10 Best Health Screening Centres in Singapore With Affordable Health Screening Packages (2024)

Looking for the best health screening in Singapore? Get a health assessment at one of the best health screening centres in Singapore, offering a wide range of health screening packages for regular health screenings.

Updated on April 30, 2024 


Jasmine Tan
Best Health Screening In Singapore
10 Best Health Screening Centres in Singapore With Affordable Health Screening Packages (2024)
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Health Screening Singapore

Are you ready to take control of your health and well-being? We have compiled a list of the best health screening centres in Singapore that offer affordable health screening packages tailored to your needs. Because we understand the importance of preventive care, these centres are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and experienced medical professionals to ensure you receive the most accurate results.

You’ll love the convenience and accessibility of these centres, as they are strategically located across the island, making it easy for you to book an appointment. These health screening packages are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your health, empowering you to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and medical care.

Because we care about your well-being, we have done thorough research to ensure these centres offer the best quality and value for your money. So, why wait? Take charge of your health today by visiting one of these top-notch health screening centres in Singapore!

What To Look For in a A Health Screening Centre in Singapore

  • Location – Choose a health screening centre that is convenient and accessible to you. This will save you time and money on transportation.
  • Accreditation – Check if the health screening centre is accredited by the Ministry of Health. Accreditation ensures that the centre meets the necessary standards for quality and safety.
  • Facilities – Look for a health screening centre that has modern and well-equipped facilities. This will ensure that you receive accurate and reliable results.
  • Price – Compare prices of different health screening centres to ensure that you are getting value for your money. Some centres may offer packages that include additional tests and services.
  • Specialist Services – If you have a specific health concern or condition, look for a health screening centre that offers specialist services. This will ensure that you receive the necessary attention and care.
  • Customer Service – Choose a health screening centre that provides excellent customer service. This includes friendly and knowledgeable staff, easy appointment booking, and clear communication of test results.
  • Privacy – Ensure that the health screening centre maintains your privacy and confidentiality. This includes secure storage of your medical records and protecting your personal information.
  • Reputation – Research the reputation of the health screening centre. Look for reviews and feedback from previous customers to gauge the quality of their services.
  • Follow-up Services – Choose a health screening centre that provides follow-up services such as consultation and referral to specialists if necessary. This will ensure that you receive the necessary care and treatment.

best iconBest Health Screening Centres in Singapore To Go For A Health Screening (2024)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the best Health Screening in Singapore. Our list of recommendations are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

1. MHC Medical Centre (Amara)

Best Health Screening Singapore: Mhc Medical Centre Amara
MHC Medical Centre (Amara)
DetailsWide selection of packages available, ranging from a quick blood check-up to a deep-dive comprehensive screening of all aspects of your health.
Scope of ServicesPersonal health screening, pre-employment/MOM check-up, GP services, home health services, telemedicine, weight management, and COVID-19 services.
AddressAddress: 100 Tras Street,
#14-01 & #15-01
#100AM, 079027
ContactPhone6225 5220
Fax: (65) 6225 5426
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays
Lunar New Year Eve, 9am-1pm (Last Registration at 12pm)
PricesGo-Getter Package $490
Steady Performer $620
Golden Jubilee Package $899
Diamond Jubilee Package $1199

Prestige Packages
MHC Prestige Pearl $1090
MHC Prestige Gold $1390
MHC Prestige Gold Enhanced (Men) $1780
MHC Prestige Gold Enhanced (Ladies) $1880
MHC Prestige Diamond $1690
MHC Prestige Diamond Enhanced (Men) $2160
MHC Prestige Diamond Enhanced (Ladies) $2350

Limited Time Packages
Women’s Wellness Package $680

At MHC Medical Centre, you can trust their experienced medical team to take care of all your health needs. With a newly renovated space featuring consult rooms, lounge areas, and top-notch health screening facilities, your experience will be both comfortable and relaxing.

MHC Prestige, on Level 15, offers an exclusive lounge, pantry, VIP area, and private pods for your health screening needs. You’ll love the privacy and personalized attention, as well as their advanced diagnostic imaging centre and treadmill room for comprehensive health assessments. Plus, MHC’s dedicated concierge will help with any enquiries and appointments.

Choose from a variety of health screening packages, tailored to your gender and age group, and let their healthcare professionals guide you to the best option. MHC Prestige Medical Centre provides outstanding healthcare designed just for you, because your well-being matters.

What We Like

  • Enjoy a one-stop health & wellness experience at MHC Medical Centre with over 20 years of experience!
  • Receive a relaxing and comfortable health check experience with newly renovated facilities.
  • Upgrade your health screening journey with MHC Prestige located on Level 15, equipped with exclusive customer lounge, large pantry, VIP lounge and VIP pods.
  • Get a complete health assessment with MHC’s advanced and well-equipped diagnostic imaging centre and treadmill room.
  • Benefit from MHC’s wide variety of health screening packages, designed to detect the most common diseases and conditions.


“I found this clinic one of the best ones I have been to. The clinic assistants are young and friendly, a breath of fresh air. The doctors on duty are also very friendly and don’t make you feel like they are rushing through your consult so that they can see the next patient. I’m glad I found this clinic.”

2. Lifescan Medical

Lifescan Medical
DetailsPersonalised screening that is tailored to your preferences and executive level.
Scope of ServicesHealth Screenings
Corporate Health Programmes
290 Orchard Road #07-18 to 20
Singapore 238859

10 Sinaran Drive #08-02 to 04
Singapore 307506
Contact+65 3129 2665
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm
(Lunch hour: 1- 2pm)
Saturday: 8:30am – 12:30pm
PricesBasic: $88
General: $180
Enhanced: $340
Comprehensive: $493
Advanced: $608
Premier: $1667
Statutory Health Screening: Enquire for pricing
Golden Years Screening Package: $288

At Lifescan Medical, we believe health screening is crucial because it helps you stay on top of your health. With their wide range of expertise, they can cater to all your healthcare needs, and because they have over 20 medical specialties, you can be confident in receiving the best care.

What we love about Lifescan Medical is their patient-centered focus, ensuring that you receive personalized care tailored to your needs. This dedication has made them the leading healthcare provider in Singapore’s booming economy.

With 35 clinics and counting, they are committed to reaching you wherever you are on the island, making it convenient for you to prioritize your health. So why wait? Give Lifescan Medical a try and experience the benefits for yourself!

What We Like

  • Personalised and flexible health screening Singapore
  • Hearty breakfast offered


“Really impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the staff. A little effort goes a long way to making clients feel at ease. Well done.”

3. Nuffield Medical Siglap (Basic Health Screening Packages Available)

Nuffield Medical Siglap
DetailsA comprehensive health screening Singapore can help identify a number of vitally important risk factors that may affect your future well-being.
Scope of ServicesHIV Testing & Screening
STD Testing & Screening
Health Screening Singapore
Men’s Health
Women’s Health
Family Medicine
Address914 East Coast Road #01-03, The Domain, Singapore 459108
Diagonally opposite Siglap Centre
Contact+65 66363083 / 98375754 | siglap@nuffieldmedical.com.sg
Operating HoursMonday & Wednesday: 9am – 8pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holiday.

*Doctor’s lunch/Dinner break varies, please call to make an appointment in advance.
PricesLite Screening SG$75
Basic Screening SG$100
Essential Screening SG$200
Pre-Marital Screening Male SG$300 (Male & Female Package SG$600)
Pre-Marital Screening Female SG$320 (Male & Female Package SG$600)
Advance Screening SG$400
Heart Wellness Screening SG$700
Male Wellness Screening SG$700
Female Wellness Screening SG$700
Optimal Screening SG$750
Elite Screening  SG$1400

At Nuffield Medical Siglap, we found their health screening services to be exceptional and tailored to your needs. With customizable packages, you can choose the features that matter most to you, ensuring you receive the care you deserve.

We love their Elite Screening option because it provides a thorough examination, including a consultation on medical history, physical examination by a doctor, and a post-examination review. This attention to detail ensures you are well-informed about your health and able to make the best decisions for your well-being.

The affordability and quality of Nuffield Health Screening Singapore Centre’s services make them an excellent choice for you. Visit them today to experience their top-notch healthcare and take control of your health in a way that suits you best.

What We Like

  • Basic health screening Singapore package includes post-examination review by the doctor
  • Convenient & simple process
  • Proper and detailed explanation
  • All necessary documents provided
  • Family and kid-friendly


“Great and very friendly reception staff. The service is fantastic and fast. The doctor is highly professional and explains very well the results and advises me properly. He really is one of the best doctors I met. Dr Lin kai is great and very knowledgeable and very friendly. Lab results were also accurate.”

4. Fullerton Health Screening

A Pod @ Fullerton Health Screening
DetailsHealth screening at the executive level
Scope of ServicesManaged Care & Network Management;
Primary Care;
Executive Health Screening;
Diagnostics, Specialty & Ancillary Care
AddressGoogle them to find the nearest outlet to you!
Contact(65) 6333 3636 | ehs@fullertonhealth.com
Operating HoursStandard opening hours, varies from outlets to outlets.
PricesLive Fuller Premium
S$468.00 (excl. GST)
S$500.76 (incl. GST)

Live Fuller Gold
S$668.00 (excl. GST)
S$714.76 (incl. GST)

Live Fuller Sapphire
S$888.00 (excl. GST)
S$950.16 (incl. GST)

Live Fuller Platinum
S$1,688.00 (excl. GST)
S$1,806.16 (incl. GST)

We believe Fullerton Health Screening is a fantastic choice for you because they are dedicated to providing private and comfortable health care experiences.

We love that they offer executive screenings, making you feel at ease before undergoing assessments for potential diseases like cancer or diabetes. The fact that they have expanded across 8 countries since their founding in 2011 speaks volumes about their quality and commitment to patient care.

For you, this means a reliable and efficient health screening process, ensuring that you stay on top of your health and well-being. Trust Fullerton Health Screening to deliver top-notch services tailored to your needs!

What We Like

  • Luxurious health screening pod for comfort and privacy
  • Tests conducted in a single location
  • Prompt feedback
  • Complimentary breakfast


“Health screening made easy and comfortable by the great team of people here! Special thanks to Alice who made blood taking a breeze, no pain! She also took the extra mile and expedite the process by doing the other screening with me!  Also, thanks to friendly Auntie May, always attentive and preparing breakfast to nurse hungry tummy. Great experience!”

5. Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere @ Anson
DetailsAffordable, comprehensive health screenings that are personalised to your age and gender
General consultations
Health Screenings
Vaccinations (routine and travel)
Treatment of acute and chronic conditions in both adults and children

Corporate Onsite Health Screenings
AddressFind DA Clinic near yo https://doctoranywhere.com/da-clinic-group/
Home-based screening is available anywhere in Singapore
Contact65 3158 4622
Operating HoursFind DA Clinic near you https://doctoranywhere.com/da-clinic-group/
Home-based services are available every Friday, Saturday and Monday (8.30am – 12.30pm).
PricesCore: S$85 (Clinic), S$125 (Home-based)
Select: S$139 (Clinic) S$179 (Home-based)
Elite: S$193 (Clinic) S$233 (Home-based)
Prestige: S$290 (Clinic) S$330 (Home-based)

Cost includes 1:1 GP consultation to review results. Add-ons are available at an additional cost.

We love how Doctor Anywhere provides convenient and efficient health screening options for you, both at home and in their clinics. The tailored packages cater to your specific needs based on age and gender, making them an excellent choice for keeping you healthy. Plus, no overnight fasting is required!

The quick appointment times of 15 to 30 minutes for home-based screenings and 20 to 45 minutes for in-clinic appointments save you precious time. Waiting up to 2 weeks for results may seem long, but the email delivery ensures you receive them promptly.

We especially appreciate the included 1-1 GP consultation because it gives you personalized medical advice and lifestyle recommendations, truly benefiting your overall well-being. Trust Doctor Anywhere to have your health interests at heart!

What We Like

  • Home-based packages available
  • A wide range of comprehensive packages
  • Non-fasting health checks
  • Competitive prices
  • Eligible for in-clinic subsidies. Learn more: FAQ Health Screening Subsidies
  • Add-ons available (e.g. ECG, PAP smear etc)


“Did my annual health screening this morning at Potong Pasir clinic. CAs and the doctor were very nice and attentive, took time to explain different tests and hear out any of my concerns. Overall experience was super pleasant, so I definitely recommend it as a healthcare professional myself. I also think that DA health screening packages are really well priced! Excellent preventative measure and overall health assessment for men and women”

6. Mediway Medical

Mediway Medical
Mediway Medical
DetailsAffordable basic health screening singapore
General Consultation
Health Screening Singapore
Diagnostic Imaging
Medical Examination

Corporate Onsite Health Screening
Address1 Sophia Road, #04-21, Peace Centre
Singapore 228149
Contact+65 3129 2425
Operating HoursMONDAY 7:30AM – 6:00PM
TUESDAY 7:30AM – 6:00PM
THURSDAY 7:30AM – 6:00PM
FRIDAY 7:30AM – 6:00PM
SATURDAY 7:30AM – 1:00PM
PricesBasic: $25.00
Deluxe: $150.00
Premium: $300.00
Prestige: $650.00

At Mediway Medical & X-Ray Centre, you’ll receive top-notch healthcare services and professional health screening in Singapore. Their experienced team of medical professionals has you covered, whether you’re dealing with a simple cough or a complex heart surgery.

We love their dedication to quality, performance, speed, and accuracy, along with their commitment to providing personal attention to each patient. Their affordable health screening packages, starting from just SG$25, are perfect for maintaining your wellbeing.

Don’t overlook the importance of routine screenings, including those for parasites, because they can help prevent major health issues. Trust Mediway Medical to keep you healthy and informed about your health.

What We Like

  • You don’t have to wait in a line for hours with Fast Registration
  • Convenient and affordable health screening Singapore


“Went for pre-employment medical check-up at 10am on a Tue and blood test, eyesight test, urine test, height & weight n X-ray were completed within 15mins. I walk out of the clinic 10.30am including the waiting time. Very good experience. Will come again for future medical check-up.”

7. HealthHub – Screen For Life

Website of HealthHub – Screen For Life
DetailsHealth screening at subsidised rates
Scope of ServicesAbove Age 50
Colorectal Cancer
Breast Cancer
Chronic Illness
Cervical Cancer

Above Age 40
Chronic Illness
Cervical Cancer

Above Age 25
Cervical Cancer
Contact1800 223 1313 | HPB_Mailbox@hpb.gov.sg
Operating HoursOnline
PricesPioneer Generation (PG) – SG$0
Health Assist (CHAS) Card Blue or Orange – SG$2
Eligible Singaporeans – SG$5

We love HealthHub’s comprehensive health screening approach, because it ensures you stay proactive about your wellness. Their Screen for Life programme benefits you by offering regular check-ups, tailored to your needs based on factors like age and gender.

We’re impressed by HealthHub’s commitment to specific demographics like Singaporeans aged 60 and students, ensuring everyone has access to crucial health services.

What sets HealthHub apart is their wide range of screening programmes, including those for cervical cancer and immunisation. These targeted efforts show that they truly care about your well-being. We believe HealthHub’s expertise and support from renowned institutions make them an excellent choice for your health screenings. Trust them to help you live a healthier life!

What We Like

  • You can now have a better understanding of what screenings are suitable for you thanks to their handy online tool.
  • Only pay $0-$5 for your screenings!


“Dr Ng is an excellent GP. Experienced, thorough, logical, sympathetic and he explains his thinking clearly. He is also a kind and civilised man.”

8. NTUC Income

Orange Health by NTUC Income
DetailsHealth screening at affordable rates
Scope of ServicesOrange Health Screening,
Health Screening for everyone, for women, pre-baby screening for young couples,
For hormone screening, for 45 years old and above, for cancer screening, for heart and stroke screening,
For union members, for corporates,
For eye screening, men’s health
AddressOrange Health Screening will be conducted by their partners Unity Family Medicine Clinic and Raffles Medical
Operating HoursUnity Family Medicine Clinic
Serangoon Central
Mondays to Saturdays

Raffles Medical
Selected clinics under Raffles Medical
Mondays to Fridays
PricesOrange Health Screening: $15 (inclusive of GST)
Basic: $187.25
Special: $329.56
Deluxe: $494.34
One Stop Ear, Nose and Throat Evaluation $409.81
Comprehensive Kidney and Bladder Evaluation $354.17
Liver Evaluation $450.47

We are thrilled to share with you NTUC Income’s Health Screening services because we know how much you value your health. With their affordable and comprehensive medical screenings, you can ensure that all aspects of your general well-being are thoroughly checked.

We love how they make these essential health services accessible to everyone, allowing you to take charge of your health without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to invest in your well-being because, at NTUC Income, they genuinely care about your health and happiness!

What We Like

  • Rewards programme.
  • If you are in the acceptable ranges for all four check-ups during the Orange Health Screening, you are entitled to receive a special gift: $50 discount off your 1st year premiums if you sign up for an Enhanced IncomeShield or IncomeShield Standard Plan.
  • $50 CapitaVoucher shopping voucher if you are already insured under any IncomeShield plans.

9. Healthway Medical

Healthway Medical Clinic
DetailsCorporate & family health screenings
Scope of ServicesGP & Family Medicine
Address176 Orchard Road The Centrepoint #06-02 S(238843)
Contact67330355 | hswenquiry@healthwaymedical.com
Operating HoursCheck out their multiple outlets operating hours here:
PricesHealth Screening: $270 nett
Classic: $400 nett
Classic Plus: $600 nett
Deluxe: $700 nett
Deluxe Plus: $900 nett
Executive: $1300 nett
Executive Plus: $2000 nett
Premier: $2600 nett
Premier Plus: $4000 nett

We love Healthway Medical for their extensive network of clinics and medical centres in Singapore, making it convenient for you to find the healthcare you need. Their health screening packages and wellness programmes are designed with you in mind, ensuring you have access to quality care that’s personalized to your needs.

One of the best features of Healthway Medical is their customization, allowing you to get the right care tailored to your individual requirements. Because of this, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re on the path to a healthier life.

We highly recommend Healthway Medical for their dedication to helping you achieve a better quality of life. Their experienced medical professionals will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your journey to wellness is both smooth and successful.

What We Like

  • Comprehensive Blood and Urine Tests
  • Resting ECG and Treadmill ECG
  • Spirometry
  • Audiometry
  • Tonometry
  • Retinophotography
  • X-Rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • Mammography
  • Bone Mineral Densitometry
  • Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT)


“Doctor John explained thoroughly what is needed and the options since I wasn’t sure what the different health packages were for. Did not over treat and was thorough in his fact finding of my needs I was relieved that the extraction of blood done by Doctor John was swift and painless again. I will definitely visit again. Nice and cheerful doc. Recommended”

10. Trucare Medical

Trucare Medical
DetailsComprehensive, budget-friendly health screening
Scope of ServicesTheir Medical Services Include But Are Not Limited To The Following:
Acute And Chronic Medical Consults
Urgent Care
Health Screening & Vaccinations
Minor Surgery / Procedures
Weight Management
Travel Medicine
Skin, Nail And Hair
Men’s And Women’s Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Permanent Residence/ Social Pass/ Pre Employment/ Permit Renewal / Work Placement
Occupational Medicine (Dwd)/ Offshore Medical/ Pilot Medical
Insurance / Accident Reports / Lasting Power Of Attorney
Children And Baby
Elderly Care
AddressHougang branch
1187 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-53, The Midtown, Singapore 533971

AMK branch
226A Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-631, S561226
ContactHougang branch
+65 638 535 25 / +65 638 532 73 | trucarem@gmail.com

AMK branch
+65 625 588 49 / +65 625 528 11 | trucarem@gmail.com
Operating HoursThere might be changes during some public holiday, advance notice will be given

Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m, 2.00 p.m to 5.00 p.m, 6.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m
Saturday 8.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m, 2.00 p.m to 5.00 p.m
Sunday and public holiday 9.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m

Monday to Tuesday 8.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m, 2.00 p.m to 5.00 p.m, 6.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m
Wednesday to Friday 8.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m, 6.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m
Saturday 8.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m
Sunday and public holiday 8.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m
PricesTrucare Lite
$90 (before GST)

Trucare Lifestyle
$150 without pap smear (before GST)
$170 with pap smear (before GST)

Trucare Deluxe
$220 without pap smear (before GST)
$240 with pap smear (before GST)

STD General Package
$220 (before consultation fee and GST)

Trucare Premarital
$ 138 for Male
$ 170 for Female (additional rubella and chickenpox antibody)*
(prices before GST)

We love Trucare Medical & Surgery because they prioritize your health and well-being by offering affordable, personalized health screenings. Their tailored packages, based on risk stratification, ensure that you receive the most appropriate care for your specific needs.

The one-on-one attention from their dedicated doctors makes you feel valued and understood, giving you confidence in the care provided. We believe Trucare Medical & Surgery is an excellent choice for health screenings because they balance cost-effectiveness with quality care, ensuring you can take control of your health without breaking the bank!

What We Like

  • Consultation and post-result consultation
  • Trusted family physicians


“The receptionist was very friendly and she could recognize me when I went there for the second time. The doctor did a great job. With enough explanation and proper & prompt procedure, you can count on him entirely. Even the expenses were covered by company, he never prescribed unnecessary medicine. (That’s the reason why I was recommended this clinic too.)”

More Info On Health Screening in Singapore

How Much Do Health Screening Cost in Singapore?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options available if you’re looking for an affordable full body check-up:

  • 1) Polyclinic – You can get a comprehensive range of tests done at any polyclinics around Singapore. Prices start from $20-$50 depending on your needs and the type of test conducted.
  • 2) Private Clinics – Private clinics offer a wide variety of packages that cost anywhere between $100-$200. It includes both standard tests such as blood pressure monitoring and urine analysis, as well as more advanced ones like X-rays or ultrasounds.
  • 3) Medical Centres – These centres offer detailed examinations with prices ranging from $150-$400 depending on the complexity of the scan being requested. Tests are usually catered to specific illnesses so this might be suitable for those who have existing conditions they would like checked out further.
  • 4) Home Visits – If time or mobility constraints prevent you from visiting a clinic, home visits may also be arranged with doctors charging approximately $30 per visit plus additional fees for medicine and other materials used during examination.

No matter what your budget looks like, you’ll definitely find something that suits your pocket without compromising on quality care – all it takes is some research!

Different Types Of Health Screenings Packages in Singapore

When it comes to health screenings in Singapore, there are a number of options available ranging from basic checkups such as blood pressure or cholesterol levels to more comprehensive full-body checkups.

A good place to start is by visiting your doctor who can assess your medical history and recommend relevant tests depending on your age and lifestyle habits. For instance, if you’re a smoker or have a family history of certain diseases, then this may warrant additional investigations that might not apply to other individuals with no risk factors.

In addition to general physical examinations at clinics or hospitals, patients also have access to specialized health checkup packages tailored specifically for their needs such as an executive health assessment program for busy executives or senior citizens.

These programs usually include multiple tests such as X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans and laboratory assessments along with consultations from doctors and nutritionists – all aimed at providing accurate diagnosis and preventive measures when necessary.

From understanding one’s current medical condition to taking proactive steps towards better overall wellbeing; these kinds of comprehensive services provide invaluable insights into our bodies’ vitality and offer peace of mind through preventive care.

Importance Of Health Screening

Health screening is important because it allows individuals to detect potential health issues at an early stage, when they are more easily treatable. Early detection can also prevent the development of more serious conditions, which can result in significant health complications and even death.

In addition, regular health screening can help individuals maintain good overall health and well-being. By identifying any potential health issues, individuals can make lifestyle changes and adopt healthier habits to improve their overall health and prevent the development of chronic conditions.

Understanding Health Screenings In Singapore

Medical check ups in Singapore can be comprehensive or tailored depending on your needs and preferences. These packages may include blood tests, urine analysis, physical examinations and more – all crucial components of a quality health screening package.

They allow doctors to assess the current state of your health as well as identify any potential illnesses you may not have been aware of yet. This allows patients to make informed decisions about their wellbeing before it gets too late.

Health screenings help ensure that individuals stay healthy both mentally and physically so they can lead fulfilling lives. Early detection is key for reducing risks associated with chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. With the right medical advice, people can take control over their own bodies and enjoy life without worry.

Full Body Checkup Singapore

A full body check up in Singapore can help identify potential issues early on before they become more serious. From blood tests and urine samples, to X-rays and scans, a comprehensive medical assessment will be conducted during a full body checkup in Singapore.

You’ll also get guidance on lifestyle advice and risk factor management from experienced healthcare professionals. Depending on individual needs, you may even receive additional services such as dietary recommendations or an exercise plan tailored just for you.

Having access to reliable screening centres means peace of mind knowing that any underlying conditions can be managed effectively with timely intervention. Knowing the cost associated with these screenings is important too so that one can make informed decisions about their health care expenditure.

Benefits Of Health Screening In Singapore

There are several benefits to health screening in Singapore, including:

  • Early detection of health problems: By identifying potential health problems at an early stage, health screening can allow for timely treatment and management, which can improve outcomes and quality of life.
  • Prevention of serious health issues: Some health problems, such as certain types of cancer, can be prevented or delayed with early detection and treatment. Health screening can help identify these problems before they become serious, allowing individuals to take preventative measures to protect their health.
  • Increased peace of mind: Health screening can provide peace of mind by giving individuals a better understanding of their overall health and any potential risks. This can help individuals make informed decisions about their healthcare and lifestyle choices.

Where To Get Health Screening In Singapore

There are several options for health screening in Singapore, including:

  • Private clinics: Private clinics offer a range of health screening options, from basic check-ups to comprehensive assessments. Many private clinics also offer specialized screening packages, such as women’s health screening or executive health screening.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals in Singapore offer a variety of health screening options, including basic check-ups, comprehensive assessments, and specialized screening packages. Some hospitals also offer workplace health screenings for employees.
  • Health screening centers: Health screening centers in Singapore are dedicated to providing a range of health screening options. These centers often offer a variety of packages, including basic check-ups, comprehensive assessments, and specialized screenings.

Health Check Up Singapore

At these premier health screening centres, you can expect quality service with a wide range of tests focusing on areas such as cardiac risk assessment, diabetes and cholesterol monitoring, bone density measurement and more.

Most centers provide discounted rates when purchasing their full package or opting for regular health screenings throughout the year. Furthermore they also use advanced technologies such as 3D imaging which helps in providing accurate results quickly.

So whether you need a one-time medical check up or want to stay ahead of any potential issues by investing in long-term preventive care solutions, look no further than some of the best health screening centers in Singapore — because taking care of yourself should always be top priority!

Cheapest Health Screening Singapore

From basic screenings of vital signs such as body temperature and blood pressure assessments, to comprehensive tests for specific diseases or conditions, there are cheap health screening Singapore centers that offer a wealth of medical services that are both reliable and budget-friendly.

Whether you’re looking for regular checkups or preventative care, these facilities provide world-class medical expertise without breaking your bank account.

What’s more, their staff is knowledgeable and kind – they understand that access to good healthcare should be available regardless of one’s financial situation. They strive to make sure all clients receive top-notch treatments with minimal disruption to their wallets.

From unbeatable prices on packages covering multiple tests to discounts for larger groups and families, there are many ways to save money while investing in your well-being at these centres.

Singapore Blood Test Price

Here is a list of five things to consider when selecting your blood test singapore price:

  • Ask about discounts or special offers from health centers
  • Compare costs between different packages offered by various providers
  • Check if there are any hidden fees associated with the service provided
  • Make sure the package includes all relevant tests necessary to get an accurate diagnosis
  • See if they provide any follow up services after the results have been obtained

Additionally, it’s important to remember that while saving money may be beneficial in the short term, it’s more important to prioritize safety and accuracy over cost savings. Taking these considerations into account will help you make informed decisions regarding your full body checkup Singapore price.

Polyclinic Full Body Check-Up Price

The cost of this type of service will vary depending on the clinic you choose, but the average price range can typically be found between $50 – $200 SGD. It’s important to note that these fees do not include any additional tests or treatments recommended by your doctor during your visit.

Prices also depend on whether you’re an adult or child as well as if you have any existing medical conditions which might require specialised attention.

Whether it be through a specialized package or individual sessions with qualified professionals, taking care of our physical health should always remain top priority.

Health Screening Package Polyclinic

The Health Screening Package Polyclinic is one that provides an extensive set of tests for those looking to take care of their health. This package includes:

  • Comprehensive medical check-up – which involves physical examinations and laboratory investigations
  • Blood pressure check-up – to ensure blood pressure readings are within the normal range
  • BMI calculation – helps determine whether someone’s weight is healthy or not
  • Personalized consultation with doctor – allows individuals to ask questions and gain advice on how they can improve their overall health.

This type of package is ideal for those who want a thorough assessment of their current state of health. It also gives them access to professional opinions on what lifestyle changes they should make, if any, to stay healthy and well.

With the right guidance and support, people can take charge of their own wellbeing by understanding more about themselves through this comprehensive health screening package offered at polyclinics around Singapore.

As such, taking proactive steps towards better health becomes easier with appropriate knowledge gained from these packages. Moving forward in our pursuit for optimal wellness requires us to embrace preventive measures like regular screenings as part of our daily routines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Health Screening in Singapore.

Can I Do Health Screening At Polyclinic?

One of the screening we offer at our polyclinics is for diagnosing diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. However, if you have any other chronic diseases, you would need an order from a doctor first before they would do the health screening.

What Does A Full Health Screening Include?

Health screenings are mandatory for all citizens and consist of a series of tests like blood or urine tests and other procedures like X-rays and ultrasounds. Some tests are undergone on an annual basis, whereas others need to be done every two to three years, or when an individual reaches a predetermined age.

Can I Use Medisave For Health Screening?

You can use MediSave to pay for your own or your approved dependants’ outpatients scans or health screenings at the participating medical institutions.


What Qualifications Do The Health Screening Centres Have?

One key factor to consider is what qualifications each centre has. You’ll want a screening centre that Is certified by an appropriate accreditation body and has experienced staff who can provide accurate information.

Look for clinics that have state-of-the-art equipment used by qualified personnel so they can take readings quickly and efficiently. Also ensure they use modern technology such as computerised systems and digital x-rays, so your results will be as precise as possible.

What Measures Are Taken To Ensure The Safety Of Patients?

To ensure the safety of patients at these centres, stringent measures are taken to maintain a secure environment for them. All staff members must be certified professionals who have undergone extensive training in medical protocols before they can begin working with patients.

The premises are also regularly inspected by inspectors to make sure everything meets relevant standards. In addition, all medical equipment used is required to meet strict regulations and pass regular maintenance checks for optimal performance and efficacy.
Patients’ privacy is also highly valued here, as personal information collected during screenings will only be shared among those directly involved with treatment plans or other matters related to patient care. Furthermore, the latest technology such as digital imaging systems are employed so that confidential images remain secure and inaccessible outside authorized personnel.
With rigorous guidelines in place and an emphasis on data protection and security, health screening centres strive to provide a safe space where individuals can seek help without fear or worry.

How Often Should I Get A Health Screening?

It is recommended for adults to undergo at least 1 full health screening every 2-3 years, or more frequently if you are over 40, smoke, drink alcohol excessively, and/or have other risk factors. The aim of regular health screenings is to:
• Identify early signs of diseases before symptoms appear;
• Monitor your progress if you already suffer from a chronic condition;
• Provide accurate information about lifestyle changes needed for improved physical and mental wellbeing.
By choosing reliable healthcare providers like the best health screening centres in Singapore, you can be sure that all necessary tests will be carried out safely with the highest quality standards in place. Taking these proactive steps can help you achieve peace of mind while keeping yourself healthy and well balanced.

Are The Health Screenings Covered By Insurance?

Generally speaking, basic check-ups may be partially or fully covered depending on your plan and provider. However, certain more expensive tests such as X-rays and MRIs may require additional payments from yourself.

To find out exactly what kind of coverage you have, contact your insurer directly and inquire about any tests that might be available at discounted rates.

Is It Possible To Arrange An Appointment With A Doctor After The Health Screening?

Fortunately, many centres in Singapore offer post-screening consultations with a general practitioner so that individuals can get additional support if needed. It’s important to note though that these appointments may involve additional costs depending on the type of insurance coverage you have.

Therefore, it pays to do some research beforehand in order to find out which clinics provide follow-up visits as part of their package. That way, you won’t have any surprises when it comes time to pay your bills!


It is clear that the health screening centres in Singapore are of a high standard and provide reliable services to their patients. The measures taken to ensure patient safety, such as stringent regulations on staff qualifications and hygienic practices, have no doubt played an important role in helping Singaporeans stay healthy.

How often you should get a health screening depends entirely on your age and medical history, so it is best to consult with your doctor before embarking on any routine screenings.

The importance of staying informed about our own health cannot be overstated; it’s like having a roadmap to success in life – without knowing where we stand today, how can we plan for tomorrow? With the help of the professional and experienced staff at Singapore’s top health screening centres, getting regular checkups has never been easier.

So don’t wait until something goes wrong – go get screened now!

We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best Health Screening in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

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