14 Best POS System in Singapore For Businesses (2023)

Discover Singapore’s best POS system for retail businesses, offering a seamless point of sale experience with the best POS system in Singapore.

✅ Last Updated on May 13, 2023

Best POS System in Singapore

POS System Singapore

Are you looking for the ideal POS system in Singapore to help you grow your company? For your convenience, we have put together a list of the top POS systems in Singapore. These innovative solutions will improve your overall efficiency and profitability while streamlining your regular operations.

Why? because they provide a wide range of capabilities that are geared to your particular needs, like customer relationship management, sales tracking, and inventory management.

Because of their dedication to assisting you in achieving unmatched accomplishment in your field, we like these companies. You can anticipate nothing less than quality from their cutting-edge technologies and intuitive UI.

We think they are the ideal fit for you since they fully appreciate the benefits of a smooth and effective POS system for your company. So go ahead and investigate these fantastic possibilities to see which one best meets your needs, then watch as your company soars to new heights!

Factors To Consider When Choosing POS System in Singapore

  • Seamless Integration: Choose a POS system that integrates easily with your accounting, inventory, and CRM applications. In the busy Singapore market, this will streamline operations and save time on manual activities.
  • User-friendly Interface: Choose a POS system with a simple interface so your personnel can learn and adapt fast. Singapore has considerable personnel turnover, therefore this is crucial. User-friendly POS systems reduce training time and boost productivity.
  • Customizability and Scalability: Your Singapore POS system should expand with your business. Choose a customizable solution that can grow or shrink with your business.
  • Robust Security: In digitally connected Singapore, protecting your customers’ data and transactions is important. Choose a POS with end-to-end encryption and safe data storage. This protects your firm from cyberattacks and builds client trust.
  • Finally, find a POS system provider with reliable technical support and customer service. Singapore’s fast-paced, competitive corporate environment makes this crucial. Fast and effective service will solve problems and keep your business running smoothly.

Best POS System in Singapore (2023)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the best POS System in Singapore. Our findings are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

🏆 Best Overall

Epos - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter


EPOS offers a wide range of POS systems that cater to various industries, including retail, F&B, and minimart, with features designed to improve service and efficiency.

✅ Pricing: 5/5

✅ Quality: 5/5

✅ Customer Service: 5/5

⭐ Our Rating Score: 5/5

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Megapos Pos System - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter

MegaPOS POS System

The cloud POS system by MEGAPOS offers up to a 50% grant subsidy for businesses, making it an affordable choice for both small cafes and large restaurant chains.

✅ Pricing: 4.5/5

✅ Quality: 5/5

✅ Customer Service: 5/5

⭐ Our Rating Score: 4.8/5

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Best Tailored Option

Edgeworks Solutions Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter

Edgeworks Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Their expert team listens to their customers’ pain points and offers tailored solutions to meet their needs, ensuring their customers’ satisfaction.

✅ Pricing: 4.5/5

✅ Quality: 4.5/5

✅ Customer Service: 5/5

⭐ Our Rating Score: 4.7/5

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1. EPOS POS System

Epos - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
⭐ DescriptionEPOS, founded in 2009, is a leading software developer. We aim to provide SMEs with comprehensive and cost-effective IT solutions. We are one of the top three point-of-sale companies in Singapore and a PSG Singapore pre-approved POS vendor. Our systems are used in over 60 different industries, including major Singapore government agencies and MNCs.
📌 AddressLocated in: Thye Hong Centre
Address: 2 Leng Kee Rd, #02-07 Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6871 8833
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 9:00am-7:00pm
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

You’ll love EPOS POS System because it’s designed to cater to various industries, making it the perfect choice for over 4,000 business owners in Singapore. Recognized as one of the top POS vendors, their mission aligns with helping small businesses grow through technology.

EPOS offers industry-specific POS systems, such as retail, food and beverage, and minimart, which are equipped with features to increase sales and efficiency. Their POS systems are also suitable for a wide range of businesses, from phone shops to e-commerce.

What we like about EPOS is their dedication to constantly improving their products based on customer feedback. This ensures that their POS systems remain relevant and effective, empowering businesses like yours to thrive. With EPOS, you can expect increased sales, improved operational efficiency, and stronger customer loyalty. So, give EPOS a try and take your business to the next level!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • EPOS is the go-to choice for over 4,000 business owners across Singapore, recognized by the Infocomm Media Development Authority as one of the top POS vendors in Singapore.
  • Their mission is to empower small businesses with a wide range of technology to increase sales, improve operational efficiency, and build customer loyalty.
  • EPOS offers a wide range of POS systems that cater to various industries, including retail, F&B, and minimart, with features designed to improve service and efficiency.
  • Their CRM module allows businesses to assign packages to customers, deduct sessions, and process vouchers efficiently, while their inventory system allows for bulk or individual product sales and tracking of multiple warehouses.
  • EPOS is dedicated to constantly improving their products based on feedback and suggestions from their customers, making them the perfect choice for any business owner looking to take their business to the next level.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“System is comprehensive and straightforward to use. The training team (Clarissa) and sales team (Yuan Min) were both prompt and helpful in the whole sales and setup process.”

2. MegaPOS POS System

Megapos Pos System - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
MegaPOS POS System
⭐ DescriptionWe help merchants digitalise operations, retain customers, and grow revenues via our MegaPOS suite of solutions. A team that is passionate and committed to bringing productivity to SMEs.
📌 AddressLocated in: Singapore Business Federation
Address: 160 Robinson Rd, #26-02 SBF Office Building, Singapore 068914
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6224 5788
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:30pm
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

In our analysis, MEGAPOS stands out as a top choice for businesses in Singapore seeking a cutting-edge POS system. The cloud-based system offers amazing features tailored to your needs, regardless of your industry – be it food and beverage, retail, or beauty and wellness.

What we love most is the versatility, catering to businesses of all sizes. The cloud POS system is particularly beneficial for you because of the up to 50% grant subsidy, helping you save on costs. MEGAPOS also provides innovative solutions like the Hybrid POS + Kiosk system, perfect for those with limited space.

Integrating with platforms like GrabFood and offering CRM solutions, MEGAPOS streamlines your operations efficiently, allowing you to focus on providing the best experience for your customers. We believe MEGAPOS is the ideal choice for taking your business to new heights!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • MEGAPOS is a leading POS system vendor in Singapore, offering reliable solutions for businesses in the food and beverage, retail, and beauty and wellness industries.
  • The cloud POS system by MEGAPOS offers up to a 50% grant subsidy for businesses, making it an affordable choice for both small cafes and large restaurant chains.
  • With MEGAPOS, businesses in the food and beverage industry can streamline their ordering process with self-ordering kiosks, QR ordering systems, and online ordering through GrabFood.
  • For businesses in the retail industry, MEGAPOS offers optimized retail POS systems with features like cashless payment integration and inventory management.
  • MEGAPOS also offers innovative solutions like the Hybrid POS + Kiosk system, which combines a cloud POS system and a self-order kiosk in one, making it perfect for F&B businesses with space constraints.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Very happy with the system. We had Bryan assist with all the set-up from the beginning. Very helpful guy. MEGAPOS is one of the best and very easy to use for F&B operations. I would recommend it to anyone who is starting up a F&B business.”

3. Edgeworks Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Edgeworks Solutions Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Edgeworks Solutions Pte Ltd
⭐ DescriptionEdgeworks Solutions provides end-to-end business solutions to boost your sales and productivity, with PSG and EDG grant solutions available. Over the past 15 years, we have helped more than thousands of companies in Southeast Asia. Our POS systems are designed for retail, food and beverage, wholesale, the beauty industry, and multi-outlet chain stores.
📌 AddressLocated in: CT Hub
Address: 2 Kallang Ave, #08-10 CT Hub @ Kallang, Singapore 339407
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6750 4498
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 10:00am-7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

Edgeworks Solutions Pte. Ltd. is a top choice for POS systems in Singapore because of their 15 years of experience and proven track record in helping businesses grow. You’ll benefit from their tailored solutions and expertise in various industries, such as retail, F&B, beauty, and wholesale.

Their scalable POS systems integrate with other platforms for seamless sales processes and offer unique features like self-checkout kiosks for improved customer experience. Additionally, their EQuip Inventory and EQuip Rewards systems help you manage inventory and customer loyalty effectively.

We love that Edgeworks Solutions has a global presence but still offers personalized services. Choose them for your POS needs and see your business reach new heights. Request a quote today for a customized solution!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Edgeworks Solutions has over 15 years of experience in providing POS systems in Singapore, making them a trusted choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • Their expert team listens to their customers’ pain points and offers tailored solutions to meet their needs, ensuring their customers’ satisfaction.
  • They offer a range of POS solutions that cater to different industries, including retail, F&B, beauty, and wholesale, with customised features to help streamline sales, inventory, and customer loyalty management.
  • Their POS solutions are scalable, enabling businesses to start small and grow their operations as they expand, and they offer features like self-checkout kiosks and real-time business insights to enhance the customer experience and make informed decisions quickly.
  • Edgeworks Solutions has a global presence with a local touch, serving customers in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and offering professional services and tailored solutions to improve their customers’ operations.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Coming from a bad POS system, the difference in service and features available is astronomical. We are looking to set up our second outlet, and we definitely will make Edgework our first choice to set it up, as well as for our future businesses.”

4. Sapaad Pte Ltd

Sapaad Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Sapaad Pte Ltd
⭐ DescriptionSapaad is a cloud-based restaurant management solution. Sapaad works great for small cafes and multi-chain restaurants. Sapaad does walk-in, dine-in, home delivery, and online orders. Our affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model fits every budget. Sapaad is user-friendly and device-agnostic; there are no IT headaches. Restaurant-optimized inventory management, recipe management, menu engineering, call center management, a live business dashboard, a kitchen display system, food ordering platform integration, and lots more. 
📌 AddressAddress: 101 Cecil St, #19-01 Tong Eng Building, Singapore 069533
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6224 0777
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 10:00am-7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 Pricing2-Year Plan: $39.99 / Month + 12 Months Free
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

Sapaad’s all-in-one POS system has been a game-changer for thousands of satisfied customers, including renowned restaurants like Johnny Rockets, Sumo Sushi & Bento, and Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria. Their powerful cloud-based platform lets you manage everything from sales and inventory to deliveries and accounting with ease. You’ll love the customizable orders, multilingual menus, and offline mode features that make it accessible and user-friendly.

We were impressed by the table management capabilities, allowing you to customize layouts, take orders directly on tablets, and monitor your restaurant’s performance. Sapaad’s inventory management and integrated CRM system also make it a breeze to track customer profiles, order history, and preferences. Plus, their gold-standard KDS design improves kitchen efficiency, food quality, and service speed.

Overall, Sapaad’s POS system is the perfect choice for restaurants aiming to grow revenue and enhance customer experiences. Because of its secure payment gateways and device-agnostic support, we highly recommend trying Sapaad today!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Sapaad’s cloud-based POS system is trusted by thousands of satisfied customers, including big names like Johnny Rockets, Sumo Sushi & Bento, and Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria.
  • This all-in-one POS system lets you manage every aspect of your restaurant with incredible ease, from sales and inventory to deliveries and accounting.
  • With support for web, Android, and iOS platforms, Sapaad is fully device-agnostic and even operates in offline mode.
  • Sapaad’s POS system includes powerful table management features, allowing you to fully customize table layouts, take orders directly on a tablet, and access all running orders on one screen.
  • With a gold-standard KDS design, Sapaad’s kitchen display system is fully synchronized with their POS system, improving efficiency, food quality, and speed of service.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

One of best cloud based POS available in the market. Very satisfied with the product features and customer support.

5. Qashier

Qashier Experience Centre - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Qashier Experience Centre
⭐ DescriptionQashier readies businesses for the digital economy by empowering them with one integrated smart point-of-sale and payment solution. Accomplish more with a suite of powerful cloud-based software, including customer loyalty, inventory management, an online ordering system, and other offline-to-online tools. By pairing technology with a strong commitment to merchant success, Qashier helps SMEs increase revenue, streamline operations, and scale their businesses.
📌 AddressAddress: 988 Toa Payoh N, #03-08, Singapore 319002
☎️ ContactPhone+65 3163 2195
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:30pm
💵 PricingEssential: $56 / Month
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

Qashier’s POS system is perfect for F&B, beauty, retail, and service businesses like yours because it’s easy to use and offers an all-in-one solution. We love that it provides one terminal for taking orders, accepting payments, printing receipts, and tracking sales. Plus, Qashier’s excellent local customer support ensures smooth operations for your business.

Qashier’s powerful cloud software enables you to manage your business remotely, keeping track of transactions, inventory, and customer loyalty programs. With the possibility of up to 50% off, this comprehensive POS package is incredibly affordable for Singapore’s SMEs.

Qashier also offers tailored solutions like QashierEats and QashierPay, catering to the specific needs of your business. Overall, Qashier is a simple, efficient, and effective choice, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Say goodbye to outdated and complicated point-of-sale systems with Qashier, the all-in-one device for managing operations, payments, and more.
  • Qashier offers the easiest POS to use, specialized for F&B, beauty, retail, and service businesses, so you can set it up and start selling in just minutes.
  • With Qashier, you can take orders, accept payments, print receipts, and track your sales—all from one sleek device, making business operations smoother than ever.
  • Qashier offers best-in-class local customer support, with 7-days-a-week service to ensure you always have the help you need.
  • Singapore’s SMEs can qualify for up to 50% off Qashier POS, meaning an entire POS package that covers hardware, software, setup, and support, all for just $4.50 per day, empowering SMEs to succeed in today’s digital economy.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“POS system gives me confidence as it is easy, user-friendly, and efficient for us as a newly set-up food stall.”

6. EISOL Pte Ltd

Eisol Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
⭐ DescriptionEISOL provides a F&B and retail point-of-sale (POS) system to help restaurants with digital transformation. Our F&B POS and digital ordering solution consists of a cashier system, waiter ordering system, KDS, self-ordering kiosk, QR code digital ordering system, and membership and reward systems (Rewardly). For retail, we are partnering with Lightspeed retail POS (formerly Vend), Lightspeed eCommerce (Ecwid), and our proprietary EIX platform to help retailers submit sales to the shopping mall. EISOL currently supports about 1,000 clients, including food and beverage, retail, and salon clients, on a day-to-day basis by providing technical support, POS software integration, and custom software development. EISOL is also one of the IMDA’s pre-approved vendors for the PSG grant.
📌 AddressAddress: 10 Ubi Cres, #07-90 Ubi Techpark, Singapore 408564
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6681 6538
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Saturday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

EISOL’s Eats365 POS system is the perfect solution for your F&B business, as it offers a comprehensive, integrated platform that simplifies operations and accelerates growth. With its always-online functionality, you can manage your business seamlessly, even during internet outages. The system’s flexibility allows you to cater to different types of customers, while its advanced kitchen management system ensures efficient and smooth operations.

Additionally, Eats365 prioritizes customer satisfaction with multi-language support, self-service kiosks, and customizable receipts. The platform also focuses on staff management and empowers your team with essential tools, such as clocking in and out and role-based access. By offering better decision-making, enhanced customer loyalty, and a reliable platform, Eats365 helps you build a loyal customer base and take your business to the next level.

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Eats365 is the most complete F&B POS system in the market, with all modules, features, and functionality running through the same system, accelerating F&B business growth like never before.
  • Even when your internet is down, your business is always online with Eats365’s seamless integration system, ensuring that all data is saved and uploaded to the cloud as soon as the internet is back.
  • Eats365’s comprehensive printer settings, customizable receipt printing, and efficient order taking make running your business easier and more efficient than ever before.
  • With user and security group management, clocking in and out, and role-based access, Eats365 empowers your staff and makes it easy to track their data from anywhere.
  • Eats365’s modernized kitchen management system, multi-language support, and enhanced customer loyalty features make it easier to build a loyal customer base and take your business to the next level.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Our salesman, Leslie, helped us throughout the whole process. Hassle-free and easy access to the system whenever or wherever There’s an option for the QR code for our customers to order (especially during this pandemic).”

7. iCHEF CO., LTD.

Ichef Co. Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
⭐ DescriptioniCHEF’s F&B business license consulting services are designed with small to medium businesses in mind. Our consultancy is for first-timers in the food business and growing F&B businesses that don’t have the additional manpower and time to figure out the application and compliance processes. We help startups and independent F&B businesses navigate the technical business setup process for the fastest results, providing advisory services every step of the way and avoiding common setbacks.
📌 AddressLocated in: Waterloo Centre
Address: 261 Waterloo St, #03-32, Singapore 180261
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6909 6149
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

The ideal POS system for you is iCHEF, which will improve the productivity and efficiency of your restaurant operations. In addition to being physically appealing, their inventive and award-winning design is brimming with functions that are suitable for a variety of companies, from cafés to food trucks.

You can really remain on top of your game with seamless delivery integration, real-time menu modifications, and precise order management. Easy table management, speedy order confirmations, and seamless staff communication are all made possible by the user-friendly interface.

Additionally, iCHEF’s enhanced takeaway management, a variety of payment choices, and in-depth promotional reports guarantee that you are always in charge of the success of your company. Choose iCHEF to transform the way you manage your business!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • iCHEF CO., LTD. is the industry leader in POS technology with over 8,000 restaurants using their iPad POS system in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
  • Their POS system is the only one to have won the prestigious iF Design Award, an honor that recognizes outstanding design across a range of industries.
  • iCHEF offers different versions of their POS system tailored to specific types of businesses, from cafes to full-service restaurants to food trucks and night market stalls.
  • The iCHEF POS system interface is user-friendly and packed with features that make running your restaurant a breeze, including delivery integration, table management, and optimized takeaway management.
  • Communication is seamless with iCHEF, designed to minimize errors and increase efficiency, with the ability to manage multiple payment modes and control discounts to ensure you’re still making a profit.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Easy to use, hassle-free, and bug-free, this POS is very customizable for restaurant use. Setup was well guided by iChef representatives, and technical support is always timely.”

8. IRMCS Pte Ltd

Irmcs Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
⭐ DescriptionIRMCS specializes in delivering seamless and real-time retail management, inventory control, POS, and CRM systems through advanced and dynamic Aralco Retail Systems created for vertical sectors in the retail industry.
📌 AddressAddress: No.16 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #05-02, Singapore 238965
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6272 8700
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

IRMCS Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that specializes in advanced Aralco Retail Systems, offering seamless and real-time retail management, inventory control, point of sale, and CRM systems. Their partnership with Wavetec FZCO allows them to deploy cloud-based electronic and virtual queue management solutions for various industries.

We love how IRMCS understands your business needs and provides customized digital solutions to enhance your operations and deliver results. Their smarter POS system ensures uninterrupted cashiering, while their flexible Aralco Mobile System is perfect for on-the-go stock processing and sales transactions.

With IRMCS, you can manage your inventory, process payments, and print receipts from any Android or iOS device, streamlining your retail operations and driving customer satisfaction. So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, IRMCS Pte Ltd is the perfect choice for you!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • IRMCS Pte Ltd is the one-stop solution for all your retail needs, offering advanced and dynamic Aralco Retail Systems, seamless inventory control, and real-time retail management.
  • With their customized digital solutions, IRMCS partners with companies to enhance productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction throughout their operations in diverse retail sectors.
  • The Aralco Mobile System links your mobile phones or any handheld computer terminals to communicate directly with the main central DB server, allowing you to manage your inventory and process sales transactions from anywhere.
  • The Wavetec cloud-based electronic and virtual queue management solutions shorten waiting times and drive customer satisfaction, providing a seamless customer experience.
  • IRMCS Pte Ltd is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes and types, offering cutting-edge software solutions that drive efficiency, profitability, and customer experience.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

It has a reliable and useful ARALCO POS for time attendance, verified goods exchanges, and returns with secured controls, and its event POS is robust with a small footprint, which is perfect for mobility. I am strongly recommending Aralco to everyone.

9. Reach POS Asia Pte Ltd

Reach Pos Asia Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Reach POS Asia Pte Ltd
⭐ DescriptionReach POS Asia is the most straightforward, smart, and cloud-based point of sale system built for restaurants, the foodservice industry, and retail businesses based in Singapore.
📌 AddressLocated in: Ubi Techpark
Address: 10 Ubi Cres, Lobby B Ubi Techpark, #06-27, Singapore 408564
☎️ ContactPhone+65 9337 9513
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingAll-in-One POS System: $2,800.00
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

Reach POS Asia’s innovative, user-friendly platform is perfect for you, as it’s designed specifically for restaurants, food service businesses, and retail stores in Singapore.

You’ll love their all-in-one device that includes order taking, food delivery, queue management, and more, ensuring smooth operation and increased efficiency. Plus, their smart POS system offers amazing features like real-time stock management, promotion and discount management, and customer relationship management, which will help you boost sales and improve the customer experience.

Reach POS Asia’s commitment to continuous growth and expansion means they are always ahead of the curve, offering the best possible solutions for your business. Trust us, with Reach POS Asia, you can streamline your operations and take your customer experience to new heights.

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Reach POS Asia Pte Ltd offers an all-in-one device that includes order taking, food delivery, queuing system, inventory management, membership loyalty, and in-store data reporting, making it a one-stop-shop for all your business needs.
  • The easy-to-use platform supports various Android OS versions and has a multitouch, capacitive touch display interface that makes for much smoother operation. Plus, the elegant design is all-in-one, with a tool-free display that can tilt up to 60 degrees.
  • Retail businesses can take advantage of the smart POS system that allows for real-time stock management, online browsing, purchase history, and pre-orders, making it easier to manage inventory and increase same-store sales.
  • F&B businesses can enjoy easy setup and customization with a modern cloud-based POS. The powerful interface allows for easy real-time stock management, sales inventory, reporting, data security, and more, helping to reduce wait times and improve the customer experience.
  • With continuous innovation and growth, Reach POS Asia has already expanded into multiple countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Whether you’re a small business just starting or a large chain looking to streamline your operations, Reach POS Asia has the tools and support you need to succeed.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

I approached Reach POS to set up a POS system for my friend’s restaurant. Reach POS demonstrated their POS software in a very pleasant way! Great response and customer service.

10. Integrated Retail Pte Ltd.

Integrated Retail Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Integrated Retail Pte Ltd.
⭐ DescriptionWe enable retailers to scale, grow, and create more impact. Whatever IT solutions your retail business needs, whether it is software, process enhancements, or training to drive productivity, we are here to help you grow.
📌 AddressLocated in: Marina Square
Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, #03-308 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
☎️ ContactPhone+65 8180 8504
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

The experts at Integrated Retail Pte Ltd are aware of how crucial a flawless and effective POS system is to your company. Their fully functional omnichannel software not only helps you succeed in the new era of commerce but also covers design and content. They provide a rapid, efficient, and adaptable retail POS system that makes it simple to issue and manage gift certificates, gift cards, and store credits.

Additionally, you’ll profit from their excellent customer loyalty program, which enables you to categorize and study your customers, and their thorough inventory management system, which keeps track of your products from beginning to end. The ability to conduct business internationally and its integration with well-known ERP systems make this possible.

In addition to providing a vast report library and a personnel management system, Integrated Retail places a high priority on security and configuration, ensuring your company is always safe. Their POS and unified commerce technology, Youcegid Retail Y2, which is cloud-native and offers a smooth omnichannel experience, is made exclusively for speciality merchants.

We think Integrated Retail is the best option for your Singapore-based company since its all-inclusive POS system will improve customer service, streamline operations, and help you grow. Don’t pass up the chance to work with them to influence the direction of retail!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Over 3000 successful POS implementations and over 200 satisfied clients prove Integrated Retail Pte Ltd. is the go-to for reliable and comprehensive POS system solutions in Singapore.
  • Full-featured omnichannel POS software, omnichannel marketing software, customer loyalty software, ecommerce loyalty software, and inventory management system software means businesses are covered from design to digital.
  • The customer loyalty program is second to none, allowing businesses to segment customers by demographics, buying behavior, and geographic location to ensure the most loyal customers are rewarded.
  • The inventory management system is extensive, with multi-company inventory tracking that tracks the full product life cycle, and the system optimizes merchandise replenishment for businesses.
  • Security and configuration are a priority, with strong audit controls and a secure Oracle database engine ensuring businesses are always safe. Plus, the cloud-native POS and unified commerce platform offers new ways to sell, serve, and fulfill orders.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

It’s great working with the IR team and solving problems for retailers, enhancing their productivity and profitability. If you need retail systems that allow you to grow and operate at scale, do get in touch with the Integrated Retail Team.

11. Weebo Pte Ltd

Weebo Pte.ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Weebo Pte. Ltd.
⭐ DescriptionWeebo Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based start-up point-of-sale (POS) company established in 2013. Weebo is now led by a passionate team with the vision of servicing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and sole proprietorships as a POS provider that provides truly entrepreneurial solutions. With our cloud-based POS solution, business owners can view live sales reports with real-time data captured.
📌 AddressAddress: 33 Ubi Ave 3, #06-23 Vertex, Singapore 408868
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6850 5177
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Thursday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Friday: 9:30am-5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingKybio POS: $2,572 excl. GST (Basic)
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

Weebo Pte Ltd. is the answer to your POS needs! Their cloud-based solution not only offers real-time data but also focuses on consumer-centric software and products to ensure your business grows. And because they’re a pre-approved PSG vendor, you can enjoy up to 80% cost savings.

We love how Weebo’s POS solutions are tailored for various industries, from food and beverage to service and retail. Their user-friendly interface simplifies business management, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. Plus, their portable and reliable event POS systems keep queues moving and maximize sales.

Choose Weebo for a POS system that truly understands your needs and delivers results. Experience the benefits of their innovative, intuitive, and affordable solutions today!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Real-time data capture: Weebo’s cloud-based POS solution allows business owners to view live sales reports at any time, ensuring they always have up-to-date information to make informed decisions.
  • Affordable solutions: As a pre-approved PSG vendor, eligible SMEs can claim up to 80% of Weebo’s costs as part of the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) program, making their top-notch POS solutions affordable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Streamlined processes: With over 800 businesses across multiple sectors using Weebo’s POS and payment solutions to streamline their processes, business owners can save time and focus on growing their businesses.
  • Customizable solutions: Weebo’s POS solutions are customizable to fit the needs of businesses in different sectors, from food and beverage to retail, service, and events. This ensures that businesses get the most out of their POS system.
  • User-friendly interface: Weebo’s user-friendly POS system allows business owners to manage every aspect of their business via a sleek interface, from accessing sales data to checking inventory levels, making it easy for even non-technical users to use.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Thankful for the help and support from the Weebo team in helping my small biz to upgrade our current systems to improve productivity and visibility. The whole process was done seamlessly, and the team showed patience and care throughout. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in need of any biz solutions. Thank you, and God bless.”

12. Epoint Systems Pte Ltd

Epoint Systems Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Epoint Systems Pte Ltd
⭐ DescriptionEpoint Systems provides a one-stop solution such as point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and web ordering solutions for F&B, retail, quick serve, and night spots.
📌 AddressAddress: #02-09 Trade Hub 21, 8 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609964
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6100 6300
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

Epoint Systems Pte Ltd is an excellent choice for businesses in Singapore, offering a PSG Grant of up to 50% and a comprehensive range of POS and IT solutions. They cater to various industries, including fine dining, quick serve establishments, bars, clubs, and retail merchandise. Their customizable POS system, inventory management, self-ordering kiosk, and consulting services make managing your business a breeze.

What we love about Epoint Systems is their commitment to providing tailored solutions for your business needs, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers. Their Cirrus BackOffice Solution, E-Waiter, E-Menu, and Kitchen Display System further enhance your operations, while their focus on employee well-being ensures quality products and services. Choose Epoint Systems for all your business’ POS and IT needs and experience the benefits for yourself!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Epoint Systems offers a PSG Grant of up to 50% to help Singapore businesses save on POS system and IT solutions costs.
  • Their comprehensive range of services caters to all types of businesses, from fine dining restaurants to retail merchandise stores.
  • Epoint Systems’ customizable POS system is easily integrated with various solutions, making it the perfect fit for any business.
  • Their Cirrus BackOffice Solution provides a one-stop solution for all your business needs, allowing you to manage your business anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Epoint Systems nurtures a healthy, creative, respectful, and fun office environment, ensuring their employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect customers and the quality of the products they produce.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Professional services, and they go the extra mile from installation to support.”

13. Suntoyo Technology Pte Ltd

Suntoyo Technology Pte Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Suntoyo Technology Pte Ltd
⭐ DescriptionSuntoyo Technology Pte Ltd is an IT industry service provider in Asia since 1981. Our fully integrated retail management solutions have served a wide range of businesses, such as food and beverage, spas and beauty salons, mini-marts, and supermarkets. Suntoyo mainly deals with cash registers and touch-screen-based point-of-sale machines. POS machines come with quality software and optional peripherals such as cash drawers, printers, barcode scanners, biometric security devices, etc.
📌 AddressLocated in: Techplace I
Address: 4012 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 569628
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6553 3855
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-3:00pm
Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

Suntoyo Technology Pte Ltd is a game-changer for your business, offering innovative and tailored point-of-sale solutions since 1981. Their Digital QR Ordering Solution can secure you up to 80% of the grant for F&B and retail solutions, making digital transformation more accessible than ever.

We love their user-friendly, SME-ready QR Online Ordering System designed specifically for food and beverage businesses. It automates order processing, allowing your staff to focus on customer service. Their web-based kitchen display system also streamlines operations and drives better results.

With Suntoyo, you get business intelligence reports, dashboard management, and analytics to boost efficiency and productivity. Their professional-grade infrastructure ensures data security, and their all-in-one solution covers every aspect of your digital journey.

Partner with Suntoyo because they have the experience and expertise to elevate your business and digitalize your operations successfully.

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Elevate your business with Suntoyo Technology Pte Ltd, a digital solution company that has been providing point-of-sale solutions for over three decades.
  • Claim up to 80% of the grant for F&B and retail solutions with Suntoyo’s Digital QR Ordering Solution.
  • Suntoyo’s in-house developed POS system is built to perform for your business requirements, with tailored expertise that suits your unique needs.
  • Suntoyo offers a range of integrated solutions, such as the QR Online Ordering System and web-based kitchen display system, that can profoundly affect your restaurant’s performance and help you drive better business results.
  • Suntoyo provides an all-in-one solution that includes a web-based QR ordering solution, middleware for the delivery platform, payment terminals, and an online payment gateway. Rest assured that your business is in good hands with Suntoyo.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“Suntoyo has proven themselves for being a reliable and responsive business partner. So far, we are very satisfied with their prompt reply and really appreciate their support in times of need. We will strongly recommend their service to anyone who is thinking of starting a retail or F&B business.”

14. Novitee Pte Ltd.

Novitee Pte. Ltd - One Of 14 Best Pos System In Singapore For Businesses | Morebetter
Novitee Pte. Ltd.
⭐ DescriptionNovitee has a whole suite of solutions that are suitable for any stage of your business. Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your business, Novitee is here to grow with you.
📌 AddressLocated in: Sakae Holdings
Address: 17 Jln Mesin, #05-01, Singapore 368816
☎️ ContactPhone+65 9853 3545
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingEnquire for pricing
🌐 Website & Social MediaWebsite

Novitee’s cutting-edge POS system is perfect for you, as it combines ease of use, functionality, and real-time data accessibility. We love that the user-friendly interface allows staff to quickly learn the system, and its seamless online-offline technology ensures zero downtime. The customizable and scalable solutions suit any business size, and the portable iPad POS enhances customer experience and staff efficiency.

You’ll benefit from valuable business insights, efficient inventory management, and sales trend analysis. The system’s integration capabilities, including GrabFood, streamline your operations, and it’s suitable for various F&B establishments. Partner with Novitee now and enjoy up to 80% government grants, because they have the complete omni-channel F&B solutions to elevate your business!

👍 Why You Should Choose Them

  • Novitee offers a state-of-the-art POS system that is built with ease-of-use and functionality in mind, allowing your staff to learn how to use it within minutes.
  • Novitee’s intelligent POS provides you with business insights to increase sales and decrease costs, making it easy to track inventory, monitor sales trends and calibrate your product offerings.
  • Novitee’s wide array of solutions allows you to seamlessly integrate other modules and applications within your POS system, making it easy to manage your orders and streamline your F&B operations.
  • Novitee’s portable POS is designed to empower your staff to provide superior service to your customers, allowing them to work more efficiently and provide an exceptional and memorable dining experience.
  • Partner with Novitee now to grow your business and take advantage of up to 80% of government grants, and level up your over-the-counter service, manage table turnover and outlet operations at your fingertips, and simplify the management of multiple outlets while you focus on expanding and growing your business.

⭐ Customer Reviews Based On Their Experience

“It is a very reliable POS system that is also user-friendly and has a very easy backend system to use. A shout-out to Lynn for being very responsive whenever we faced any issue and for being very patient with us with our many requests. I would highly recommend Novitee to all the new and old F&B vendors that are looking to either upgrade or buy a new POS system.”

More About POS System in Singapore

What Is a Point-of-Sale System?

A POS system helps firms to handle sales transactions, manage inventory, monitor staff performance, and produce data for better decision-making.

It serves as a digital replacement for manual record-keeping or conventional cash registers. In addition to enabling smooth transactions, the finest POS system in Singapore should also be simple to use, affordable, and easily customizable to your unique business requirements.

With so many alternatives on the market today, it’s critical to thoroughly examine each point-of-sale system to determine which one best fits your goals and needs.

Which POS System Features Are the Most Important for Your Business?

When selecting a point-of-sale solution in the Lion City, it is important to pinpoint the exceptional characteristics that will transform your company.

Focus on features like inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), sales monitoring and reporting, personnel management, and smooth connection with multiple payment ways while looking for the finest POS system Singapore has to offer.

These essential POS system capabilities will enable you to make well-informed decisions for business development and expansion while also streamlining your everyday operations and offering insightful data about your company’s performance.

It’s important to pick a well-rounded solution that meets all of your specific company demands, even while some solutions may excel in only one or two areas.

What Types Of Businesses Use POS Systems?

A wide array of businesses, from small retail shops to bustling restaurants and even service-based enterprises, rely on POS systems to streamline their daily operations and enhance overall efficiency.

The types of businesses that use POS systems in Singapore vary greatly, but some common examples include:

  • Retail stores: From clothing boutiques to electronics shops, the best POS system for these establishments typically offers inventory management, sales tracking, and customer relationship management features that are contextually relevant to their specific industry.
  • Restaurants and cafes: These businesses often require a more specialized POS system with features such as table management, order tracking, menu customization, and integrated payment processing.
  • Service providers: Salons, spas, gyms, and other service-based industries benefit from using a POS system that can manage appointments or memberships while also offering robust reporting tools for analyzing sales data.

No matter the type of business you operate in Singapore’s competitive market, investing in a reliable and efficient POS system is a crucial step towards success.

When Does Your Business Need A POS System?

In today’s fast-paced business world, determining the right time to implement a POS system can significantly impact your enterprise’s growth and profitability. If you’re wondering when your business needs a POS system, consider these three key indicators: increasing transaction volume, expanding inventory or services, and demand for better reporting and data analysis. Choosing the best POS system in Singapore becomes essential for small businesses or retail establishments aiming to streamline their operations and manage their growth effectively.

IndicatorDescriptionExample of Need
Increasing Transaction VolumeYour business is processing more sales transactions, leading to longer wait times for customersExpanding customer base, more foot traffic in your retail business
Expanding Inventory/ServicesYou’re adding new products or services to your offerings, making it difficult to track manuallyOpening new product lines or offering additional services
Better Reporting & Data AnalysisYou need real-time data on sales performance, inventory levels & other key metrics that manual systems cannot provideIdentifying trends & patterns in sales data and customer behavior

By evaluating these indicators within your own company context, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about when it’s time to invest in a pos system Singapore tailored specifically for your unique requirements.

Do You Want A Cloud-based Or Server-based System?

You must choose between server-based and cloud-based POS systems as you consider your alternatives. Each has unique benefits and downsides that are catered to your company’s requirements.

  • Since cloud-based POS systems don’t need to be purchased up front and can be readily accessed from many devices, they are often more economical and offer better flexibility. This is perfect if you have several sites or intend to grow. Server-based solutions, however, provide for more control over data management and security, making them more suitable for enterprises with a single location that need substantial customization of their POS software.
  • Another element to think about is connectivity. Because cloud-based POS depends on internet connections, your capacity to process transactions will be affected if your connection goes down. Server-based solutions, in contrast, will work even while disconnected.
  • Finally, take maintenance and support into account. Whereas server-based systems may involve hiring an IT professional or paying for continuous support services separately, cloud-based solutions often include frequent updates and customer support given by the vendor at no additional cost.

The finest POS system Singapore has to offer ultimately requires weighing your unique business needs against the advantages and drawbacks of each type of solution, both in terms of pos software capability and pos hardware investment costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about POS System in Singapore.

How Can A Business Owner Determine The Best Pos System For Their Specific Industry And Business Size?

To determine the best POS system for your specific industry and business size, start by assessing your business needs and priorities.
Consider factors such as payment processing options, inventory management features, customer relationship tools, reporting capabilities, and ease of use.
Research various POS providers to understand their offerings and compare them based on these key factors.
Additionally, read reviews from other businesses in your industry to gauge user satisfaction and system effectiveness.
Keep scalability in mind as well; a flexible POS system will allow your business to grow without requiring major overhauls or costly upgrades.
By thoroughly evaluating your needs and comparing different solutions, you’ll be able to confidently choose the ideal POS system that supports your unique requirements and helps streamline operations for long-term success.

Are There Any Government Grants Or Financial Incentives Available For Businesses Adopting Pos Systems In Singapore?

Yes, you’re in luck! The Singapore government offers grants and financial incentives to businesses looking to adopt POS systems.
One such initiative is the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), which supports businesses in their digital transformation journey by subsidizing up to 80% of the cost for pre-approved POS systems.
To apply for this grant, ensure your business meets the eligibility criteria and select a vendor from the list of pre-approved providers under PSG’s Retail or F&B sectors.
By leveraging these government grants, you can enjoy greater savings while upgrading your business operations with a suitable POS system.

What Are The Security Measures And Data Protection Features To Consider When Choosing A Pos System In Singapore?

How secure is your POS system? When choosing a point-of-sale (POS) system in Singapore, it’s crucial to consider security measures and data protection features to safeguard your business and customer information.
Look for encryption methods, such as end-to-end encryption or tokenization, which protect sensitive data during transactions. Additionally, ensure the system complies with PCI-DSS standards and has robust user access controls to prevent unauthorized access.
Regular software updates are essential to address potential vulnerabilities, so choose a provider committed to maintaining their product’s security. Lastly, consider systems that offer advanced fraud detection tools and integrate with secure payment gateways for optimum protection against cyber threats.

How Does The Integration Process Of A POS System Work With Existing Business Software, And What Kind Of Technical Support Is Available During The Transition?

When integrating a POS system with your existing business software, the process typically involves connecting your new system to various applications such as accounting, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.
During this transition, you can expect technical support from the POS provider to assist in data migration, software configuration, and staff training. This support ensures a smooth integration experience and helps you make full use of the combined capabilities of both systems for improved operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making.


Finding the greatest POS system in Singapore is ultimately similar to discovering the ideal recipe for your favorite meal. To achieve a seamless fusion of features and functionality, it is imperative to take your company’ particular requirements and preferences into account.

Always keep in mind that information is power as you proceed through this decision-making process. Be logical and perceptive when you evaluate your alternatives and choose a POS system that will help your company reach new heights of success.

We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best POS System in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

We hope this article that we have reviewed has been helpful for you! If you find this article helpful, do check out other related articles in Singapore!

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