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10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Singapore To Experience Japan Food (2023)

Are you looking for the best japanese restaurant Singapore? Check out the best japanese food you can find in Singapore which are great with the best deals!

✅ Updated on February 6, 2023

Best Japanese restaurants Singapore

⭐ We aim to provide unbiased reviews on the recommended places & they are not listed in any particular order
✅ Do go through the entire list before making a decision!

Japanese Restaurants Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and the Japanese restaurant scene here stands out amongst other cuisines. From sushi to udon noodles, there’s something for everyone looking to enjoy some authentic Japanese food in Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a large gathering with friends and family, these Japanese Restaurants will all provide top-notch service and delicious cuisine.

From traditional establishments offering teppanyaki grills to modern eateries serving up innovative fusion dishes – no matter what type of experience you’re after, there’s sure to be something that suits your tastes on this list.

Whether you opt for kaiseki (a multi course meal) or yakiniku (barbecue-style dining), each option offers its own unique dining experience – perfect for special occasions or just treating yourself after a long week at work.

Popular Japanese Restaurant Cuisines In Singapore

Chefs at these best Japanese restaurant Singapore establishments masterfully prepare their dishes with a range of local ingredients including katsuobushi, shichimi togarashi, miso paste, and tsukudani.

Popular items from the region include ramen noodle soup, tempura vegetables cooked in light batter which can be either deep fried or stir fried etc., gyoza dumplings that are usually pan-fried or steamed as well as tantalizingly sweet desserts such as mochi ice cream.

These delectable dishes offer visitors a rich tour through Japan’s culinary landscape without having to leave home – perfect for those who want to experience authentic flavours without leaving Singapore!

Benefits Of Eating At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

First and foremost, most Japanese restaurants in Singapore offer fresh ingredients that bring their dishes to life. Whether it’s salmon sashimi from Hokkaido or traditional tempura from Osaka, these eateries take pride in serving up meals with high-quality ingredients. Moreover, many of them source vegetables directly from local farms which boosts the authenticity of their creations.

Second, visiting a Japanese restaurant often means enjoying an unforgettable dining experience like no other. The hospitable staff will treat guests like VIPs while they savor delicious Japanese food Singapore such as sushi Singapore and more. In addition, some restaurants serve additional perks like sake pairings and even omakase menus too!

Lastly, eating at a Japanese restaurant allows diners to get acquainted with Japan’s culture and cuisine without ever leaving Singapore. It’s a great way to learn about rich flavors that have been passed down through generations—all while having fun!

Food Quality Of Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

From traditional ramen dishes like shoyu or miso, to delicate maki rolls and exquisite sashimi platters, there is something for everyone when it comes to Japanese fare. Diners can expect only the freshest ingredients as well as skillful preparation and presentation every time.

Plus, with so many options available around town – including best Japanese food Singapore and even vegan alternatives – visitors are sure to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Ready to get started? Then let’s head into discovering the ambiance at Japanese restaurants in Singapore next!

Best Japanese Restaurants in Singapore (2023)

We’ve reviewed and curated a list of the best Japanese Restaurants in Singapore. We’ve made sure that this article will be helpful to you, so let’s not wait any further and get to it!

1. Fat Cow

Fat Cow Best Japanese Restaurant Singapore
Fat Cow Restaurant
⭐ Description Contemporary Japanese restaurant specializing in beef delicacies, plus an extensive wine list.
📌 Address Located in: Camden Medical
Address: 1 Orchard Blvd, #01-01/02 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
☎️ Contact Phone6735 0308
⏰ Opening hours Opens daily: 12–3pm, 6–10:30pm
💵 Pricing Check out their pricing here:
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

Fat Cow is the best-tasting and finest Wagyu steak in Singapore. If you want the most tender and juicy steak, make sure you go there. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s one of the most famous Wagyu restaurants on the island.

If you’re looking for the finest and fanciest Japanese restaurant in Singapore, look no further than Fat Cow. It has a great menu that looks simple, but really is one of the most fantastic and refined. This farm offers only hand-picked, all-natural Wagyu beef, sourced from some of the most reputable farms in the world.

Its prime rib and other specialty meats are served in a style not typically found at other restaurants. There are three ways to prepare this dish: sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and sumibiyaki. It’s very delicious, but since it’s very hot, it’s recommended to serve it to people who don’t like spicy food.

If you want to make the most out of your fat cow experience, try the a la carte option and ask for a couple of different things. You can’t go wrong with the dessert selection. You won’t have to wait around boringly for your order to come out.

This isn’t a cheap restaurant. It’s not a short, quick lunch, either. But for those looking for a full-service experience, this is a great choice. With its menu and prices, it’s much more appropriate for romantic dates and special occasions.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Offers the best-tasting and finest Wagyu steak in Singapore
  • Known for being one of the most famous and fancy Japanese restaurants in Singapore
  • Serves only hand-picked, all-natural Wagyu beef from reputable farms
  • Offers unique and delicious preparation methods for prime rib and other specialty meats.
  • Provides a full-service experience, making it ideal for romantic dates and special occasions.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Have an mind blowing lunch at Fat Cow today. With their Set lunch menu offerings we were spoiled for choices. Brian recommended that we should try both Miyazaki A4 Wagyu Donburi and 21 Days Dry Aged Nagasaki A5 Wagyu Donburi set lunch so that we can compare the difference between them. Definitely the best choice ever made as they are really delicious and worth the price given the copious amount of ingredients given in each bowl. Great food, great ambience and wonderful service!”

2. The Gyu Bar

The Gyu Bar Best Japanese Restaurant Singapore
The Gyu Bar
⭐ Description The Gyu Bar has been a favoured destination of beef lovers seeking a top-level wagyu experience
📌 Address Address: 30, #01-08 Stevens Rd, 257840
☎️ Contact Phone6732 0702
⏰ Opening hours Opens daily: 12–3pm, 6–10pm
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

The intimate and elegant setting of the Gyu Bar makes it an excellent choice for dining with friends. Diners are offered a gourmet dining experience at the restaurant.

Meal seats cost between $30 and $50 and although it may not a budget-friendly Japanese restaurant, the price that you are paying is definitely worth the experience!

The bestselling premium Wa-Oh Japanese beef, which you can explore in different rare cuts, flavours, and texture, is showcased on the Gyu Bar’s menu the meat-lovers will enjoy the dynamic selections. Other dishes include organic seafood, ramen, steak, and a variety of other dishes.

All of their ingredients are sustainable from Japanese farms, and that says a lot about the quality of their dishes.

If you are a fan of Japanese sakes, then you will love The Gyu Bar even more. It is enough for us to call it one of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore, because of its premium meat selection.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Offers an intimate and elegant setting, making it a great choice for dining with friends
  • Provides a gourmet dining experience
  • Offers premium Wa-Oh Japanese beef, showcasing different rare cuts, flavors, and textures
  • Ingredients are sourced from sustainable Japanese farms, ensuring high quality dishes
  • Known for its selection of Japanese sakes, making it one of the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Japanese wagyu is the best! And omakase is a good choice that you can taste a bit of everything. Good price for premium quality and excellent customer service. Chef grilled the doneness to perfection. We ordered a $138 and a $228.

3. Rakuya

Rakura Singapore - One Of 10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants In Singapore To Experience Japan Food | Morebetter
Rakuya Singapore
⭐ Description A cosy omakase bar serving up Japanese fusion plates in the heart of a heritage-rich neighbourhood, complete with a fine selection of sakes.
📌 Address Address: 89 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428790
☎️ Contact Phone9189 6459
⏰ Opening hours Tues-Sunday: 12–3pm, 6–9:30pm
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

One of the most unique Japanese restaurants in Singapore is Rakuya, which puts a fusion twist on classic Japanese cuisine.

Chef Kenji, a chef with over two decades of experience working at Japanese restaurants and hotels, is the genius behind its unique take on Japanese cuisine.

Rakuya’s menu is frequently changed to keep it fresh, so every dining experience here will be different. Its ingredients will always be fresh, what doesn’t change? Guests will be able to choose from a fine selection of sakes from various regions in Japan.

If you don’t know anything about sakes, the friendly staff will be willing to give you a recommendation. If you are on a tight budget, most of its meals are fairly priced. Most of its best selling dishes are Japanese lunch sets, which cost between $15 and $28.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Offers a unique fusion twist on classic Japanese cuisine
  • Led by Chef Kenji, who has over two decades of experience in Japanese restaurants and hotels
  • Menu changes frequently to offer fresh dining experiences
  • Offers a fine selection of sakes from various regions in Japan, with knowledgeable staff to give recommendations
  • Affordable pricing with most meals and best-selling dishes, such as Japanese lunch sets, costing between $15 and $28.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Taken the Hoshi menu and Tempura Set. The Tempura Set tastes very normal and the rice is less than Ok. However, the experience and taste in the Hoshi Menu is great. Chef mentioned the fishes just arrived in the morning. The Uni rice tastes fresh along with the nice spring onion. Amazing tomatoes too.”

4. Mikuni

Mikuni Best Japanese Restaurant - One Of 10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants In Singapore To Experience Japan Food | Morebetter
Mikuni @ Fairmont Singapore
⭐ Description Mikuni offers a gastronomic tour through exquisite creations from its Teppanyaki and Sushi live stations. Complemented with the most premium of seasonal Japanese produce, diners will experience a modern approach to kaiseki dishes.
📌 Address Located in: Hotel Fairmont Singapore
Address: 80 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189560
☎️ Contact Phone6431 6156
⏰ Opening hours Lunch: 12pm to 2:30pm (Mon to Sat)
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm (Mon to Sat)
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

Mikuni is a great choice when you want a fine dining experience. Mikuni has a variety of delicious dishes to choose from. There are bento boxes, lunch sets, dinner sets, winter lunch menus, and of course beverages.

The best-selling meals include grilled unagi, assorted sashimi, tokujo sushi, and unagi kabayaki. The best restaurants are those that can deliver quality meals, great service and a memorable experience at any price. At Mikuni, you get exactly what you pay for – and more!

Despite having the cheapest set lunch from $80++, many customers like to come here because it offers a selection of fresh and tasty seafood dishes. There is no doubt that they offer a great service and this is reflected in their feedback from our customers.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Offers a fine dining experience with a variety of delicious dishes to choose from
  • Features best-selling meals such as grilled unagi, assorted sashimi, tokujo sushi, and unagi kabayaki
  • Delivers quality meals, great service and a memorable experience at an affordable price.
  • Offers a selection of fresh and tasty seafood dishes
  • Known for providing excellent service as reflected in customer feedback.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Mikuni has been around for many many years and the food they serve is top notch. It’s a quiet place away from crowds and the service is good. Expect to spend $150 and upwards per pax cos menu prices are medium-high and portions are super small. Definitely a classy Japanese joint!”

5. Shin Kushiya

Shin Kushiya Restaurant - One Of 10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants In Singapore To Experience Japan Food | Morebetter
Shin Kushiya Restaurant
⭐ Description One of the first Japanese restaurants to introduce the kushiyaki dining concept in Singapore
📌 Address Located in: VivoCity
Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-120 Vivocity, Singapore 098585
☎️ Contact Phone6275 8766
⏰ Opening hours Monday – Friday: 11:30am–3pm, 5–10pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11:30am–10pm
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
Menu on:
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

You can’t go wrong with a delicious Japanese dish at Shin Kishuya. Shin Kishuya has introduced “kushiyaki” dining, allowing customers to taste Japanese cuisine at a low price. They’re one of the cheapest restaurants, but they don’t compromise the quality of their meals.

Kushiyaki is a type of Japanese cuisine that’s cooked on a grill or in an outdoor fire. At most kushiyaki restaurants, the signature dish is skewered meats grilled on skewers. It isn’t just any type of grill—it uses an infrared burner.

Shin Kishuya’s skewers are grilled over Bincho Charcoal, a unique type of charcoal that’s perfect for grilled dishes. Grilling fish on a stovetop makes it easier to keep an eye on it. It also gives the fish a distinctive smoky flavour that would be difficult to achieve with a regular grill.

You don’t have to worry about the vegetarianism of the dishes at Shin Kishuya, because the skewers can be any meat, seafood, or vegetables, and all of which are cooked with a unique special sauce that is uniquely Shin Kishuya. The customer service and the quality of the products are excellent.

For their affordable skewers, Shin Kishuya is a Japanese restaurant that’s perfect for any occasion — from a regular lunch out with coworkers to a special night out with friends.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Shin Kishuya offers kushiyaki dining, a type of Japanese cuisine cooked on a grill or in an outdoor fire
  • They use unique Bincho Charcoal for grilling, which adds a distinct smoky flavour to the dishes
  • They offer a variety of skewers including meats, seafood and vegetables, all cooked with a unique special sauce
  • Affordable prices without compromising on quality and service.

⭐ Customer Reviews

Last dine in before phrase 2 began and thankful that we came here. Food was generally fresh and delicious, especially the uni and salmon. Service was friendly and approachable with the server telling us to eat well before phrase 2 started 😄 Overall a pleasant dining exoerience and will return in future 😊

6. Sushi Jiro

Sushi Jiro Marina Mandarin Hotel - One Of 10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants In Singapore To Experience Japan Food | Morebetter
Sushi Jiro @ Marina Mandarin Hotel
⭐ Description From premium dishes including our Uni Ikura Caviar glass with gold foil and A5 Wagyu Beef to satisfying comfort foods like tempura and udon, you are sure to find something to satisfy your Japanese food cravings.
📌 Address 1) Located in: PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay
Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, #04-600 PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore 039594

2) Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista #02-01 Marina At Keppel Bay, 098382
☎️ Contact 1)
Phone6445 3055

Phone6252 4333
⏰ Opening hours Daily: 11:30am–2:30pm, 6–10pm
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

Sushi Jiro is one of the most famous restaurants in Singapore and is a must-visit when you’re in town. It’s well known for its Omakase and sushi meals.

For those who want to experience the food of the restaurant, you have to go online to check if it has an open table for you. And for those who don’t want to spend much time in line, you can order their meal online too.

Some customers don’t seem to care if their sushi order arrives cold, wet, or inedible. However, for some, delivery services may be the best way to enjoy Sushi Jiro’s food, especially since we’ve heard and read complaints about the quality of its service.

In addition, you should know that Sushi Jiro is also among the most expensive Japanese restaurants.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Well-known for its Omakase and sushi meals
  • Online reservations and ordering available
  • Quality of food and service may vary
  • One of the more expensive Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“I’d recommend this place if you’d like a decent japanese dining experience! I’ve only tried their sashimi so i cant speak for all the other dishes”

7. Tampopo

Tampopo Oasis - One Of 10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants In Singapore To Experience Japan Food | Morebetter
Tampopo @ Oasis Terraces
⭐ Description Inspired by the characters of dandelion, TAMPOPO believes in using the best quality ingredients, spreading and sharing the culture of Japan and its food to our customers.
📌 Address
☎️ Contact Find their contact at individual outlets
⏰ Opening hours Find their operating hours at individual outlets
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

One of the most authentic Japanese restaurants in Singapore is Tampopo. At each of their three locations, they serve delicious Japanese seafood and other ingredients fresh from Japan.

For those that love Japanese food, there’s plenty of choice – from unrefined items like sashimi and shabu shabu to the more refined dishes like udon and sushi. It’s not just their food that will appeal to you, though, as they also have a wonderful atmosphere and service that will ensure that you feel at home with a smile.

There are many different kinds of Japanese cuisine, and while not all restaurants have the same level of quality, Tampopo is one of the few that can deliver authentic Japanese food from all over Japan.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Offers authentic Japanese cuisine using fresh ingredients imported from Japan
  • Variety of Japanese dishes available, including sashimi, shabu shabu, udon and sushi
  • Has a welcoming atmosphere and friendly service
  • 3 locations available in Singapore to dine in.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Haven’t been to this restaurant since they shifted out from Liang Court some years back. We tried somethings different for dinner – crab porridge. Turned out well. Inspired to try cooking it at home.”

8. Unagiya Ichinoji

Unagiya Ichinoji - One Of 10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants In Singapore To Experience Japan Food | Morebetter
Unagiya Ichinoji restaurant
⭐ Description The 34-seater restaurant serves Unagi in different styles: Hitsumabushi, Una Jyu & more! Hitsumabushi is a signature dish served at Miyagawa’s outlets in Japan.
📌 Address Located in: Village Residence Robertson Quay
Address: 30 Robertson Quay, #01-05, Singapore 238251
☎️ Contact Phone6732 1970
⏰ Opening hours Daily: 11:30am–2:30pm, 5:30–10pm
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

If you crave exotic eels and squids, then Unagiya Ichinoji is your best Japanese restaurant. As its name suggests, this Japanese restaurant specializes in grilled unagi.

For this rare delicacy, Unagiya Ichinoji makes unagi by making them into Hitumabushi, Yaku at Donburi. To make its customers feel like they are dining in a traditional Japanese restaurant, Unagiya Ichinoji uses fresh ingredients from Japan.

Additionally, it prepares unagi the way the Japanese have always prepared it. This means the eels will be steamed before they’re grilled

They offer authentic Japanese dishes, hire experienced Japanese chefs, design their interiors with modern Japanese concepts, and even have their own mascot named Unagi (the same as the fish).

At Unagiya Ichinoji, you can expect quality and delicious food at affordable prices. Unagiya Ichinoji continues to provide delicious cuisine for those who want to bring more people to appreciate the restaurant.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Specializes in grilled unagi and other eel dishes
  • Uses fresh ingredients imported from Japan
  • Prepares unagi in traditional Japanese style by steaming before grilling
  • Offers authentic Japanese dishes
  • Affordable prices with experienced Japanese chefs and modern Japanese interior design.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Simple menu and service is good too. Unagi itself is not bad and the sauce is not too sweet , portion is generous too, my only complaint would be the rice, really overcooked and tastes very soggy and mushy. Didn’t even bother to pour the soup in as I don’t want it to be porridge.”

9. Omoté

Omote Singapore - One Of 10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants In Singapore To Experience Japan Food | Morebetter
Omoté Singapore
⭐ Description They have cemented the “Omoté” flavour profile as one known for fusion dishes as well as our chirashi assortments, and so many new items that have been hallmarked to be “must-order” items when dining with us.
📌 Address Located in: Thomson Plaza
Address: 301 Upper Thomson Rd, #03-24A, Singapore 574408
☎️ Contact Phone9450 1020
⏰ Opening hours Monday: 11:30am–1:30pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Sunday: 11:30am–1:30pm, 5:30–8:30pm
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

A small restaurant with an attractive interior is called Omoté. The combination of modern Asian cuisine and casual diner-style food was refreshing. The Tamago Mentai Chirashi are a crowd favorite.

Enjoy a generous heap of fresh, juicy diced sashimi atop Japanese pearl rice, which is adorned with a tangy soy sauce and creamy mentaiko, and guaranteed to bring your taste buds for one hell of a ride.

The signature contemporary flavour of Japanese fusion cuisine can be found at Omoté, a place that used to be a small kiosk. As the queue grows outside, you should make a reservation at least a few days in advance to secure your spot on a very competitive wait list.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Omoté is a small restaurant with an attractive interior that serves modern Asian cuisine with a casual diner-style
  • Offers crowd-pleasing dishes such as Tamago Mentai Chirashi, which features fresh diced sashimi on Japanese pearl rice with a tangy soy sauce and creamy mentaiko
  • Known for its unique blend of contemporary and traditional Japanese flavors
  • Reservations are recommended as the restaurant has a competitive wait list
  • Popular among diners looking for a unique dining experience.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Seen lots of good reviews and decided to pop in for early dinner on a Sunday. The queue for dinner starts from 5pm, so try to be there a little earlier as queue starts forming fast from 5:10pm onwards. The salmon belly is so fresh that it literally melted in our mouth. Price are considered affordable given the fresh ingredients they use. Way exceeded my expectations 🙂 We will surely be back again to try their lunch set promotion soon.”

10. Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

Koh Grill Sushi Bar - One Of 10 Best Authentic Japanese Restaurants In Singapore To Experience Japan Food | Morebetter
Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
⭐ Description Their signature Shiok Maki
📌 Address Located in: Wisma Atria
Address: 435 Orchard Road, #04-21 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 238877
☎️ Contact Phone9180 3805
⏰ Opening hours Daily: 11:30am–10pm
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar is the place to go for fresh, hot sushi and good Japanese-style grub. This restaurant offers a pretty extensive menu, from sushi and sashimi for the seafood lovers, to grilled food, hotplates and noodles.

You don’t want to visit this place without trying their signature dish, Shio Maki because it’s the only way to fully experience the authentic taste of this place.

You can’t get enough of the sushi rice rolls filled with tender grilled unagi and fresh avocado, topped with aburi salmon, tobiko and a rich creamy sauce that you can’t get enough of.

There are now also Gen 2 versions of unagi. They’re stuffed with fried prawns instead, but they’re still as gratifying to the tummy as the original versions.

🔥 Why Choose Them?

  • Offers a wide range of menu options including sushi, sashimi, grilled food, hotplates, and noodles.
  • Known for their signature dish Shio Maki, which is a sushi rice roll filled with tender grilled unagi and fresh avocado.
  • Offers a unique twist on traditional unagi dishes, with a Gen 2 version stuffed with fried prawns.
  • A perfect place for sushi and Japanese-style grub.
  • Good for seafood lovers.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Make sure everyone arrived before entering the restaurant. Food is great. First time trying the shiok maki, not sure what’s the hype about. Find the sauce abit too much. Queue is still so long. Green tea are served for free. Love the pitan tofu and thick slices of sashimi. Maybe will be back for other dishes. Customer service is great.”

More About Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

Ambiance At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

The Japanese restaurants offers an elegant atmosphere that’s ideal for hosting smaller parties while also providing delicious food. For those who want something more casual and relaxed, any number of restaurants located downtown can provide just that; tasty dishes accompanied by cheerful staff and inviting décor.

No matter which atmosphere suits your needs, these restaurants offer guests a great way to experience traditional flavors without having to fly halfway across the world.

Now let’s take a closer look at what diners should expect when it comes to cost at these popular destinations.

Cost Of Eating At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

According to a survey by TripAdvisor, there are more than 500 Japanese restaurants in Singapore and their average cost per person is around $25-$45 SGD.

When it comes to enjoying good quality Japanese food at an affordable price, here are four ways you can do so:

  • 1) Look for lunch sets. Many Japanese restaurant chains serve bento boxes or set lunches during the day which come with miso soup, salad and other side dishes at reasonable prices.
  • 2) Check out Happy Hours promotions. Some popular places have special discounts on drinks and appetizers during happy hour periods that can help lower your bill significantly.
  • 3) Try all-you-can eat buffets. For larger groups, it might be worth looking into buffet options where you pay one fee for unlimited servings within a certain time period.
  • 4) Opt for takeaway orders when possible. Takeaway orders often require no service charge and don’t include additional taxes like GST – they could make dining much more affordable!

With its wide variety of budget-friendly options from street food stalls to high-end eateries, it’s easy to find great Japanese restaurants in Singapore regardless of your budget.

Moving on from this section about cost of eating at Japanese restaurants in Singapore, let’s take a look now into what popular dishes you can expect from these establishments…

Popular Dishes At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

One classic favorite is tempura: battered and fried vegetables or fish served with dipping sauce. Another must-try item is ramen, a hearty bowl of noodles in broth topped with pork belly or other protein and garnishments like seaweed and green onions.

Yakitori skewers of grilled chicken can be found on many menus as well. For those who prefer something lighter, donburi bowls have been gaining traction recently—a bed of rice topped with various ingredients ranging from teriyaki beef to salmon roe.

The History Of Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Coincidentally, this article’s topic on Japanese restaurants in Singapore is an important part of its rich history. In the 19th century, Japan was heavily influenced by Chinese culture and many immigrants to Singapore were from those areas. The first recorded Japanese restaurant opened in 1901 and since then, there has been a steady growth of these establishments across the island nation.

Today, there are numerous types of Japanese restaurants in Singapore -from casual eateries to fine-dining experiences:

  • Traditional sushi bars featuring fresh seafood dishes such as sashimi and nigiri
  • Izakayas offering small plates with unique flavors like yakitori and tempura
  • Robatayaki venues that cook over charcoal grills for smoked meat dishes
  • Teppanyaki joints where chefs cook up hot meals directly at guests tables
  • Kaiseki restaurants providing multi-course feasts showcasing seasonal ingredients

Benefits Of Online Reservations At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

When it comes to planning a night out at a Japanese restaurant in Singapore, online reservations are the way to go. Making an online reservation is simple and straightforward, allowing diners to book their table with ease and convenience.

Moreover, many Japanese restaurants offer exclusive promotions and discounts for those who make reservations online. From sushi restaurants offering set lunch menus to casual establishments serving traditional bento boxes, there are plenty of rewards that come with reserving your spot ahead of time.

In addition to saving money, pre-booking offers numerous other benefits such as priority seating and being able to enjoy special events like seasonal festivals or live performances without having to worry about crowd control.

Making reservations beforehand unlocks topnotch experiences that won’t be found elsewhere; enabling customers to taste the best dishes from renowned chefs while enjoying discounts along the way.

Moving forward, let us explore how we can further maximize our visits through promotional deals and discounts provided by these esteemed Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Promotions And Deals At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

First off, you should look for special offers from individual establishments. Many Japanese restaurants will offer discounts or other incentives like free side dishes with certain meals when they want to attract new customers or boost their sales during slow periods.

Another thing you may want to consider is joining loyalty programs offered by particular chains or franchises. By signing up for these membership clubs, you’ll often unlock exclusive rewards such as discounted combos and weekly specials that usually aren’t available otherwise.

With all these tips in mind, you can now enjoy delicious yet budget-friendly meals without having to sacrifice quality or flavor. Now let’s take a closer look at food delivery options for Japanese restaurants in Singapore…

Food Delivery Options For Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

From Japanese food near me to cheap Japanese food Singapore and even Japanese food town, let’s explore the best delivery choices for your favorite dishes:

  • Delivery Services: There are numerous third-party online services such as Foodpanda or GrabFood that offer convenience when ordering from restaurants around town. Most restaurants accept orders through these platforms and deliver within an hour or two depending on distance.
  • Home Delivery: Many Japanese establishments also provide their own home delivery service with different pricing plans available. When opting for this method, customers will have more control over the order process compared to using third-party providers.
  • Takeaways: For those who don’t mind picking up their own meals, takeaway is always an option at most restaurants too. This could be ideal if you’re looking for something quick without having to wait for delivery times or pay extra fees.

No matter what kind of Japanese delicacy you crave, knowing how to get it delivered quickly and easily can enhance your dining experience immensely!

Tips For Dining At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

First and foremost, do your research! Check out reviews online to get an idea of the quality of food offered by each establishment. Also look up ‘Japanese near me’ on Google maps or other search engines to see which places are closest to you.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, take into consideration how much time you want to spend waiting for your meal and check if reservations are available. Lastly, visit during peak hours so that you can observe the atmosphere and service firsthand before making a decision about where to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Japanese Restaurants in Singapore.

Are There Any Vegetarian Options At Japanese Restaurants In Singapore?

Sushi restaurants often provide egg-free maki rolls with vegetables and tofu as fillings, while other places serve up hearty bowls of vegetable tempura udon noodles and veggie teriyaki donburi rice bowls. Additionally, most meals come with pickled sides like daikon radish or cucumber salad—perfectly complemented by a cup of miso soup and steamed edamame beans.
Whether you’re an herbivore or just want to enjoy a meatless meal occasionally, Japan has got you covered! There are plenty of options out there when it comes to finding delicious yet healthy vegan and vegetarian food in Singapore’s Japanese restaurant scene – no matter what type of dish you’re craving!

Are There Any Japanese Restaurants Offering Delivery Services?

With quick order processing and speedy delivery times, you can enjoy all your go-to favorites from the comfort of your own home. And if you’d rather dine outside, many restaurants also provide takeaway options that allow you to savor every bite while keeping safe distances. So no matter how far away or close by – Japanese food is always within reach!

Are There Any Japanese Restaurants Offering Discounts For Students?

Most establishments will advertise their deals online or on social media. There may also be special offers available through apps like Eatigo or Fave where customers can learn about promotional codes and other ways to save money at specific places. Once you know what’s available, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and really maximize your savings while dining out!

Are There Any Japanese Restaurants Serving Traditional Japanese Cuisine?

There are a few places one can go to enjoy classic Japanese food without having to take a trip overseas. Many of these eateries specialize in regional specialties from different parts of Japan.

For example, some may offer Osaka-style okonomiyaki or Kyoto-style kaiseki ryori (multi-course meals). Others focus on more modern takes on traditional favorites like oden and yakisoba. No matter what type of experience you’re looking for, there’s something out there for everyone!
No matter your budget or tastes, it’s easy to find a restaurant serving up delicious traditional Japanese cuisine in Singapore. With so many options available, diners can look forward to enjoying all kinds of flavorsome delights – straight from the Land of the Rising Sun!


In conclusion, there are many great Japanese restaurants in Singapore that offer a variety of authentic flavors. Whether you’re looking for traditional dishes, vegetarian options, delivery services or discounts for students, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

Many people might be concerned about the cost of eating at a Japanese restaurant but with careful planning it can actually be quite affordable. Many Japanese restaurants offer set lunch menus which provide good value for money as well as promotions such as student discounts and loyalty programs. With these deals available, it’s possible to enjoy an authentic Japanese meal without breaking the bank.

Finally, when choosing where to eat out remember that not all Japanese restaurants are created equal – some may focus on particular regional cuisines while others may serve more modern interpretations of classic dishes.

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