14 Best Okonomiyaki Restaurants in Singapore For the Ultimate Okonomiyaki Experience (2024)

Discover the list of the best okonomiyaki restaurants in Singapore at authentic Japanese restaurants like Ajiya Okonomiyaki and Seiwaa. Experience top okonomiyaki Singapore spots for grilled Japanese street food delicacies.

Updated on May 13, 2023 


Jason Wong
Best Okonomiyaki Restaurants in Singapore
14 Best Okonomiyaki Restaurants in Singapore For the Ultimate Okonomiyaki Experience (2024)
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Okonomiyaki Singapore

Are you in Singapore and yearning for some mouthwatering Okonomiyaki? For you, we have the ideal list! The top Okonomiyaki restaurants have been selected after careful consideration and analysis.

These eateries serve a wide range of delectable Japanese cuisine, but their Okonomiyaki stands out due to its genuine flavor, fresh ingredients, and distinctive variations.

We adore these spots because they offer a welcoming atmosphere, warm service, and fantastic pricing. They have delicious Okonomiyaki that will take you right to Japan, which you will love!

Why then wait? Explore our list to discover Singapore’s best Okonomiyaki restaurants. You won’t regret it, we promise!

What To Look For in a Okonomiyaki Restaurants In Singapore

  • Variety of Okonomiyaki options: To satisfy your cravings and preferences, look for restaurants that provide a variety of tastes and styles, such as Hiroshima-style and Osaka-style. Watch out for Singapore-only tweaks on this Japanese cuisine!
  • Authentic Japanese experience: For the full Okonomiyaki experience, choose a restaurant with traditional decor, cooking stations, and friendly staff who can help you make your own (if available).
  • Ingredient quality: Freshness and quality affect Okonomiyaki taste and texture. For delicious Okonomiyaki, choose establishments that use fresh fish, meats, and vegetables.
  • Price range: Singapore has many Okonomiyaki eateries, so evaluate your budget. Singapore has a budget-friendly Okonomiyaki restaurant for every taste!
  • Convenient location: To maximize your Okonomiyaki experience, find a restaurant near public transportation or with abundant parking. This will make your Singapore Okonomiyaki experience easy and delightful!

best iconBest Okonomiyaki in Singapore (2024)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the best Okonomiyaki in Singapore. Our list of recommendations are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

🏆 Best Overall

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: The Ramen House

The Ramen House

Indulge in their thick and flavourful okonomiyaki made with cheese for a twist.

Pros-Tick-IconPrice: 5/5

Pros-Tick-IconQuality: 5/5

Pros-Tick-IconService: 5/5

Ratings-IconOur Rating Score: 5/5

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The Ramen Stall

Savour the popular Japanese dish okonomiyaki, cooked to perfection and served with a special sauce and mayonnaise.

Pros-Tick-IconPrice: 4.5/5

Pros-Tick-IconQuality: 5/5

Pros-Tick-IconService: 5/5

Ratings-IconOur Rating Score: 4.8/5

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Best Budget Option

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Misato


Try the signature okonomiyaki for just $16.90 – a crispy crust at the bottom and very Instagrammable.

Pros-Tick-IconPrice: 4.5/5

Pros-Tick-IconQuality: 4.5/5

Pros-Tick-IconService: 5/5

Ratings-IconOur Rating Score: 4.7/5

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1. The Ramen House

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: The Ramen House
The Ramen House
DetailsThe Ramen House serves traditional Japanese cuisine, altered to suit the local palate. Placing an emphasis on nutrition and intriguing food presentations. It is a recommended place for connoisseurs in search of a hearty and healthy meal. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, you can taste the flavours of quality food at a price that is hard to beat! Diners also get to choose from an extensive menu of other dishes ranging from ramen to sashimi to grilled kushiyaki.
AddressAddress: 6 Short St, Singapore 188213
Phone+65 6734 9294
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 5:00pm-6:00am
PricesOkonomiyaki: $12.90

If you’re seeking a memorable dining experience, look no further than The Ramen House! They take pride in serving nutritious meals with imaginative presentations, using only the finest, freshest ingredients.

The Ramen House’s signature ramen soup is a masterpiece, achieved by boiling meat and bones for 30 hours, resulting in a rich, milky, and smooth texture. You’ll love the combination of their springy noodles and savory broth, all without any artificial flavoring.

Their okonomiyaki is one-of-a-kind, incorporating cheese for a delicious twist, and their drink selection is fantastic, from unique sodas to various Japanese beverages.

In conclusion, The Ramen House offers a delightful and high-quality meal at a reasonable cost. Don’t miss out on this culinary gem – visit today and indulge in their exquisite offerings!

What We Like

  • Enjoy a unique culinary experience at The Ramen House and savor their signature ramen soup that is prepared with no artificial flavouring for a rich, milky, and smooth texture.
  • Indulge in their thick and flavourful okonomiyaki made with cheese for a twist.
  • Quench your thirst with a variety of drinks, such as Sourplum Soda with Red Tea Jelly and Soursop Soda with Fresh Soursop.
  • Get the best value for your money with The Ramen House’s focus on nutrition and quality ingredients.
  • For an unforgettable dining experience, visit The Ramen House today!


“My favourite late night japanese to go to! Love the okonomiyaki.”

2. The Ramen Stall

The Ramen Stall
DetailsThe Ramen Stall takes pride in serving you fully Halal-Certified traditional Japanese delicacies with a uniquely local flavour. Following the health-conscious trend of consumers wanting more options to eat better, The Ramen Stall places an importance on nutrition, quality, and intriguing food presentations to entice food lovers. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients in our dishes, you can taste the richness and flavours of quality food at a price that’s hard to beat!
AddressAddress: 787 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198755
Phone+65 6655 0800
Operating HoursMonday-Thursday: 11:00am-4:00pm, 5:00pm-11:00pm
Friday-Sunday: 11:00am-11:00pm
PricesOkonomiyaki: $12.90

You can actually taste the combination of Japanese and Singaporean cuisine at The Ramen Stall. You must taste their exclusive and delectable okonomiyaki since it expertly balances flavors and textures and will leave you wanting more. Everyone can find something to suit their palate thanks to the large array of ramen options available, from spicy to vegetarian-friendly dishes.

We adore how The Ramen Stall’s cozy setting and welcoming personnel make it an excellent location to unwind and savor a delectable dinner. Therefore, The Ramen Stall should be high on your list if you’re looking for a satisfying and flavorful dining experience.

What We Like

  • Experience an unique blend of Japanese and Singaporean cuisine at The Ramen Stall, perfect for locals and tourists alike!
  • Savour the popular Japanese dish okonomiyaki, cooked to perfection and served with a special sauce and mayonnaise.
  • Enjoy a variety of ramen dishes, from Chicken Cha Shu to Vegetable Ramen, perfect for all taste preferences.
  • Savor the spicy Volcano Ramen or enjoy a vegan-friendly option with the Vegetable Ramen.
  • Customize your own dry ramen with your favorite ingredients!


“My favourite okonomiyaki still tastes the same and is crispy!”

3. Misato

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Misato
DetailsMisato is a contemporary and chic Japanese restaurant par excellence, primed to herald in a new era of Japanese cuisine. Misato serves exquisite Japanese fine-dining cuisine at pocket-friendly prices.
AddressLocated in: The Centrepoint
Address: 176 Orchard Road #01-33E The Centrepoint (Gastro+, Singapore 238843
ContactPhone+65 6235 2822
Operating HoursTuesday-Sunday: 12:00pm-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm
Monday: Closed
PricesOkonomiyaki: $16.90

At Misato, you’ll discover an extraordinary Japanese dining experience, featuring mouth-watering okonomiyaki and other delicious dishes. The stylish, modern ambiance and top-notch service make every visit truly memorable.

We can’t recommend the okonomiyaki enough – for just $16.90, you’ll savor the delightful crispy crust and flavorsome fillings. Plus, the picture-perfect presentation will have you reaching for your phone to snap a photo.

You’ll also be impressed by the seafood hotpot, where fresh ingredients and a flavorsome cabbage-rich broth come together in harmony. Don’t miss out on the breaded ebi bowls, a classic Japanese delight that will leave you wanting more.

Misato is simply the perfect choice for a distinctive Japanese culinary adventure. Affordable prices, fresh ingredients, and visually stunning dishes make it an experience you won’t forget. So, indulge yourself and visit Misato now!

What We Like

  • Enjoy an unforgettable fine-dining experience at Misato, a renowned Japanese restaurant in Singapore!
  • Try the signature okonomiyaki for just $16.90 – a crispy crust at the bottom and very Instagrammable.
  • Savour the seafood hotpot, with its fresh ingredients and sweet broth.
  • Indulge in the classic Japanese dish, breaded ebi bowls.
  • Enjoy all this without breaking the bank – Misato offers great value for money!


“Fresh and good-quality food. Very tasty okonomiyaki, and the warabi mochi was one of the best as well! Gyoza was super crispy on the outside.”

4. Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Seiwaa Okonomiyaki Teppanyaki Restaurant
Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant
DetailsNo gimmicks. No tricks. Just the freshness of Japanese comfort food served hot. Enjoy your own deliciously cooked steak, shrimp, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and monjayaki.
AddressAddress: 72 Dunlop St, Singapore 209400
Phone+65 6291 6084
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-11:00pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesPork Okonomiyaki: $12.00

Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant in Singapore is the perfect spot for you to indulge in authentic Japanese comfort food. With their extensive menu of okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and monjayaki, you’ll be spoilt for choice! We love that they offer a 90-minute à la carte buffet, allowing you to taste various Seiwaa dishes in one sitting.

What makes Seiwaa even better is their generous membership program. By spending $160 in one go, you can enjoy free membership, which includes exclusive discounts and rewards during your birthday month. This means more tasty treats for you, and at a great price!

In short, Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant is a must-visit because of their mouth-watering options, irresistible buffet, and fantastic membership benefits. Don’t miss out on this amazing Japanese dining experience!

What We Like

  • Enjoy a variety of authentic Japanese dishes like okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and monjayaki at Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant!
  • Get the best of both worlds with the à la carte buffet for 90 minutes of all-you-can-eat Seiwaa dishes.
  • Sign up for the free membership and get 20% instant Seiwaa reward dollars on the food menu during your birthday month.
  • Enjoy a unique dining experience with the monthly special dish with members-only pricing and 10% instant Seiwaa reward dollars.
  • Treat your taste buds to some of the best Japanese comfort food in Singapore at Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant!


“I enjoyed all the dishes I had there! Missing Japan and this place definitely brings you closer there!”

5. Sushi Tei

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Sushi Tei
Sushi Tei
DetailsSushi Tei—where pristine culinary skills, incisive expertise, and an innate appreciation of nature come together to inspire and enhance the experience of true Japanese dining.
ContactAs in the URL above per location
Operating HoursAs in the same URL per location
PricesEbi Mentaiyaki: $10.50

Sushi Tei offers a variety of classic and contemporary cuisine to satiate your needs while bringing the true flavor of Japan to you. You may see the chefs work with skill as they produce your delectable dinner thanks to their open kitchen design. This is where okonomiyaki lovers should hang out!

The utilization of fresh, high-quality ingredients in each dish is what we like best about Sushi Tei. Their dedication to excellence extends to their seasonal menus, which keeps your palette intrigued at all times. Additionally, as a regular customer, you can take advantage of special benefits through the Sushi Tei Rewards program.

In conclusion, Sushi Tei is the place to go if you want to enjoy a wonderful Japanese meal. You’ll keep going back for more thanks to their broad menu and dedication to excellence!

What We Like

  • Enjoy the exquisite flavors of Japanese cuisine with Sushi Tei’s extensive menu of traditional and modern dishes.
  • Appreciate the culinary skills of the chefs with the open kitchen concept.
  • Satisfy your cravings for okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake made with a variety of ingredients.
  • Take advantage of the Sushi Tei Rewards program for exclusive privileges and benefits.
  • Receive top-grade ingredients for freshness and quality with seasonal themes for customers’ taste buds.


“A pleasant dinner experience. Seats were spacious, clean, and comfortable.”

6. Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant
Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant
DetailsDIY Okonomiyaki restaurant nestled in the heartlands. Come and be treated like family here!
AddressAddress: 104 Jln Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598603
Phone+65 6463 3461
Operating HoursTuesday-Friday: 12:00pm-2:15pm, 5:30pm-9:15pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12:00pm-2:15pm, 5:00pm-9:15pm
Monday: Closed
PricesOkonomiyaki Seafood Deluxe: $16.00

Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant offers a fantastic opportunity for you to indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine. Their delicious okonomiyaki dishes cater to all tastes, ensuring you’ll find something to love. The cozy atmosphere transports you to Japan, while the passionate chef’s attention to detail guarantees a great meal.

What sets Ajiya apart is the DIY option, allowing you to create your own okonomiyaki masterpiece with a variety of ingredients. And if you’re unable to visit, don’t worry – their national delivery service means you can still enjoy their mouthwatering dishes at home.

Experience the best of Japanese cuisine with Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant – you won’t be disappointed!

What We Like

  • Enjoy a truly authentic Japanese experience at Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant!
  • Mouth-watering okonomiyaki, gyoza, and teppanyaki dishes offer something for everyone!
  • Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere and savor the smell of the grill.
  • Get creative and make your own okonomiyaki masterpiece with the DIY option!
  • Enjoy the convenience of delivery services – now you can have a true Japanese experience anywhere!


“Enthralling performance on the making of the okonomiyaki! The dough mixture sizzles as the chief pours it on the hot tabletop, with the tantalizingly sweet char permeating through the air and whiffing to the orifice.”

7. Kiwami: Ramen & Gyoza Bar

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Kiwami Ramen Gyoza Bar
Kiwami – Ramen & Gyoza Bar
DetailsKiwami uses top-quality ingredients to create the finest taste. Savour the umami of our tonkotsu broth, simmered over 10 hours using 100% Japanese pork bones. Our original-recipe noodles are crafted with Hokkaido wheat and pair perfectly with our broth to culminate in the ultimate bowl of ramen.
AddressGuoco Tower
Located in: Guoco Tower
Address: 1 Wallich St, Tower #B2-10 Guoco, Singapore 078884
Phone+65 6246 6630
Operating Hours
Tuesday: 12:00am-10:00pm

Suntec City
Located in: Suntec City
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-458, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Phone+65 6970 8031
Operating Hours

Chinatown Point
Located in: Chinatown Point
Address: 133 New Bridge Rd, #02-38 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Phone+65 6223 1669
Operating Hours

Located in: Jewel Changi Airport
Address: 78 Airport Blvd, #01-225 Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
Phone+65 6288 0488
Operating Hours
ContactAs above per location
Operating HoursAs in the address info per location
PricesOkonomiyaki Gyoza (5 pcs): $7.50

At Kiwami: Ramen & Gyoza Bar, you’ll be treated to a truly authentic Japanese dining experience right here in Singapore. The mouthwatering Okonomiyaki Gyoza is a steal at just $7.50, and we can’t get enough of their Ultimate Bowl of Ramen, made with premium Miyazaki wagyu and Hokkaido seafood. Because they have four outlets, including a premium one at Jewel Singapore, it’s easy for you to find a convenient location to indulge in their unique dishes like Sakura Ebi Mentaiko Pink Ramen or golden grilled gyoza.

What we really love about Kiwami is their food delivery via Oddle and their newsletter with promo codes and deals, making it a breeze to enjoy their amazing cuisine from the comfort of your home. So, treat yourself to the best of Japanese cuisine at Kiwami: Ramen & Gyoza Bar and find out why it’s a top choice for Singaporean foodies.

What We Like

  • Experience the best of Japanese cuisine with Kiwami: Ramen & Gyoza Bar!
  • Try their signature five pieces of Okonomiyaki Gyoza for just $7.50!
  • Indulge in their Ultimate Bowl of Ramen featuring A4/A5-grade Miyazaki wagyu and Hokkaido seafood.
  • Visit their Premium Kiwami outlet in Jewel Singapore for a cozy and posh bar, Kiwami Freezers (Chuhai), and artisanal craft cocktails.
  • Enjoy the convenience of food delivery through Oddle and the latest promo codes and deals through their newsletter subscription.


“We ordered Yuzu Ramen, Buta Hoho Black Mazesoba (Iberico Pork Jowl with roasted black garlic oil on dry ramen), Okonomiyaki Gyoza, and Hokkaido Organic Potato with Pirikara Sauce. The dishes came out very fast and were really delicious. The service team was quite good and fast in helping us with our requests.”

8. issho izakaya

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Issho Izakaya Great World
issho izakaya Great World
Detailsissho, signifying “together”, a space created for family and friends to come together to share the joy of a good meal. The finest ingredients, traditional techniques, and innovative recipes all come together in the hands of the culinary team to deliver the most authentic flavors and dining experiences.
AddressGreat World
Located in: Great World
Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-123 Great World City, Singapore 237994
Phone+65 6904 6621
Operating Hours
11:00am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm

One Fullerton
Address: 1 Fullerton Rd, #01-05, Singapore 049213
Phone+65 6592 2372
Operating Hours
11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30am-10:00pm

SingPost Centre
Address: 10 Eunos Rd 8, #03-103 SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600
Phone+65 6592 1218
Operating Hours
11:00am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am-10:00pm
ContactAs above per location
Operating HoursAs in the address info per location
PricesSalmon Okonomiyaki: $13.80

If you’re craving authentic Japanese cuisine, look no further than issho izakaya. Their mouthwatering menu, featuring Kaki and Salmon Okonomiyaki, will transport your taste buds straight to Japan. With three conveniently located outlets at Great World, One Fullerton, and SingPost Centre, you’ll never be far from a delicious meal.

For those special occasions, issho izakaya offers private rooms, perfect for corporate events and social gatherings. The state-of-the-art touch-screen TVs ensure seamless meetings, while exclusive booze specials at Great World and SingPost Centre outlets cater to your celebratory needs.

In our opinion, issho izakaya’s winning combination of scrumptious dishes, excellent hospitality, and cozy ambiance make it the ideal destination for family and friends to connect over a good meal. Don’t miss out on their delectable Kaki and Salmon Okonomiyaki – because you deserve the best in Japanese cuisine!

What We Like

  • Get ready for a unique and delicious dining experience at issho izakaya, with a range of traditional Japanese dishes including Kaki Okonomiyaki and Salmon Okonomiyaki.
  • Enjoy a convenient meal at one of the three outlets located at Great World, One Fullerton, and SingPost Centre.
  • Make your corporate events and social celebrations even more special with the private rooms available, which come with state-of-the-art touch-screen TVs.
  • Quench your thirst with exclusive booze specials at the Great World and SingPost Centre outlets, including Japanese craft beers from $7, 2 bottles of beer from $15, beer towers from $60, and 15% off selected wines, whiskies, and shochu.
  • Gather your family and friends and come together to enjoy an unforgettable experience at issho izakaya, with its traditional Japanese dishes, excellent hospitality, and cozy atmosphere.


“Kaki Okonomiyaki and foie gras are the must order!”

9. Tamako Meal

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Tamako Meal
Tamako Meal
DetailsJapanese Food Delivery | Family Restaurant | Japanese Cuisine | Bento
AddressAddress: 128 Casuarina Rd, Singapore 579516
Phone+65 6553 4128
Operating HoursTuesday-Thursday: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6:00pm-9:30pm
Friday-Sunday: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
Monday: Closed
PricesOkonomiyaki: $15.80

You’ll discover a lovely fusion of Japanese cuisine at Tamako Meal, along with friendly service. Their signature dish, the delectable cabbage pancake known as okonomiyaki, is a must-try if you want to experience real Japanese cuisine. It’s perfect for family reunions or enjoyable get-togethers with friends because family combos may accommodate different group sizes.

A comfortable and delightful dining experience is provided by the welcoming personnel and intimate, Japanese-style setting. The food’s high quality and affordable costs also contribute to the overall happiness.

We adore Tamako Meal because it provides a unique and refreshing gastronomic experience that will have you hankering for more. Bring your loved ones together and treat yourselves to a special Japanese dining experience at Tamako Meal!

What We Like

  • Enjoy a unique and enjoyable dining experience at Tamako Meal, located in Singapore!
  • Savour the delicious Japanese cuisine, from savory okonomiyaki pancakes to family combos for 3 to 4 pax, 5 to 6 pax, and 8 to 10 pax.
  • Indulge in the cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a typical Japanese home.
  • Try their signature okonomiyaki dish, a savory, cabbage-based pancake that is sure to please every palate.
  • Receive attentive service from friendly and attentive staff, making sure customers have everything they need.


“Was expecting a normal Japanese meal, turns out to be a great meal that you must share with friends! We ordered the saba shio fish, Koebi (fried small prawns), kake udon, and okonomiyaki. All were delicious and very much like having a meal back in Japan!”

10. Nanjya Monjya Waterfront

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Nanjya Monjya Waterfront
Nanjya Monjya Waterfront
DetailsLocated just beside Zouk at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel along Havelock Road, Nanjya Monjya’s specialty is okonomiyaki.
AddressLocated in: Grand Copthorne Waterfront
Address: 390 Havelock Rd, #01-03/04/05 Waterfront Plaza, Singapore 169664
Phone+65 6738 7177
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 5:30pm-11:00pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesToridama Okonomiyaki: $18.00


A fantastic okonomiyaki experience can be found in Nanjya Monjya Waterfront, which you shouldn’t miss. This restaurant is located in the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel on Havelock Road and specializes in delicious Japanese cuisine, including okonomiyaki.

We appreciate that they provide you the option of preparing your own okonomiyaki or hiring one of their helpful employees to make it for you. You’ll definitely appreciate the dish that results from this combination of ingredients. You’ll feel at home because their kind staff makes sure that your meal is enjoyable.

A delicious selection of fresh sashimi imported directly from Japan, their renowned Otsukuri, is another dish you ought to try. A big part of these foods’ delectable flavor comes from the skill with which they are prepared. Ika Wata Yaki, or grilled squid, is another preferred option. It is served with a special sauce prepared from squid guts and miso. Enjoy some tasty sake or cooling shochu to go with your meal.

Our research suggests that Nanjya Monjya Waterfront is the ideal location for a pleasant okonomiyaki experience. You’re sure to have a memorable experience with the excellent service and first-rate food. Don’t wait; go to Nanjya Monjya Waterfront right away to experience okonomiyaki for yourself!

What We Like

  • Experience the delightful taste of okonomiyaki with Nanjya Monjya Waterfront’s do-it-yourself okonomiyaki experience!
  • Indulge in the restaurant’s renowned Otsukuri, an assorted dish of sashimi with fresh seafood from Japan.
  • Savour the Ika Wata Yaki (grilled squid) with its original sauce made from squid guts and miso.
  • Enjoy a nice pairing of your dishes with sake or shochu.
  • Get the full experience with excellent service and quality cuisine at Nanjya Monjya Waterfront.


“Best okonomiyaki experience ever. You can either do it yourself or let the staff do it for you. The taste was good. The price was pretty reasonable, and the food was fresh and legit! Especially the steam rice with oysters, which was super good too!”

11. Teppan Works

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Teppan Works
Teppan Works
DetailsWe are a Teppanyaki-style Japanese grill concept restaurant and bar serving selected Wagyu beef, handmade okonomiyaki, yakisoba noodles, and creative Teppan Izakaya appetizers.
AddressAddress: 42 Tras St, Singapore 078981
Phone+65 6909 9469
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 12:00pm-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm
PricesSpecial Okonomiyaki: $25.00

At Teppan Works, you’ll enjoy a memorable dining experience that expertly combines style and a relaxed atmosphere. They provide delectable dishes including Wagyu beef steak, Osaka okonomiyaki, and Yakisoba fried noodles on their Japanese Omakase Teppanyaki menu, all for a fair price. This makes it the perfect location for big occasions or just a fun night out with friends.

We adore their inventive menu items—including the Special Okonomiyaki and the Original Cheese Sauce Okonomiyaki—as well as their wide range of beverages, which includes Handmade Sake Sangria, Fresh Lemon Sour, and a Premium Sake Selection of the Day. You’re guaranteed to find something to suit your palate because of their variety.

Teppan Works also hosts corporate meetings, private parties, and business dinners for bigger groups. Your event will go well and be a pleasant experience thanks to their courteous team, who will gladly help you plan it. Teppan Works is the ideal option for you if you want to have a special and unforgettable eating experience.

What We Like

  • Experience a unique and unforgettable dining experience at Teppan Works, a stylish and casual Japanese Omakase Teppanyaki restaurant and Sake Bar located in the heart of Singapore.
  • Enjoy high-quality Wagyu beef steak, Osaka okonomiyaki, Yakisoba fried noodles, seafood, Japanese Izakaya items, and Omakase at reasonable prices.
  • Delight in their menu offering a selection of delicious and unique dishes, such as the Special Okonomiyaki, Original Cheese Sauce Okonomiyaki, Wagyu Suji Negiyaki (baked with spring onion), and Pork Okonomiyaki.
  • Sip on their selection of drinks, from Fresh Lemon Sour, Handmade Sake Sangria, and Mega Highball to their Premium Sake Selection of the Day.
  • Perfect for private parties, business dinners, company meetings, and other special occasions, Teppan Works offers great value for money and is sure to provide a memorable experience for everyone.


“Dinner Omakase. Good spread and variety. I’d say get the beef, as it’s a better value, even though the chicken was cooked well. The seafood was superb, and the okonomiyaki as well. Very casual and welcoming atmosphere.“

12. お好み焼き居酒屋 まかん Makan Japanese restaurant

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Makan Japanese Restaurant
Makan Japanese restaurant
DetailsSingapore’s typical Osaka pancake, tasty and reasonably priced! There are many varieties of promo sake and draft beer at happy hour.
AddressAddress: 32 Kandahar St, Singapore 198891
ContactPhone+65 9478 9968
Operating HoursMonday-Thursday: 5:00pm-12:00am
Friday: 4:00pm-12:00am
Saturday: 4:00pm-12:00am
Sunday: Closed
PricesYasai Tama Okonomiyaki: $10.00

You may enjoy okonomiyaki, a delicious Japanese pancake filled with your choice of protein and topped with exquisite sauces, at Makan Japanese Restaurant. You’ll adore the wide range of selections, all of which are affordably priced, guaranteeing that you get the finest value for your money.

Makan is distinguished by their distinctive fusion of ingredients, such as the Tori Kara-age, a deep-fried chicken dish with a tinge of Chinese flavor. Additionally, if you’re thirsty, the Sapporo draft beer is the ideal beverage to pair with your meal.

You’ll like the wonderful food at Makan as well as the friendly service and inviting ambiance, which makes it ideal for small parties. In summary, Makan Japanese Restaurant should be your first choice for a delicious, affordable Japanese dining experience.

What We Like

  • Sample delicious, savory okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake made with flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and your choice of protein, topped with a variety of condiments.
  • Enjoy Tori Kara-age, deep-fried chicken with Chinese flavor, and Sapporo draft beer sold by the glass.
  • Receive excellent food, great hospitality, and a nice atmosphere for a small gathering.
  • Affordable prices with the Yasai Tama for $10, Buta Tama for $15, or the Premium Combo for $25.
  • Treat yourself to a delicious and affordable Japanese dining experience at Makan Japanese Restaurant.


“Probably the best okonomiyaki in Singapore.”

13. Kurohanabi

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Kurohanabi
DetailsBrainchild of Kurohanabi Japan, Kurohanabi aims to bring the authentic taste that Japanese recognise to Singapore. Specialising in offals, Kuro Hanabi will be introducing a unique motsunabe experience together with authentic okonomiyaki and yakisoba staples to the locals.
AddressLocated in: Suntec City
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Tower 1, #03-316 Suntec City, Singapore 038983
Phone+65 6250 1561
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am-4:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm
PricesHanabi Tama Okonomyaki: $12.80

At Kurohanabi, you’ll experience authentic Japanese flavors right in the heart of Suntec City. We love their mouthwatering okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and motsunabe, offering you a delightful and unique dining adventure. The Motsu Nabe, their signature dish, is a must-try because it combines rich flavors from beef intestine, tofu, and vegetables, creating a heavenly taste.

You’ll also enjoy their wide variety of teppan side dishes and scrumptious Super Value Teppan Lunch Sets. We especially like that they have free-flow salad options, including Wagyu beef, salmon, pork, and chicken. The delivery option is another reason to love Kurohanabi, as you can savor their dishes from the comfort of your home.

In our analysis, Kurohanabi is a fantastic choice for those seeking a genuine Japanese culinary experience. The delicious dishes, great value, and convenient delivery make it a must-visit for every food lover.

What We Like

  • Enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience at Kurohanabi – the brainchild of renowned Japanese restaurant, Kurohanabi Japan.
  • Delight in signature dishes such as Motsu Nabe, served with a signature sesame miso soup base, paired with beef intestine, tofu, chives, cabbage, and enoki mushrooms.
  • Spice up your meal with a variety of delectable teppan side dishes.
  • Enjoy your meal with a selection of hot and cold green tea, ice cream, and a free-flow salad with Wagyu beef, salmon, pork, and chicken options available.
  • Get great value with their Super Value Teppan Lunch Sets, and take advantage of their food delivery services.


“Great new restaurant for okonomiyaki. I had the mondan-yaki, which had noodles mixed in too, and it was delicious. One of the best I’ve had in Singapore.”

14. Tomo Izayaki

Best Okonomiyaki Singapore: Tomo Izakaya
Tomo Izakaya
DetailsIndulge in modern, sophisticated izakaya-style dining at Tomo Izakaya, where each dish, from sushi to soba, is carefully curated with sake, shochu, beer, wine, or other spirits tempting your tastebuds.
AddressLocated in: Clarke Quay
Address: 3A River Valley Rd, #01 – 04, Singapore 179020
Phone+65 6333 0100
Operating HoursSunday-Thursday (except Monday): 12:00pm-3:00pm, 5:00pm-11:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 5:00pm-12:30am
PricesOkonomiyaki: $18.00

You can get some of Singapore’s greatest okonomiyaki at Tomo Izakaya! We adore each dish’s premium ingredients and expert preparation, which create a delectable and fulfilling experience. We believe that the substantial serving of okonomiyaki is a wonderful value at just $18.00. They also serve delectable appetizers like Gyu Tataki, Agedashi Tofu, Kaki Fry, Nana Kaki, and Onsen Tanago.

Not to be overlooked is the excellent service at Tomo Izakaya. The staff makes sure you feel well taken care of throughout your dinner by being polite and attentive. The riverbank seating enhances the overall experience by providing a beautiful setting and an amazing view.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly urge you to try Tomo Izakaya for a very wonderful eating experience because of the delectable food, reasonable rates, excellent service, and gorgeous surroundings!

What We Like

  • Enjoy a delicious meal at Tomo Izakaya, an excellent Okonomiyaki restaurant in Singapore!
  • Get a generous portion of Okonomiyaki for only $18.00 – a great value!
  • Treat yourself to other delicious appetizers, including Gyu Tataki, Agedashi Tofu, Kaki Fry, Nana Kaki, and Onsen Tanago.
  • Experience excellent service – the staff are courteous and attentive, always making sure you’re well taken care of.
  • Unwind with a pleasant view of the riverside while you dine!


“The food portion is quite big and also very delicious. We ordered grilled beef sticks with radish topping, oden, yakisoba, and seafood okonomiyaki.”

More Info On Okonomiyaki in Singapore

What Is Okonomiyaki?

You may wonder what an okonomiyaki is. It’s time to set out on a lovely exploration of the country of savory pancakes, my beloved gastronomic explorers. Okonomiyaki, a mainstay of Japanese cuisine that is loved by foodies all over the world, is frequently called a “Japanese pancake” or even compared to an omelette. This delectable meal originates from the Kansai region, specifically Osaka, and has grown to be one of their most recognizable foods.

Okonomiyaki has roots in Japanese street food culture, like many culinary innovations borne out of necessity and ingenuity. how implied by the name, which translates to “as you like it,” this meal is incredibly adaptable and lets cooks of all skill levels add their own special touches. There are countless variations when it comes to the ingredients, with seafood like shrimp or squid being among the most popular options. Typically produced with flour-based batter coupled with cabbage and other vegetables, there are unlimited variations when it comes to ingredients.

This delicious meal’s beauty lies not only in its tantalizing flavors but also in the skillful technique used to create these edible works of art. Think performance art meets soul-satisfying comfort food as okonomiyaki chefs deftly flip and arrange layers upon layers! Diners are enthralled by sizzling sounds and mouthwatering fragrances as they patiently wait for their chance to experience a taste explosion unlike any other. Therefore, be sure to try okonomiyaki the next time your palate yearns for something unique yet undeniably alluring; your tastebuds will thank you!

What Is The Difference Between Okonomiyaki And Other Types Of Pancakes?

You see, while ordinary pancakes are content with being fluffy vehicles for syrup or fruit toppings, Japanese cuisine takes things up several notches as okonomiyaki asserts itself as a full-fledged meal. The primary ingredients typically include cabbage and some form of protein such as pork belly, shrimp, or squid – all bound together by a savory pancake-like batter.

This harmonious blend is then cooked on a hot griddle right before your very eyes at many okonomiyaki Singapore eateries. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, these scrumptious creations are adorned with a variety of sauces and condiments such as mayonnaise, sweet sauce (okonomi sauce), bonito flakes and seaweed powder which only add to their mouthwatering allure.

So what sets okonomiyaki apart from other types of pancakes? Simply put: creativity and complexity. While classic flapjacks might be satisfied with standing alone or perhaps sporting a sprinkling of blueberries now and again; our beloved Japanese cousin is constantly evolving – no two versions will ever taste quite alike!

With each bite at one of the best okonomiyaki restaurants in Singapore comes an exploration into new flavor combinations that elevate this humble foodstuff far beyond mere sustenance. Feast upon this gastronomic delight and embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of Japanese cuisine – trust me; your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

What Are Some Common Toppings For Okonomiyaki?

After learning more about okonomiyaki and its distinctive qualities in comparison to other pancakes, it’s time for a tantalizing investigation of some common okonomiyaki toppings. Be prepared to find a variety of tasty sauces and garnishes brightening up your meal if you ever eat at one of the greatest okonomiyaki restaurants in Singapore or any real Japanese restaurant.

In Singapore, okonomiyaki is frequently served with a variety of tempting toppings that not only enhance the tastes but also give each mouthful an intriguing texture. A traditional topping combination consists of thinly sliced pork belly, which gives the savory pancake a layer of richness, shredded cabbage, which adds crunch, bonito flakes, which add a smoky umami flavor, drizzles of mayonnaise, which add creaminess, and generous dollops of tangy-sweet okonomi sauce, which unites everything. Of course, no meal would be complete without a garnish of green onions or nori (seaweed) powder. Nevertheless, don’t only stick to these typical choices; feel free to try out novel additions like cheese, shellfish, kimchi, or even mochi!

As you explore numerous Japanese eateries in Singapore selling Okonomiyaki, pay attention to how unique chefs reinterpret this well-known dish by utilizing regional tastes and ingredients. You could come across inventive variations like chili crab okonomiyaki or even variants inspired by laksa that are packed with mouthwatering flavors! So go ahead and indulge in this culinary tour of the varied okonomiyaki toppings and see why this inexpensive yet adaptable pancake continues to capture palates all around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Okonomiyaki in Singapore.

Are There Any Vegetarian Or Vegan Okonomiyaki Options Available At These Restaurants In Singapore?

Fret not! Many acclaimed okonomiyaki establishments in Singapore have embraced the plant-based revolution, offering delectable vegetarian and even vegan options to satiate your cravings. These scrumptious alternatives often feature ingredients like mushrooms, tofu, and plenty of seasonal vegetables atop that heavenly savory pancake base. So go ahead and indulge without compromise; after all, life’s too short not to enjoy every last morsel!

What Is The Average Price Range For An Okonomiyaki Meal At These Top Restaurants In Singapore?

At these top-notch okonomiyaki establishments in Singapore, you can expect to find a delightful and satisfying meal that falls within an average price range of S$15 to S$30 per person. This delectable Japanese savory pancake experience varies depending on the ingredients, additional toppings or side dishes you choose, as well as any beverages accompanying your culinary adventure. As you savor the harmonious blend of flavors amidst the lively atmosphere, your taste buds will surely be transported straight to the streets of Osaka without breaking the bank!


In conclusion, a visit to one of these top okonomiyaki restaurants in Singapore is like taking your taste buds on an exciting culinary journey through Japan. You’ll be able to find vegetarian or vegan options and possibly gluten-free variations as well, ensuring that everyone can partake in this delicious experience.

So gather some friends or family, make a reservation if necessary, and indulge in the irresistible flavors of Singapore’s best okonomiyaki joints. With each bite, you’re not just enjoying a meal – you’re savoring the rich tapestry of regional Japanese cuisine embodied by this iconic dish.

We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best Okonomiyaki in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

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