus, the food is delicious, and the service is quick – perfect for a quick bite!

We like the Mutton Steak, crispy Roti Prata, and Teh Tarik, and the Mutton Biryani is a standout. Best of all, they’re open 24/7, so you can enjoy their delicious food anytime, without breaking the bank. Trust us, Al Aziz Restaurant is a must-try for your next culinary adventure!

What We Like

  • Experience the delicious tastes of Malay cuisine at Al Aziz Restaurant in Singapore!
  • Try their must-try dishes like the Cheese Egg Prata and the Bee Joon Goreng Ikan Bilis.
  • Enjoy the traditional Kambing Soup dish with sliced French loaf bread.
  • Take advantage of outdoor pavement seating, take-away options, and car parking space.
  • Open 24 hours a day, with reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.


“Decent food, great portions at a decent price for Singapore.”

15. Rumah Sayang (Halal)

Best Malay Food Singapore: Rumah Sayang
Rumah Sayang
DetailsRumah Sayang is the brainchild of the team behind Red Ginger. It has a distinctive Western Sumatran flavour, with a focus on the dishes that Red Ginger prides its reputation on: Nasi Padang, Sizzling Wok dishes such as Nasi Pattaya, alongside traditionalist Nonya flavours, with a carefully measured blend of ginger and various exotic spices. It has been operating in JEM since June 2013. The undivided focus on Nasi Padang promises a gastronomic Nonya experience that certainly must not be missed!
AddressLocated in: Jem
Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #B1-41/42 Jem, Singapore 608549
ContactPhone+65 6339 0938
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 8:00am-10:00pm
PricesLontong: S$5.50

At Rumah Sayang, you’ll discover an authentic and mouthwatering Malay culinary adventure! Nestled in JEM, they serve traditional favorites like Nasi Padang, Laksa, and Lontong, as well as enticing Peranakan Malay dishes. We love how affordable the menu is, and the warm, friendly staff ensures a cozy atmosphere for everyone.

Why not indulge in their signature dishes that showcase a delightful fusion of ginger and exotic spices, delivering a memorable Western Sumatran experience? We believe you’ll like their Nasi Padang, which truly satisfies every craving.

Because Rumah Sayang uses only fresh, high-quality ingredients, you can taste the love in their home-cooked, Malay-style meals. With such an extensive selection, we’re confident you’ll find a new favorite to savor!

What We Like

  • Taste the mouth-watering signature dishes featuring a delightful blend of ginger and various exotic spices for an unforgettable taste of Western Sumatran flavors.
  • Enjoy the home-cooked, Malay-style meals made with fresh, quality ingredients.
  • Choose from a variety of traditional Malaysian dishes, such as Nasi Padang, Laksa, and Lontong for an authentic experience.
  • Relax in the welcoming and harmonious atmosphere provided by the friendly staff.
  • Experience a unique culinary experience at affordable prices!


“A great place for local Malay dishes. We had Laksa and Lontong for weekend breakfast, and they were authentic and delicious. Super tasty! Will not disappoint.Service was friendly too!”

More Info On Malay Food in Singapore

Traditional Malay Cuisine

Malaysian cuisine is an exciting and unique experience for those who visit Singapore. Traditional Malay cuisine has been around in Kandahar Street in 1948.

It’s a great way to get a taste of authentic Malaysian flavors that have spanned generations! These days, there are plenty of amazing restaurants with classic dishes like nasi ambeng and putu piring stalls scattered all over the city. There are restaurants which are run by third-generation owners, wow!

If you’re looking for the best malay restaurant experiences, start with these two locations – they’ll definitely leave you feeling satisfied! And if you’re up for trying something new, don’t forget to stop by some lesser-known eateries too; they may surprise you with their delicious offerings.

With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which dish to try at a malay restaurant in Singapore.

Dishes To Try In Malay Restaurants

When you’re at a Malay restaurant, there are so many delicious dishes to try! One of the most popular ones is prawn. It’s usually cooked in spices and served with egg noodles.

Another favorite dish is beef rendang – which has a sweet-spicy flavor that will have your taste buds tingling! If you prefer something vegetarian, sambal goreng is the perfect choice. The combination of vegetables and tempeh make this dish both flavorful and nutritious.

Lastly, don’t forget about coconut rice made with coconut milk – it’s fragrant and creamy, making it an excellent accompaniment for any meal. No matter what type of food you choose to eat at a Malay restaurant, one thing’s for sure: you’ll be sure to enjoy every bite.

Plus, when these dishes comes from halal-certified restaurants – it just adds another layer of satisfaction knowing that everything being served adheres to Islamic dietary laws.

Halal-Certified Malay Restaurants

Singapore is home to some of the best Malay restaurants in Southeast Asia. With a variety of dishes ranging from Beef Rendang and Sambal Goreng, you can find something that fits your taste buds:

  • The Ang Mo Kio Food Centre is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking authentic Malay cuisine.
  • For Halal-certified options, try Restoran Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak or Makan Place – both offer delicious comfort food with halal certification.
  • If you’re looking for an upscale experience, then head over to Warong Nasi Pariaman for their signature beef rendang.

These are just a few great places to check out when exploring Singapore’s abundance of Malay food offerings. From street vendors to fine dining establishments, there’s always something new and exciting to discover!

Now let’s look at vegetarian and vegan options available in Singapore — they’re sure to surprise you!

Vegetarian And Vegan Options

If you’re looking for Halal-certified Malay restaurants, then don’t worry. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options that won’t leave you feeling left out!

For example, there are cucumber dishes served with rice and an assortment of side dishes like sweet and sour eggplant. And if you’re not a fan of fried eggplant, there’s always the option to just go for plain rice or other sides. Plus, many Malay restaurants offer special menus for vegetarians so they can enjoy their favorite meals without any worries.

But it isn’t just about eating vegetarian food at these places – the atmosphere is also great! You’ll be surrounded by people who understand your dietary needs and will make sure you have an enjoyable experience.

So even though some may think halal-certified restaurants might limit their choices, this definitely isn’t true when it comes to Malay cuisine.

Now let’s explore how we can get our hands on delicious malay food through delivery services.

Food Delivery Services For Malay Food

Malay food is popular in Singapore and many people are looking for the best places to get it. To make things easier, there are lots of delivery services that can bring malay food right to your door!

Here’s a list of four amazing services you should try:

  1. Food Panda – They have loads of great options from all different types of restaurants, including stalls like Ang Mo Kio.
  2. Grabfood – This one offers convenience with their app and also has plenty of delicious malay dishes on offer.
  3. Deliveroo – If you’re after something special or catering for an event, Deliveroo have got you covered.

These delivery services make it so much simpler to find the best Malay food near me no matter where I am in Singapore. Plus, they often have awesome deals too!

The Best Malay Food Deals

Similar to a hungry bear searching for honey, Malay food lovers in Singapore are always on the hunt for the best deals. From noodle dishes like noodle soup to nasi ambeng and teh tarik, there’s plenty of delicious options available when it comes to affordable malay food.

Finding good-tasting and cheap malay food is easy if you know where to look! Whether you’re at a hawker centre or a casual cafe, be sure to check out these amazing places for your next yummy endeavour. As they say, happy tummy equals happy soul!

Where To Find Affordable Malay Food

If you’re looking for affordable Malay food in Singapore, there are plenty of options! You can get a fish head or chicken curry with lots of spices in Singapore and it’s usually pretty cheap.

There’s also the traditional Javanese dish called Nasi Ambeng which is served by many members of the Malay community here. Nasi ambeng is a traditional javanese dish that comes with white rice served with various sides like vegetables or meat dishes to make it more filling. The best part about this dish is that it can be shared among several people so if you’re dining out with a group, then everyone can enjoy the same meal at once without having to order separately.

For those who want an even cheaper option than Nasi Ambeng, there are some small eateries scattered around the city serving up local dishes from different cultures. These restaurants often offer simple meals that won’t break your wallet while still providing flavorful experiences.

So no matter what type of budget you have, there’s something available for everyone when it comes to finding good Malay food in Singapore. And now let’s take a look at how to choose a great restaurant for your next meal!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Malay Food in Singapore.

What Are The Opening Hours Of Malay Restaurants In Singapore?

Malay restaurants in Singapore have different opening times depending on where they’re located and what type of restaurant it is. So make sure to check before heading over!

Are There Malay Restaurants That Offer Catering Services?

Well guess what – there are! You can now enjoy all your favorite flavors without leaving your home. Not only do these eateries offer tasty meals, they also provide friendly and helpful staff who will make sure you get exactly what you want.
So why not take advantage of this convenient service and treat yourself to a tasty meal today!

Are There Any Malay Restaurants That Offer Outdoor Seating?

Well, there are actually some Malay restaurants that offer outdoor seating! That way, you can enjoy your meal in the fresh air while catching up with loved ones.
Plus, it’s a great option for anyone looking for an exciting dining experience without having to worry about social distancing rules.

Are There Any Malay Restaurants That Offer Takeout?

Takeout is an easy and convenient way to get your favorite dishes from these incredible restaurants. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!
Whether you’re in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, there are several fantastic Malay restaurants that will deliver straight to your door.


Malay restaurants in Singapore are truly amazing! They offer such a wide variety of delicious options, and their hours are so convenient that you can visit them at any time.

Not to mention the fact that many Malay restaurants provide catering services, outdoor seating and even gluten-free choices. And if you don’t feel like dining out, there’s always the option to have your meal delivered right to your door!

It’s no wonder why these eateries are so popular with locals and tourists alike – they really do make eating out an unforgettable experience.

We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best Malay Food in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

We hope this article that we have reviewed has been helpful for you! If you find this article helpful, do check out other related articles in Singapore!