11 Best Fish Soup in Singapore You Must Try (2024)

Are you looking for the best fish soup in Singapore? The unique and delicious tastes of each of these stalls will make the heartiest meal for anyone. Check out the best fish soup in Singapore!

Updated on May 10, 2023 


Jason Wong
Best Fish Soup in Singapore
11 Best Fish Soup in Singapore You Must Try (2024)
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Fish Soup Singapore

Singapore has many unique dishes that reflect its Asian roots, but the country is also a seafood-loving paradise. Our local seafood dishes are an eclectic mix of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Western influences.

Fish soup is one of Singapore’s most popular options. The dish is typically served as a clear, light broth that you’ll eat with rice or noodles, or other types of dishes. This is Teochew style fish soup.

There is nothing more delicious than having a dish with a head still on it! While this is common in Cantonese cuisine, there are many other recipes in Chinese cooking where the head is used. This can include fish soups, stews and even meats.

What is Fish Soup?

The term ‘fish soup’ can be used to describe any number of soups that have fish as a main ingredient. The most common type of fish soup is made with fish stock and milk or cream as the main liquid ingredients.

There are a lot of different factors that make up the perfect fish soup recipe. For example, the type of fish, vegetables, broth, and herbs all play roles in making a good soup.

The type of fish you use in your soup can make or break it. The vegetables you put in also have an impact on how your soup tastes. There are many different types of vegetables that can be used such as carrots, onions, potatoes, celery and tomatoes among others.

best iconBest Fish Soup in Singapore (2024)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the Best Fish Soup in Singapore. Our list of recommendations are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

1. Xin Yuan Ji

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Xin Yuan Ji
Xin Yuan Ji
DetailsComforting and wallet-friendly fish soup
31 TAN QUEE LAN STREET, 01-01 188117
Phone: 63344086

Phone: 91086659
ContactAs above
Operating HoursBUGIS outlet: 11.30am – 9.45pm (Monday-Sunday)

PANDAN GARDENS outlet: 11.30am – 8.45pm (Tuesday-Sunday)
PricesRed Snapper Fish Head $60 (L)
Red Snapper Fish Meat Steamboat (L) $70


Xin Yuan Ji is an excellent example of why it’s good to have a diverse food menu. Not only can customers choose from a variety of dishes, but also can have their drinks served in a wide array of beverages.

Located in the heart of Bugis, Xin Yuan Ji can be too crowded during lunch time as many employees around the area choose to dine at the restaurant most of the time.

The Fried Whiting Fish Soup is one of the most popular lunchtime meals. You will have a sumptuous meal for only $8.90, which will surely satisfy your hunger. The Sliced Fish Soup Bee Hoon and the soup which is cooked on a charcoal grill for their steamboat is one of their popular options as well!


“The fish soup was an extreme pleasure to have!! Huge chunks of fish slices in a flavourful broth sets the fish soup to be one cut above the rest, though it’s price slightly more expensive, you can’t complain for the quality you are getting. Their sweet and sour pork was great as well. But do note to avoid the lunch crowd as this place gets filled very quickly.”

2. First Street Teochew Fish Soup

Best Fish Soup Singapore: First Street Teochew Fish Soup
First Street Teochew Fish Soup
DetailsBringing you fresh and tasty fish soup in Singapore 
Address1014 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534752
Tuesday-Sunday: 8:15am-3pm

Hougang Outlet:⁣
21 Hougang St 51, Singapore 538719⁣
Tuesday-Sunday: 8.30am-3.30pm

BreadTalk IHQ outlet:⁣⁣
30 Tai Seng St, BreadTalk IHQ, Singapore 534013⁣⁣
Mon-Sun: 10am-8pm
Operating HoursAs above
PricesBatang (Mackerel) Fish Soup from $6
Garoupa $9
Pomfret from $11

Started as a fish vendor, the owner opened the First Street Teochew Fish Soup stall in the back in the 80s. He’s still at it today, now run by his two sons, who are equally committed and hardworking. Teochew Fish Soup has gained a loyal following, and their dedication and hard work ensure that it stays fresh!

When you’re having a rough day, having a good, hearty seafood soup will make you feel much better. If you’re looking to try a soup that’s been around for quite some time, the Batang Sliced Fish Soup from First Street Teochew might be right up your alley.

Also popular dishes from this fish stall are Red Garoupa, Pomfret, and a Mixed Seafood Soup. You may also partner your soup with porridge, rice or mee sua. Whatever your choice, you are guaranteed the best flavors since this restaurant only use the freshest ingredients for their fish soup.


“This is the One & Only Superb Delicious Fish Soup Stall that I come! They serve the best fresh and tender fish, soup is awesomely tasty that warms up my Day ! I have been going this stall for 10 over years and the taste is the same as always. Be prepared with Long Q, never doubt the wait!”

3. Blanco Court Fried Fish Noodles

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Blanco Court Fried Fish Noodles
Blanco Court Fried Fish Noodles
DetailsDelightful fish soup experience with freshly sliced bata
Address325 Beach Rd, Singapore 199566
Contact+65 9151 2401
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday : 10:00am – 07:30pm
Sunday : Closed
PricesS$5 – S$10 per pax

Blanco Court Fried Fish Noodles is a self-service restaurant in Beach Road. You can get a pretty decent plate of fried fish noodles in under ten minutes. Whether you’re in a hurry or not, you will certainly enjoy the best fried fish noodles.

What makes their fish noodles unique is that they only focus on fried items. Their fish is deliciously crispy and crisp, and with other ingredients, their noodles will satisfy your appetite.

In addition to the Fried Fish Soup, you can also get other types of fish soups, such as the creamy soup, the steam fish soup, the mixed fish soup and the fish head soup.

You are also allowed to add any of the following ingredients to your dish: pork slices, egg slices, tofu, and even vegetables like carrots, peppers, and more into your dish.


“For sure one of my top 3 fish soup stalls in Singapore. An old school stall located along Beach Road which offers the best comfort food during raining weathers especially. There’s a choice of mixed fish, fried fish, and steamed fish. They all have a great soft, chewy texture which does not turn soggy at all sitting within the milky broth. Topped off with the shredded special fried egg which is the best addition in my opinion. It is their special touch. Soup is also not too over empowering or salty, just the right balance.”

4. Han Kee Fish Soup

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Han Kee Fish Soup
Han Kee Fish Soup
DetailsHan Kee known for its fresh Fish Soup
AddressLocated in: Amoy Street Food Centre
Address: 7 Maxwell Rd, #02-129, Singapore 069111
ContactTel: +65 6688 5665
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 10:30am-3:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed
PricesSliced Fish Bee Hoon from ($7.00)

One of the best places to start is Han Kee Fish Soup. The seafood is cut thick and fresh. It doesn’t have any fishy flavors at all!

It’s also a great place to stay if you want something light and not too bloated. The best seller at Han Kee is the Sliced Fish Soup, which is also their most popular dish.


“A big portion of thick and fresh fish slices with the medium fish bee hoon soup ($7). The soup is just a little too peppery. Consistent over the years. Has easily the longest queue at the hawker centre. Lady who usually takes the orders has a phenomenal memory – able to remember 20-30 orders without writing them down and can remember what you usually order even if you don’t come often and are masked up. The queue moves faster than it looks”

5. 標记 Piao Ji Fish Porridge

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Piao Ji Fish Porridge
Piao Ji Fish Porridge
DetailsPiao Ji Fish Porridge is one of the most popular for their soup. Only serves a soup based food.
AddressLocated in: Amoy Street Food Centre
Address: 7 Maxwell Rd unit#02-100 Singapore 069111 Maxwell Rd, Singapore 069111
Operating Hours11am to 3.30pm
Closed on Mon & Thurs
PricesFish Prawn $10/$12/$5
Fish Soup $7/$10/$12/$15

The Piao Ji Fish Porridge’s best seller, the pomfret soup, has a very rich broth that is made with pork lard. It is especially recommended for those with colds or flu. In addition to the soup, there are a few sides available such as noodles, vegetables and rice.

Piao Ji Fish Porridge is a restaurant that specializes in seafood. It offers a selection of dishes including sliced fish porridge. The soup includes chili padi, fermented beans, and pickled ginger, and is topped with a fresh piece of fish.

This famous Cantonese fish and prawn soup restaurant on Amoy Street Food Centre has been in operation for many years now. Known for their excellent quality fish and seafood, the restaurant boasts a large menu that includes a wide variety of dishes that include pomfret soup, which is one of their most popular dishes. 


“Finally managed to try this famous fish soup at Amoy Food Centre. Is it the best fish soup that I have eaten? Probably not but it has its unique selling points. The light fish soup is served with a little pork lard and shallot, just a bit so that it does not cover the taste of the soup. It also does not have the over powering taste of sole fish like other places. The pickled ginger chilli is a heavenly match with the seafood. The very fresh fish is more thickly sliced than other places and gives it a nice bite. Prawns was also lovely. $15 for the bowl, yes, I decided to see what I can get for the price! Quite naturally, everyone is looking at my bowl as I savor the food, since I sat just beside the queue. Worth checking out but probably not something an average worker would eat everyday.”

6. Mei Xiang Black & White Fish Soup

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Mei Xiang Black White Fish Soup
Mei Xiang Black & White Fish Soup
DetailsWhips up a delectable bowl of mixed fish soup.
AddressLocated in: Berseh Food Centre
Address: Berseh Food Centre Stall 44, 166 Jln Besar, Singapore 208877
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 11:30am-3pm
Saturdays & Sundays: Closed
PricesMixed fish soup $6-$8

Mei Xiang Black & White Fish Soup restaurant is one of a kind. One reason is that they offer only one dish on their menu and that is the Black & White Fish Soup.

So people won’t have to think long on what to have. Another reason is that this restaurant is owned and managed by a middle-aged couple who personally prepare the dish with expertise.

You can never go wrong with Black & White Fish Soup which contains black fried fish slices and white for the fresh fish meat. You can choose a smaller serving for $6 or a bigger one for $8.


“One of the best fish soups ever! The fish soup tastes different from other fish soups I had before. It has two kinds of fish, fried and the normal one. The chilli is really good too, definitely a perfect combination! The only thing to consider, is the stall is usually very crowded during lunch, have to queue for around 10 mins to get the food, and they closed pretty fast as well. But worth trying for someone who loves fish soup.”

7. Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon
Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon
DetailsServes the Cantonese-style fish soup that is known for having rich flavours.
AddressLocated in: Maxwell Food Centre
Address: 1 Kadayanallur St, #01-77, Singapore 069184
Operating HoursFriday-Wednesday: 11:30am-8:30pm
Thursday: Closed
PricesSliced Fish Porridge $8.60
Sliced Fish Bee Hoon $8.60
Fish Head Bee Hoon $15.50


The original authentic Cantonese fish soup stall is Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon. They have been serving the populace for nearly 30 years and are known to have the best soup in town.

The soup doesn’t contain any MSG, but if you want it to be really good you should splurge for the $5 fried fish or $6 sliced fish soups. They’re the crowd favorites and the best prices around.

Other specialties include Groupers Fish Head Noodles and Big Prawn Noodles where you have the option to add milk to the soup or rice or noodles as side dish.


“There’s always a line, even during off peak. Uncle cooks every bowl individually so it does take awhile, but worth the wait! The soup is punchy, generous portion of vegetables and fish for $5. I do find the broth quality to be a little inconsistent – some days it’s 💯 but on other days it’s more bland, but still overall really good!”

8. Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup
Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup
DetailsClear and light broth but satisfying. No gimmicks like milk or fried fish.
AddressLocated in: Albert Centre
Address: 270 Queen St, #01-95, Singapore 180270
Operating HoursMon-Sun: 11am – 8pm
PricesMackerel fish slice  $4-$5

The dishes at the Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup restaurant are well-loved by many Singaporeans. It’s because this restaurant offers classic Singaporean fish soup, seafood, porridge, and many others at a reasonable price.

One of their many specialties is the Sliced Fish Soup. The Sliced Fish Soup is a popular Thai dish. It’s made with slices of fish and seafood, vegetables, and even sweet rice. The typical ingredients include bitter melon, tofu, and sometimes chicken.

In addition, their popular Teochew-style Sliced Fish Soup has been the crowd’s favorite due to its light and clear soup with a refreshing blend of spices and a lot of fish slices and is garnished with Mackerel fish which is an ideal fish to use.  


“Enjoyed the sliced fish bee hoon soup ($6 for larger size) – fresh fish slices and good texture. Seaweed and garlic in the soup.”

9. Mr Fish 魚

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Mr Fish
Mr Fish
DetailsOne of the Best Fish Soup and Hor Fun in Chinatown That’s Worth The Wait.
Address335 Smith Street, #02-073 Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Singapore 050335
Operating Hours11am to 4pm (Closed on Sundays)
PricesSliced Fish Soup: S$4.50
Fish Head Soup: S$5.50
Sliced Fish Bee Hoon: S$5

The Cantonese style of cooking is where fish and meat are first fried and then cooked in the stock to give a rich flavour. Deep frying the fish gives a milky consistency to the soup so what the owners of Mr. Fish says about not putting any milk ingredients to their soup is simply the truth.

A must-try is their Fish Head Bee Hoon for only $5 but if you don’t want to see bones in your soup, try their Sliced Fish Bee Hoon at $4.50 instead which contains fresh fish slices.


“Flavourful bowl of the fish soup. The milky colour from the soup came from cooking the fish bones for long hours and not from the milk added like other stalls.”

10. Ka-Soh Restaurant

Best Fish Soup Singapore: Ka Soh Restaurant
Ka-Soh Restaurant
DetailsOne of Singapore’s oldest independently owned restaurants, Ka-Soh is the pioneer and home of the Cantonese style fish soup. The menu features a predominantly Cantonese fare and classic local zichar dishes since 1939.
2 College Road (Alumni Medical Centre)
Singapore 169850
Tel: +65 6473 6686
Business hours:
11:30AM – 2:00PM (last order)
5:30PM – 9:00PM (last order)
Closed on Tuesdays
22 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289218
Tel: +65 8754 7481
Business hours:
11:30AM – 2:00PM (last order)
5:30PM – 9:00PM (last order)
Closed on Mondays
ContactAs above
Operating HoursAs above
PricesCrab Meat Shark’s Fins $18

The Ka-Soh restaurant is a local favorite for its famous fish noodle soup which has been a staple for generations in the area. The family restaurant serves an award-winning soup that dates back decades.

The soup has been prepared using the traditional method. To achieve the milk-like consistency, the snakehead fish bones are being deep fried until they turn into golden brown.

The dishes at the restaurant are quite delicious, and each one is unique in its own way. The signature dishes on the menu include Sliced Fish Noodle, Deep Fried Frog with Ginger, and Sambal Cuttlefish.


“Simple nice nostalgic lunch – sliced fish noodle, clay pot tofu & veg, bean sprouts with salted fish, chai-poh omelette, and fried honey glazed pork. The last 2 dishes were very nice. Not sure about the price as our friend paid for it. Will be back.”

11. 127 Lor 1 Toa Payoh – Fish Soup

Best Fish Soup Singapore: 127 Lor 1 Fish Soup
127 Lor 1 Toa Payoh
DetailsServing a wide range of dishes including seafood, porridge, steamed dumplings, mackerel and saba fish set and most especially, fish soup
AddressBlk 127 Lor 1 Toa Payoh Singapore, Singapore 310127
ContactPhone+65 6225 5632
Operating HoursTuesday – Sunday: 6am-4pm

People keep on crowding the fish soup eatery located at 127 Lorong 1 as they serve wide array of dishes including seafood, porridge, steamed dumplings, mackerel and saba fish set and most especially, fish soup. What diners love about their fish soup is that it has a unique sour taste due to the olive and it’s not too salty. 

If you want to visit the shop, a must-try dish is their sliced fish soup which in just $4 you can have it for dinner or lunch. The sliced fish is cut perfectly and they only use the freshest ingredients producing a creamy and lovely broth flavor.


“Variety of food, got wet mkt downstairs if u want to buy fish, pork, vegetables, fruits and etc. This market got some popular food here such as hk roast pork, char siu and duck, kwa chap, slice fish soup, carrot cake, congee and hokein prawn mee and etc. I have attached some of the popular food stores below. Today is Monday, so alot of them are closed. I forgot to add a laksa 🍜 store, I have been eating their laksa for the past 15 years. This laksa has the right balance, not too heavy and light.”


We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best fish soups in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

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