Singapore Income Tax Calculator (2024)

Check out Singapore Income Tax Calculator (2024) made just for you!

Updated on April 11, 2023

Singapore Income Tax Calculator (2024)

Free Personal Income Tax Calculator Tool

Make full use of our detailed Free Online Singapore Personal Income Tax Calculator to estimate your annual tax payable for your income based on earnings from previous year.

Net Employment Income
Employment Income
Enter your gross employment income for the previous year (incl. any bonuses, fixed allowances and benefits). DO NOT deduct CPF paid.

Less: Employment Expenses
Enter your allowable employment expenses.

Net Employment Income $

Other Income
Trade, Business, Profession or Vocation
Interest Income
Do not include deposits with approved banks or licensed finance companies in Singapore.
Rental Income from Property Income
Royalty, Charge, Estate/Trust Income
Gains or Profits of an Income nature
You can include any income which does not fall within any of the other classifications of income stated above.

Less: Approved Donations
Enter the amount donated (2.5 times) to approved Institution of Public Character (IPC) in the previous year. For eg: Donate $100 = $250 deduction.

Assessable Income $

LESS Personal Reliefs
Earned Income Relief Read More Here
Spouse/Handicapped Spouse Relief Read More Here
Qualifying/Handicapped Child Relief Read More Here
Working Mother’s Child Relief Read More Here
Parent/Handicapped Parent Relief Read More Here
Grandparent Caregiver Relief Read More Here
Handicapped Sibling Relief Read More Here
CPF/Provident Fund Relief Read More Here
Life Insurance Relief Read More Here
Course Fees Relief Read More Here
Foreign Maid Levy Relief Read More Here
CPF Cash Top-Up Relief Read More Here
Supplementary Retirement Scheme Relief Read More Here
NSman Relief Read More Here

Total Personal Reliefs $

Chargeable Income
(Assessable Income - Total Personal Reliefs)

Tax Payable
Tax Payable On Chargeable Income

Less: Parenthood Tax Rebate Read More Here

Net Tax Payable $

Disclaimer: This free tax calculator is made to provide convenience and estimation of your income tax. We will not be responsible for any inaccuracy in the information provided above. You may report any errors by contacting us!

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