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15 Best Android TV Boxes in Singapore To Stream Favourite Shows (2022)

Planning to indulge in some serious TV show streaming? You can do it with the help of the best and fastest-streaming Android TV box Singapore!

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best android tv box singapore

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✅ Do go through the entire list before making a decision!

Android TV Box Singapore

We’re finally a step closer towards pre-covid life when the government has recently relax the rules and regulations for us. Despite us returning back to normal lives, companies have learnt and continues to promote a work from home lifestyle to be incorporated into work schedule.

As employers are now encouraging employees to work from home, why not be entertained while working from home?

Why not keep yourself occupied with unlimited entertainment with these Android TV boxes so you stream all the hot and trending shows available right now such as on Netflix and Disney+ Plus!

Best Android TV boxes in Singapore (2022)

Here are the best android TV Boxes you can find in Singapore at great prices! Let us know which ones fit you best! Lets get to it.

1. TVB Anywhere – A15 Android 9.0 TV Box [Google Certified]

TVB Anywhere – A15 Android 9.0 TV Box [Google Certified]

TVB Anywhere – A15 Android 9.0 TV Box [Google Certified]

Price from: $119.50

The TVB Anywhere Android TV box is the perfect companion for your TV. It’s fully optimized for your Android TV and has a customized TV UI that makes your experience on using your TV much more enjoyable.

It’s powered by Google’s newest Android 9.0 OS, and it’s also compatible with Chromecast, which makes it easy to cast videos from your smartphone or tablet to your TV.

You can download thousands of apps from the Google Play Store, and you can also access to all of the Google services you love, like YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Play Music, and Google Play Games.

The TVB Anywhere Android TV box comes preloaded with Google voice search so you can search for movies, TV shows, music and more. You can even use it to control your home theater system, as well as your connected devices.

This is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable, easy-to-use TV box that will keep you entertained. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies, and you’ll never get bored again!

⭐ Customer Review

“Fast delivery. Tested. Working tvb anywhere with my subscription from singtel cast. Great device. Can install HBO go and watch on this device. Only Netflix and VIU cannot watch yet due to device incompatible. Hope they will fix this in future. Thanks for the service provided.”

2. Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia Shield TV

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Streaming Media Player

Price from: $219.00 – $309.00

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is the ultimate streaming media player for today’s living room. It features a gamepad with buttons, voice search that can be used to find something on Netflix or Google Play Movies & TV by using your voice as well as some other useful functions like “pause” and “skip forward.”

In addition there are 3GB of RAM which means you’ll never need to worry about lag in games due to memory constraints again!

Besides watching TV, users can squeeze in some online gaming time by installing the Nvidia Shield TV. It’s one of the best Android TV boxes in Singapore, tech-wise.

The box streams continuously and viewers can connect to their favourites with a single touch. Gaming is also made more powerful, as you might expect from something from Nvidia.

This is thanks to the hyper-fast Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, together with 3GB of RAM. with this Android TV box, you can play online with blitzing speed and an awesome resolution.


  • Produces clear 4K HDR footage
  • Doubles as online gaming device
  • With the Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor, connect with up to 25% more speed
  • Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound for a full cinematic experience at home

3. Xiaomi Mi TV Box

Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K
Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K

[GLOBAL VERSION] Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K HDR Android Chromecast 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM 5G WiFi Android 8.1 ENGLISH

Price from: $78.90

You wanted a smart TV but didn’t want to spend all that money? Well, now you can get the same features for half the price with Mi Box S.

This Android TV is powered by 8.1 and offers voice search as well as Chromecast support so it’s easy enough for anyone in your family from tech savvy teenagers to grandparents who still don’t know what an app is find their favorite content on this SmartTV.

The Mi Box S has everything you need: a lot of apps (with more coming), better picture quality than most competitors, and superior audio–no matter where they’re sitting or standing at home!

Slick yet affordable, the Xiaomi Mi Box streams your favourite shows smoothly for speedy watching. The box can even stream crisp 4K footage.

Updated with the latest Android version, it’s compatible with any modern TV and can connect to the Internet for downloading new content. It can access Netflix, YouTube, and a plethora of Android apps.


  • Compact design for space-saving connection
  • Streams video in sharp 4K resolution
  • Hums heart-thudding Dolby surround
  • Has an 8GB internal storage for downloaded files

⭐ Customer Review

“Item received after one day of purchase! Very fast delivery👍👍👍👍👍👍👍”

4. Xiaomi Mi Stick TV FHD Android TV 9.0

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick
[GLOBAL VERSION] Xiaomi Mi Stick TV FHD Android TV 9.0 + Chromecast 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM 5G WiFi ENGLISH

[GLOBAL VERSION] Xiaomi Mi Stick TV FHD Android TV 9.0 + Chromecast 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM 5G WiFi ENGLISH

Price from: $54.90

The best android tv box Singapore, great for streaming shows on your TV!

Available at a lower price than our competitors, this Android-powered device is ideal for multitasking and watching video content without any hassle.

With access to the Google Play Store library of apps as well as games like Fortnite (not included), there’s no limit to what you can do with it in terms of entertainment or productivity.

The wide range of features include voice assistant remote control which means that you don’t have to use pesky buttons anymore just speak directly through the microphone on top if needed;

HDMI cable so all audio/video streams are performed wirelessly from one spot – will make setup easier; 5 AV out ports enabling plugging into TVs up 4.


It’s never been easier to stream your favorite shows and movies on the big screen.

With built-in Chromecast you can cast videos from any device with an internet connection in 1080p HD resolution, without compromising quality or speed of playback!

Plus features like Tap To Cast lets users wirelessly stream their audio content straight into a compatible TV set for crystal clear sound output.

And even if you’re taking calls while watching something, SmartCast will pause what is playing so that there are no interruptions at all – making it one of our most convenient innovations yet!

⭐ Customer Review

“Very Well packed and fast delivery. Working fine . A gift for my uncle and he enjoyed watching YouTube . With the build in Chromecast he can watch the meWATCH app programs anytime.”




Price from: $268.00

SVICLOUD has an in-depth developed Android based system platform that includes premium applications such as YouTube, Thai video, and a variety of Cantonese Hokkien apps.

This open ecosystem also allows you to find some third party APPs including Japanese TV channels, Korean TV channels (along with the world’s best popular content).

You can enjoy not only Chinese programs but American shows too!

SVICLOUD provides endless entertainment for all ages anywhere on the go no matter what language or culture your preference is from.


  • CPU : Allwinner H6 Quard core ARM Cortex-A53
  • GPU : Mali -T720
  • RAM : 4 GB 🔥
  • ROM : 32 GB 🔥
  • Video Output: HDMI 2.0 USB: 2xUSB 2.0, 1xUSB 3.0
  • Wifi : 2.4/5 Ghz
  • OS : Android 10 Max.
  • Extended Capacity:TF Card Up To 32GB
  • Airplay & Miracast: Yes
  • Ethernet:100M
  • Bluetooth : 4.1

⭐ Customer Review

“Seller was very quick to answer my queries and helpful as well. Delivery took 2 days, item arrived in perfect condition. Easy to set up, following instructions given.. Channels run smoothly, VOD selection is amazing. Highly recommend purchasing this product for your TV entertainment needs! 👍👍👍”

6. Mecool KM2 For Netflix 4K Android TV Box

Mecool KM2 For Netflix 4K Android TV Box

Mecool KM2 For Netflix 4K Android TV Box

Price from: $90

This is one of the cheapest 4K HDR Android TV box in the market. But it’s not just a cheap device, it’s a very good one.

It has a quad-core processor with 1GB RAM, 4GB storage capacity, a microSD card slot, a headphone jack, and a USB port.

The 4K HDR output is impressive, as the display can stream 4K content at 60fps from services like Netflix and YouTube. It can also play HDR10 and Dolby Vision content, which gives a more natural experience with the video.

The audio quality is excellent too. It’s got Dolby Audio, so you’ll get a much better experience than if you were watching the same content on a non-HDRTV.

There are lots of apps available on this device, and you can download them from Google Play Store. There’s also an App Store. It has lots of great apps including YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disne+, etc.

If you’re looking for a great streaming box that comes with tons of features, then buy the Mecool KM2. It’s a very good product, and it’s worth the money.

⭐ Customer Review

“Good product and well functioning…little bit delay due to pendamic..well iam satisfied.”

7. H96 Max TV Box Android 10.0 H616 Quad Core 4GB

H96 Max TV Box Android 10.0 H616 Quad Core 4GB 32GB 64GB HD 6K 2.4/5G WIFI Media Player H96Max Smart TV Box Set Top Box

H96 Max TV Box Android 10.0 H616 Quad Core 4GB

Price from: $34.50

We were looking for a cheap smart TV box, so I stumbled upon this one on Lazada. The first thing I noticed was the price – only $35.30, which is a fraction of what I’d expect to pay for a similar device.

The box itself is very basic. It comes with the necessary power supply, a USB cable, a remote control, and an HDMI cable. 

It’s a pretty basic device overall, but it has a few things going for it. First, it’s very easy to set up. All you have to do is plug in the USB cable and power adapter, download the Android 10 app, and connect to WiFi. It’ll even find your WiFi automatically.

Second, it looks decent. It’s got an aluminum case with a nice glossy black finish, and it’s quite sturdy. It’s not the most attractive device, but it certainly looks good enough to use as a media center, and it does the job well.

Third, it works well. The device is fairly responsive, and everything works fine. I’ve had no issues with the WiFi or Bluetooth, and the device doesn’t seem to have any major performance issues either. It’s a solid product overall.

⭐ Customer Review

“Item was well packed and received in good condition. hope can last”

8. H96 Max X3 S905X3 Smart TV Box

[Local Seller&Ready Stock]H96 Max X3 S905X3 Smart TV Box

[Local Seller & Ready Stock] H96 Max X3 S905X3 Smart TV Box

Price from: $39.90

The H96 Max X3 is another solid choice from Amlogic, but with a few key differences that could make it better than the last one. First of all, it comes with latest Android, which should mean faster software updates in the future.

It also gets a new processor and GPU combo, which will let it run games and other apps much more smoothly. And of course, it’s still packing 4GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of storage, which should be plenty for most people.

This box is really easy to set up. You can just plug it into your TV’s USB port and install the necessary drivers through Google Play. From there you can download a launcher app to customize the home screen and start browsing the web.

There are also a few pre-installed games you can play, and it supports both Android TV and Google Assistant. So if you want to use voice control for your TV, this is a great option. The Max X3 is a pretty solid TV box, but we have a couple of complaints about it.

⭐ Customer Review

“Package not damaged, well bubble wrapped. Full items in. Have yet to try. Can improve on faster shipping.”

9. TX3 Mini Android TV Box

TX3 Android tv box
TX3 Android tv box Singapore

TX3 Mini Android TV Box / IPTV 6K Syber 8K Premium Subscription for Android TV Box Malaysia Singapore Support

Price from: $35.90

The TX3 box is a new, revolutionary TV-Box that will allow you to access numerous IPTV services on the internet with an easy setup.

You can watch your favorite movies and series in HD or 4K image quality easily through Kodi application which comes preinstalled!

It’s perfect for those looking for an innovative way of watching content from their own home.


  • No.1 Hot Selling Product in Malaysia.
  • 1000+ Live IPTV TV programs.
  • 8000+ Movies / Dramas / Series.
  • 7 days playback function.
  • Program guideline EPG.
  • Suitable for all races.
  • Can use with Android Phones / Android car player / Android Tablets / Android TV and TV Box. (Android version 5.0 and above)
  • Multi-Device access (one at a time)

⭐ Customer Review

“Tried the trial version and found the streams to be stable and good quality. Good mix of sports channels with euro 2021, nba and ufc programmes. Throw in channels with movies, variety, drama, news from Korea, China, Taiwan, Sg, msia, USA etc. Easy and fast setup with detailed instructions by seller.”

10. Unblock UBOX9 PRO MAX TV Box Android Box

Unblock tech tv box
Unblock Tech TV Box Android Box


Price from: $288.00

The new Android 10.0 is the latest operating system for your Gen 7 Pro S and it comes with a user-friendly interface, as well as faster processing speeds than ever before!

You’re able to control how much RAM you need or upgrade from 2GB of memory to 4GB (Gen 8 Pro Max) so that multitasking doesn’t slow down.

And thanks to Google Play Protect’s built-in malware protection, all apps are automatically scanned by our Security Engine when installed at runtime in order keep your device safe while downloading content from third party sources.”


The UNBLOCK TV box has a variety of features to make it the best choice for all your entertainment needs. The HDMI Out port makes it easier than ever to stream and view content from devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones or game consoles straight onto your television screen!

With an AV Output you can also use this device with other equipment in order to enjoy everything at home like surround sound speakers that provide unbelievably crisp audio quality without any interference whatsoever from unwanted sources.

And don’t forget about USB Port which lets you connect external drives so that they are available whenever needed – perfect if someone who is going on vacation wants one last showing before leaving town!

⭐ Customer Review

“Fastest delivery ever. Ordered yesterday and received today. Other than no batteries included for the remote control, the tv box works as per described. Picture quality is good. Streaming speed is also smooth when connected via Ethernet cable. Lastly, good customer service.”

11. T95 Android 10.0 TV Box 6K 4K 1080P

T95 Android TV Box
T95 Android 10.0 TV Box 6K 4K 1080P

T95 Android 10.0 TV Box 6K 4K 1080P Youtube Netflix H616 Quad Core 4GB 32GB 64GB H.265 Wifi 2.4G Media Player Set Top Box

Price: $32.99 – $65.49

The T95 TV Box is the perfect device for any home. With its HD-MI2.0 broadband up to 18Gbps, you will be able to enjoy a better 6K resolution and much clearer definition than with traditional 1.4 interface data throughputs!

You can also sync your Android or iOS devices in order share movies, music, photos on the big screen using DLNA/Airplay technology – it’s never been easier or more convenient!

The Android 10.0 TV Box is easy to set up and operate with a clear, user-friendly interface that will allow you to indulge in hours of high definition viewing on Youtube or Netflix while streaming all your favorite movies straight from the internet!

H6 tv box is the latest product in H series. The power consumption of this device has been greatly reduced, and it can play 6K video for a long time without heat dissipation problems!

Compared with previous generations of products, the new generation image engine on our smart TV provides you with an even better visual experience at home or work.


  • (Private model) OS: Android10 KD 18.1 WIFI 2 .4G 3D Hardward supports Decoder
  • H616 Quad Core CPU cortex-A53
  • GPU Mali G31 MP2
  • FLASH 16 /32/ 64GB
  • SDRAM 2/4 GB
  • Power supply DC 5V/2A

⭐ Customer Review

“Take a while to receive. Didn’t realise it is not Wifi 5Ghz in the beginning until now. Overall still very good if playing video using network cable. Just wondering why there is random popping noise when playing video from network drive.”

12. X96Q Smart TV Box Android 10.0 4K

X96Q Smart TV Box Android 10.0 4K

X96Q Smart TV Box Android 10.0 4K

Price from: $27.66

And it still remains one of the best TV box choices you can get for your money. Why? Because it’s easy to use, has a long-lasting battery, and offers great value for money. Let’s start with the specs: The X96Q comes with a quad-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory.

It supports H.265 decoding and encoding, which is an important feature if you have a newer TV that supports 4K Ultra HD resolution. It also has a microSD card slot that supports up to 128GB, so you can expand its memory even further if needed.

Installation-wise, the X96Q comes with a microUSB cable that you use to charge the unit, as well as an Ethernet cable that you use to connect the box to your home network.

You can also use the provided USB cable to connect the box to your computer if you need to use its microUSB port for something else.

It has two built-in antennas for better WiFi connectivity, and it has a 10/100M Ethernet port for wired networking if needed. This is a great little box that’s easy to set up and use, and offers great value for money. I highly recommend it.

⭐ Customer Review

“Fast delivery than expected. Works perfectly. Worth for the price paid.”

13. TX6S Android 10.0 TV Box

TX6S Android 10.0 TV Box

TX6S Android 10.0 TV Box

Price from: $68

The TX6S is a new TV box comes with dual core processing power. The TX6S is much more powerful for those who like to play games and use their TV box as a gaming device.

It’s also compatible with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, so you can easily connect it to a router or mobile hotspot, and stream content from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

There are two HDMI ports and an Ethernet port on the side of the box, and it comes with a built-in IR remote that you can use to control all the features on your TV box.

The box itself has a metal frame that protects it from damage, and it’s also IP67 certified for dust and water resistance. The box supports Android 10, so you can download apps from Google Play, as well as third-party apps like Netflix.

⭐ Customer Review

“Item received in good condition. Have yet to try it out. Other than that, item looks fine.”

14. X88PRO 10 4GB+64GB Android 11.0 TV Box

X88PRO 10 4GB+64GB Android 11.0 TV Box

X88PRO 10 4GB+64GB Android 11.0 TV Box

Price from: $59.50

This little box is perfect for people who want to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime without having to pay for a cable subscription.

It also works as a regular old web browser, which makes it useful for general surfing too. The only downside is that it only has a 4GB storage, which means that you’ll have to keep deleting stuff to make room for all your movies and TV shows.

⭐ Customer Review

“Received the android box in a few days. Could have been faster not because of peak festive period. Product came in good condition. Setup was easy and straightforward. Most google apps are preinstalled. One nice app to watch movie was installed. Only issue is that don’t know why can’t find Disney+ apps in the Google playstore?…”

15. EVPAD 5 Max, Plus TV BOX 6k

EVPAD 5 Max, Plus TV BOX 6k
EVPAD 5 Max, Plus TV BOX 6k

SG Next day EVPAD 5P 5S 3S EVPAD 5 Max, Plus TV BOX 6k

Price: $156.42 – $255.00

The EVPAD 5 Max TV box is the all-in-one entertainment solution that you’ve been waiting for.

With 8 cores CPU+GPU, 4 CPUs +4 GPUs and 6K picture quality supported as well as Dolby 3D BLU RAY support with HDR10 AND sound, this machine can handle anything from gaming to movies seamlessly.

They have recently developed EVPA, an innovative new 4K UHD TV system for commercial applications. It includes a complete software package with its own operating system, various integrated application menus as well as multiple preinstalled modules for specific purposes such 3D gaming or running Windows 10 IoT Core on top of Linux OS (Ubuntu 16).


  • Built with 8 Cores CPU+GPU, 6K picture
  • Dobly & 3D BLU RAY supported
  • 4CPU+4GPU
  • 6K Picture Quality

⭐ Customer Review

“Came well packed. The free gift is a wireless mouse. Wires setup was easy but the software installation was abit challenging. Need to view their YouTube video then understand. However, some movies that I watch was abit lagging, otherwise there’s so many channels to watch. Highly recommended to buy.”

More About Android TV Box Singapore

What is an Android TV box?

It is an external box that can be connected to any TV / Screen via HDMI (most common method) to upgrade your screen to a wide choice of entertainment!

When you think of android tv box Singapore, what comes to mind? A new way to stream your favourite shows on the go?

How about a solid device that will work well with cable TV and Netflix for those who like their media traditional? Whatever it is, android tv boxes are an excellent option for heavy media consumers.

There’s no need to worry about how much storage space is left or if the internet connection has been lost – android tv boxes come equipped with all of these features and more!

Why should you get an Android TV Box?

There are many reasons why you should definitely invest in an android tv box at home!

For instant, if your TV is an old model, chances are it might not be smart enough to be able to have applications like Netflix or Disney+. With an added android tv box, now you can!

You can even surf popular apps like Youtube to view your videos on the big screen as compared to your laptop or desktop.

With access to the Google Play Store (android), you can also download apps, social media, and more! It depends whether your TV will be able to support it and the box is powerful enough.

In terms of value, it is definitely cheaper to connect an external tv box to your current screen because a new smart TV will definitely set you back at least $600+ from Prism+.

So you should definitely get yourself one!

What to look out for when buying your Android TV Box?

#1: Processor

Processor of the android box refers to the performance speed of the device itself. If you hate slow (who doesn’t?) and laggy browsing, definitely purchase an android box with a higher processor capacity.

As a general guideline, different products will display different names for their processor, so make sure you google them to understand what they mean (because every product will mention that their android box is fast)

#2: Storage Space

If you did not know by now, android tv boxes will need to be connected to wifi to receive any data.

If you happen to bring your android tv boxes to a place with no connectivity, this is where storage space comes in handy.

You will be able to store videos, games or information on your tv box and be able to access to it without any connection, offline.

Get one with at least 64gb internal storage space to store enough videos so you do not have to keep clearing your files to make way for new ones!

#3: Operating system

Operating system also known as the OS is also an important part of the device.

The newer the OS, the longer you know your android box will be able to last with the updates that is going to be supported for the current device.

#4: Connectivity

If you have a super fast processor and high storage and memory space but poor connectivity, then you will still face delays and lags from streaming!

So definitely check that the latest device has a strong inbuilt connectivity for wifi to ensure smooth streaming experience.

If your wifi router is far from the room you are using the android box, do consider purchasing the ethernet cable to get a more solid connection.

#5: Google Play Store

We highly recommend buying a box with Google Play Store. This way, you will be able to download the latest apps available in the store.

For example, Disney+ was just released couple of months back but if you do not have access to download, it will definitely be a hassle to get it onto your box and thus have access.

With this things to look out for, let’s look at some of the best android tv boxes that you can purchase!

#6: Features

Look for an android tv box has a keyboard that is easy to use and touchpad control for scrolling through the interface.

Make sure your android tv boxes are compatible with screen mirroring, meaning you can stream your online shows through your android tv box to your TV.

Bonus feature includes android tv boxes have a ton of different features, such as the ability to play games and use apps for social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Android TV Boxes in Singapore.

What Is An Android TV box?

It is an external box that can be connected to any TV / Screen via HDMI (most common method) to upgrade your screen to a wide choice of entertainment!

What To Look Out For When Buying Your Android TV Box?

#1: Processor
#2: Storage Space
#3: Operating system
#4: Connectivity
#5: Google Play Store
#6: Features

What Channels Do You Get With Android TV Box?

You can get access to premium channels with Android TV Boxes. You can enjoy Pay-per-view content and the latest movies that were released. You can also access sports channels to keep up with the exciting games.

Does An Android Box Need WiFi?

You need an internet connection. WiFi is the common way to connect to the internet. But you can also use an ethernet via cable to have internet.


We hope this article has helped you understand the best Android TV box Singapore.

If you’re still unsure about which one is right for your needs, don’t worry! Take a look at our handy list of features on each device and find out what’s important to you.

With all these options available now, there really is an Android TV box Singapore that will suit everyone’s budget and viewing preferences.

So browse through the different devices below and find the perfect gadget for yourself or someone special in your life! Do you own any of these TV Boxes or planning to? Then you definitely will not have to worry about your purchases!

If you love Android TV Boxes, check out other related articles to Android TV Boxes in Singapore!

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