6 Best Pet Cremation Services in Singapore (2024)

Looking for the best pet cremation service in Singapore? Look no further! Our comprehensive list of top-notch cremation services in Singapore is perfect for pet owners who value quality and compassion.

Updated on October 6, 2023 


Jasmine Tan
Best Pet Cremation Services in Singapore
6 Best Pet Cremation Services in Singapore (2024)
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Pet Cremation Services Singapore

Are you trying to find the best pet cremation services? We have thoroughly considered every alternative on the market and selected the top pet cremation services in Singapore.

These pet cremation services’ dedication to giving your animal companion a dignified and respectful sendoff is one of their most notable qualities. They want to make the procedure as easy as consoling as they can since they recognize that losing a pet is a trying moment.

These pet cremation services stand out for their compassion and meticulous attention to detail. They actually give a thought about your emotions and the relationship you have with your pet. You may rest easy knowing that your dear friend is in capable hands with their help.

To sum up, these top pet cremation services in Singapore include a number of amenities that will help you get through this trying period. They stand out for their dedication, choices, and understanding, guaranteeing your beloved pet a memorable farewell.

What To Look For in a Pet Cremation Service

  • Reputation: Seek out pet cremation services in Singapore with a solid track record of offering dependable, high-quality services. You may find out this information by reading client endorsements and evaluations and by finding out whether the business has accreditation from respectable associations.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Verify that the company offering pet cremation services has up-to-date facilities and furnishings to provide a dignified and effective cremation procedure. This entails having suitable cremation chambers, storage spaces, and a setting that is kept tidy and hygienic.
  • Service Options: Take into account the variety of services that the pet cremation service provider provides. They must to provide choices like community cremation, in which several pets are cremated at once, or individual cremation, in which each creature is burnt separately. This gives you the freedom to select the solution that most closely matches your values and tastes.
  • Ashes Management: Discover how the company offering pet cremation services manages the ashes following the cremation. Some could let you pick up the ashes yourself, while others might offer delivery or dispersal services. Selecting a service that honors your desires for how your pet’s ashes are handled is crucial.
  • Cost: Examine and contrast the prices of various pet cremation services in Singapore. Though it’s crucial to take your budget into account, keep in mind that the least expensive alternative might not necessarily offer the finest service. To make sure you are getting the most for your money, try to strike a balance between quality and price.

best iconBest Pet Cremation Services in Singapore (2024)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the best Pet Cremation Services in Singapore. Our list of recommendations are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

1. Rainbow Paradise

Best Pet Cremation Singapore: Rainbow Paradise
Rainbow Paradise
DetailsOur cremation packages include a private funeral, floral arrangements, a complimentary urn, bone picking or sea scattering and transport to pick up your pet and return the urn.
AddressAddress: 81 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 699005
ContactPhone+65 8862 7922
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 9:00am-9:00pm

In the heart of Singapore, Rainbow Paradise offers an unrivaled pet cremation service. It’s more than just a service; it’s a compassionate approach to help you bid farewell to your furry friend in the most dignified manner.

Relax in the tranquility of Rainbow Paradise’s serene farewell room, where the utmost care and respect are given to your cherished pet during their final journey.

What We Like

  • Serene Farewell Room: Find solace in the peaceful ambiance of the farewell room, a place designed for you to grieve and bid your goodbyes.
  • Range of Urns and Accessories: Choose from an array of beautifully crafted urns and accessories that will serve as a lasting tribute to your beloved pet.
  • Respectful Send-off: Every pet that crosses the threshold of Rainbow Paradise is given a dignified and respectful funeral.
  • Comprehensive Cremation Service: Trust in Rainbow Paradise to handle all aspects of your pet’s cremation, giving you the space to cope with your loss.
  • Choice of Final Resting Place: Whether you prefer to keep your pet’s ashes or scatter them at sea, Rainbow Paradise supports your decision and helps to make it a special memory.

Best Known For

  • Mini Sized Pet Cremation: $168
  • Small Sized Pet Cremation: $208
  • Toy Breed Cremation: $308
  • Medium Breed Cremation (10-20kg): $388
  • Large Breed Cremation (20-30kg): $468


“This is the second time I have used Rainbow Paradise. They are very caring and respectful of our pets. Appreciate their prompt service too during the sad and stressful period.“

2. Sanctuary Pet Cremation

Best Pet Cremation Singapore: Sanctuary Pet Cremation
Sanctuary Pet Cremation
DetailsServices include private pet cremation, companion pet cremation, pet celebrant service, pet columbarium, sea ash scattering, and home visit euthanasia.
AddressAddress: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Plot B & C, Singapore 718813
ContactPhone+65 9633 0991
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours

Choosing Sanctuary Pet Cremation in Singapore provides tailored services for your pet’s final farewell. You might prefer a private pet cremation or a companion pet cremation, where your beloved pet can join other pets on their journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Sanctuary Pet Cremation caters to both options.

Their dedicated team grasps the emotional healing that a dignified farewell brings and offers pet celebrant services to commemorate your pet companion. Nestled in the peaceful Kanji countryside, Sanctuary Pet Cremation provides a tranquil environment for bidding adieu to your cherished pet.

What We Like

  • Private and Companion Cremation: Whether you want a private ceremony or a shared one, Sanctuary Pet Cremation accommodates both.
  • Pet Celebrant Services: To commemorate your beloved companion, pet celebrant services are available.
  • Serene Location: Sanctuary Pet Cremation is situated in the tranquil Kanji countryside, providing a peaceful environment for your pet’s farewell.
  • Dedicated Team: Their team understands the emotional healing that comes from a dignified farewell and are committed to providing this.

Best Known For

  • Private pet cremation
  • Companion pet cremation
  • Pet celebrant service
  • Sea ash scattering
  • Home visit euthanasia


“I highly recommend this place for letting your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge (there is even a rainbow structure at the ceremonial area to symbolize it).“

3. Paws To Heaven

Best Pet Cremation Singapore: Paws To Heaven
Paws To Heaven
DetailsPaws To Heaven is an established independent pet crematorium approved by NEA & Npark in Singapore, located at 81 Sungei Tengah Road. Specialize in private pet Cremation and Funeral service with distinctive pet memorial products.
AddressAddress: 81 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 699005
ContactPhone+65 6900 0009
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 7:00am-12:00am

In the heart of Singapore, Paws To Heaven offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you during the challenging time when a beloved pet passes away. Understanding the profound depth of your grief, you’re offered a dignified farewell for your pet.

With Paws To Heaven, you find solace in knowing that your pet is treated with the utmost respect during the cremation process. You also find a tranquil, serene environment where you can gather with loved ones to support each other.

What We Like

  • Compassionate and Meaningful Pet Cremation Services: Paws To Heaven is dedicated to providing you with compassionate and meaningful pet cremation services in Singapore. No matter the size of your pet, from small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs to larger ones like dogs and cats, each pet is treated with the utmost respect.
  • Wide Range of Keepsake Jewellery and Cremation Urns: Memorialize your pet in a beautiful and personal way with Paws To Heaven’s selection of keepsake jewellery and cremation urns. Each piece allows you to keep your furry friend close to your heart.
  • Tranquil and Serene Environment: During this difficult time, Paws To Heaven provides a serene setting where you and your loved ones can come together for mutual support.

Best Known For

  • Small Animal Cremation
  • Rabbit Cremation
  • Dog & Cat Cremation


“We engaged Paws to Heaven 3 years back when our beloved bunny girl passed away. This time round we engaged them again when our beloved bunny boy unexpectedly passed away. As usual, they were here to pick up my boy in the shortest time possible and arranged for cremation the next day. The set up was beautifully done and we get to collect his urn on the same day too.“

4. Mobile Pet Cremation Services Pte Ltd

Best Pet Cremation Singapore: Mobile Pet Cremation Services Pte Ltd
Mobile Pet Cremation Services Pte Ltd
DetailsWe provide pet cremation services to the direct public as well as to various local vet clinics. We have handled cremations for pet dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, tortoises and even fishes.
AddressAddress: 59 Sungei Tengah Rd, #01-58 The Animal Lodge Blk W, Singapore 699014
ContactPhone+65 9455 6355
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours

At Mobile Pet Cremation Services Pte Ltd, they offer a compassionate and personalized approach to pet cremation in Singapore. They understand the deep bond between you and your beloved pet, and their goal is to give your pet a dignified farewell when the time comes.

What We Like

  • Comprehensive Cremation Options: You have the choice between common cremation, where multiple pets are cremated together, and private cremation, where your pet is cremated individually.
  • Mobile Services: There’s no need for you to make unnecessary trips. Mobile Pet Cremation Services will collect your pet from your location, handle the cremation process with utmost care, and return the ashes to you without any hidden cost.
  • Columbarium Niche: For those seeking a final resting place for their cherished companion, Mobile Pet Cremation Services offers a columbarium niche.
  • Sea Scattering Services: If you prefer not to keep the ashes, Mobile Pet Cremation Services also provides sea scattering services.

Best Known For

  • Common Cremation
  • Private Cremation
  • Same-day cremation


“Our sincere appreciation to the team at Mobile Pet Cremation. Prompt reply to our queries, and coming over to pick up our beloved Silver after midnight. Overall communication was at ease during our toughest moments. Private session and sending off were done so professionally and comforting. Highly recommended.“

5. The Green Mortician

Best Pet Cremation Singapore: The Green Mortician
The Green Mortician
DetailsAqua cremation, a safe, natural, and eco-friendly alternative to flame-based cremation and burial. 
AddressAddress: 21 Toh Guan Rd E, Toh Guan Centre, Singapore 608609
ContactPhone+65 8866 7374
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 24 hours

Embrace the unique and compassionate approach of The Green Mortician for honoring the life of your beloved pet. The Green Mortician provides a gently respectful process that assures the ashes received are truly those of your cherished pet.

What We Like

  • Eco-Friendly Aqua Cremation Service: This offers an alternative to traditional flame-based cremation. The gentle process involves heat, salts, and flowing water, recreating natural conditions that reduce a body to bone remains.
  • Memorial Service Options: In the tranquility of a dedicated space, find solace and reconnect with what matters most during a difficult time.
  • Sea Ash Scattering Ceremonies: For those who prefer a natural farewell, this option allows for the remains of the pet to be returned to nature.
  • Ongoing Grief Support and Guidance: Beyond the day the ashes are returned, find assurance in the availability of professional help or advice on mental well-being.

Best Known For

  • Aqua Cremation Service
  • Memorial Service
  • Seascatter Ceremony
  • Grief Support


“I lost my beloved cat Oreo to cancer in a very short span of time and had no time to mentally prep myself for the grief to come. The Green Mortician was very empathetic and compassionate during this period and handled the entire cremation process very professionally with constant updates, and then ensured that Oreo was returned to us swiftly and respectfully. Made me feel like I was able to bid a proper goodbye to Oreo.“

6. Mandai Pets Sanctuary

Best Pet Cremation Singapore: Mandai Pets Sanctuary
Mandai Pets Sanctuary
DetailsWe provide Pet Celebrant Services, including ritual or religious funeral service, on-demand in our private and airconditioned service halls.
AddressAddress: 5 Mandai Rd, Singapore 779391
ContactPhone+65 6232 6617
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Learning about Mandai Pets Sanctuary, a top-notch pet cremation service in Singapore, helps to prepare for the inevitable pain and grief of losing a cherished pet. Mandai Pets Sanctuary is known for its competitive rates, fitting all budgets. Professional staff are available 24/7 to guide and support during this difficult time.

Choosing Mandai Pets Sanctuary for reliable pet cremation service in Singapore is a wise choice. Reach out today to know more about the services or to attend a cremation ceremony for your beloved pet.

What We Like

  • Private Cremation: Your cherished pet receives singular attention in the cremation chamber, ensuring only its ashes are returned.
  • Cremation With Ashes: Pets are cremated alongside others, but separation partitions prevent mixing of remains.
  • Communal Cremation: Pets are cremated with others without separation partitions. Note that no ashes or urn will be returned.
  • Pet Columbarium: A serene and peaceful columbarium is available for you to memorialize your beloved pet.
  • Tranquility: A lush Memorial Garden provides a tranquil space for reflection and remembrance.

Best Known For

  • Private Cremation
  • Cremation With Ashes
  • Communal Cremation


“Professional service. Family lost our dog in the night, contacted Mandai Pets Sanctuary and they were ready to help us with the cremation process, no fluff, no wacky upselling, just named what we wanted and they got it arranged. It went smoothly.“


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