12 Best Courier Services In Singapore (Cheapest Delivery Fees in 2022)

Are you looking for reliable and efficient courier services that you can rely on for your delivery? This list of courier service Singapore might just help you!
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best courier services singapore

Courier Service Singapore

Are you looking for cheap courier service Singapore? Your search ends here.

We have compiled a list of courier services that you should check out if you want to get the best deals on cheap delivery fees.

With so many logistics companies to choose from, how do you know which ones are reliable and will deliver your items on time?

Finding the right courier delivery service is hard whether you're running a fledgling e-commerce business or just want to mail your mom her Christmas gift.

As far as couriers are concerned, there's now so many choices that it becomes difficult for us to decide which one we should go with: reliable but costly? Cheap and unreliable?

We've found out what factors make these services stand apart from each other - like their pricing structure, turnaround time etc., in order to help you find the perfect courier provider!

Cheap Delivery Fees: Many courier companies offer cheap rates but some are too expensive or only offer cheap rates with minimum order values.

In our research, we found that these were the best companies for cheap delivery fees:

  1. NinjaVan
  2. Lalamove
  3. SingPost
  4. Pickupp
  5. Qxpress Delivery
  6. GrabExpress
  7. UParcel
  8. GetVan
  9. GogoX
  10. Send Singapore
  11. XDel Singapore
  12. Ixpress647

We hope this list helps make your decision easier!

Best Delivery Courier Service Singapore and their speciality (Summary Table)

Here's a list of the delivery companies and their speciality in a nutshell.

Best Known For:Services
Small parcels
Mini Packages
Bulky Parcels & PackagesLalamove, Qxpress, UParcel, TaQbin
MPV / Van / Lorry deliveryLalamove, GetVan, GogoX
Instant Delivery
Ad-hoc Delivery
GrabExpress, Qxpress, LalaMove, GetVan, GogoX

To speed up your process on finding the right information, here is a description of the summarized table above and how you can quickly engage your next delivery or courier service Singapore for your needs.

  • For small parcels/mini packages/ documents

When you have a package to send, the last thing you want is sorting through your house for stamps and pens. With SingPost’s PolyM or Ninja Pack postal solutions, that hassle disappears because these products are postage-paid - just stuff it in the packaging with an address label on one side of the parcel before sealing it up tight!

Singpost provides convenient ways to ship items like books without having to worry about adding individual letters and money orders as well as worrying about spilling ink everywhere while trying use their post office envelopes.

  • For bulky parcels & packages: 

Qxpress next-day delivery has a large selection of shipping options, making it the perfect choice for all your heavy and bulky shipments. Whether you're sending an elephant to Thailand or moving across town - they've got you covered!

If you need bulky delivery on ad-hoc basis, try Lalamove or GoGoX.

  • For instant delivery: 

A time-consuming errand can be a thing of the past, thanks to Lalamove. This company will pick up and deliver your items for you - all for less than what it would cost if you were just picking them yourself!

For those who are looking at saving their money or making things easier on themselves, this is an excellent option that won't put much strain on either one's wallet, and getting the job done.

  • For van or lorry deliveries:

It can be difficult to find the right company for transporting your van or lorry. If you're looking for a good service, look no further than gogovan and lalamove! These two companies have been around and are both well-known in their respective fields.

Best Courier Services in Singapore (2022)

Here are the best courier services you can find in Singapore at great prices and service! Let us know which ones fit you best! Lets get to it.

1. NinjaVan Ninja Packs (No weight limit)

ninja van delivery service courier service singapore
Ninjavan delivery services
Best Known For:Small packages with no weight limit as long you can fit.
PricingNinja Packs pricing

XS 230 x 170mm $3.30 ($3.70 for Padded)
S 350 x 250mm $3.58 ($4.08 for Padded)
M 470 x 330mm $3.98 ($4.48 for Padded)
Address8 Jln Kilang Timor, #02-01 Kewalram House, Singapore 159305
Contact Details6602 8271
Operating HoursMonday - Saturday : 8am - 10pm

Ninja Packs are postage-paid polymailers of different sizes.

Unlike SingPost, there's no weight limit and you can stuff all the items in that you want into the bag for small but heavy things like books.

Then just drop it off at one of their Ninja Points or buy them online if they're available from a few selected stores around Singapore who carry individual packs too!

Delivery takes 1 to 3 days and is trackable thanks to these ninja mailers making life easier on us ninjas out here trying our best not be caught by any pesky lightsabres 😉

Ninja Packages let customers pack up whatever paraphernalia they might have with 100% free shipping options - whether your package weighs 10kg or 30lbs doesn't matter.

Service Highlights

  • No weight limit
  • Fast delivery time
  • Affordable pricing

Customer Review

"Delivery man came to my house when nobody was around. Told delivery man that Thursday I will be home entire day or he can deliver after 6pm today. Did not expect a redelivery today itself at 7.30pm. Fast and efficient, thank you and keep it up."

"I used to be pretty disappointed with Ninjavan but i must say that their delivery services of late have been tip top and more than stellar. Kudos to the Orchard team, they have been perfect in my pass few deliveries! Thank you!"

"Always delivers perfectly even if im not home by front door and updates with proof through whatsapp. Great service."

2. Lalamove (Wide range of Fleet for Different Types of Packages)

Lalamove delivery services
Lalamove delivery services
Best Known For:Small packages with no weight limit as long you can fit.
PricingLalamove Vehicle Delivery fee Weight & Size limit

Motorcycle $10 + $0.30/km 8kg, 40 × 25 × 25 cm

Car $12 + $1/km 20kg, 70 × 50 × 50 cm

MPV $19 + $0.50/km 50kg, 110 × 80 × 50 cm

1.7m Van $30 + $0.50/km 350kg, 160 × 120 × 100 cm

2.4m Van $38 + $0.50/km 500kg, 230 × 120 × 120 cm

10ft Lorry $42 + $0.75/km 1 ton, 290 × 140 × 170 cm

14ft Lorry $79 + $0.75km 2 tons, 420 × 170 × 190 cm
Address10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby C, #04-35, 408564
Contact Detailsinfo.sg@lalamove.com or use their Live chat on their website.
Operating HoursMonday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Lalamove offers fast delivery service that targets both IKEA customers and individuals on Carousell.

Most of LalaMoves' fleet are lorries, but the company also has smaller vehicles like motorcycles for those moving small items.

Recently the freight-delivery app GrabExpress have been in competition with them as well - it's clear these two transportation companies will be a big part of every Singaporean’s future!

You might already have seen Lalamove at IKEA where they offer an easier way to get your goods delivered quicker than any other option there!

With everything done on demand so you don't need to wait all day long, this is one service that you definitely need for last minute deliveries.

Service Highlights

  • Different price affordable for different packages
  • 55 minutes Fast delivery time
  • Affordable pricing

Customer Review

"Needed an urgent delivery to be done and was left waiting by Grabexpress for 50mins where the app informed I would know my deliveryman info within 30mins. Called the call centre and was told cancel and try again! No way!!! Was super upset coz it was nearly 5pm and I needed it to be sent urgently!

Tried out Lalamove and managed to get a delivery personnel within minutes, not to mention he arrived within 10mins. Grayson contacted and waited for my colleague to bring down document and promptly delivered them to my client by 5pm! Great service!"

"I would like to leave a 5 * review for Uncle Quah Choon How. My friend delivered a set of surprised birthday meal for me to my house but I was in office. Uncle Quah kindly offered to send the meal all the way to my office without any extra charges. He is very nice and warm. Made my day :)"

"I tried Lalamove for the 1st time tonight and wasn't expecting much because it's already 9pm. So I was expecting to wait some time for an available driver to take my booking. Much to my surprise, a driver was found within a minute or so and he was proactive to call me to enquire details about the bulk items. The items were delivered to my customer within an hour. So overall it was a very good experience for me and I hope their service standard can be maintained. I would highly recommend Lalamove to anyone who needs to move big and bulk items around."

3. SingPost SmartPac & PolyMailer (small parcels)

singpost delivery
Singpost branch
Best Known For:Small packages which is easily accessible at many shopping malls all over Singapore.

They are known to send overseas packages at affordable prices as well.
PricingPolyM $2
SmartPac $3.20
SmartPac Box $3.80
AddressAll over Singapore
Contact DetailsContact number differs for different location and branches.
Operating HoursOperating Hours depends on outlet and branch.

Singpost has many services offered by their post office - PolyM being one of them.

We prefer using their postage-paid polymailer (PolyM) or padded envelope/box (SmartPac) for convenience. Delivery takes 2-3 working days."

Service Highlights

  • Easily accessible for on the spot posting out of mails.
  • Affordable pricing

Customer Review

"It's spaces, staff are helpful, quick and efficient, nice friendly staff. Can see that they like to chat and smile during work. It's amazing to have quality of service.

The GPO, with a footprint of about 3,200 sqf, will combine counter service with technology-enabled innovations such as POPStations and eSAM machines. Postal and e-commerce logistics customers will be able to enjoy greater flexibility and convenience during and outside normal working hours."

"I went down on a Sunday. Very impressed with the staff here. It was a busy day for them and very long queue snaking outside the post office. The lady at the self service section outside the post office (which is very big and spacious by the way) came up to me on her own initiative to ask if I needed help. She even guided me at the self service machine. Later I realised I needed to enter the post office as my parcel was too big, I thought with the long queue, I would wait very long. But it moved very fast and was orderly and well managed. Also, the lady who served me at the counter in the post office was extremely helpful - she found a way to help solve my problem with the parcels I was sending. Very patient and professional service. I saw other counter staff doing the same too. Kudos to all the staff here for their hard work and service excellence! You make a difference to those of us not familiar with how to send parcels. Much appreciated. :)"

"Quite ok with the service, sometimes you need to be patient and you got served as soon as possible. More service available, sometimes over crowded and they queue until to next coffee shop. Other than that convenient location and working hours also they working on public holidays."

4. Pickupp (Same & Next-day Delivery)

pickupp delivery services
Pickupp delivery services
Best Known For:Pick up and deliver in 4 hours
PricingThere is same day 4-hour delivery from $7.50
Next day delivery is from $3.20
Address5, #10-01 Shenton Way, UIC Building, 068808
Contact Detailssg@pickupp.io or via their live chat on website
Operating HoursMonday - Saturday: 930am - 6pm

Pickupp is a technology-based logistics platform that currently serves more than 21,000 merchants across Southeast Asia.

They’re popular for their 4-hour same-day, next day, and 1 to 3 day door to door delivery services.

The Pickupp team has an easy to use portal with parcel tracking as well as the ability for customers (or anyone) who would like goods delivered hassle free - they have what you need!

To make it even easier on those getting products from virtually any merchant in Singapore or anywhere around the world within our network of partner stores: we launched eCommerce features so your needs can be met right here at home–no matter where you are You don't even need internet access either which makes this service

Service Highlights

  • Have their own online shopping store with merchants for easy shopping
  • Quick delivery at super cheap prices
  • Reliable services

Customer Review

"Overall is a pleasant shopping and pickup service in which thing was delivered in good condition and they will update you the status of the order. Overall is a user friendly apps with variety of choice for your purchase as well 😘 will continue to use the apps and has recommend to many of my friends!"

"Pickupp has been a convenient way for me to send my friends food gifts on their birthdays, esp when we aren’t able to meet up physically. Like the variety and how new stores are added, and also accessibility to famous stores, without having to travel or queue!"

"Delivered on time , items well packed and delivered nicely. No complaints ! Its my first time using .. will continue to use this service"

5. Qxpress Delivery

Qxpress delivery services
Best Known For:Super affordable pricing for bulky item deliveries
Pricing5kg $4.30
10kg $6.90
15kg $9.90
20kg $12.90
25kg $15.90
30kg $19.90
Address5A Toh Guan Rd E, #01-02 CWT, Singapore 608830
Contact Details6661 9100 / info@qxpress.sg
Operating Hours24/7

Qoo10’s in-house delivery service, Qxpress, is a useful option for parcels up to 30kg.

It technically accepts items up to 300cm but an unknown surcharge will apply in that case.

If you're prepared to pay more money, there's also a 3hr Quick Delivery option on offer with this shipping method!

While the Qxpress Delivery doesn't include a time slot, it is still one of our cheapest options for larger parcels that wouldn’t be able to fit in Ninja Pack or SmartPac.

For example, a 20kg parcel costs only $12.90 with shipping from Qxpress - compare this against market rates which can range up to $20+.

Service Highlights

  • Very cheap delivery fees for bulky items.
  • Quick delivery at affordable cheap prices

Customer Review

"Have been using Qxpress to deliver my shop parcels in Singapore for a few years now. Delivery people are very nice. Delivery is speedy. Pick ups are always on time. The damage rate for parcels is extremely low. Customer service is quick and reliable. Much better than other logistic partners we have to work with like Ninjavan, who would damage our parcels every other day.."

I have been selling on qoo10 for a few years now and qexpress is reliable and affordable courier service Singapore compare with ninjavan & j&t express.
1. If arrange pickup they will definitely come on that day. Unlike other courier never turn up also never inform us.
2.their delivery is usually is on next day. Out of so many parcels only once they delivery is late.
Highly recommended!"

6. GrabExpress by Grab for Delivery (Ad-hoc Delivery)

Grabexpress Delivery Service
Best Known For:Convenient ad-hoc delivery service, just like booking your ride on Grab.
PricingGrabExpress time, price and weight limits.

4 Hour (up to 10km) $7.30 5kg, 32cm x 25cm x 12cm

4 Hour (10-20km) $10.30

Instant (bike) $5.30 base fare + $1/km

Instant (car) $9.30 base fare + $1.20/km 20kg, 70cm x 50cm x 50cm
Address28 Sin Ming Lane,
01-143, Midview City
Singapore 573972
Contact DetailsDepending on which Grab App you use
Operating HoursVia the app

Grab Delivery is a courier service Singapore that can deliver everything from food to your ride, and they are always looking for new ways to make things easier.

Recently-launched GrabExpress allows you instant delivery of parcels below 5kg in size through motorbikes--which means no more waiting around on the couch!

Grab’s GrabExpress is an on-demand delivery service that works the same way as booking a cab. You can opt for either 4 hour or instant delivery (goods delivered in 60 minutes).

4 Hour Delivery: For small parcels up to 5kg, 32cm x 25cm x 12 cm and you can't use it for food. Base fare depends on distance but starts with very cheap base fares compared to other competitors.

Service Highlights

  • Simple booking, just like booking a ride from Grab.
  • Quick delivery at affordable prices
  • Reliable tracking services

Customer Review

"I was at Grab Sin Ming this afternoon to terminate my Grab driver app. I was served by a lady, Suganthi Nair. She did helped me on the issue and also help me to set up my Grab delivery app. I am appreciative of her happy and friendly service. One of the best customer service agent I has met!"

7. UParcel Courier Service Singapore

Uparcel Delivery Service
Uparcel Delivery Service
Best Known For:Flat Rates regardless of distance.
PricingRates depending on package size and weight

Next-Day Delivery
60cm / 1kg $8
80cm / 5kg $9
100cm / 8kg $11
120cm / 10kg $14
140cm / 15kg $17
160cm / 20kg $20
200cm / 25kg $24

Same-Day Delivery
60cm / 1kg $20
80cm / 5kg $22
100cm / 8kg $24
120cm / 10kg $26
140cm / 15kg $29
160cm / 20kg $32
200cm / 25kg $35
Address81 Ubi Ave 4, #06-08, Singapore 408830
Contact Detailsexpress@uparcel.sg
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9am-7pm
Saturday: 9.30am - 5.30pm
Sunday: 9am - 5.30pm

UParcel offers a wide range of delivery options, from same-day to one hour.

Their next day and 1 hr deliveries are competitive against other delivery courier service Singapore.

UParcel has an upper limit for shipment size (W+H+L) at 200cm which is larger than that offered by their competitors.

What amazes us is their positive google reviews which are rare for delivery services.

Service Highlights

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable tracking services

Customer Review

"It was really good. This is the first time in trying them. On top of it, it was birthday cake that needs to be delivered. With so much of doubt I booked them. Both the front office and the delivery agent coordinated well. Highly recommended. Will definitely try them again."

"Wonderful delivery service, amazing experience. Highly recommended for same day delivery. Delivery driver was friendly and delivered my item in perfect condition. Will definitely use them again in the future."

8. GetVan

GetVan Delivery Service
Best Known For:On-demand and customisable courier service designed to suits your needs.
PricingRates (Vehicle, Base Price + Rates/km, Weight Limit, Size Limit)

Send (car) $8 + $0.80/km 20kg, L+W+H 150cm

Regular (small van) $25 + $0.80/km ~8 cartons (55x55x55cm)

Large (big van) $30 + $0.80/km ~16 cartons (55x55x55cm)

Extra large (14ft lorry) $60 + $1/km ~40 cartons (55x55x55cm)
Address71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-08, Singapore 139951
Contact DetailsLive chat on website
Operating HoursNot mentioned

GetVan is a new and innovative company that has revolutionized the way we move our bulky items on demand.

GetVan provides delivery of your cargo, without any need for advance scheduling or bookings; this includes XL lorries, which require at least two hours notice prior to pickup due to their size.

The fee charged by GetVan varies depending upon distance traveled with shorter distances being cheaper in terms of base rate but more expensive per kilometer travelled when compared specifically to Lalamove's published rates (though it may be worth using if you are delivering something short-distance).

Getvan’s pricing plan also includes loading/unloading time into its price calculations – there will always be an extra charge should you wish to ask them for help in moving.

Service Highlights

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable tracking services

Customer Review

"Rachel has been assigned to take up this job and I find her very accomodative, punctual, very helpful and her service is tip top. I followed the van home and she even spray the van with air freshener before I hop on and make my trip very comfortable..she and her assistant. They even go the extra mile to help me bring the item to my doorstep otherwise I would be having backache. Thanks Rachel and your friend."

"The experience was very smooth from the booking up to the completion of the service. Kesavan Meyzhsagan was the one who handled my request. He was very prompt in replying to my queries. He arrived at the pickup point on time, very professional and friendly. Overall experience was excellent and will definitely use them again plus recommend them to others!"

9. GoGoX (Formerly known as GoGoVan)

GogoX Delivery Service
Best Known For:On-demand delivery services
PricingRates (Vehicle, Price, Size Limit)

Motorcycle From $9 30 x 25 x 12 cm

Sedan From $18 70 x 50 x 50 cm

Van From $23 2.3 x 1.5 x 1.2 m

10ft Lorry From $40 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 m

14ft Lorry From $80 4.2 x 2 x 2 m

24ft Lorry From $140 7.5 x 2.3 x 2.3 m
Address18 New Industrial Rd, #05-17, Singapore 536205
Contact Details+65 6836 1110
Operating HoursMonday - Sunday : 8am - 10pm

Gogovan is said to be the first courier service with an app-based platform. Since their beginning, they’ve been continuously serving customers with practicality and efficiency.

Similar to Lalamove & GrabExpress, they also offers same day delivery services which are made possible by a kiosk at each store that lets you self book your deliveries on site as well!

If you're relocating and need help moving furniture (or anything else!), they can make it happen too - all this without having to worry.

The only way to know the price of your GogoX ride is by creating an account. However, from their published base rates they look pretty similar to Lalamove's prices.

Service Highlights

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable tracking services

Customer Review

"Waa assigned driver Jeffrey Yap for a delivery.
He was very prompt, polite and honest. He also made sure to confirm that the recipient is at the address by checking if there was such a person at the address.

He was given a small tip by the sender which he asked me to help him return to my sender (a close friend) as he felt it was in excess. Havent come across anyone like that. Kudos to the team for such a great guy in their fleet. Thanks!"

10. Send Singapore

Send Singapore Yojee Delivery Service
Best Known For:Book jobs in just a few clicks on our simple to use booking platform.
Pricing3 hours Express from $14
Same Day Delivery from $10
Next Day Delivery from $5.50
AddressRobinson Rd, Level 15-02 The Corporate Office, Singapore 068908
Contact Detailscontact@yojee.com
Operating HoursMonday - Saturday: 10am - 10pm

SendSingapore by Yojee is able to help you whether sending one or many orders in a single day, their drivers are professionals who have the knowledge and experience for anything!

We deliver all over town - no matter what kind of shipment you're after; from urgent deliveries that require immediate attention to packages with flexible delivery dates.

SendSingapore is the perfect option for those who need a dependable and organized courier partner.

They use their own software to efficiently handle your deliveries by keeping you up-to-date with progress reports, making sure that all transactions are accounted for, and ensuring timely delivery.

Service Highlights

  • Affordable pricing
  • Reliable tracking services

11. XDel Singapore

XDEL Singapore Delivery Service
Best Known For:On-demand delivery services
PricingYou'll need to enquire with them directly for a custom quote suited based on your needs.
Address207 Henderson Road #01-03 Henderson Industrial Park
Singapore 159550
Contact Detailsfeedback@xdel.com
Operating HoursMonday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Whether it is same day delivery in Singapore, express courier service, eCommerce fulfillment, international cross border distribution or setting up a bespoke solution for your logistics needs, XDEL is able to provide fast and efficient solutions that are tailored to meet your every needs!

Service Highlights

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable tracking services

Customer Review

"Hairul assisted my mum with her phone issues, she wasn’t sure how to restore factory settings for her phone and I wasn’t there to help her. Thank you so much Hairul! Really appreciate your help! Great service! 😊"

"Despite the heavy downpour, the delivery was on time. The delivery person was courteous and prompt. Thank you Mr Irwan Yacob!"

12. Ixpress647

Ixpress647 Delivery Service
Best Known For:On-demand delivery services from $7 Island-wide Delivery
PricingUse their price calculator: https://www.ixpress647.com/pricing
Address7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07 Suntec Tower 1 Singapore 038987
Contact Detailssales@islandxpress647.com / support@islandxpress647.com
Operating Hours24/7

For the most convenient transaction ever, Ixpress is a courier service that operates 24/7 catering to individuals and companies alike.

They offer rates starting at $6 for all of their deliveries, which are entirely digital so you don't have to worry about paper waste!

Not only can they deliver your package easily but it also benefits them because they're not commissioned-based; instead delivery partners pay them daily with less money than if there was no commission rate in place.

Service Highlights

  • 24/7 courier services
  • Reliable tracking services

Customer Review

"First time engaging the service. Online query chat was fast and responsive. Booking was straight foward, quick in allocating the job. Pick up and delivery was hassle free, instant chat with courier contact possible.
Only down side is payment option is only in cash. Will be great if online transfer option is available for tracking and verification as well. Otherwise good job and thank you."

"Very reliable courier. Will use them more often. Good job!"

Courier Fees Comparison Of Instant Delivery Services in Singapore

Courier CompanyMotorcycle (Small Delivery)Car Delivery (Medium Delivery)
GrabExpress$5.30 + $1/km$9.30 + $1.20/km
GetVan$8 + $0.80/km
GogoXFrom $9From $18
Lalamove$10 + $0.30/km$12 + $1/km
Qxpress (Same Day)$5.99/km

Courier services offer an instant way to get your parcel delivered, but you need to make sure the distance is within their delivery radius.

For small parcels that would fit on a motorcycle or bicycle, go for GrabExpress (up to 10km) and Lalamove (distances >10km).

But if it's something big like furniture from Ikea then GetVan will be cheapest - unless of course you deliver straight next door where Qxpress Quick can do it cheaper!


Whether you're in need of a quick delivery to your house, or transportation for an important business meeting overseas, there is a courier service that will meet your needs.

Here are the best courier services in Singapore with the cheapest shipping fees. Do you know about any other couriers? What's their pricing like? Let us know!

Why not pamper yourselves after a hard day of arranging delivery using these courier Service Singapore?

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