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8 Best Prawning Places in Singapore (2024)

Looking for the best prawning places in Singapore? Check out these top-rated spots for a memorable prawn-catching experience. Discover the ultimate prawning adventure now.

Updated on October 20, 2023 


Jasmine Tan
Best Prawning Places in Singapore
8 Best Prawning Places in Singapore (2024)
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Prawning Singapore

Looking for the ultimate prawning experience in Singapore? Look no further! We’ve done the research and handpicked the top prawning spots just for you. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newbie looking for some excitement, these prawning destinations will surely satisfy your cravings for adventure on the water.

Why should you select these locations for pawning? First of all, a large range of prawn sizes is available, so there’s always a potential to pull in a sizable catch. Second, you may enjoy a hassle-free and pleasurable prawning experience thanks to the excellent facilities, which include well-maintained ponds and equipment. You may put all of your attention into honing your fishing techniques.

These sites are unique because of their peaceful, scenic settings. Envision indulging in a serene afternoon by the lake, enveloped in an abundance of verdant foliage and breathtaking vistas. It’s the ideal way to decompress and de-stress from the hectic pace of daily life.

The helpful and kind personnel at these places is just another reason to like them for prawning. They are always willing to help, offering insightful hints and strategies to help you advance your prawning methods. Irrespective of your level of skill, their knowledge will undoubtedly prove advantageous.

Prepare for an awesome aquatic experience by grabbing your fishing rod and heading to these incredible prawning places. Take advantage of your chance to partake in one of the most thrilling outdoor sports in Singapore.

What To Look For in a Prawning

  • Size and Variety of Prawns: Different prawning spots in Singapore may offer different sizes and varieties of prawns. If you have a specific preference for larger prawns or a particular species, ensure that the prawning location you choose can cater to your preferences.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Assess the facilities and equipment provided by the prawning facility. Make sure they have well-maintained ponds or tanks with clean water. Additionally, check if they provide the necessary fishing equipment, such as fishing rods, bait, and nets.
  • Pricing: Compare the pricing structures of various prawning spots. Some prawning facilities charge by the hour, while others may have a fixed price per prawn caught. Evaluate which pricing model suits your budget and fishing requirements.
  • Additional Activities: Consider whether the prawning spot offers any additional activities or amenities. Some facilities may have barbecue pits, picnic areas, or food stalls, providing a complete recreational experience. These added features can enhance your overall enjoyment while prawning.
  • Opening Hours: Check the opening hours of the prawning facility. Ensure that their operating hours align with your preferred time for prawning. Flexibility in terms of early morning or late-night prawning can be crucial for those with busy schedules or specific preferences.
  • Expertise and Assistance: Evaluate the level of expertise and assistance provided by the prawning facility. Look for spots where staff members are knowledgeable about prawning techniques and can offer guidance to beginners. Their expertise can enhance your prawning experience and increase your chances of success.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Before making your final decision, read reviews and recommendations from previous customers. Check online platforms and social media channels to gauge the overall satisfaction level of visitors. Positive reviews suggest a well-managed and enjoyable prawning experience.

best iconBest Prawning in Singapore (2024)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the best Prawning in Singapore. Our list of recommendations are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

1. ORTO West Coast

Best Prawning Places Singapore: Orto West Coast
ORTO West Coast
DetailsRecreational complex with prawning & fishing ponds, plus a trampoline park & a go-karting track.
Address27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867
ContactPhone+65 6257 8858
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours

For prawn enthusiasts exploring Singapore, ORTO West Coast is a must-visit destination. Nestled in the western coastal region of the city-state, this dynamic recreational hub spans a massive 7,000 square meters, offering a unique and unforgettable outing.

What We Like

  • Location Advantage: ORTO is located on the western coast of Singapore, making it easily accessible for locals and tourists alike.
  • Large Prawning Ponds: The site boasts two sizeable prawning ponds, primarily housing big head prawns. This unique feature sets it apart, offering a memorable outing for prawn enthusiasts.
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether a novice or a seasoned angler, ORTO caters to all skill levels. The comfortable and well-ventilated indoor setting allows for a relaxing prawning session.
  • Equipment Provided: There’s no need for you to bring any equipment. ORTO has got it covered, providing all the necessary baits and rods.
  • Charcoal Grills: After catching your own seafood, there are charcoal grills on-site. You can relish the freshly grilled prawns at no additional cost.

Best Known For

  • 1 hour: $22.00
  • 2 hours: $34.00
  • 3 hours: $40.00


“Enjoy with company and friends ORTO West Coast has Thai hotpot, live seafood, gelato, prawning & live band performances.“

2. D’best Fishing

Best Prawning Places Singapore: Dbest Fishing
D’best Fishing
DetailsD’Best Recreation opens its door to not only experienced anglers but to everyone else in the public. D’Best aims to provide a rich and immersive fishing experience, and to spark angling interests in first-timers.
AddressLocated in: Pasir Ris Town Park
Address: 90 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519635
ContactPhone+65 6583 9030
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours

Introducing D’best Fishing, Singapore’s largest prawning facility. Here, you’ll find an array of recreational activities that cater to all age groups and skill levels. You don’t just go fishing, you immerse yourself in an adventure that’s both engaging and relaxing, all at the same time.

What We Like

  • Diverse Live Fish Stock: A variety of live fish like barramundi, grouper, mango jack and more await you. These well-maintained ponds are a paradise for any fishing enthusiast.
  • Premium Ocean Stock: An impressive selection of premium ocean stock, replenished weekly, ensures that you always get the freshest catch.
  • Expert Assistance: Knowledgeable staff are at hand to guide you, ensuring you make the most out of your visit to the prawning ponds.
  • Relaxation by the Water: Whether you’re angling to catch something big or just want to unwind by the water, D’best Fishing is the perfect place for you.
  • Guaranteed Fun: A splashing good time awaits at the prawning ponds. It’s not just about prawning, it’s about creating joyful memories.

Best Known For

  • Main Pond (2:30pm-8:30pm): $77 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Pro Pond: $70 (3 hrs)
  • Sure Catch (Mix Fishes): $25 (First Catch)


“We recently booked the Premium pond during our holiday to Singapore and it was fantastic fun. The staff were especially helpful and friendly assisting us land the big fish (20kg). Any questions you could have speak to CJ who is very passionate about her work.“

3. Hai Bin

Best Prawning Places Singapore: Hai Bin
Hai Bin
DetailsWe specialize in the design, creation and management of concept prawn fishing ponds in prime locations around Singapore. As the leading provider and operator of prawning ponds, we can vouch that our partners and landlords have enjoyed significantly increased traffic and added value to their business concepts.
AddressAddress: 6 Tebing Ln, #01-04, Singapore 828835
ContactPhone+65 6447 8693
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours

If you’re seeking an engaging activity in Singapore, consider prawning at Hai Bin. As one of the leading providers of prawning ponds, Hai Bin is a must-visit destination.

What We Like

  • Leading Provider: Hai Bin holds a significant position as a premier operator in the prawning industry. Known for their high-quality services, they have made their mark as one of the finest prawning venues in Singapore.
  • Convenient Locations: Hai Bin boasts multiple locations across Singapore, including Jurong, Punggol, and Sembawang. This provides an array of options for you to choose from.
  • Knowledgeable Staff: The friendly staff at Hai Bin are well versed in prawning techniques. They’re always ready to share tips and tricks that can enhance your prawning skills.
  • Top-notch Environment: Hai Bin ensures a clean, well-maintained environment for all visitors, making your visit pleasant and comfortable.
  • Inclusive for All: Whether a first-time prawn angler or an experienced one, Hai Bin caters to everyone.

Best Known For

  • 1 hour: $22
  • 3 hours (2 hrs + 1 hr free): $40
  • 10 hours: $110


“Great place to prawn! Catch rate is good (caught abt 15 for 3 hours) and they will refill the pool once every 1 hour or so. Vibes are good and people are nice too. Also they gave us an extra pack of prawn when me and my cousin went over. Good recommends!“

4. Fish @ Ang Mo Kio

Best Prawning Places Singapore: Fish%40Amk
Fish @ Ang Mo Kio
DetailsSingapore’s first and only under the train tracks Lobster/Prawn fishing pond which caters to great outdoor and activity
AddressLocated in: The Grassroots’ Club
Address: 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #8, Singapore 568046
ContactPhone+65 8338 6530
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:00am

Introducing Fish @ Ang Mo Kio, the first concept prawning pond in Singapore. Nestled in Ang Mo Kio, this unique establishment offers an unforgettable outdoor adventure under the perfect shelter.

What We Like

  • Ideal Prawning Facility: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned prawn enthusiast, this is the place for you. The well-maintained ponds at Fish @ Ang Mo Kio are conducive for freshwater prawning, presenting the opportunity to catch jumbo-sized freshwater prawns.
  • Comfortable Atmosphere: The clean environment and friendly staff at Fish @ Ang Mo Kio make sure you have a pleasant and enjoyable time.
  • Convenient Location: Situated next to YCK MRT, Fish @ Ang Mo Kio is easily accessible to everyone, making it a perfect spot for a spontaneous outing.
  • Great for Relaxing or Socializing: Whether you’re seeking a relaxing solo activity or some fun with family and friends, Fish @ Ang Mo Kio is a suitable destination. Without a doubt, it stands out as one of the top prawning locations in Singapore.

Best Known For

  • Corporate Event: $41 per rod (3 hrs)
  • Pre-school Outing: $15 per child
  • Children Birthday Party: $500 (Weekday), $650 (Weekend)


“Amazing place to have fun with family and friends! Prawns and other catches are really fresh.“

5. Fish @ Bugis+

Best Prawning Places Singapore: Fish %40 Bugis
Fish @ Bugis+
DetailsFish @ Bugis+ is an indoor, rooftop prawning and fishing bar that opens till the wee hours of the morning.
AddressLocated in: Bugis+
Address: 201 Victoria St, #07-05 to 06 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
ContactPhone+65 9008 0201
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:00am

Take advantage of an exhilarating opportunity at Fish @ Bugis+, the only indoor, air-conditioned fishing and prawning destination in Singapore. Nestled on the rooftop of Bugis+, this establishment uniquely doubles as a bar, ensuring your prawning endeavors are complemented by your favorite beverage in a cool and comfortable environment.

What We Like

  • Climate-Controlled Environment: Enjoy the thrill of prawning without breaking a sweat. The air-conditioned comforts of Fish @ Bugis+ make it a suitable spot for prawning, irrespective of the weather outside.
  • Variety of Prawns: The seawater fishing pond at Fish @ Bugis+ offers a diverse selection of prawns. You can look forward to catching and grilling everything from freshwater prawns to tiger prawns and banana prawns.
  • Rooftop Prawning Facility: Situated on the seventh floor of Bugis+, it promises a memorable time for both beginners and experts.
  • Grilling Facilities: After you’ve had your fill of prawning, you have the option to grill your catch right there. You don’t have to worry about taking your catch home; Fish @ Bugis+ provides everything you need.

Best Known For

  • Corporate Event: $44 per rod (3 hrs)
  • Pre-school Outing: $15 per child
  • Children Birthday Party: $600 (Weekday), $850 (Weekend)


“Amazing place for fun and team bonding! Prawns are big and fresh!“

6. Riviera Prawning

Best Prawning Places Singapore: Riviera Prawning
Riviera Prawning
DetailsOffering rewards for tagged prawns that are caught
AddressAddress: 01-11, Golf Club, 828825, 60 Punggol E, Singapore 828825
ContactPhone+65 8040 5204
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 9:00am-5:00am

Embark on an exciting adventure at Riviera Prawning in Punggol, where you have the chance to catch tagged prawns and win amazing prizes. Embrace the tranquility and pristine air as you delve into this engaging activity.

What We Like

  • Serene and Beautiful Surroundings: Immerse yourself in the calming environment as you indulge in your prawning adventure at Riviera Prawning.
  • Attentive and Amiable Staff: Known for their friendliness and outstanding service, the staff at Riviera Prawning ensure your visit is enjoyable and memorable.
  • Impressive Variety of Large, Tasty Shrimps: At Riviera Prawning, you catch some of the largest and most succulent shrimps. The size and quality of the prawns here will definitely exceed your expectations.
  • Excellent for Family Bonding: Riviera Prawning is the perfect place for a family day. It even provides an opportunity for children to try their hand at prawning, creating unique memories.

Best Known For

  • 1 hour: $18
  • 2 hours: $28
  • 3 hours: $33


“The staffs are friendly and gave my family extra prawns for free because we didn’t catch much.“

7. ATC Fishing Village @Jurong Hill

Best Prawning Places Singapore: Atc Fishing Village %40Jurong Hill
ATC Fishing Village @Jurong Hill
DetailsATC Fishing Village is one of the prawning outlets located in the West of Singapore! Located just right beside Jurong Bird Park.
AddressAddress: 241 Jln. Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 629143
ContactPhone+65 6265 8268
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours

Indulge your passion for prawning at ATC Fishing Village, nestled in Jurong Hill. This exceptional destination allows you to catch fresh prawns from the pond and barbecue them immediately. Its strategic location near Jurong Bird Park in Singapore makes it an ideal spot for an exciting day out with loved ones.

ATC Fishing Village is known for its impeccably maintained amenities and courteous staff, ensuring your prawning adventure is nothing short of delightful. The village presents an array of packages tailored to your needs, including different equipment rental and bait options.

What We Like

  • Tailored Packages: Choose from a variety of packages that include equipment rental and bait options to suit your needs.
  • Prime Location: Conveniently located near Jurong Bird Park in Singapore for an extended day of fun.
  • Quality Service: Expect well-maintained facilities and friendly staff for a pleasant prawning outing.
  • Relaxation by the Pond: Unwind by the pond as you wait for the prawns to nibble on your bait.
  • BBQ Grills: Savor the taste of your own catch using the provided BBQ grills.

Best Known For

  • 1 hour: $20
  • 2 hours + 1 hour free: $36
  • 10 hours: $100


“Brought my dad for his first prawn fishing experience. He was super was satisfied, the friendly staff taught him the basics and he caught 7 prawns in one hour ! We got an extra free lobster and prawn to grill! Thank you, we’ll definitely come back!“

8. Ah Hua Fishing

Best Prawning Places Singapore: Ah Hua Fishing
Ah Hua Fishing
DetailsAh Hua Fishing is a fishing spot located in the countryside where the air is cleaner, and the life is quieter. Ah Hua Fishing strives to be an outlet of escape from the urban sprawl of the city, a space where we can relax & enjoy precious moments with our love ones
AddressAddress: 125 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519121
ContactPhone+65 9487 7248
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours

Ah Hua Fishing serves as your tranquil getaway in Singapore, providing you with a serene environment and fresh air for a delightful prawning session. Its location near Gallop Country Farm Resort ensures an escape from the city’s relentless pace.

What We Like

  • Unspoiled Surroundings: Ah Hua Fishing nestles in a secluded corner, enabling you to appreciate the serenity of nature while engaging in the fishing activity.
  • Warm and Supportive Staff: The team at Ah Hua Fishing is known for their remarkable hospitality and readiness to assist novices. They provide guidance on locating the most prawns and even aid in preparing your catch for a sumptuous meal.
  • Diverse Activities: Apart from prawning, Ah Hua Fishing offers other engaging activities such as koi fish feeding and pole fishing. This variety makes it an excellent venue for a fun-filled day with family or friends.
  • Easily Accessible Location: Located conveniently near Punggol and Ris Town Park, Ah Hua Fishing is easy to reach and offers plenty of parking space.

Best Known For

  • Prawn Fishing for 1 hour: $20
  • Prawn Fishing for 2 hours + 1 hour free: $36
  • Pole Fishing for 1 hour: $25


“Very nice, quiet prawning place that we stumbled across whilst waiting for our car wash nearby. Staff Tarikul (I may have gotten that wrong) was super friendly and hospitable. Helped me and my partner with the rods, told us which spots would get us the most prawns, and even helped us get our BBQ pit fire ready while we prepared the prawns for cooking, of course the place was not busy on Monday morning so please dont expect this level of service when the place is packed. This guy single-handedly made our experience so much better.“


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