12 Must Try Places With The Best Crabs In Singapore (2021)

If you are looking for the authentic best crabs taste, you have to try the best crab in Singapore! Here are the best places to try them!
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The Singaporean food scene is one of the most bustling and diverse, with all sorts of different dishes to choose from. One that has long been a favorite among locals and visitors alike are crab dishes like Chilli Crab or even just plain old garlic crabs.

If you want to get a taste of authentic Singaporean dishes, then there is no better dish than chilli crab.

It’s one that is loved by many and sought after for its spicy kick as well as the intense flavor it brings with each bite. Fortunately, finding these restaurants are not hard at all!

The dish was ranked 17th in a list for best foods around the world by CNN's travel editor picks! It also happens to be our national dish here in Singapore as recognized by the Tourism Board - it really doesn't get much better than this!

For many years now, Crab Dishes have graced not only what we love about local cuisine but also given us something iconic to be proud of when traveling abroad.

There are a lot of crab places in Singapore. This blog post will list the best crab in Singapore that you can definitely check out and try!

There is something for everyone, from restaurants with seafood buffets to high-end dining establishments.

We have included some pictures and reviews so you can see what you are getting into before making your decision.

Some big names in this area started out from hawker stalls before they got popular enough to open up their own place- so most can be found everywhere on the island (and usually very accessible).

If you're looking for recommendations on where or what type of restaurant has great crabs - here's our top list.

Below are the restaurants that serve the absolute best crab in Singapore for all tastes and budgets.

What makes Crabs dishes so popular?

When you order a crab dish, some places bring out the live crabs and serve them with their shells still intact.

The flesh is so tender that it falls right off of the shell when touched. You can either break open your own or use some seafood pliers to do this for you (a mallet may also be provided).

If there's too much sauce on top of all those sweet succulent bits inside, don't worry!

Just jump in and start scooping up as many pieces as possible to get every last bit before slurping down what's left between your fingers.

How many types of Crab Dishes are there?

Chilli crabs are a popular dish in Singapore, but not everyone knows what they're supposed to look like.

You may be thinking that chilli crab can only come in one color, but this dish is not confined to just orange-red.

There are many different renditions of the Singaporean favorite and you might have never tried them all!

There's a lot more than red chili crab out there: try black pepper or even green onion sauce with your crabs for an added kick!

Chilli Crab

There are a variety of dishes made in different regions with similar names, but this dish is the most popular and widespread.

It contains many strands of eggy goodness which give it its characteristic red-orange color as well as adding to its flavor profile.

The spice level on average can be considered mild though some versions may have more heat than others depending on where they originate from or what culture influences them.

White Pepper Crab

The white pepper crab is a mild spicy dish for those who are sensitive to spice.

Unlike its black-pepper counterpart, it has a milder spiciness but still packs enough punch that even your taste buds will feel alive and awake after eating one bite!

The crab meat is cooked in a light, fragrant broth with white pepper and other spices and this dish contrasts well with different sauces as it's not too spicy or salty.

Black Pepper Crab

The black pepper crab is a dish of spicy, succulent chunks of baked blue crabs tossed in dry black peppercorn paste.

The typical accompaniment for this meal would be steamed rice or fried noodles and an aromatic broth sauce to temper the heat.

Green Chilli Crab

The delicious flavors in the "normal" curry sauce will have you coming back for more!

You'll be able to taste hints of lemongrass, lime leaf and kaffir leaves.

It's not as spicy as some other Thai curries, but it still packs a punch with its spice level that is slightly higher than others on this list.

Salted Egg Yolk Crab

The salted egg yolk crab is version is drier than the traditional Black Pepper Crab but still has that signature salty flavour with salted egg yolk sauce and crumbs for extra savoury taste. Y

ou can get both spicy or non-spicy versions at most places known for their crab dishes, making it easy to find one you like!

1. JUMBO Seafood

Jumbo restaurant east coast seafood centre singapore best crab in Singapore
JUMBO Seafood
Best Known For:Award winning chili crabs
PricingFrom $88 per kg (Mud crab, Sri Lankan crab)
From $238 per kg (Alaskan crab)

Updated Pricing: https://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/en/menus
Contact DetailsJUMBO Seafood (East Coast) – 6442 3435
JUMBO Seafood Riverside – 6532 3435
JUMBO Seafood Gallery – 6534 3435
JUMBO Seafood Waterfront – 6440 3435
JUMBO Seafood @ NSRCC – 6552 3435
JUMBO Seafood @ Dempsey – 6479 3435
Operating HoursOpening hours depending on outlet / branch.

JUMBO Seafood is one of the most well known names for mouth-watering, best chilli crab in Singapore.

They have a cult following since their humble beginnings from 1987 and flagship store at East Coast Seafood Centre to serve only the freshest seafood cooked perfectly.

Along with perfect Crab dishes like Black Pepper Crab or Crispy Baby Squid, customers also love Golden Salted Egg Prawns that are served here as well!

Service Highlights

  • Award-winning chilli crab
  • Jumbo rewards for members
  • Special seasonal dishes
  • Free aprons for customers to stay clean during the delicious mess.

Customers' Reviews

"Was initially uncertain about the freshness of the seafood over the Heightened Period where restaurants have been suffering due to the absence of dine-in customers but we still decided to take a chance. To avoid the usual drop in standard during the "holidays", we celebrated Father's Day early this year. Ordered three 800g crabs in Chili, Black Pepper and Chinese Wine and Egg White styles. Crabs were generally fresh but the one cooked in the Chili style was exceptional. The meat was firm and sweet. The black pepper style, on the other hand, was outstanding flavour-wise while the meat was less firm. The flavour of the Chinese wine and egg white style was delicate/ clean, bordering on being a bit bland-tasting but could be ideal for those with sensitive stomachs or when eaten before the stronger flavoured crabs. The service over the phone and during pick-up was polite and efficient. Overall, it was a pleasant experience!"

"Best place for crabs. Chilli, pepper are my two favs and will definitely recommend them here".

2. No Signboard Seafood (White Pepper Crab)

No Signboard Seafood
Best Known For:Best White Pepper crabs in Singapore
PricingPrices starts at SG$50 – SG$60 per kilogram
Updated Pricing: https://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/en/menus
Contact DetailsContact via outlet:

Contact directly:
Operating HoursOpening hours depending on outlet / branch.

Named after humble beginnings, No Signboard Seafood has an interesting story to tell.

In the 1970s, they were serving delicious food at the Mattar Rd Hawker Centre without a signboard.

As their popularity grew and customers spread positive word-of-mouth about them through satisfied recommendations — referring to them as "the stall with no sign board" — they relocated in 1981 but kept that name because of how it was symbolic for where this successful enterprise began from: Without any indication or advertisement on its exterior; just pure trust with quality products inside."

Service Highlights

  • Best White pepper crabs
  • Taste that's worth your money

Customers' Reviews

"Friendly staff and waiting time is reasonable."

"The best seafood ever in Singapore."

3. Red House Seafood Restaurant

red house seafood restaurant
Red House Seafood Restaurant
Best Known For:Award winning chili crabs
Contact Detailshttps://www.redhouseseafood.com/contact/
Operating HoursOpening hours depending on outlet / branch.

Since 1976, Red House Seafood has been Singapore’s oldest seafood restaurant.

Red House Seafood is one of Singapore’s oldest seafood restaurants and they continue to innovate by serving international flavours.

Their most popular dish, the sweet-spicy chilli crab, has been a bestseller since 1976 when it was first introduced in their menu.

Red House Seafood sources ingredients from sustainable providers so you can feel good about your meal choice and also find ways to reduce food wastage such as by giving away leftovers after closing time or turning scraps into delicious sauces.

Service Highlights

  • Sustainable seafood suppliers
  • Promotions on seasonal menus
  • Offers variety specials like dim sum for wider choices.

Customers' Reviews

"Came here on a Saturday for lunch and it’s not full house so it’s a pleasant dining experience with full attention from servers who are very friendly and personable. We intended to go for the buffet but changed our mind to order ala carte instead. The dimsum and food from ala carte menu are food and portions are sizable."

"I've been having seafood here since young and no disappointment."

4. Roland Restaurant

roland restaurant crab
Roland Restaurant
Best Known For:Known to be the Creator of Chili Crabs
PricingFrom $98 per kg
Updated Pricing: https://rolandrestaurant.oddle.me/en_SG#__product-section
Address89 Marine Parade Central, #06-750, Singapore, 440089
Contact Details+65 6440 8205
Operating HoursMon - Thu
11:30 AM - 02:30 PM
05:45 PM - 10:15 PM

Fri - Sun
11:30 AM - 02:30 PM
05:45 PM - 10:15 PM

For an amazing chilli crab sauce, friendly staff and prices lower than others on this list, Roland Restaurant is a good choice.

The restaurant also has plenty of seafood items to choose from with dishes like chilled lobster salad and grilled squid as well as their famous Chilli Crabs.

The laid-back atmosphere creates the perfect un-fussy dining experience for those who want to sample everything they have in store without feeling rushed or pressured into making decisions about what you will eat next!

Service Highlights

  • Affordable pricing
  • Value for dollar
  • Comfortable dining experience

Customers' Reviews

"Love it's Black Pepper crabs! Ordered it during Mother's Day. This was a miracle event, because it was my very first time going to Roland Restaurant to let my mum enjoy her favourite food, which is the crabs! Initially, we didn't know that we had to inform the staff that we wanted to reserve crabs, so the staff who was serving us told us that there's no crab for us as we needed to reserve in advance. However, he went to check and found out that there's a customer who cancelled their reservation and they reserved 2 Black Pepper crabs already. So, he told us about it and he gave us that two BPP crabs! Thank God!! Overall, their BPP crabs are the best! The other food like prawn paste chickens (10 pcs) is good too. They only have 1 size."

"Nice environment! Chilli crab is tasty! They are having an offer for 2 crab set now! 👍"

5. Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant

hua yu wee seafood restaurant
Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant
Best Known For:Nolstagic dining experience and crab taste
PricingPrices vary depending on season
Address462 Upper E Coast Rd, Singapore 466508
Contact Details6442 9313
Operating HoursDaily
12.30pm - 3pm
4.30pm - 10pm

With a history dating back to the 1950s, Hua Yu Wee is an award-winning restaurant that offers customers with Singapore's most authentic food experience.

In addition to serving unpretentious and tasty seafood dishes at affordable prices, they are also known for their zhi char (local cuisine).

Hu Yu Wee is the most popular place for chilli crab in this area.

The restaurant has been around even after other seafood restaurants have moved to swankier locations, but that hasn't stopped it from being one of their best-loved dishes by locals and tourists alike.

Service Highlights

  • Great dining experience
  • Affordable pricing

Customers' Reviews

"Classic seafood place that hasn’t changed a bit. Takes you back in time, both exterior and interior. The menu here is extensive and almost all dishes are well executed. The crabs here are must order. Service is no frills type and fast. Parking could be an issue during dinner and weekends. Definitely a must visit when you’re at the east."

"Nostalgic ambience and good service from the staffs. Food wise in my opinion is ok - The best dish from my visit would be the squid. Crispy yet not over burned. The signature hor fun was a little disappointing - it tasted quite bland as if the chef forgotten to add seasoning. One of the plus point would be the free corkage charge so you can bring your own liquor to go with the food."

6. Seafood Paradise

seafood paradise
Seafood Paradise
Best Known For:Paradise for seafood; including crabs
Pricing1KG Sri Lankan Crab 斯里兰卡肉蟹 : S$92.70
1KG Dungeness Crab 加州珍宝蟹 : S$90.64
Address1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity, #01-53, Singapore, 098585
Contact DetailsPhone: +65 6221 0159
Operating HoursMon - Thu
11:00 AM - 03:00 PM
06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Fri - Sun
10:30 AM - 03:30 PM
06:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Seafood Paradise is a showcase of seafood and Chinese cuisine with a strong Singaporean identity.

At Seafood Paradise, tradition meets innovation in the form of new dishes that are both local favourites as well as international delicacies; all available to eat-in or takeaway for your dining convenience.

With humble beginnings at Defu Lane Hawker Stall up until their flagship restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, you’ll be able to experience traditional Singapore food like never before!

With origins from humble hawker stall roots on Defu Lane, now occupying its very own Flagship Restaurant nestled next door to Park Central Mall (next stop after MBS), Seafood Paradise offers an array of signature culinary creations by Chef Bruce Lim which has earned them recognition across

Service Highlights

  • Easy to order delivery and pickup
  • Delicious seafood
  • Traditional seafood taste

Customers' Reviews

"Tasty menu with outstanding service. The creamy butter sauce crab was divine. The pork rib was cooked perfectly with smoked and char taste. The fish was good but was sleeping slight overcooked. The Ee Fu noodles was full of umami flavour. Overall a very good dinner."

"Very high quality food by Paradise. This is becoming one of my fav restaurants now. I've tried to order different food each time. The dim sum is great. The fish with tomato and lettuce soup is simply heavenly. The duck meat platter is soft and tender .. service is good each and every time .. no misses."

7. Tunglok Seafood

Tunglok Seafood
Tunglok Seafood
Pricing同乐辣椒螃蟹 TungLok Chilli Crab
大约 1公斤/approx. 1kg

黑胡椒螃蟹 Black Pepper Crab with Fresh Peppercorn
大约 1公斤/approx. 1kg
Contact Detailshttps://www.tunglokseafood.com/restaurant-info
Operating HoursOpening hours depending on outlet / branch.

TungLok Seafood was founded in Singapore with its mission being to offer the freshest catch and seafood from all parts of town.

They pride themselves on offering only the best-quality food that is prepared according to traditional recipes for an authentic taste experience, as well as creating new dishes based off customer feedback such as their Chilli Crab dish combining orange juice and tomato sauce which has been voted number one in various polls across Asia.

Tung Lok Seafood Co Ltd's primary goal is making sure you have access to fresh catches no matter where you are located within Singapore while also giving customers what they want by introducing sauces like Black Pepper Sauce or a secret recipe called chilli crabs made using both black pepper crab meat mixed with tomatoes, onions.

Service Highlights

  • Award-winning crabs
  • Great delivery and pickup convenience
  • Will not disappoint

Customers' Reviews

"The food there is worth every cent especially the chilli crab!! The food was very nice and much better compared to peach garden ala carta buffet."

"The food was awesome! However, do take note that some of the dishes in the buffet menu only caters to one serving per diner for the entire duration."

8. Long Beach Seafood (Black Pepper Crab)

Long Beach Seafood
Long Beach Seafood
Best Known For:Best Black Pepper Crab
Pricing生猛螃蟹 Live Mud Crab
Approximately 900g
From S$88.00

生猛加拿大螃蟹 Live Dungeness Crab
Approximately 1.2kg
From S$106.00

Updated Pricing: https://longbeachseafood.oddle.me/en_SG/
AddressDempsey: http://longbeachseafood.com.sg/outlets-dempsey/
Robertson Quay: https://longbeachseafood.com.sg/outlets-robertson_quay/
UDMC: http://longbeachseafood.com.sg/outlets-udmc/
IMM: http://longbeachseafood.com.sg/outlets-imm/
Contact DetailsDempsey: http://longbeachseafood.com.sg/outlets-dempsey/
Robertson Quay: https://longbeachseafood.com.sg/outlets-robertson_quay/
UDMC: http://longbeachseafood.com.sg/outlets-udmc/
IMM: http://longbeachseafood.com.sg/outlets-imm/
Operating HoursOpening hours depending on outlet / branch.

The Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is a restaurant-chain in Singapore best known for creating the original black pepper crabs.

The main branch, along with three other branches around Marina South and IMM Building, offer up live seafood dishes that have helped shape local tastes since they opened their first outlet at Bedok Resthouse back in 1940s.

Besides the black pepper crab dish which has been an icon of this family run business from its inception due to its taste profile or spicy kick when served correctly - it also lays claim as being the first establishment in town to serve fresh fish alive on ice right off trucks during those lean years before WWII where refrigeration wasn't available yet.

Service Highlights

  • Known to have the best black pepper crabs
  • Up to date with easy pickup and delivery options

Customers' Reviews

"Long beach is like an annual treat for my wife and I. It’s always a 1kg mud crab for both black pepper and chilli each. We also got lucky this time as they had female crabs with huge delicious roes. However it didn’t taste as good as I recalled, hope they can improve and maintain their prior standards. Service is still amazing though, can’t fault them there."

"I love food here, fresh and yummy. Quite reasonable price. Sitting outside is nice but a bit hot if there is no wind, and the light from the sign board is too bright and unpleasant for me. The inside yellow light is good, with fan, but the staff said the light attracts insects and advised us to sit outside. In general it is a good experience and lovely food."

9. Mellben Seafood Restaurant

MellbenSeafood AngMoKio North East
Mellben Seafood Restaurant
Best Known For:Butter Crabs & Black Pepper Crabs
PricingFrom $88 per kg (Mud crab, Sri Lankan crab)
From $238 per kg (Alaskan crab)

Updated Pricing: https://www.jumboseafood.com.sg/en/menus
AddressAng Mo Kio: 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, St 22, #01-1222, 560232

Toa Payoh: Lor 8 Toa Payoh, Block 211, Singapore 310211

Downtown East: 1 Pasir Ris Cl, #01-302/303 Square, Market, Singapore 519599
Contact DetailsAng Mo Kio: 6285 6762

Toa Payoh: 6353 3120

Downtown East (Online): http://www.melbenseafood.sg/
Operating HoursOpening hours depending on outlet / branch.

The seafood restaurant is not in the most convenient location, but that doesn't deter people from descending on this open-air space.

Nearly everyone here has one thing in mind: crab dishes! There are 15 different ways to cook them, with black pepper and butter crabs being among some of favorites.

Even classic chilli crab can be found at this place as well as live seafood like lobster for anyone looking to indulge a little more than usual; there's even cze char food available if you're willing to try something new too - best part?

The claypot bee hoon soup will satisfy any craving your stomach may have come into contact with while exploring the area at Ang Mo Kio!

Service Highlights

  • Different flavors of crab cooking available
  • Easy online ordering available
  • Affordable pricing

Customers' Reviews

"Meaty crabs with awesome sauces. Don't waste your time with their average fried chicken or other dishes. The place is still very hot despite the fans. Remember to call and reserve or you will have to wait in the long queue."

"Crab bee hoon soup was tasty and flavourful, would recommend. They give a 5% discount if you pay fully with cash, so recommend to bring cash in advance."

10. Keng Eng Kee Seafood

Keng Eng Kee Seafood
Keng Eng Kee Seafood
Best Known For:Steamed Salted Egg crabs, Chili Crabs & Black Pepper crabs
PricingSalted Egg Crab 咸蛋蟹 Steamed version of Salted Egg Crab maintain the juiciness of the crab flavours, and stewed with creamy salted egg yolk sauce. Recommend to eat with Steamed Mantou. (Crab appox. 900g)
From S$86.00

Updated Pricing: https://kengengkee.oddle.me/en_SG/
Address124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-136, Singapore, 150124
Contact DetailsPhone: +65 6272 1038
Operating HoursMon - Sun
11:45 AM - 12:15 PM
12:15 PM - 02:00 PM
Mon - Fri
05:15 PM - 08:45 PM
Sat, Sun
05:15 PM - 08:45 PM

Keng Eng Kee Restaurant is a restaurant that has been serving fiery dishes for 3 generations.

Originally from the small hawker stall located at Old Havelock Road in 1970s, they relocated to Alexandra Village and now operates as one of Singapore's top recommended eateries by leading publications such as Michelin Plate (2016-2018), 28th on 2017 Top 50 World Street Food Masters list and 2018 Ctrip Gourmet Destination!

Famous patrons include British celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver who visited us last year after watching our story showcased on BBC Good Food show "Chefs' Secrets."

Service Highlights

  • Great crabs taste
  • Award winning crabs
  • Easy to order online

Customers' Reviews

"Ordered home delivery from KEK. Islandwide delivery, on a public holiday, was only $8!
We had ordered Chili crab, white pepper crab, coffee pork ribs, moonlight hor fun and stir-fried Chinese spinach. They were ALL delicious although it had travelled all the way from west to east side of the island.
Crabs were fresh and the right (medium) size. We don’t like huge Sri Lankan crab as we find the flesh a tad too tough and not as “sweet” as these medium-sized ones.
Service was good and the delivery guy followed the instruction given upon delivery.
Will definitely order again!"

"Ta bao quite a few times before. 1st time dining in. Service was pleasant, food was great.
Prices may seem higher compared to other zi char stalls but their servings are pretty big.
Tried herbal prawns, marmite chicken, crab meat tofu, garlic spinach, black pepper deer meat.
Special mention to their black pepper sauce, nice and fragrant with small chunks of peppercorns. Not just the more common 'sweet type' of black pepper sauce.
Nice for family gatherings, once it is allowed again of course!"

11. Crab at Bay Seafood Restaurant

Crab at Bay Seafood Restaurant
Crab at Bay Seafood Restaurant
Best Known For:Sri Lankan Crab in Black Pepper sauce
PricingSri LankaCrab 斯里兰卡蟹 (Black PepperSauce 炒黑胡椒) : $48.00

Updated Pricing: https://www.crabatbay.com/order/
Address540 – 542 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368223
Contact DetailsTel: +65 6743 8366
HP: +65 9754 1900
Operating Hours10.30AM-2.30PM

Crab At Bay, founded in 2015 along Macpherson Road by a small shopkeeper from Hong Kong is now most well-known for their crab dishes.

Crab at bay was established to delightfully excite you with flavourful tastes and fill your appetite of the best dishes ever made globally.

With uniquely refined methods of Chinese cooking, they take pride in serving mouth-watering seafood cooked up by highly skilled chefs from their kitchen over many years where they have successfully been reviewed as the place to go when one needs that perfect meal!

Service Highlights

  • Great tasting crabs
  • Affordable pricing on the cheaper side
  • Easy to do pickup or delivery

Customers' Reviews

Order the 2 black pepper crab at sgd 42 during lock down period and very happy with the service, waiting time and taste of the food, definetely will recomend to others!!!"

"Delicious food, good service. Crab quality is good for the $98 package of 2 crabs which we ordered in chilli crab style. The starchy fish maw soup was yummy too. Overall a decent place for family dinner."

12. 21 Seafood (Cheapest Crabs in Singapore)

21 Seafood @ Hougang
Best Known For:Super cheap affordable crabs
PricingStarting from $45 for 1kg of crabs
Address212 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530212
Contact Details6343 0771 / 21seafoodsg@gmail.com
Operating HoursMon - Sun
12pm - 3.30pm
5pm - 11.30pm

21 Seafood @ Hougang is a simple stall that serves super affordable crabs.

The crabs are from Sri Lanka, which claims to be fresher and much more affordable.

They are able to cook the crabs with much variety so you can choose your favourite sauce or gravy along with it.

Service Highlights

  • Cheap crabs pricing
  • Value for dollar crabs

Customers' Reviews

"Crab is fresh and nice ! Had been ordering from this store for years :)"

"Horfun is nice. For the crab dish, just go for the cheaper pricing.
Overall a good dining experience that wouldnt burn a hole in your pockets."


If you’re looking for some of the best crab in Singapore, look no further.

Here is the list of restaurants with amazing crab dishes that will satisfy any craving and fitting for any budget pricing that you might have.

Have you tried them all? Let us know what your favorite dish is and why! Are there any places we missed?

Add yours to this list by leaving a comment below or contacting us today!

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