Koh Dental Surgery Singapore

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Updated on May 19, 2023

Koh Dental Surgery


DetailsEstablished in 1981, Koh Dental Surgery strives for excellence in providing the quality dental services to our patients through a team of highly skilled and trained clinicians. 
Located in: NEWest
Address: NeWest Condominium #01-03/04, 1 W Coast Dr, Singapore 128020
Phone+65 6777 0181
Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am-12:30pm
Sunday: Closed

Jurong East
Address: Blk 252, Jurong East Street 24, #01-149, Singapore 600252
Phone+65 6560 0033
Operating Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-1:00pm, 2:00pm-5:30pm
Friday: 9:00am-1:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: Closed
ContactAs above per location
Operating HoursAs in the address info per location
PricesEnquire for pricing

Koh Dental Surgery is the perfect place to go for all your dental needs. From teeth whitening to root canal treatments to wisdom tooth removal to implants and prosthodontics, their experienced dentists will ensure that you receive the best care available. They are committed to making sure that you look good and feel more confident, and they design and deliver smiles with precision and customer satisfaction.

Koh Dental Surgery offers a range of services to accommodate any dental need. Their whitening service can restore teeth that have been discolored or stained by coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco, and other foods. They also offer three types of orthodontic treatment: metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign. Root canal treatments and wisdom tooth removal are also available. For those looking for a more permanent fix, Koh Dental Surgery even offers implants and prosthodontics.

Koh Dental Surgery is dedicated to providing quality care to their patients. They maintain strict sterilization processes and adhere to industry-recommended standards to prevent cross-contamination. Their dentists also stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques so they can offer their patients the best care available.

Whether you’re looking for a teeth whitening treatment or a more permanent solution such as implants or prosthodontics, Koh Dental Surgery is the place to go. Their experienced dentists are committed to delivering smiles with precision and customer satisfaction. With their commitment to quality care, strict infection control practices, and continual education and learning, you can be sure to receive the best care available. So why not visit Koh Dental Surgery and get the smile you’ve always wanted?

What We Like

  • Transform your smile with Koh Dental Surgery’s teeth whitening services.
  • Get the perfect smile with their metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign.
  • Receive the best care available with their strict sterilization processes and adherence to industry-recommended standards.
  • Get the smile you’ve always wanted with their experienced dentists, who stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques.
  • Experience customer satisfaction with their commitment to delivering smiles with precision.


“Dr. Koh Chin Teck is extremely experienced. I highly recommend his service if you need good advice for your children’s dental health and any need for braces.”

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