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15 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore Serving Finest Quality Food (2023)

Are you looking to experience quality premium food & service in Singapore? Check out the best fine dining restaurants for the best food & service!

✅ Updated on January 25, 2023

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore

⭐ We aim to provide unbiased reviews on the recommended places & they are not listed in any particular order
✅ Do go through the entire list before making a decision!

Fine Dining Singapore

Singapore is a wonderful place to eat. There’s a lot of choice here, whether you’re looking for a local restaurant that serves up the best of local street food or a restaurant that has a Michelin-star rating.

At these fine dining restaurants you can find cuisine from all over the world. You can find fine dining establishments throughout the city, so you can find one that suits you. You’ll love the food, service, atmosphere, and the price tag.

What is Fine Dining?

The term “fine dining” is often used to refer to the type of food served in restaurants. These restaurants are high priced and offer a more casual atmosphere than other restaurants. They typically offer wine, cocktails, and dessert, in addition to the main meal.

Fine dining is an experience that many people in the world are not fortunate enough to have every day.

Fine dining is a culinary experience with multiple courses, such as appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Fine diners will often pay a premium for the privilege of enjoying this type of meal.

Many people enjoy fine dining because it’s a social experience, and it gives them a chance to wear clothes that are more formal, such as dress shirts or skirts and dresses.

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore (2023)

We’ve reviewed and curated a list of the Best Fine Dining in Singapore. We’ve made sure that this article will be helpful to you, so let’s not wait any further and get to it!

1. CUT by Wolfgang Puck

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
Best Known For: CUT caters to the true steak connoisseur with the finest range of beef selections grilled over charcoal and apple wood. You will be spoilt for choice with Australian Angus, Wagyu selections from USA and Japan, and true Japanese A5 Wagyu from Sendai Prefecture.
Address Located in: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Address: 2 Bayfront Ave, B1 – 71, Singapore 018972
Contact Details Phone6688 8517
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Sun: 5–10pm
Pricing Early CUTS at $125/pax

For the best steak restaurant in Singapore, you can visit CUT by Wolfgang Puck, located at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This is the first Asian outlet of this famous steakhouse and was awarded a Michelin Star in 2016.

There’s an interesting, modern look and feel to the space and the restaurant itself. The best-sellers for dinner is their pre-theatre dinner menu because it offers a lot of variety of meat. These are a must if you want a really good-quality meal before a night of entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple snack, a romantic dinner for two, or an extravagant dinner for a group of up to four people, there are plenty of different options, all under $100, that will be sure to satisfy you and your guests.

The menu at CUT by Wolfgang Puck’s has a variety of offerings and is a wonderful place to dine and enjoy your meal in peace. There are many great places to get a great meal, and the food at this restaurant is amazing.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Had a fabulous birthday dinner here at CUT by Wolfgang puck. The service here is excellent especially Michelle who was looking after our table was very attentive and nice. Food wise we I had the rib eye steak where my friends had lamp chops and salmon . The rib-eye made medium was definitely one of the best steaks I’ve had. Desserts we had the apple crumble and ice cream sorbet selections, and the chocolate soufflé . Staff were also very kind in writing happy birthday on the dishes which is very appreciative. We brought along a cake from a nearby cake shop but due to reasons we were not able to consume inside CUT- however staff were very nice in displaying and allowing photos with the cake. Drinks wise the cocktails are also a must have , had the rough love which seems to be one of the signatures. Overall a very impressive dinner!”

2. Odette

Best Known For: Modern French cuisine served amid sophisticated decor in the National Gallery Singapore.
Address Located in: National Gallery Singapore
Address: 1 St Andrew’s Rd, #01-04 National Gallery, Singapore 178957
Contact Details
Phone6385 0498
Operating Hours Opens Tues-Sat: 12–1:15pm, 6:30–8:15pm
Mon: 6:30–8:15pm

Terre & Mer: 298 (6 Acts)
Indulgence: 398 (6 Acts)

Nature et Découverte : 328 (7 Acts)
Epicure: 428 (7 Acts)

The award-winning Odette restaurant is located in Singapore’s National Gallery. They combine the best elements of Japanese and French cuisine into mouth watering flavors that are sure to please your taste buds.

They serve delicious dishes that are more relevant to their customers while still being inventive and elegant. The next time you’re here, you’ll be dreaming.

Chef Royer creates dishes that are both fresh and delicious. Foie Gras terrine with kumquat marmalade is one of his delicacies. The restaurant changes its menu with the seasons and the availability of fresh ingredients.

It’s an elegant place with warm service. You can’t miss Odette, it’s a great fine dining experience.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Superb service and food. The servers were all so knowledgeable about each dish, and also they really try their best to cater to dietary restrictions (we have someone pregnant and someone who can’t take lactose) by replacing the dishes with something else. Presentation of food is on point. It’s seriously a super filling meal and great experience. We had the $378++ indulgence menu, and added the $128++ lobster ravioli.”

3. Les Amis

Les Amis
Best Known For: Refined, chandelier-lit destination featuring upscale French cuisine & a vast wine selection.
Address Located in: Shaw Centre
Address: 1 Scotts Rd, #01 – 16 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Contact Details
Phone6733 2225
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Sun: 12–2pm, 7–9pm
Pricing 3-course • From $245
4-course • From $295

A modern French menu can be found at Les Amis. It has been serving its guests for over 20 years and is the standard of luxury and fine dining.

This restaurant has received rave reviews for more than two decades, and it’s no wonder. The popularity of the restaurant has increased as it has become an independent establishment, and the facility has been expanded to accommodate the growing number of customers.

The charming hosts, sexy atmosphere, and tempting prices at Chef Lepinoy’s table will seduce any guest seeking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

His cuisine reflects his technical skills and French gastronomic understanding with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Finally! A location and view might not make you think it is a great restaurant but it is. I am not qualified to comment the services and the setup, with a 3 Michelin stars, no need for comment. Want to highlight 2 dishes today, the blue lobster and duck breast. The blue lobster is so good, it worth every penny. It must be a male lobster and freshly prepared. The duck breast, medium cook, it is so juicy and gave me a new experience of this dish. Blood must be contained to keep the juiciness. Great services, very attentive and not over sell. The breads, appetizers, ice-cream and chocolate are so good and it is worthy!”

4. Jaan by Kirk Westaway

Jaan By Kirk Westaway
Best Known For: Applying the philosophy of ’Reinventing British’, Executive Chef Kirk Westaway’s constantly evolving menu embodies a seasonal philosophy to showcase British dining in a modern light, through simple but beautiful dishes that reflect both innovation and creativity.
Address Located in: Hotel Swissôtel The Stamford
Address: 2 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178882
Contact Details
Phone6431 6156
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Sat: 11:45am–2:30pm, 6:30–10:30pm
Pricing 4 Course menu from $138
5 Course menu from $178

The Jaan by Kirk Westaway is a fine dining restaurant in Singapore that serves French specialty cuisine.

The restaurant is headed by a chef who has British roots and is sometimes reflected in the menu. Jaan regular customers will get the handmade quality food that has made it so popular, thanks to Chef Kirk’s skills.

Unlike other restaurants, Jaan is very simple and neat with 40 seats available. It has a large Murano crystal and silver chandelier making the ambience calm yet elegant.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Loved the experience here. One of the few restaurants I have been to where I liked every single dish. Some places like to add odd ingredients in order to add a twist, but here things are fancy but simple. The ingredients you expect but in presentation that delights. I liked the constant British touches but without trying to shove the cuisine down your throat. Absolutely worth it, great friendly service, and above all doesn’t break the bank. Loved the touch of them giving me a loaf of the bread to take home because I liked it so much – that simple thing really leaves a good feeling. Definitely recommend.”

5. Fat Cow

Fat Cow
Best Known For: Contemporary Japanese restaurant specializing in beef delicacies, plus an extensive wine list.
Address Located in: Camden Medical
Address: 1 Orchard Blvd, #01-01/02 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
Contact Details
Phone6735 0308
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Sun: 12–3pm, 6–10:30pm
Available every Tuesday to Sunday
Sumire Lunch Omakase (12.30pm): $138++ per person
Nagoyaka Dinner Omakase (7pm) : $280++ per person

Fat Cow is a fine dining Japanese steakhouse at Westin Resort Sentosa in Singapore.

It is a favourite among locals and tourists alike, and is a popular dining spot for business meetings and social occasions. The steakhouse has an elegant yet simple Japanese design, which is a mix of modern and traditional.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the restaurant offers a wide selection of wines. Their passion to provide a great selection of unique and small dishes and their specializing on Wagyu beef is what make this restaurant special.

They are also one of the best omakase restaurants in Singapore that you must try!

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Had an omakase meal and the overall experience was fantastic. The ambience of Fat Cow and the interior setup were great. Upon entering, you were warmly welcomed and ushered to your seats by the waiter/waitress. They were great at introducing and having small chats to make you comfortable.”

6. Alma by Juan Amador

Alma by Juan Amador
Best Known For: 1 Michelin Modern European Cuisine with Asian Influence.
Address Located in: Goodwood Park Hotel
Address: 22 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228221
Contact Details Phone6735 9937
Operating Hours Opens Tues-Sat: 12–2pm, 6–9:30pm
Mon: 6–9:30pm
Pricing Lunch Menu From $78 Per Pax

Dinner Menu From $268 Per Pax

Alma is a fine dining restaurant housed at the Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore.

It is founded and run by the popular German chef Juan Amador who specializes in modern European dishes with a touch of Asian influences.

This is a wonderful restaurant in the heart of the city. The food is a fusion of French, Italian, and Asian influences.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“If you want to embark on a gastronomic food journey, why not try Alama. Recently was there to celebrate a special occasion. The experience was unbelievable and it really brings your taste buds on a food journey.”

7. National Kitchen by Violet Oon

National Kitchen by Violet Oon
Best Known For: National Kitchen by Violet Oon Singapore is a celebration of fine local flavours reflecting Singapore’s colourful culinary heritage. Dine indoors in an elegant dining hall or enjoy sweeping views of Singapore’s skyline with bar bites and sunset cocktails on the terrace.
Address Located in: National Gallery Singapore
Address: 1 St Andrew’s Rd, #02–01 National Gallery, Singapore 178957
Contact Details Phone9834 9935
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Sun: 12–3pm, 6–10:30pm

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers an interesting Peranakan food experience, you should definitely give Violet Oon a try.

The ambience is rich in history with old colonial style dining area and has low ceilings and the food is delicious. The portion sizes are modest, and you will have to pay a lot for the food.

However, you will definitely enjoy a nice selection of Peranakan dishes and other local favorites.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“I went here with my family and we had an amazing overall experience with this restaurant. The foods are delicious. Some of the dish we ordered are butter prawn, beef rendang, ngoh hiang, tapioca cake, chap chye, chicken satay and a kuay pie tee and we loved them all.”

8. Tamarind Hill Singapore

Tamarind Hill Singapore
Best Known For: Thai Burmese cuisine is the order of the day where powerful Indochinese flavours are expertly combined to sublime effect.
Address Located in: Labrador Park
Address: 30 Labrador Villa Rd, Singapore 119189
Contact Details Phone6278 6364
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Sun: 12–10pm
Pricing TGIF Set Lunch
Friday lunches won’t be the same again with our TGIF set lunch. Enjoy a glass of ice cold Chang Beer or house wine with Chef Pin’s signature creations.

Date: Fridays

Time: 12PM  to 3PM
Price: $48++ per person

Tamarind Hill is the only restaurant in Singapore owned by the Samadhi Retreats group, which has four restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It’s located at the top of a nature reserve. The area has a 19th century black-and-white cottage that gives the impression of being in Thailand.

The executive chef of Tamarind Hill is from the Kalasin Province of Northern Thailand and he has a strong focus on Thai cuisine.

The view of Thai cuisine here will be more refined with the spicy tones kept in check. If you want a more refined take on Thai cuisine, Tamarind Hill is an excellent choice.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Everything about this place is great. Authentic Thai food. So delicious. From the Tum yum soup right to the dessert. Had a free drink for me girl friend who was celebrating her birthday!! Very thoughtful and excellent service. Live it!!”

9. Empress

Best Known For: Located in the iconic Asian Civilisations Museum, Empress is a smart casual Chinese restaurant for guests who are looking to have an uplifting and lively dining experience. Offering a contemporary setting with both indoor and alfresco dining options by the waterfront, Empress delivers traditional cuisine, friendly service and a vibrant atmosphere.
Address Located in: Asian Civilisations Museum
Address: 1 Empress Pl, #01-03 Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore 179555
Contact Details
Phone6776 0777
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Fri: 11:30am–3pm, 6–10:30pm
Sat-Sun: 11am–3pm, 6–10:30pm
Pricing Dim Sum Brunch from $58

The Asian Civilizations Museum houses one of the best restaurants in Singapore that is inspired by Cantonese cuisine. It serves Chinese food in a modern setting.

The public can enjoy a view of the Singapore River at the restaurant. It has various types of seating, including round tables, long tables, and bar side sitting.

Most of the diners are a mixed of people from Asia and the West for business or corporate gatherings. The Empress offers unique dishes using rare ingredients. Among its signature dishes are the Triple Roast Platter and the King Prawn Dumpling in Supreme Broth.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“I just attended a wedding dinner on 4th. The service was excellent and super thoughtful. They noticed I hadn’t touched any of their dishes and the head waiter (or manager) came up to me to enquire why I had returned all their dishes. I told them I was gluten-, soy- and corn-free but not to bother as I hadn’t plan on eating anyway. He returned with a specially created dish, then another and finally a dessert. 3-course meal prepared on the spot. What a pleasant surprise! I hadn’t made any request or fuss and they could have chosen to ignore me. But they went the extra mile. Well done guys!”

10. Restaurant Labyrinth

Restaurant Labyrinth
Best Known For: Refined venue featuring a local menu with avant-garde seafood & meat dishes, plus cocktails & wine.
Address Located in: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore
Address: 8 Raffles Ave, #02 – 23, Singapore 039802
Contact Details Phone6223 4098
Operating Hours Opens Thurs-Sun: 12–2:30pm, 6:30–10pm
Sun: 6:30–10pm
Pricing Lunch from $138
Dinner from $218

People who want to enjoy authentic Singaporean cuisine should check out Chef-Owner LG Han at Labyrinth. His elegant and delicate techniques allow you to experience fine dining in a whole new light.

Nestled at the Esplanade Mall, the restaurant has been given a good revamp in terms of lightings and tables design and arrangement. It’s a beautiful dining experience that’s different from anything you’ve ever eaten before.

The regular lunch menu is very similar to the dinner menu. It includes a starter, an appetizer, an entree, and dessert. The regular lunch menu starts from $138, while the Chef’s Tasting Menu is $218 per person

The meals are generally the same will feature additional menus based on seasonal availability.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Honestly, the idea of elevated hawker food sounds terrible on paper. However, the dishes on Labyrinth’s tasting menu all bring something new and interesting to the conversation. It also helps that they are delicious, some of them delightfully so. It’s a rare dish that makes me chuckle, and this meal had several. It’s worth noting that service was also excellent, further enhancing a unique experience.”

11. Akira Back

Akira Back
Best Known For: The Akira Back restaurant by award-winning Chef Akira Back showcases modern Japanese cuisine with Korean accents and culinary influences from around the world. Featuring innovative dishes centred around seasonal produce and artisanal ingredients, look forward to a sense of adventure and creativity in this signature restaurant of JW Marriott Singapore South Beach.
Address Located in: JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach
Address: 30 Beach Road, Level B1M, 189763
Contact Details
Phone6818 1914
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Sun: 12–2:30pm, 6–10pm
Pricing Lunch set menu from $56++

Marriott Hotel South Beach, Singapore is home to a contemporary Japanese fine dining restaurant called Akira Back which is one of the dining concepts manage by the hotel

Akira Back has a unique interior in which it has a communal table, a bar, as well as private rooms for additional dining privacy. Its menu is divided into two categories such as hot and cold dishes. Among these are sushi, sashimi rolls, and main menus.  

You can get to the hotel through the lift if you’re staying at the hotel. The restaurant is considered to be one of the best in Singapore due to it’s exceptional service.

If you love Japanese food, then you should also check out the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore!

⭐ Customer Reviews

“What’s really amazing about the food here is how complex but well-balanced the flavours are! I haven’t been able to keep food down for a long time due to morning sickness, but I took one bite of the mushroom pizza and instantly my appetite was back! The holy cow sushi and avocado cheese rolls were so amazing, I never tasted sushi so light but delicious before! Even something as simple as crispy tofu is so well done here. The meal ended perfectly with a dessert of an “egg” made of mango passion fruit and vanilla eggshell. Can’t forget the flavours for a long time.”

12. Cure Restaurant

Cure Restaurant
Best Known For: CURE is Andrew Walsh’s first venture as Chef-Owner and is a restaurant that is rooted in combining top-notch plates, solid drinks and personable service that is delivered in a casual yet refined environment. Nua Irish cuisine at CURE. An expert showcase of the Celtic nation’s produce and culinary influences.
Address Address: 21 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089128
Contact Details Phone6221 2189
Operating Hours Opens Fri-Sat: 12–2pm, 6–10pm
Tues-Thurs: 6–10pm
Pricing Lunch set from $170++

Dinner set from $258++

Andrew Walsh, the chef at Cure, has worked with some of the best chefs in the UK such as Jason Atherton. The food served here is made with fresh ingredients, but the signature dish is the finger food served, which are cured in whisky, then brined in bacon fat.

The atmosphere is modern, and the design is simple, with black, slate, and dark wood. The service is competent and well-informed. If you want a casual British restaurant, then this is a great choice.

This is the perfect place to eat, drink, and be merry, no matter what the occasion. The food is delicious, the service is friendly, and the no-dress-code policy makes it perfect for any occasion.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“We had the festive menu dinner and its definitely a very creative and tasty menu ( 16 courses is really huge for girls…actually 18 course if we count in the beef tartare donuts and the birthday cake😅) I think perhaps the porridge can be skipped and that won’t be so much food( I can’t really have my main course – steak with truffle… it was so nice but I’m so filled up) and the salmon was a bit too salty. The dessert were definitely impressive. Tried a few Michelin star place but never feel dessert is a WOW. But I did enjoy every dessert tonight and not too sweet at all. The mulled wine and tea gin were brilliant! Nigel was a great restaurant manager- we will visit again when there are something new in the menu.”

13. Zén

Best Known For: Zén is the sister restaurant to Frantzén in Stockholm and holds three stars in Guide Michelin. The tasting menu is carefully curated and based on both local and world-class ingredients.
Address Located in: Chinatown Point
Address: 41 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089855
Contact Details Phone6534 8880
Operating Hours Opens Thurs-Sat: 12–5pm, 7–10:30pm
Wed: 7–10:30pm
Pricing Our fixed menu is SGD 580++ per guest excluding your choice of beverages.
Beverage pairing, alcoholic and non-alcoholic is available.

Zen restaurant is located in a historic district and is a great place to experience the best French food. For anyone who wants to eat well and have an unforgettable experience, this fine dining French restaurant is a must-visit.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the cuisine is unique. Zen is a restaurant that offers a variety of delicious dishes, both vegetarian and meat-based. It’s perfect for an intimate dinner with two or a group of friends.

The restaurant uses only organic produce from all over the world, with sustainable seafood coming from Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Locally grown vegetables are used during certain times of year.

It is more than a wine store and it is an amazing experience. You’ll appreciate each dish when it arrives, because you’ll see how every dish is prepared. It will make your dining experience even more unforgettable.

The warm and friendly personality of the best chefs and restaurants makes you feel right at home. There is a good restaurant here. The service is always on point, and they have all the right ingredients for a great meal.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Everything done to perfection is what Zen represents. From service to the interior design to the food elements hand picked from Norway, Spain, Japan… it’s a amazing experience for at least 3.5 hours that you’ll never forget. Truly exceptional. Thank you Zen, chef and all the amazingly friendly staff”

14. Osia Steak & Seafood Grill

Osia Steak and Seafood Grill
Best Known For: A confluence of flavours from Australia, Asia and the Pacific Rim” feature is the central stone hearth oven which adds a breadth of taste and texture
Website Website
Address Located in: Resorts World Sentosa
Address: 26 Sentosa Gateway, Festive Walk, #02-140 & 141, 098138
Contact Details
Phone6577 6560
Operating Hours Opens Thurs-Mon: 11:30am–3pm, 6–10pm
Wed: 6–10pm
Pricing 3-course set lunch from $58

The chef of the Osia Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa, Douglas Tay, manages the restaurant with a modern twist. It’s a fine dining restaurant, and its menu is based on the freshest and most delicious ingredients available locally.

The cuisine at Osia’s is very complex. Some of the dishes are too advanced for first-time users. The menu is expensive, but the quality of the food is excellent.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Extremely good service. Made a last min reservation as we were in Sentosa. They greeted us by name and ushered us to our tables. Food could have been a little better. The streak was well prepared but the cut was slightly lacking. Cheese platter was quite lack luster in the presentation. Expected a little more in the food presentation given the price point. Overall a fuss free place to dine at.”

15. Shang Palace

Shang Palace
Best Known For: Shang Palace showcases authentic Cantonese cuisine, provincial specialities and Chinese tea culture in a setting inspired by the rich heritage of China. The restaurant claimed its first MICHELIN star in the 2021 edition of MICHELIN Guide Singapore.
Address Located in: Shangri-La Singapore
Address: 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350
Contact Details
Phone6213 4473
Operating Hours Opens Mon-Fri: 12–2:30pm, 6–10pm
Sat-Sun: 11am–3pm, 6–10pm
Pricing Set menus from $138/table of 4.

Operating since 1971, Shang Palace has gained a foothold in the fine dining industry in which it specializes Chinese cuisine.

Traditional Chinese flavors are synced in today’s taste and innovation. For over 40 years now, this Cantonese fine dining is headed by Chef Mok Kit Keung who is considered a seasoned veteran.

Chef Mok has a deep passion for knowledge and travel and is a great supporter of future generations of chefs by sharing his knowledge and expertise. 

Once you dine in the restaurant, you can experience Asian culture and hospitality which the past generations has also experienced. At Shang Palace, legacies are preserved.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“The service was impeccable. I came with my mom on a Saturday which falls on 15th lunar month. My mom had to take vegetarian meal. We asked the manger for recommendations. All the vegetarian dishes were wonderfully tasty. Spring rolls were not our normal ones we had in the market. Highly recommend to try their vegetarian dim sums though not many variety. I do not recommend their Siew Mai. Taste like bland chicken instead of pork.”


We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best fine dining restaurants in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

We hope this article that we have reviewed has been helpful for you! If you find this article helpful, do check out other related articles in Singapore!

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