18 Best Bugis Food Guide in Singapore – What To Eat in Bugis (2023)

Do you happen to be in Bugis Area and wondering what to eat in Bugis? Check out the best Bugis food guide so you will not wonder where to eat next in Bugis!

✅ Last Updated on April 19, 2023

Best Bugis Food Guide in Singapore

Bugis Food Singapore

This is an article that helps you find the best restaurants and food places in Bugis. It offers information on each restaurant’s menu, contact information and pricing.

The urban redevelopment of Bugis is well renowned for producing a variety of contemporary restaurants and shopping centers. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Bugis. From fast food to fine dining, you’ll find something to suit your taste there. 

We’ve included a list of some of the local restaurants we love in this guide. Read on and enjoy exploring the following restaurants in the area discussed below.

Best Bugis Food in Singapore (2023)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the Best Bugis Food in Singapore. Our findings are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

1. Xian De Lai

Xian De Lai - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Xian De Lai
⭐ DescriptionSpecialty BBQ and hotpot. All time favorites, spicy chicken, daily brewed soup, handmade food and side dishes.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://xian-de-lai.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral
📌 AddressAddress: 18 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189039
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6336 7505
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 10:30am-4:00pm
💵 PricingValue Set Meal: $15 / set 

Family meals and get-togethers are best experienced with hotpot, and Xian De Lai is the best place for that. The restaurant is one of the best places in Bugis to experience authentic Chinese steamboats.

Since its opening in 2013, this restaurant has earned a lot of positive reviews thanks to the fact that all of their sauces are regularly made from scratch to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. There are nine different soup bases from which to choose, allowing you to make your own hotpot supper with more than 80 different ingredients. 

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Great spot for hot pot! Staff were very friendly, patient and fast service. I came for dinner during a long layover and it was a great place to have my first hot pot! Ingredients were fresh and generous portion sizes.”

2. Typhoon Cafe

Typhoon Cafe - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Typhoon Cafe
⭐ DescriptionIts name “台风” (which also means Typhoon) is an abbreviation of “台湾风味” which means Taste of Taiwan and it aims to do exactly that – bring a slice of Taiwan to our little red dot. Its casual unpretentious restaurant is perfect for Taiwanese food lovers; one no longer has to endure “夜市” crowds and compromise sleep to get a Taiwan food fix.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.typhooncafe.com.sg/
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis+
Address: 201 Victoria St, #04-08 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6369 0897
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 11:30am-10:30pm (Last order at 10:00pm)
💵 PricingCrab Meat Broth with Glass Noodles: $11.50

Typhoon Cafe is a popular chain of Thai restaurants in the area because it serves simple, traditional Thai cuisine. Their well-known Tom Yum Goong soup, which is extremely hot and pungent, is crammed with of vegetables and incredibly juicy prawns.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“My husband and I came Typhoon Cafe Bugis+ for our lunch, all the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Reasonable price. The foods served are very big portion, delicious dishes, beautiful presentation. I recommend to everyone! I would like to come back here again and again.”

3. Bar Uva

Bar Uva - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Bar Uva
⭐ DescriptionWe are a wine bar & grill situated in an old conservation shop-house in the historical Hainanese enclave of Bras Basah/Bugis. Our inclusive wine list is carefully curated to offer guests an unique experience together with interesting wood-fired dishes from our kitchen.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.baruvasg.com/
📌 AddressAddress: 24 Purvis St, Singapore 188601
☎️ ContactPhone+65 9657 8774
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 4:00pm-12:00am
Saturday, Sunday & PH: 12:00pm-12:00am
💵 PricingMiso Spaghetti Carbonara with Crispy Guanciale: $26.00

Wine connoisseurs will adore Bar Uva. The owners of Tess Bar & Kitchen and Nutmeg & Clove have created Bar Uva, which translates to grapes in Spanish, as the perfect place for both wine newbies and experts.

Serve starters such as Kuyjukushima oysters with tomato sherry jelly, deep-fried frog legs with burnt yuzu sauce, or smoked caviar. Order their United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) prime ribeye with harissa peppers and house pickles. All of these dishes are excellent, particularly when paired with a bottle of wine.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Fantastic place, the tuna and bone marrow are insane. Would definitely recommend, plus lovely staff.

4. Pizzamaru

Pizzamaru - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
⭐ DescriptionIn order to bring the best Korean food culture to the world, PIZZA MARU’s menu offers not only high-quality Korean pizza, but also Korean fried chicken, Korean pasta and other interesting products.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.pizzamaru.com.sg/
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis+
Address: Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, #04-03/04, Singapore 188067
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6634 0930
⏰ Opening hoursSunday-Thursday: 11:30am-9:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:30am-10:00pm
💵 PricingCombo for 6 to 8: S$96.01

Pizzamaru, which has over 650 locations in South Korea, is the most recognizable pizza brand in the country. The menu at Pizzamaru offers not only excellent Korean pizza, but also dishes like Korean fried chicken and other interesting fare. 

In South Korea, Pizzamaru has won the Excellent Franchise Award six times as well as the Brand of the Year award for seven consecutive years.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Sweet and nice service from monica and jacky! food was super delicious esp the cream pasta and fried chicken.”

5. Mrs Pho Bussorah Street

Mrs Pho Bussorah Street - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Mrs Pho Bussorah Street
⭐ DescriptionEating at Mrs. Pho is more than just a meal, it is a lesson in ‘Pholosophy’, a genuine slice of Vietnamese culture from plate to fit out. Everything has a story, and the joy, for us, has been weaving these narratives into a visual and culinary experience that we hope you will delight in, as you discover one quintessential dish at a time.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttp://www.mrspho.com/
📌 AddressAddress: 73 Bussorah St, Singapore 199486
☎️ ContactMenumrspho.com
Phone+65 9666 5514
⏰ Opening hoursWednesday-Monday: 11:00am-10:00pm
Tuesday: Closed
💵 PricingChicken Pho: $8.90

Mrs. Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant that is a rare find, will make you feel like you are on the streets of Hanoi. You will be served a steaming hot bowl of sliced beef and brisket Pho, complete with tender beef slices and meaty brisket sizzling in a flavorful, nourishing soup.

Fresh spring rolls packed with pork and vermicelli noodles are used to make their Fresh Summer Roll. Another excellent choice for side dishes are meatballs on skewers that have been marinated in a delicious sauce. There is a peanut dip included as well, but the meatballs might engross you to taste it. 

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“If you’re looking for a meal, this is a good choice for Singaporean prices amortized. Of course, you can feel the taste of Vietnam.”

6. Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Genki Sushi
⭐ DescriptionFocusing on Kaiten (revolving) sushi, a concept pioneered by the brand’s founder Fumio Saito, Genki Sushi prides itself on offering quality and contemporary Japanese cuisine at an excellent value.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttp://www.genkisushi.com.sg/
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis+
Address: 201 Victoria St, #01-13 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6957 2732
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 11:00am-10:00pm
💵 PricingTamago Sushi: S$2.35

With a specialty on Kaiten (revolving) sushi, Genki Sushi sees value in its ability to provide modern Japanese cuisine of the finest grade at a reasonable price. All Genki enthusiasts love the Kousoku Train system at the restaurant, which combines the most cutting-edgetechnology and innovations to serve customers their orders at their seats.

Currently, there are 18 Genki Sushi locations across Singapore with more coming.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Well organized with proper queuing system for maximum efficiency. Staffs are friendly and price of the food is reasonable.”

7. The Masses

The Masses - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
The Masses
⭐ DescriptionWe’re a Franco-Asian restaurant serving honest, good food that Monsieur, Mademoiselle and Ah Ma will love. French food with a distinctly Asian touch and without the fine-dining “paiseh-ness’. Every dish is a careful curation of French and Asian flavors.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://themasses.sg/
📌 AddressAddress: 85 Beach Rd, #01-02, Singapore 189694
☎️ ContactMenuorder.themasses.sg
Phone+65 6266 0061
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Saturday: 12:00pm-3:00pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm
Sunday: 12:00pm-3:00pm, 5:30pm-9:00pm
💵 PricingCrabmeat Kueh Pie Tee: S$9.00

The Masses offers a constantly changing menu of delicious foods that are inspired by French cuisine with an Asian touch. Everything is painstakingly made, elegantly presented, and Instagrammable.

For a welcome refreshing change from salads and other vegetables, add some fruit. The two together are simply irresistible.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Great food, great atmosphere and great service! It’s our third time here.”

8. Sawadee Thai Cuisine

Sawadee Thai Cuisine - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Sawadee Thai Cuisine
⭐ DescriptionLet yourself be transported in an instant from the pulsating beat of the city to the Land of Smiles as you relax amidst the warm hospitality and gentle rhythm of the piped-in Thai jazz music, and indulge in the plethora of gastronomic delights available, freshly whipped up a la minute upon your order. The wines on Sawadee’s list are specially selected to offer palatability with the signature strong flavours of Thai food which veer towards spicy, tangy and sweet.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.sawadee-cuisine.com/
📌 AddressAddress: 9 Tan Quee Lan St, Singapore 188098
☎️ ContactMenusawadee-cuisine.com
Phone+65 6238 6833
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 11:00am-2:30pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm
💵 PricingThai Otah (4 pcs): $12.00 

If you like Thai dishes, this is the place to go. Sawadee Thai Cuisine has been offering delectable ingredients in a range of sour, sweet, salty and spicy flavours since it opened in 2001. A few of the dishes on the menu are green curry chicken, deep-fried pomfret, tom yum soup, and seafood phad Thai.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Best place for Thai cuisine.

9. Una Una

Una Una - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Una Una
⭐ DescriptionPrized for its flavors & stamina-giving properties. Revel in delight as you watch our unagi chefs cook up your favorite unagi cuisines over charcoal grill. 
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/unaunasg
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis+
Address: 201 Victoria St, #05-02/03, Singapore 188067
☎️ ContactMenuunaunabugis.oddle.me
Phone+65 6238 1011
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am-10:00pm
💵 PricingUnagi Hitsumabushi Nagoya: From S$12.80

UnaUna is the only unagi-serving restaurant and one of the busiest in Bugis. It is a more affordable option, especially it serves some of Singapore’s lowest priced hitsumabushi. A double order would be great if you want to share. 

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

Food was delicious and affordable. Generous portion of the Unagi. The staff was friendly and helpful too which made our visit more pleasant. Wouldn’t mind going there again.

10. Man Fu Yuan

Man Fu Yuan Restaurant - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Man Fu Yuan Restaurant
⭐ DescriptionLauded by Singapore Tatler as one of Singapore’s best Chinese restaurants and recipient of the Michelin Plate, Man Fu Yuan is a stalwart in the Chinese fine dining scene in Singapore, serving culinary presentations that showcase an artful balance of modern palates with traditional Cantonese craftsmanship.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://singapore.intercontinental.com/dine-drink/man-fu-yuan
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis Junction
Address: 80 Middle Road Level 2 InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6825 1008
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 12:00pm-3:00pm-6:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30am-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm
💵 PricingMan Fu Yuan Weekend Dim Sum Buffet: $68++per adult (minimum two to dine)

With a wide range of offerings that features buffet, a la carte, and dim sum options, Legend Man Fu Yuan offers some of the finest Cantonese food not just in Singapore, but also across Asia.

Choose the Wok-fried Radish Cake when ordering dim sum. The restaurant’s speciality dish is the Deep-Fried Scallops with Sugar Cane. The scallops are cut into cubes and covered with golden breadcrumbs. 

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

We enjoyed our experience at MFY. Good food. Love the presentation And excellent service from Joanne and Moon.

11. Saveur Bistro

Saveur Bistro - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Saveur Bistro
⭐ DescriptionAmazing French food at affordable prices. Known for our signature Saveur Pasta and Duck Confit, we offer you comfort French fair that you know and love.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://saveur.sg/
📌 AddressAddress: 5 Purvis St, #01-04, Singapore 188584
☎️ ContactMenusaveur.sg
Phone+65 6333 3121
⏰ Opening hoursTuesday-Sunday: 12:00pm-3:00pm (Food last order at 2:30pm), 5:00pm-10:00pm (Food last order at 9:30pm)
Monday: Closed
💵 PricingBisque de Homard: $20.00

Despite moving to Bugis, Saveur continues to provide classic and traditional French cuisine made from tried-and-true recipes. 

One of their main courses Saveur Duck Confit comes with a side of mashed potatoes and a succulent, tender duck leg. Their desserts are an essential component of the entire dining experience if you have sweet cravings. Pizza, pasta, and well cooked steaks are some other options.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

There’s so much more delish food here that we wish we could try them all but alas, our stomach spaces are limited. It’s not our first time here and it won’t be our last time definitely. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

12. Suki-Ya すき屋

⭐ DescriptionAt Suki-Ya, is all about having ample spaces and creating a warm welcome and gracious hospitality to our diners. Along with sumptuous soups and broths, dining at Suki-Ya is bound to perk up everyone’s taste buds!
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.suki-ya.com.sg/
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis+
Address: 201 Victoria St, #04-14 to 15 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
☎️ ContactMenusuki-ya.com.sg
Phone+65 6884 5778
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 11:30am-10:30pm
💵 PricingEat All You Can Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu (Dinner): $25.90++ / pax

This restaurant aims to provide comforting dining experiences at reasonable costs. The unlimited premium-quality chilled beef and pork and farm-raised chicken are served to diners in paper-thin slices. Suki-Ya’s vegetable bar, which offers a broad selection of fresh vegetables to complete the meal with a nutritional twist, is another distinction of the restaurant. Everyone’s taste buds will be awakened by dining at Suki-Ya’s delicious soups and broths.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Nice food, not a very big spread but sufficient of you are not into large variety. Good value too, will visit again.

13. Tanuki Raw

Tanuki Raw - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Tanuki Raw
⭐ DescriptionFeaturing the best happy hour in the area; nestled within the Bras Basah and Bugis arts and museum district, Tanuki Raw shares space with Middle Ground inside the National Design Centre to bring together a lifestyle retail experience with a modern Japanese cafe and restaurant. A peaceful patio and reflecting pool offers a relaxing oasis hidden near the city center.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://tanukiraw.com/
📌 AddressLocated in: National Design Centre
Address: 111 Middle Rd, #01-05, Singapore 188969
☎️ ContactMenutanukiraw.com
Phone+65 9035 9398
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 11:30am-10:00pm (Last order at 9:00pm)
💵 PricingGarlic Butter Chicken: S$17.12

At Tanuki Raw, you’ll find delicious meals that combine the greatest elements of Japanese cooking and American street food. Patrons adore their daily raw bar, which is also very popular with tourists. The restaurant became a big hit for their fairly priced assortment of freshly shucked raw oysters, which you can enjoy without worrying about the cost.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Airy and relaxed design shop x cafe restaurant serving fresh Japanese fusion bites, invitingly attached to the side of the National Design Centre.”

14. Sumo Bar Happy

Sumo Bar Happy - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Sumo Bar Happy
⭐ DescriptionBurrito Sumo Happy is a fun, creative take on crafted food. For our current iteration we’re focused on modern Japanese-Mexican burritos. Strong flavors melded together by the simplicity of a tortilla wrap. Available for delivery across Singapore! Sumo Bar Happy is delivery-only and sending our food island-wide in Singapore.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.sumobarhappy.com/
📌 AddressLocated in: National Design Centre
Address: 111 Middle Rd, #01-05, Singapore 188969
☎️ ContactMenusumobarhappy.com
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 12:00pm-8:00pm
💵 PricingSteak Teriyaki Burrito: from S$19.00

Sumo Bar Happy has changed its focus from Japanese to Japanese Mexican fusion in order to offer superior delivery meals since 2020–21 Singapore circuit breaker measures by the government. One of their new dishes Char Siew Unagi Burrito is a favorite among customers. 

To make their burritos even creamier and spicier, you can add cheese, chili, and sour cream. The Impossible Quesadilla, a vegetarian food prepared with slow-cooked meat alternative in a chili bean sauce and butter teriyaki, is a perfect choice for those who are on a diet.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Mouthwatering Japanese food. You know that the food is delicious even if it is not yet on you table because you could smell the aroma of the dishes they are preparing.”

15. Rocku Yakiniku

Rocku Yakiniku - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Rocku Yakiniku
⭐ DescriptionROCKU Yakiniku, a casual, upbeat and edgy Yakiniku restaurant at the new Bugis+. Delivering a fresh concept to traditional Yakiniku joints, ROCKU Yakiniku defies convention by melding a traditional style of Japanese dining with modern entertainment, perfectly characterizing Japanese pop culture.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.rocku.com.sg/
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis+
Address: Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, #04-06, Singapore 188067
☎️ ContactMenurocku.com.sg
Phone+65 6634 3313
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 11:30am-10:30pm (Last order at 10:00pm)
💵 PricingBuffet Menu (Dinner 100 mins): $29.90++

Australian sirloin, short ribs and Wagyu beef brisket are just a few of the delectable cuts offered at the Japanese restaurant ROCKU Yakiniku. The blazing flame of a charcoal grill will accentuate the particular flavor of classic, high-quality dishes. 

The place has a sleek, upbeat and stylish ambience where the country’s traditional dining culture is combined with cutting-edge entertainment.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Affordable with Superb variety of food, excellent customer service, friendly and approachable staff! ❤️ Outstanding manager Jerrime. Thank you Rocku. We’ll definitely visit again!”

16. Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke

Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke
⭐ DescriptionKaisen Don enjoyable at an affordable pricing for all. Kaisen Don is a seafood (“kaisen 海鮮”) rice bowl (“donburi 丼”) which consists of various fresh seafood over a bowl of rice. At Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke, our Aburi Kaisen Don are topped with a mountain of both fresh and raw seafood as well as aburi (partially flamed) seafood ingredients. 
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttp://www.keisuke.sg/aburi-kaisen-don-keisuke
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis+
Address: 201 Victoria St, #04-01 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6634 4558
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 12:00pm-3:00pm, 5:00-9:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & PH: 12:00pm-9:30pm
💵 PricingOchazuke Set: $4.00

A brand-new, reasonably priced dish called Kaisen Don that is distinctly Japanese has been invented by chef Keisuke Takeda. Fresh fish is paired with rice in the seafood rice dish known as kaisen don. Along with fresh and raw shellfish, there is a heap of aburi seafood components on top of Aburi Don.

Warayaki style of cooking is utilized at Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke. where the Japanese rice straw is burned to produce a flame and make the ingredients a delightful smoky taste.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Food was served quite fast, and the lobster soup tasted pretty good with the kaisen Don.”

17. Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang

Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang - One Of 18 Best Bugis Food Guide In Singapore - What To Eat In Bugis | Morebetter
Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang
⭐ DescriptionYang Guo Fu is the world’s largest Mala Tang chain with over 6000 outlets.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/yangguofu.sg/
📌 AddressLocated in: Bugis Street
Address: 233 Victoria St, Singapore 188026
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6970 8318
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 11:30am-9:30pm
💵 PricingPromo Set w/ Spicy Mala Beef Broth: S$10.90

If you are a mala enthusiast, this one is highly recommended. Your day will be spiced up by the hot and soupy dish with meat and vegetables from Yang Guo Fu.

The Yang Guo Fu version is distinctive in that it makes use of a special soup recipe that incorporates rock sugar and milk, turning the typical Sichuan spicy hotpot into a dish of delectableness that is popular among first-timers and frequent patrons.

Choosing your own ingredients gives you a lot of freedom and pleasure. You may adjust the spiciness to your desire and choose from enticing tomato broths to flavorful meat combinations with a variety of spices and herbs, making this mala suitable for all.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

The service of the staff is great and they are very friendly and helpful! We chose the tomato soup broth and it is rich in flavour. You get to pick your own sauce choices too! Overall, this a great dining experience, the restaurant is suitable for a family meal!

18. Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant Singapore

Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant Singapore
⭐ DescriptionCasual eatery offering pancakes & eggs for breakfast, plus burgers & sandwiches for lunch or dinner.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.clintonstbaking.sg/
📌 AddressAddress: 31 Purvis St, Singapore 188608
☎️ ContactMenu9836b57f-8862-463d-bb13-91affad68cb0.filesusr.com
Phone+65 9654 6822
⏰ Opening hoursMonday & Wednesday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday, Sunday & PH: 8:00am-5:00pm
Tuesday: Closed
💵 PricingBlack Angus Cheeseburger: $25.00

This place is permanently closed at the time of writing.

Singapore boasts a location of this popular New York bakery and restaurant, which is constantly crowded with brunch goers. All-day meals, such as scramble, pancakes, toast, are fairly common in this American restaurant.

Choose from a range of filling dishes like cheeseburgers, fried chicken burgers, and waffles with honey. After that, sip on several milkshake flavors.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Great food, highly recommended. Pancakes were fluffy and portion was enormous. Fried chicken was nice too. Hash, double smoked bacon and latte are alright.”

More About Bugis Food in Singapore

What Is Bugis Famous For?

Bugis Market is the most popular place in Singapore to browse handicrafts, souvenirs and other fun items. But there are lots of other cool places that offer unique opportunities.

In addition to the endless amount of shops, Bugis can be visited throughout the day as it has activities such as tai chi classes in the morning, live acoustic performances, workshops and movie screenings.

In the former red-light district of Singapore, you’ll find plenty of historic sites to visit. The nearby Bugis Street Markets also offer great opportunities for delicious Singaporean cuisine.

Why Is It Called Bugis?

The Bugis area, where Bugis Junction is located, is named after the Bugis group. They are originally from the Celebes (Sulawesi) in Indonesia, and once famed for their seafaring and warring skills. The first group of merchants who settled there were Bugis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bugis Food in Singapore.

What Is The Cheapest Thing To Eat At Bugis?

If you’re low on cash, skip pricey restaurants and head straight to these Bugis food stalls that offer delicious and reasonably priced meals.


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