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5 Best Aquarium Shop in Singapore For Your Fish Needs (2023)

Are you looking for the best aquarium shop in Singapore? Check out the best shops to meet your aquarium needs here!

✅ Updated on January 9, 2023

Best Aquarium Shop in Singapore

⭐ We aim to provide unbiased reviews on the recommended places & they are not listed in any particular order
✅ Do go through the entire list before making a decision!

Aquarium Shops in Singapore

Recently, there has been a surprising surge in the number of people who are getting interested in fish keeping particularly with freshwater fishes in Singapore. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy all the benefits that fish keeping gives to the owner?

Such an adorable pet can be a great addition to any home which does not only create an aesthetically appealing abode but more importantly, an environmental friendly one. With just a quick visit to an aquarium shop, you can definitely bring the wild back into the comfort of your home.

In Singapore, no matter what kind of shop you’re looking for, you’ll find that there are many aquarium shops to choose from. You might be wondering which among them offer the best selection of fish tanks for your home and lifestyle?

Remember that not all aquarium shops will hold the exact aquarium model you may need thus, it may take some time to look for just the right shop.

So whether you’re just newly introduced to the hobby of aquarium keeping, or already have a serious thought about becoming a hobbyist, then reading this article about the top aquarium shops in Singapore will not be in vain.

Brace yourselves as we recommend various aquarium shops which offer a wide selection of aquarium and marine products and are perfect for those who have a thing for fish and other water animals.

Best Aquarium Shop in Singapore (2023)

Here are the best aquarium shops you can find in Singapore at great prices! Let us know which ones fit you best! Lets get to it.

1. Toh Aquarium

Toh Aquarium
Best Known For: Provide plenty of choices and create a great shopping experience with the confidence of relying on our expertise to help you build towards your dream aquarium tank
Address Address: 63 Kallang Bahru, #01-435, Singapore 330063
Contact Details Phone6904 9198
Operating Hours Opens daily: 11am–9pm

The people from this shop are avid aquatic hobbyists thus, surely they can help you find the right supplies for all your fish hobby needs. The services they offer have grown over the years of experience and hands-on skills development.

This fish store offers a wide selection of freshwater fishes and a range of aquarium accessories for all your fish hobby needs. They have the best selection in town of live aquarium plants which are replenished on a fast-paced basis.

In addition, they have a wide variety of fish food for all tropical fishes, general and specific medication, water conditioner, multiple ways of filtration system, air pumps and aeration, aquarium plant fertilization and plant supplements, and aquarium tools.

Each store has their own characteristics which make them famous among fish keepers. It is said that this store offers a wide variety of freshwater fishes, that they have experienced and ardent staff, and that they offer custom-made fish tank sets.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Quite a variety of tropical fishes for your selection. Prices are reasonably good. It’s open every day.”

2. K & K Aquarium & Birds Centre

K & K Aquarium & Birds Centre
Best Known For: From the ideal food for your companion to pet accessories, we comprise of everything that you require for your pets.
Address Address: 201D Tampines St. 21, Singapore 524201
Contact Details Phone6784 4578
Operating Hours Opens Fri-Wed: 11am–9pm

The K & K Aquarium & Birds Centre was one of the few places where you could buy fish and birds. It was established in 1981 at Bedok and settled in the stadium in Tampines which was more accessible to the people.

Pet products such as cats and dogs, as well as wide variety of fish food and fish accessories for all your aquarium needs have been sold by them over the years.

For fish enthusiasts who look for a store with friendly and helpful staff, this one is on top of that list. The shop has staff who will eagerly walk you through each and every tank displayed and who are skilled enough to give you loads of useful information.

Besides that, they are a recipient of the SG50 Prestige Enterprise Award of the Singapore Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (SASME).

⭐ Customer Reviews

“It’s a nice shop with variety of fishes, have already purchased my fishes 4 times there but they don’t have much variety of fishes that can survive without air pump or oxygen bubbles like to keep in a bowl or so. These are my fishes that I have uploaded which I purchased from this shop.”

3. Madpetz Aquatic Studio

Madpetz Aquatic Studio
Best Known For: We specialise in reef systems, fresh and marine aquarium products.
Address Address: Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-1287 Block 607, Singapore 560607
Contact Details Phone6456 6330
Operating Hours Opens Tues-Sun: 12–8pm

Their vision is to provide a one-stop shop for marine aquarium supplies in Singapore. They have a great selection of products which match marine aquarium needs.

So if you have any question or clarification about the installation of a tank set-up for a marine fish tank, do not hesitate to get in touch as they’re ready to help.

What makes Madpetz store influential is the fact that their staff are willing to give honest opinions, not just about profits.

They also offer small nano fish tanks so beginners can experience the joy of keeping a fish tank as a hobby. Lastly, they always recommend essential goods to their customers. 

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Good place to visit for fresh and marine equipment. Life stock such as fishes are very minimal. Good range of corals tho. Abit on the high side cost wise. Clean and tidy shop.”

4. Fishy Business

Fishy Business
Best Known For: Distributor for ADA / DOOA products from Japan. Showroom and Gallery.
Address Address: 96C Jalan Senang, #03-00, Singapore 418483
Contact Details Phone6241 2622
Operating Hours Tues-Fri: 2–5:30pm
Sat-Sun: 1.30–5pm

Fishy Business is one of the pioneers of the revolutionary technology called aquascaping which is the practice of creating aquariums in the home.

As this practice continues to grow popularly, Fishy Business’s expertise is put into a good book which gives an overview of the concept and processes of aquascaping. The shop’s main agenda is to help customers in all aspects of designing, building and, maintaining their aquascape.

In order to keep up with the moving trends of aquascaping, Fishy Business cements their advantage by perfecting their skills through their participation in global aquascaping competitions. They also hope to cultivate this unique hobby all across the country.

Few things that can make their goals doable are first, the fact that they have the advantage of working closely with the local suppliers of Aqua Design Amano (ADA) goods and products to many aquarium shops thus getting the best products at the lowest prices.

Secondly, they are known for their nice showroom and studios which are equipped with all ADA products.

Lastly, the Aquascapers team are recognized for their achievements and are recipients of many awards.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“About to pick up aquascaping as a hobby and stumbled upon this shop, very friendly attendant, really nice tanks there too. Also well stocked with a wide range of ADA products. Highly recommend!”

5. House of Discus

House of discus
Best Known For: House of Discus is set up in pursue of obtaining the best discus within our reach and spreading these beautiful discus to every hobbyists and breeders. We are complied to deliver the best quality and affordability to our hobbyists.
Address Address: 98 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 545575
Contact Details 9738 3837
Operating Hours Opens daily: 12–8pm

The House of Discus was formed by a group of individuals who think alike and have a common goal. They aim to introducing captive bred discus culture in Singapore.

By sharing their knowledge and expertise in this field, they also hope to offer them at the most affordable price. HOD has successfully expanded their discus community thus making the store popular throughout Singapore especially to discus enthusiast.

Such an endeavor of the House of Discus has just begun as they have gambled with their wild discus. The shop wants to give the best captive and wild discus to all their customers and enthusiasts.

Things that make this shop stands out can be summarized into three. First, their impressive marketing presence both locally and internationally; second, their stable supply of quality discus breed in the market, and third, their good customer support.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Clearly labeled and priced Discus. Very large clean place. I could buy a nice non mating pair on sale for $100. They also run weekly auction where you can sometimes get bargains. Owner very friendly and helpful.”


In conclusion, the rise in the interest among Singaporeans to start fish keeping gives these aquarium stores an unprecedented business opportunity as well as hobby cultivation aspirations.

Therefore, this article is specifically created to introduce this new hobby to each and every citizen of the country and that the information contained here will be of great help.

We hope that through this article, you can now determine which aquarium shops can cater what you have in mind. Happy shopping!

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