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10 Best Lok Lok in Singapore From Only $1 Per Stick For Late Night Feast (2023)

Are you looking for the best lok lok in Singapore to feast and hang till late night with your family and friends? Check out the best loklok in Singapore!

✅ Updated on January 23, 2023

Best Lok Lok Singapore

Lok Lok Singapore

You might be hearing a lot about “Lok Lok”, from your family and friends but has no idea what is it. Well, Lok Lok, which is pronounced as “lock lock,” is a famous Malaysian street food which are basically skewered food delicacy.

What is Lok Lok?

They are typically made with prawns, chicken, meat balls and a wide range of other ingredients made into skewers before cooking. As with most street food, the preparation and cooking process is not only quick but easy.

This is a very popular food in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. With their distinct and unique flavour, Lok Lok is a must try when you visit those countries.

The origin of Lok Lok According to the legend, Lok Lok originated from the Chinese Hokkien immigrants who migrated. They are said to have been the first to make Lok Lok and then sold them at roadside stalls.

Best Lok Lok in Singapore (2023)

We’ve reviewed and curated a list of the Best Lok Lok in Singapore. We’ve made sure that this article will be helpful to you, so let’s not wait any further and get to it!


⭐ Best Known For: Noodle bowls & skewers served in a casual, counter location with colourful, open-air seating.
📌 Address Two Branch

47 Kallang Pudding Road, The Crescent @ kallang S349318 (Closed on Monday)

511 Upp Jurong Road S638366
☎️ Contact Phone8881 7168
⏰ Hours Opens Tues-Sun: 6pm–4am
💵 Pricing Accessible Lok Lok for all the NIGHTOWL Last order 3.15am
Only $1 per big portion stick !
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

This is one of the best lok lok in Singapore and they’re perfect for anyone looking for a great meal that is tasty.

The name means your Mother’s Mother and they’ve made a name for themselves by marketing with a unique brand name yet serving high quality lok lok in Singapore that everyone enjoys with all the great reviews! They serve the lok lok with awesome sauces as well.

Their long opening hours are why people love to hang out and eat at this place! Definitely must try!

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Unique brand name
  • High quality lok lok
  • Great sauces
  • Long opening hours
  • Positive reviews

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Tried a different style of Lok Lok and was pleasantly surprised! They put some sort of sweet black sauce which went pretty well with the items (only thing was the chilli wasn’t as spicy as my favourite Lok Lok places; but the taste was still yummy overall). In addition, they sell instant noodles (a few flavours) plus opening hours are 6pm-4am so it’s an awesome supper place 🤤 Defo will be back!”

2. Loklok 1991’s by Daniel & Meng

Loklok 1991’s by Daniel & Meng
⭐ Best Known For: Bringing you JB style Lok Lok at affordable prices without crossing the causeway!
📌 Address Address: 340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 560340
☎️ Contact Phone9679 6209
⏰ Hours Opens Fri-Wed: 6pm–2am
💵 Pricing From only $1 per stick!
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

This Lok Lok store is themed after JB as they serve JB-inspired Lok Lok so customers can get a nostalgic feeling while enjoying the food. Still a dollar for a stick, people who are craving such delicacy can enjoy with friends or family for a longer time as they still up till 2am

Many customers learned this store through word of mouth from satisfied customers testifying how great their customer service is having their food served promptly and the food were made from the freshest ingredients.

So do yourself a favor and visit the place earlier to avoid the long queue during peak hours.

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • JB-themed atmosphere which provides a nostalgic feeling while enjoying the food
  • Affordable pricing, with each stick still costing only a dollar, making it a great option for enjoying with friends and family for an extended period of time
  • Open until 2am, allowing customers to indulge in their cravings at late hours
  • Highly praised customer service, with food being served promptly and staff being attentive to customers’ needs
  • Made with the freshest ingredients, ensuring that customers are getting the best quality food possible

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Selection of food was a little small although most of the sticks were only priced at $1. Cooking of the food was really quick and the skewers below totaled up to $12. Taste wise, food was very decent although a pair would probably need to order more than pictured to be full. 4 types of sauce selections were offered. Generally a decent joint although i probably would not make a special trip for this.”

3. Feizhu Lok Lok

Feizhu Lok Lok
📌 Address � 144 TAMPINES STREET 12 S(521144)

� 1010 TAISENG AVENUE 534417

� 557 JURONG WEST ST 42 S(64
☎️ Contact Phone9822 7755
⏰ Hours Opens Mon-Sat: 5–10:30pm
💵 Pricing Only $1 per stick
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

Best known for their “shiok” sauce, Feizhu Lok Lok is undeniably one of the best if not the best Lok Lok in Singapore which can be attested by their long queues. Situated conveniently in Tai Seng, a large number of customers come to satisfy their cravings for skewers for a dollar. 

Fei Zhu Lok Lok Singapore has also been featured in the news for a couple of times due to the heartwarming story of how the owners (two friends) turn their sad experience into a successful business venture. In addition, the service is good with the owners usually seen in the front of the queue, making sure that everyone gets served quickly.

This is a good place to visit if you’re craving a good meal and want to try something new. It’s definitely not your regular fast food joint, but it’s certainly worth a try.

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Famous “shiok” sauce
  • Highly popular with long queues
  • Convenient location in Tai Seng
  • Affordable pricing, with each skewer costing only a dollar
  • Heartwarming story of the owners’ success
  • Good customer service with quick service

⭐ Customer Reviews

“BEST LOK LOK IN SINGAPORE I TELL YALL. The zai er is amazing, I love how the flavours are all well balanced. Number 1 Lok Lok in Singapore already.”

4. See See Lok Lok

See See Lok Lok
⭐ Best Known For: 𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 𝐋𝐎𝐊𝐋𝐎𝐊 𝐈𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐍𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇! 📍 🍢Eat – 🍻Drink – 🥳Chill We party 3pm till late everyday except Mondays!
📌 Address Address: 60 Springside Walk, #01-17 The Brooks I, Singapore 786020
☎️ Contact
Phone8903 6936
⏰ Hours Opens Sun-Thurs: 3pm–11pm
Fri-Sat: 3pm-1am
💵 Pricing See picture below for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

Conveniently located near Springleaf MRT, See See Lok Lok is in a great marketing advantage with their promotional material put up near the MRT that will surely draw people in to try their Lok Lok. Their offering is not limited to Lok Lok as they also serve Malaysia’s very own rice bowls and Koka noodles.

Supporters rave about how the good customer service is as well as how the Lok Lok taste like what they have back in Malaysia.

Menu at See See Lok Lok

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Convenient location near Springleaf MRT
  • Offers variety of Malaysian street food including Lok Lok, rice bowls, and Koka noodles
  • Good customer service
  • Authentic taste of Malaysian street food
  • Strong marketing presence near MRT station.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Really tasty and good value with no gst or service charge. Sauce can get extra at no extra charge also. Restaurant has attached toilet and provides tissues so its pretty sanitary. Self service to pick what items you wanna eat from the fridge. The batter is really well fried. There’s a tasty powder they sprinkle with a soya based sauce. Soup option is an additional 8 bucks. Place has a modern decor and pretty clean too. A great gem!”

5. Lok不Lok Bistro

Lok不Lok Bistro
⭐ Best Known For: Loklok and Alcohol
📌 Address Located in: Macpherson Mall
Address: 401 MacPherson Rd, #01-21, Singapore 368125
☎️ Contact Phone8788 1010
⏰ Hours Opens Daily: 4pm–12am
Fri & Sat: 4pm–1am
💵 Pricing $1 Lok Lok & $1.50 Soju Fruit Shots
🌐 Website & Social Media Website

We were first introduced to this place as it was the best Lok Lok in Singapore. We can’t really argue with that, because this place is definitely one of the best.

LOK不LOK is best known for their Lok Lok and soju combination. Plus with a bar and bistro-like atmosphere coupled with pink neon light, your dining experience will surely be enjoyable.

You get to choose your drinks from a huge menu and then you’ll be presented with your order.

The menu is divided into different categories, including drinks, appetizers, desserts, and even food. Their prices are reasonable too and it’s definitely one of the best places to eat.

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Known for their Lok Lok and Soju combination
  • Bar and bistro-like atmosphere
  • Pink neon light
  • Wide variety of drinks menu
  • Reasonable prices for the food and drinks.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Taste great, value for money and promotional sets come with free soju too! $1.00 per stick yet providing sufficient quantity and not shortchanged like other similar shops.”

6. Lok Lok Loh

Lok Lok Loh
⭐ Best Known For: Firing up a modern on-the-go concept, ‘LOK LOK LOH’ is bringing a new taste and convenience to the favourite street-food from the flagship store in Vivo City.
📌 Address Located in: VivoCity
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2, K15 Vivocity, 098585
☎️ Contact
⏰ Hours Opens Daily: 10:30am–9:30pm
💵 Pricing $1 PER STICK
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

Lok Lok Loh has established its first premier store in Vivo City and they’re raising the bar in terms of Lok Lok through their specialty sauces like the Wasabi Mayo and the Chili Crab which are perfect match of the Lok Lok. 

It’s a great place to grab a meal for a group of friends or just have a light bite on the go as they serve a variety of dishes in a bento box (great for travelling).

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Specialty sauces like Wasabi Mayo and Chili Crab for unique Lok Lok flavor
  • Convenient location in Vivo City
  • Variety of dishes available in bento box format, perfect for on-the-go meals or group dining.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“The chili sauce is excellent. Middle age man at the counter is cheerful. Rice box was delicious!”

7. Lok Lok Omg

Lok Lok Omg
⭐ Best Known For: Malaysia Style LokLok
📌 Address Address: Tampines St. 11, #01-361 Block 107, Singapore 521107
☎️ Contact Phone8433 7507
⏰ Hours Opens Daily: 2pm–2am
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

This place is permanently closed.

Omg Lok Lok is fairly new to the Lok Lok trend as it opened just recently and is getting a huge following.

A dollar a stick is one of the unique offerings they have. They have their own sour spicy sauce, as well as the famous bottled homemade Sambal Belacan sauce.

You don’t have to wait until tomorrow to try them, they are open until the early hours of the morning.

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Unique $1 per stick pricing
  • Offers own sour spicy sauce and famous bottled homemade Sambal Belacan sauce
  • Open late into the morning for late night cravings.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Best loklok I’ve eaten in SG compared to a few other “popular stores” 👍👍👍”

8. Go Lok Lok

Go Lok Lok
⭐ Best Known For: Authentic Malaysian Lok Lok experience right at the heartland of Jurong West Singapore
📌 Address Located in: MEETUP 494
Address: 494 Jurong West Street 41, Meetup@494 Kopitiam, Singapore 640494
☎️ Contact
⏰ Hours Opens Daily: 4:30pm–1am
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

This place is permanently closed.

If there’s Lok Lok in the East, then the West as well. The famous Go Lok Lok Singapore on the West side serves skewers both in the original and Mala Flavour.

With an option to have your skewers sprinkled with mala flakes, this can never go wrong for those mala lovers.

For those who preferred to stay at home and still want to enjoy such a treat, worry no more as they are available on Foodpanda. This place is surely a must-visit for all the Westies!

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Famous for original and Mala flavoured skewers
  • Option to have skewers sprinkled with mala flakes for mala lovers
  • Conveniently available for delivery through Foodpanda
  • Located in the West of Singapore

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Some sticks were a hit, some were a miss. BUT every hit was a strong hit. Would recommend trying it for yourself, very good customer service.”

9. LoveYou Thai Loklok

LoveYou Thai Loklok
⭐ Best Known For: Love You Thai LokLok is a fusion of traditional Johor Bahru LokLok mixed with Thai-style. Do come and indulge in our wide variety of ingredients, alongside with our 5 special homemade sauces.
📌 Address Address: 38 Lor 11 Geylang, Singapore 388730
☎️ Contact Phone8112 2386
⏰ Hours Opens Mon-Sat: 6pm–4am
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

This place is permanently closed.

From the store’s name itself “LoveYou Thai LokLok”, the menus available are a combination of the classic Malaysian (Johor Bahru) Lok Lok and the Thai-style Lok Lok for a starting price of S$0.99 per stick.

Please note that their special menu has also a special price. Nevertheless, customers will surely love their Lok Lok either as deep-fried or boiled as they have five different special sauces to choose from

If you’re afraid, they might close on you, don’t worry since the store is available till 4am long enough to accommodate you even in the wee hours.

Plus, parking is never a problem as they are readily available for you. Or, if you’re lazy to go out, the store has partnered with food delivery apps which will deliver it to your doorstep.

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Combination of classic Malaysian Lok Lok and Thai-style Lok Lok starting at S$0.99 per stick.
  • Special menu with special pricing.
  • Five different special sauces to choose from.
  • Available till 4am for late-night cravings.
  • Convenient parking available and partnered with food delivery apps for delivery to your doorstep.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Clean place, friendly stall owners, fresh ingredients. Feel that the oil they used to deep fry was of good quality? All the items were cooked perfectly and we could taste the actual ingredients vs. just tasting like a bunch of fried things. Also like their green Thai chili very much.”

10. Satay Lok Lok – Sin Ming

Satay Lok Lok
⭐ Best Known For: JB Style Lok Lok. Satay. Thai grilled pork “Mooping”
📌 Address Address: Blk 22 Sin Ming Rd, #01-224, Singapore 570022
☎️ Contact
⏰ Hours Opens Daily: 3:30–10:30pm
💵 Pricing Enquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social Media Facebook

This place is permanently closed.

Unlike other Lok Lok store, Satay Lok Lok has a wide variety of offerings as they serve different delicious skewers like Lok Lok, satay, and moo ping. At just a dollar per stick, you can definitely enjoy the taste of Asia which is true value for money.

If you happen to start craving their food, you don’t have to go out just to satisfy your craving since they deliver throughout Singapore for just $10. Try their Lok Lok today and see it for yourself!

🔥 Unique Key Differentiators

  • Offers a wide variety of skewers including Lok Lok, satay, and moo ping
  • Affordable prices at just $1 per stick
  • Offers delivery throughout Singapore for an additional $10 fee.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Order 5 small pork sticks $2.5 and 1 Thai style pork $2. All tastes good!”


We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best lok lok in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

We hope this article that we have reviewed has been helpful for you! If you find this article helpful, do check out other related articles in Singapore!

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