12 Best Private Schools in Singapore For Your Child (2024)

Are you looking to enrol your child into the best education environment in Singapore to get a headstart? Check out the best private schools in Singapore you can consider!

Updated on October 30, 2023 


Jasmine Tan
12 Best Private Schools in Singapore For Your Child (2024)
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Private Schools Singapore

Education is the key to success and personal growth, and parents in Singapore strive to provide their children with the best possible education available.

Private schools are a popular option for many Singaporean families who want an alternative educational experience for their child. Private schools also offer numerous advantages over public schooling, from smaller class sizes to more personalized instruction.

Additionally, private schools often have access to better resources due to higher funding levels. Students attending these institutions also benefit from extracurricular activities such as music programs or sports teams that may not be available at other educational establishments.

By reading this article you will gain insight into the various options available when choosing a private school in Singapore and how it could shape your child’s academic career.

best iconBest Private Schools in Singapore (2024)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the best Private Schools in Singapore. Our list of recommendations are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

1. SDH Institute

Best Private Schools Singapore: Sdh Institute
SDH Institute
DetailsOur programmes not only equip our students with the professional and business knowledge and skills for the global hospitality industry, but also aim to inculcate an attitude of service excellence and entrepreneurship.
AddressAddress: 51 Anson Rd, #13-51 Anson Centre, Singapore 079904
ContactPhone+65 6506 1288
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm 
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesEnquire for pricing

SDH provides a complete education pathway to students at all levels. From Certificate to Diploma, Advanced Diploma to Degree and MBA programmes, SDH ensures that our students have the right education to equip them with the right skills to meet industry demands. These programmes are offered in collaboration with the University of West London (UWL).

If you are looking for an institution that provides you with comprehensive hospitality education, then SDH Institute is the right place to be. With its experienced leadership and management team, its certified by leading bodies, and its highly relevant and customised curriculum, SDH Institute is your partner to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the hospitality industry.

SDH Institute is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a comprehensive education in the hospitality industry. Its experienced leadership and management team, its certifications from leading bodies, and its highly relevant and customised curriculum make SDH Institute the perfect partner to help you succeed in the hospitality industry.

The institute has strong industry linkages with leading hotels, integrated resorts, and F&B establishments, so you’ll be able to get on-the-job training and invaluable networking opportunities. And, with a complete education pathway from certificate to MBA programmes, you’ll be able to get the qualifications you need to break into the hospitality industry and get hired by leading organisations.

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive education in the hospitality industry, then SDH Institute is the perfect choice.

What We Like

  • Comprehensive education pathway: Offers a range of programmes from Certificate to MBA, in collaboration with the University of West London.
  • Experienced leadership and management team: Ensures quality education with a team of experts in the hospitality industry.
  • Certified by leading bodies: Validated by reputable organizations in the hospitality industry, providing recognition and credibility to students.
  • Relevant and customised curriculum: Ensures that students receive education that is tailored to the needs of the industry and is up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.
  • Strong industry linkages: Provides students with on-the-job training and networking opportunities through partnerships with leading hotels, resorts and F&B establishments.


“I had an awesome experience at the SDH Institute. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is planning to study hospitality in Singapore.”

2. Nurture Pods Pte Ltd

Best Private Schools Singapore: Nurture Pods Pte Ltd
Nurture Pods Pte Ltd
DetailsNurture Pods is an intervention centre that works with children with special needs from the age of 3 to 12 years. Our focus is on providing individualized intervention programs catering to different needs of the children at home and in school.
AddressLocated in: Eng Aun Mansion
Address: 314 Thomson Rd, Eng Aun Mansion, Singapore 307659
ContactPhone+65 6352 5938
Operating HoursMonday- Saturday: 8:30 am-3:30 pm
Sunday: Closed 
PricesEnquire for pricing

Nurture Pods is an exceptional centre for child development and early intervention, providing comprehensive services to help children with special needs reach their fullest potentials. With evidence-based techniques such as TEACCH, Handwriting Without Tears, ABA, and Social Thinking® & Secret Agent Society, Nurture Pods is able to provide quality interventions to children from the comforts of their homes and in school.

The centre is staffed with experienced therapists and educators who are passionate about helping special needs children develop the necessary skills to lead an independent and quality life. The staff also undergo regular trainings and supervision to ensure the quality of interventions administered.

In addition to providing home-based intervention, the centre also offers transition programmes to help children build skills necessary for mainstream education and social skills classes to help them develop social competencies. For parents and caregivers, Nurture Pods also offers ABA parent and care-giver training to teach the child various skills that are useful in everyday life.

For those interested in the field of special needs education, the centre offers free online training courses in diploma in special needs, applied behaviour analysis, introduction to developmental disorders and special needs school shadow support.

Overall, Nurture Pods is a great centre dedicated to helping children with special needs reach their fullest potentials. With its evidence-based interventions and dedicated staff, there is no doubt that the children would benefit greatly from the centre’s programmes.

What We Like

  • Individualized and group-based interventions: Offers tailored interventions based on the needs of each child with special needs.
  • Evidence-based approaches: Uses established and effective methods, such as TEACCH and Handwriting Without Tears, to help children achieve success.
  • School shadow support: Helps children with special needs assimilate into the school environment.
  • Social skills classes: Uses Social Thinking® and Secret Agent Society to help children with special needs develop important social skills.
  • Free online training courses: Offers training for parents and caregivers in the field of special needs education, including a Diploma in Special Needs and Applied Behaviour Analysis.


“My son just joined Nurture Pods in November, and I was glad that I made the correct choice by joining this school. The founder, Alex, and the teachers there are indeed different from some of the schools I’ve experienced before. It’s not commericalised at all, and the teachers are really professionally trained to handle kids who are slow learners.”

3. Dover Court International School

Best Private Schools Singapore: Dover Court International School
Dover Court International School
DetailsAt Dover Court International School, we offer students an education that goes beyond grades, and prepares them to achieve more than they thought possible. 
AddressAddress: 301 Dover Rd, Singapore 139644
ContactPhone+65 6775 7664
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 7:45 am-5 :00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesNursery: S$23,601 (Annual Fee)

Dover Court International School, established in 1972, is one of the leading British international schools in Southeast Asia. In addition to the English language of instruction, students at DCIS also have the opportunity to learn Mandarin, French, and Spanish. With a maximum of 1,900 students, the average student/teacher ratio is 24:1 in the Primary and Secondary School, and 9:1 in the Senior School.

The school offers an inclusive environment that caters to all students’ needs. Those who do not speak English as their first language can access additional support through the English as an Additional Language (EAL) program which is tailored to their English language ability as measured by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In the Early Years program, students are provided with a Reggio-inspired environment that stimulates their curiosity and provides an excellent foundation for their primary education. In the Primary School, students are taught using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which gives them an international dimension to their learning. Meanwhile, the Secondary School follows the National Curriculum for England and prepares students for the Sixth Form and university.

The Sixth Form at Dover Court provides students with a range of opportunities and support that helps them to become successful global citizens. Additionally, there is a well-rounded music curriculum that includes resources from the Nord Anglia Juilliard Creative Classroom.

All in all, Dover Court International School is an excellent choice for parents looking for an inclusive British education for their children. With a comprehensive curriculum, language support, and high quality music-making opportunities, this school is sure to provide a great learning experience and prepare students for a successful future.

What We Like

  • Inclusive British education: DCIS offers an inclusive environment for all students, with support for those who don’t speak English as their first language.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: With a Reggio-inspired environment in the Early Years, IPC in the Primary School, National Curriculum for England in Secondary School and a range of opportunities in the Sixth Form, DCIS provides a complete education experience.
  • Language diversity: In addition to English, students have the opportunity to learn Mandarin, French, and Spanish.
  • Low student-teacher ratio: With a maximum of 1,900 students and an average student-teacher ratio of 24:1 in Primary and Secondary School and 9:1 in the Senior School, DCIS provides personalized education.
  • Music education: The school has a well-rounded music curriculum, including resources from the Nord Anglia Juilliard Creative Classroom, to develop students’ music-making skills.


“A wonderful place for kids. My 6-year-old loves the great playground and enrichment courses. The staff we met were very nice and patient. Special thanks to Aniksha and her admissions team. They helped us a lot. And this was the main reason we were able to rejoin DCIS. Highly recommended!”

4. XCL World Academy

Best Private Schools Singapore: Xcl World Academy
XCL World Academy
DetailsXCL World Academy is one of the leading international schools in Singapore for students aged 2 – 18. The school offers personalised and rigorous education comprising the International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum of programmes and the Cambridge IGCSE qualifications.
AddressAddress: 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039
ContactPhone+65 6230 4230
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8 :00am-5 :00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesGrade 12 (IBDP/IBCP): S$20,500 / Semester

XCL World Academy is a one-stop destination for global learners, offering an exceptional international education that goes beyond traditional academic subjects to embrace the arts, music, drama, design, innovative technologies and sport.

This leading institution offers four International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes, from Nursery to Grade 12, allowing learners to gain an in-depth understanding of the world and develop the skills they need to become successful and responsible global citizens.

The Nursery programme for children aged 2-3 years provides creative, engaging and age-appropriate play-based activities in a specially designed Reggio Emilia inspired learning space. The Early Years Programme for preschool aged children (3-6 years old) encourages students to be curious, creative, collaborative, kind and considerate. It is in this environment that they build foundational literacy skills.

Grades 1-5 are part of the Primary Years Programme, creating a stimulating and challenging environment that nurtures a child’s natural curiosity, creativity and ability to reflect. In grades 6-10, the curriculum is broad and balanced, giving students the opportunity to widen their knowledge, understanding and experiences, while fostering academic excellence alongside arts, music and sport.

Finally, XCL World Academy offers the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and the IB Career-related Programme (CP) graduation pathways for grades 11-12. All students have the opportunity to earn an XCL World Academy High School Diploma regardless of the academic pathway chosen.

Furthermore, XCL World Academy encourages students to apply for Scholarships in their area of excellence, such as academics, specialisation (arts, sports, academic achievements) and community service.

For those interested, XCL World Academy welcomes applications throughout the year. However, there is limited availability so it is best to apply as early as possible.

Overall, XCL World Academy is a vibrant and engaging environment that provides students with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the world and develop the skills they need to become successful and responsible global citizens.

What We Like

  • Offers four International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes (Nursery to Grade 12) with a focus on global education and development of skills to become responsible global citizens.
  • Creative, engaging and age-appropriate learning environments, including a Reggio Emilia inspired learning space for Nursery students and stimulating, challenging environments for Primary Years and high school students.
  • Broad and balanced curriculum, incorporating arts, music, drama, design, innovative technologies and sports.
  • Multiple graduation pathways (IB Diploma and IB Career-related) with opportunity for High School Diploma.
  • Encourages students to apply for Scholarships in their area of excellence, including academics, specialisation, and community service.


“As a staff member and also a parent of a preschooler, I have loved my experience at XWA. My daughter thrived in nursery, and now in prekindergarten, she loves school, her friends, and her teachers. The environment is warm and nurturing, and I am most impressed with how caring her teachers are.”

5. Overseas Family School

Best Private Schools Singapore: Overseas Family School
Overseas Family School
DetailsEstablished in 1991, Overseas Family School (OFS) is a pre-K to Grade 12 international school in Singapore accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). We are proud educators offering a world-class education informed by a global perspective. 
AddressAddress: 81 Pasir Ris Heights, Singapore 519292
ContactPhone+65 6738 0211
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9 :00am-3:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesElementary School (Grade 1-5): S$16,250 / Semester

Overseas Family School (OFS) is the go-to choice for modern education in Singapore for Overseas Families. With a professional team of highly qualified and experienced teachers from around the world, the school offers a range of educational opportunities for students of all ages.

Kindergarteners can get acquainted with the International Early Years Curriculum, which is based on global best practices and focuses on all aspects of development, including personal, social, and emotional. Elementary students can participate in the International Primary Curriculum, which consists of engaging, globally relevant thematic IPC Units of Work.

Middle School students can take part in the Middle Years Program (MYP) of International Baccalaureate (IB) for five years. High School students can join the IB Middle Years Program for two years and the IB Diploma Program for the last two years.

At OFS, intellectual development is taken seriously and the school has a team dedicated to finding ways to enhance the intellectual development of students, beginning in Kindergarten. The school offers a Chess Program for K2 to Grade 5 and Math Coding for Kindergarten to Grade 8.

For non-native English speakers, OFS also offers the Study Preparation Program (SPP) to help them join mainstream classes as quickly as possible. There is no additional fee involved.

OFS also offers a range of sports and fitness activities, including competitive sports teams, extracurricular activities, and enrichment programs. In addition, the school has a Mother Tongue Program to help students retain and develop their native language.

All in all, OFS is a great choice for Overseas Families looking for a modern education in Singapore. With its highly qualified teachers, comprehensive curricula, and range of extracurricular activities, it provides an environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

What We Like

  • Professional team of highly qualified and experienced teachers from around the world.
  • Comprehensive and globally relevant curricula, including International Early Years Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum, Middle Years Program (MYP) of International Baccalaureate (IB), and IB Diploma Program.
  • Dedicated team for enhancing intellectual development with programs such as Chess and Math Coding.
  • Study Preparation Program (SPP) for non-native English speakers with no additional fee.
  • Range of sports, fitness activities, extracurricular activities, and enrichment programs, including Mother Tongue Program to help students retain and develop their native language.s


“This is the only school I’ve been to in Singapore, but I’ve been here for 5 years, and I LOVE it. The teachers I’ve had were all amazing, especially Mr. Gilbert (who’s gone to New Zealand now), Mr. Healy (a football teacher), and Mr. Williams.”

6. Singapore American School

Best Private Schools Singapore: Singapore American School
Singapore American School
DetailsSingapore American School is a non-profit, independent, co-educational day school located in the Woodlands area of Singapore. It offers an American-based curriculum for students in preschool through high school.
AddressAddress: 40 Woodlands Street 41, Singapore 738547
ContactPhone+65 6360 6360
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8 :00am-3 :00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesMiddle School Tuition (Grades 6-8): $35,365 for new students

Singapore American School (SAS) is an exemplary institution that offers a unique and diverse learning experience for students of all ages. From preschool and pre-kindergarten to high school, SAS offers an array of opportunities for students to explore their passions and develop meaningful relationships with peers and teachers.

At SAS, 97% of students’ 1,724 AP exams received 3s, 4s, and 5s in 2021 and the school achieved a 97th percentile or higher in all MAP testing subjects worldwide. Furthermore, 46 college-level courses are offered in high school, and students achieved a mean score of 4.1 for AP exams taken in 2021.

During the summer months, SAS offers extended learning opportunities. From 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily for four weeks, students can explore a variety of subjects, ranging from writing poetry to coding to mountain biking. Arts, athletics, and activities are also encouraged at SAS, giving students the opportunity to pursue their passions and develop a range of abilities.

Preschool and pre-kindergarten programs are based on a Reggio-inspired philosophy that encourages children to be unique, capable, and curious learners. Elementary school students have access to core subjects such as reading language arts, mathematics, world languages, science, and social studies, as well as specialist classes in art, music, physical education, swimming, technology, and library use.

Middle schoolers are part of interdisciplinary teams of teachers that support their academic, social, and emotional needs. The school has an advisory program in which each student meets with their advisor(s) at the start of every school day to build community and mentor relationships.

High school students have access to 25 Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the AP Capstone Diploma program, and a number of specialized advanced topic courses. The SAS Catalyst Project is also available, allowing students to design their own learning experience by combining their passions with their academics.

Overall, SAS offers an unparalleled learning experience for students of all ages. With a focus on extracurricular activities, advanced course offerings, and specialized programs, SAS is an ideal learning environment for students to explore their interests and reach their academic potential.

What We Like

  • High academic achievement: 97% of students received 3s, 4s, and 5s on 1,724 AP exams in 2021 and the school achieved 97th percentile or higher in all MAP testing subjects globally.
  • Diverse learning opportunities: 46 college-level courses offered, mean score of 4.1 for AP exams in 2021, summer learning opportunities, arts, athletics, and activities encouraged.
  • Reggio-inspired preschool and pre-kindergarten programs: Unique, capable, and curious learners encouraged.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Core subjects such as reading, math, science, and social studies, as well as specialist classes in art, music, technology, and more.
  • Personalized learning experience: Interdisciplinary teams, advisory program, 25 AP courses, AP Capstone Diploma program, and the SAS Catalyst Project.


“As a proud SAS parent, I can definitely vouch for this school in any area, be it building self-confidence in a child, exploring learning activities, fostering creativity, or having fun with diverse friendships. The school caters to best education with at par infrastructure and topmost facilities. The school environment is so friendly and easygoing.”

7. Insworld Institute

Best Private Schools Singapore: Insworld Institute
Insworld Institute
DetailsInsworld is a unique private school located in Singapore, providing a British-based curriculum that offers Pearson Edexcel Advanced Level, GCE Advanced Level and IGCSE, Edexcel International Tuition Programme (an International Lower Secondary Programme) and English for Academic Study. British qualifications such as A-Level and IGCSE are recognised for entry to leading universities in Singapore and worldwide.
AddressAddress: 420 North Bridge Road, #05-11/12 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727
ContactPhone+65 6732 1728
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 10 :00am-2 :00pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesEnglish for Academic Study (Standard-Advanced Level): S$7,000 / Term

Insworld Institute is a private school in Singapore that provides local and international students with a British-based secondary education. With a focus on helping students become independent learners with critical and creative thinking skills, Insworld offers a range of programmes, from Lower Secondary/Key Stage 3 through IGCSE (O-Level) and GCE A-Level/International A-Level.

The IGCSE programme provides a strong foundation for higher level courses such as GCE A-Levels, while the EITP (Pearson Edexcel International Tuition Programme) closely follows the Pearson Lower Secondary Curriculum. Students get to choose the right IGCSE subjects for them and are encouraged to develop an active and engaged approach to learning.

Insworld also offers the EAS (English for Academic Study) programme for students who have not achieved the minimum English Language level for the other programmes. This programme places equal emphasis on the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and covers academic content as well as practical academic skills to help students study more effectively.

The Admissions Department at Insworld Institute manages the application and enrolment process, making sure all statutory rights of students, parents and guardians are upheld. It also meets all legal and regulatory obligations of a Private Education Institution, as set out in the Private Education Act 2009, and regulated by the Committee for Private Education through EduTrust.

Insworld Institute provides students with the opportunity to excel in their studies, develop independent learning skills and gain qualifications for entry to leading universities in Singapore or abroad. With its comprehensive range of programmes and focus on ensuring a supportive learning environment, Insworld Institute is a great choice for students looking for an enhanced secondary education experience.

What We Like

  • Insworld Institute provides British-based secondary education for local and international students
  • Offers IGCSE and GCE A-Level/International A-Level programmes for students to excel in their studies
  • EITP (Pearson Edexcel International Tuition Programme) follows the Pearson Lower Secondary Curriculum
  • EAS (English for Academic Study) programme for students with low English language skills
  • Provides opportunities for students to develop independent learning skills and gain qualifications for entry to leading universities in Singapore or abroad


“One of the things I really like about Insworld Institute is the small class size. It allows the teacher to personally address the concerns and questions of each individual student during classes rather than having to gloss over them.”

8. The Windstedt School

Best Private Schools Singapore: The Winstedt School
The Winstedt School
DetailsThe Winstedt School (K-12) is a leading international school in Singapore that provides bespoke, holistic and inclusive education for diverse learners. Our students access the mainstream UK National Curriculum through our unique trans-disciplinary pedagogy that includes integrated therapy and social and emotional skills development. We are a WASC internationally accredited and EduTrust certified international school.
AddressAddress: 1208 Upper Boon Keng Rd, Singapore 387312
ContactPhone+65 6715 5373
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8 :00am-5 :00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesEnrollment Fee (New Students): $7,600 

The Winstedt School is an independent, family-owned school that is dedicated to creating a tight-knit community of students, teachers, administrators, and parents who are passionate about the school’s mission and vision. With a maximum of 15 students per class and a maximum of 8 students in the SEED Readiness Program, The Winstedt School provides individualized attention to each student. Moreover, 31 nationalities are represented in the student body, students’ ages range from 4 to 18, and the school has 45 teachers.

The Winstedt School offers a full suite of extracurricular activities after school and is certified with the EduTrust 4-Year Certification and is fully accredited for grades K-13 by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

For students in reception to year 2, the school provides hands-on projects and small-group collaboration that taps into students’ intellectual curiosity and allows for differentiated instruction. Additionally, the school utilizes a literacy and language program called Read, Write, Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, to develop fluent readers, confident speakers, and willing writers.

For students in middle school, the school has a unique blend of curriculum options that includes a combination of UK Curriculum (Key Stage 2 and 3) courses, Winstedt designed courses, and highly individualized electives. For students in senior school, core subjects are taught in line with EdExcel KS3 and KS4 Curriculum, and the school provides a wide range of electives for students to choose from.

The Winstedt School is committed to providing the best education and assessments for their students. Summative assessments take the form of “Knowledge Checks” which assess each student’s knowledge, and accommodations for specific learning needs will be provided as needed.

The Winstedt School is an excellent choice for students who want to receive personalized attention, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and quality education. With its passionate team of teachers, administrators, and parents, The Winstedt School is sure to provide students with an enriching and inspiring learning experience.

What We Like

  • Maximum 15 students per class and 8 students in SEED Readiness Program
  • EduTrust 4-Year Certified and fully accredited for K-13 by WASC
  • Hands-on projects, small-group collaboration, and Read, Write, Inc. literacy program in early years
  • Unique curriculum blend of UK Curriculum, Winstedt-designed courses, and individualized electives
  • Knowledge Checks summative assessments with accommodations for specific learning needs


“I love the school and the positive vibes it has for my child.”

9. German European School Singapore (GESS) International School

Best Private Schools Singapore: German European School Singapore Gess International School
German European School Singapore (GESS) International School
DetailsGESS – International School in Singapore has strong European foundations and believes in developing confident, forward-looking students through a celebration of respect, openness and diversity. GESS is recognised for its languages and offers a choice between two main curricula: the German Curriculum or the English-speaking International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Many other languages are offered as part of the unique ‘mother tongue’ and language enrichment programmes. 
AddressAddress: 2 Dairy Farm Ln, Singapore 677621
ContactPhone+65 6469 1131
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8 :00am-5 :00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesEnglish International Baccalaureate Curriculum Tuition (Grades 1-5): S$29,605 / Year

GESS International School is the perfect choice for any student looking to excel in their education and beyond. With over 15 languages offered from beginner to mother tongue level, integrated or after school, GESS provides a wide range of options for students to develop their language skills and gain fluency.

The state-of-the-art campus offers over 170 learning facilities, from sports to outdoor areas, giving students plenty of opportunities to grow and develop their talents.

The curriculum is tailored to the needs of each student. Pre-school students can enroll in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme for students aged 2-5 years old.

The English IB curriculum offers all 3 International Baccalaureate Programmes (PYP, MYP, DP) to students, with exemplary IB scores that are always above the world average. For students looking to gain the German school leaving certificates, the German curriculum stream follows the Baden-Wurttemberg framework.

Primary school students, aged 6 to 10, are offered a German education in an international environment, with over 65 nationalities. The Middle School offers all German school qualifications (Hauptschule, Realschule and Abitur).

In High School, students can benefit from a wide range of courses in languages, arts, humanities, mathematics and sciences, taught by expert educators.

On top of that, the exclusive BeyondClassrooms programme gives students the opportunity to take their learning out into the real world. GESS International School partners with leading global companies and organisations, providing students with unique, real-world experiences.

With all that GESS has to offer, it is no surprise that the school consistently achieves a 100% pass rate and scores that surpass the world average. It is clear that GESS International School is the perfect choice for any student looking to excel in their education.

What We Like

  • Offers a wide range of languages from beginner to mother tongue level
  • State-of-the-art campus with over 170 learning facilities
  • Tailored curriculum including International Baccalaureate (IB) and German school qualifications
  • Expert educators with high academic standards and results above world average
  • Unique BeyondClassrooms programme provides real-world learning experiences with leading global companies and organizations.


“We have had a wonderful experience with the GESS teachers that have come into our son’s life. Academically, it’s well-paced for his age. He is in middle school now. We are grateful that the school is a safe space for our son to grow.”

10. One World International School

Best Private Schools Singapore: One World International School
One World International School
DetailsOWIS is a leading international school in Singapore. We provide students in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary School with a globally recognised academic pathway comprising IB PYP, Cambridge IGCSE and IB DP. We also offer EAL programmes and Chinese-English bilingual education to build proficiency in these languages.
AddressNanyang Campus
Address: 21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075
Phone+65 6914 6700
Monday-Friday: 8 :00am-5 :00pm
Saturday: 9 :00am-12 :00pm
Sunday: Closed
Suntec Campus
Located in: Suntec City
Address: 1 Raffles Blvd, Level 3, Singapore 039593
Phone+65 6914 7240
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 9 :00am-4:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
ContactAs above per location
Operating HoursAs in the address info per location
PricesGrades 1-6 Annaul Fee: S$ 18,564

One World International School is a non-denominational school that welcomes students from all cultures, ethnicities and religions. The school provides a holistic curriculum that includes the IB PYP for Early Childhood and primary school students, the Cambridge IGCSE for Grades 6 to 10, and the IBDP for Grades 11 and 12.

In addition to their curriculum, OWIS also offers a variety of programmes, such as their EAL programme, which focuses on teaching students who are new to English, and their Scholarship Programme, which provides financial assistance to eligible families. The school also provides bus transportation services to make sure all students can get to school safely.

At One World International School, students have the opportunity to learn in an environment that is both inclusive and diverse. The school’s programmes and curriculum allow students to explore their world, learn about fundamental concepts, and gain an appreciation for people of all cultures and backgrounds.

The school is dedicated to providing its students with the best educational experience possible and strives to create a multicultural community where everyone feels welcome and included. With its holistic curriculum and array of programmes, One World International School is the perfect place for students to thrive.

What We Like

  • Holistic curriculum including IB PYP, Cambridge IGCSE, and IBDP
  • EAL program for non-native English speakers and scholarship program for financial assistance
  • Bus transportation for student safety
  • Inclusive and diverse environment fostering appreciation for different cultures
  • Dedicated to providing students with the best educational experience.


“One of the safest, cleanest, and friendliest groups of teachers, nannies, and staff. I’m so happy that my child is studying at OWIS. Their quality of education and care is just beyond amazing!”

11. Swiss School in Singapore

Best Private Schools Singapore: Swiss School In Singapore
Swiss School in Singapore
DetailsThe Swiss School in Singapore provides education according to Swiss standards and criteria. Due to our high level of pedagogical quality, we are officially recognised by “Bundesamt für Kultur” (BAK) as “Swiss Government Approved School.” Classes are conducted in either German and English or French and English. 
AddressLocated in: Swiss Club Singapore
Address: 38 Swiss Club Rd., Singapore 288140
ContactPhone+65 6468 2117
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8 :00am-5 :00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesEnquire for pricing

The Swiss School in Singapore (SSiS) is an international school that is open to children of any nationality, ethnic background or religion. Located in the heart of Singapore, SSiS offers a range of interesting and engaging courses and activities that are sure to capture the imagination of children and young adults alike.

For those who need transportation services, SSiS has partnered with D’Best Bus Transport Service to provide door-to-door bus operation to and from school. In addition, SSiS also provides German and French streams for both preschool and primary school students.

Through interactive teaching methods, such as singing, listening to stories, playing games and doing art and crafts, children learn the respective language in a fun and engaging way.

At the secondary school level, SSiS offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, an internationally recognised pre-university qualification programme. Upon completion of the course, graduates are awarded a UWCSEA Diploma and can further their studies at universities all over the world.

Finally, SSiS also offers an array of sport activities for children, such as inter-school football, swimming, tennis and track and field competitions. SSiS also enrols children in selected tournaments, such as the Swiss Ambassador Cup and the VW Cup, and organises an annual Sports Day.

In conclusion, the Swiss School in Singapore is a great place for children to learn and be educated. With its wide range of activities and courses, parents and children can be sure to find something that will suit their needs and interests.

The school also provides transportation services as well as a range of sports activities for children to participate in. All in all, SSiS is a great choice for those who are looking for an international school that offers a unique and enriching learning experience.

What We Like

  • Open to children of any nationality, ethnic background, or religion
  • Door-to-door bus operation for transportation
  • German and French streams for preschool and primary students
  • IB Diploma Program for secondary school students
  • Wide range of sports activities, including inter-school competitions and annual Sports Day.


“I wish I was the one going to school.”

12. Kindle Kids International School (KKIS)

Best Private Schools Singapore: Kindle Kids International School Kkis
Kindle Kids International School (KKIS)
DetailsThe rich curriculum at Kindle Kids International School (KKIS) focuses on imparting academic knowledge and the acquisition of life and leadership skills. Students are immersed in a creative and nurturing environment placing emphasis on excellence, ingenuity, integrity and service.
AddressLocated in: SLF Complex
Address: SLF Building, 510 Thomson Rd, #B2-00, Singapore 298135
ContactPhone+65 6568 3980
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9 :00am-3:30 pm
Saturday: 9 :00am-1 :00pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesCambridge Primary Programme Monthly Tuition (Year 1 to YEar 5): $1,712.00 With GST

KKIS is an incredible international school with a Cambridge curriculum that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the modern world.

The school offers a range of programs, from the Primary Program for students aged 5-11, to the Lower Secondary Program for students aged 6-8, to the IGCSE Preparatory Program for those in Grade 9 and 10.

The Cambridge Primary course is designed to develop English literacy, Mathematics numeracy, and Science reasoning abilities.

The Lower Secondary Program provides students with a wide array of subjects necessary for success in the contemporary world, while the IGCSE Preparatory Program helps students develop their creative thinking, enquiry, and problem-solving skills.

To further enrich the learning experience, KKIS also offers an exciting and challenging weekly enrichment program. Finally, the school offers the KKIS Merit Scholarship to recognize and encourage hardworking and determined students.

In short, KKIS is a fantastic school that provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the modern world. It is an amazing place for young learners to grow and develop.

What We Like

  • Offers a Cambridge Curriculum
  • Focus on Developing Key Skills (English literacy, Mathematics numeracy, Science reasoning, Creative thinking, Enquiry, and Problem-solving)
  • Weekly Enrichment Program
  • KKIS Merit Scholarship for hardworking and determined students.


“One of the best schools in Singapore, very affordable and less stressful for kids. Highly recommended.”

More Info On Private Schools in Singapore

Benefits Of Attending A Private School In Singapore

Attending a private school in Singapore is often likened to planting an acorn, with the promise of a mighty oak down the line. The benefits of such an education can be seen as it provides students with learning opportunities for personal growth and success.

Private schools offer small class sizes which are conducive to more personalized instruction from experienced teachers who have extensive knowledge in their subject matter. This allows children to receive individualized attention that helps them excel academically and reach their full potential.

Furthermore, many private institutions emphasize developing well-rounded people through holistic approaches to teaching and learning, focusing on values alongside academics. Students also benefit from access to excellent resources including world-class facilities and technology that nurture creativity and innovation.

Private schools also provide unique extracurricular activities like debate clubs or robotics workshops that help foster social skills and expand students’ interests beyond the classroom.

With these advantages in mind, parents may consider enrolling their child into one of the different types of private schools in Singapore…

Types Of Private Schools In Singapore

When it comes to private schools in Singapore, the options are varied and numerous. Whether you’re looking for a prestigious international school or an intimate religious setting, there’s something out there for everyone.

International Schools offer world-class learning in English as well as other languages such as Mandarin or French. These schools provide excellent academic programs with highly qualified teachers from all over the world and access to top universities around the globe.

For those seeking a more holistic approach to education, Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Schools may be suitable. SAP schools focus on providing quality teaching while nurturing creativity and personal growth among students through their unique curriculums.

Religious schools also have their own special appeal; they provide a spiritual atmosphere that will nurture children’s faith development along with their academics.

Finding The Right Private School In Singapore

Deciding on the right school for your child can be a daunting process; it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. With more than 400 private schools offering various curriculums and styles of learning, parents have to consider many factors before making their choice.

One parent noted that the process was similar to searching through an expansive library with books they’d never seen before: “It felt overwhelming at first because there are so many options out there,” she said. However, by researching different types of schools and asking questions during visits, she was able to narrow down her choices until finally settling on one that fit all her criteria.

By doing thorough research online, talking to admissions representatives, and visiting each campus personally, you will be better equipped to determine which educational environment is most ideal for your family.

Admissions Process For Private Schools In Singapore

If you thought the process of finding a private school in Singapore was daunting, wait until you hear about their admissions process! It’s enough to make your head spin. From completing paperwork to attending interview sessions and tests, there is no end to what you’ll be expected to do when applying for one of these premier schools.

The first step is usually filling out an extensive application form with all the details about yourself and your family. You may have to provide references from teachers or counselors as well. Then comes the dreaded part – interviews and assessments.

Each school has its own criteria for assessing applicants, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with them before you apply. For instance, some might require writing essays while others will focus on problem solving exercises or group discussions. Not only that, but many schools also conduct aptitude tests and subject specific exams during the selection process too!

It goes without saying that this can be quite a stressful experience but luckily most private schools offer assistance if needed – especially those who specialize in helping international students get accepted into top universities worldwide.

So take heart; there are ways around this ordeal if you need help navigating it successfully!

Costs Involved In Attending A Private School In Singapore

The allure of a private school education in Singapore is undeniable. The promise of an elite learning experience, with exclusive access to the best teachers and resources, often draws parents to consider enrolling their children into such institutions. But what are the costs associated with attending one?

Attending a private school in Singapore can be expensive. Tuition fees vary widely but they range from around SGD$10,000 per year for elementary and middle schools up to more than SGD$30,000 for high-end international schools.

Additional expenses like registration fees, textbooks, uniforms and transportation also add onto the total cost of attendance. It’s important to factor these items into your budget before making any commitments.

Fortunately, there may be some financial aid available from certain private schools or through government grants which could help reduce tuition fees significantly. It pays to do research on this front and investigate how you can minimize costs without compromising on quality education opportunities.

With that said, it’s time to move on towards exploring the curriculum offered by private schools in Singapore.

Curriculum Of Private Schools In Singapore

When it comes to the curriculum of private schools in Singapore, they offer a wide range of programmes and courses. Most institutions focus on preparing students for international examinations such as IGCSEs and IB Diploma Programme. Private schools also provide world-class education with an emphasis on developing each student’s individual strengths and interests.

In addition, many private schools have a strong emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects which are integral parts of their curriculums. They aim to equip students with relevant knowledge and skills that can be applied in real life situations.

Not only that, some private schools also offer additional learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting through extracurricular activities or other enrichment classes like music or art. With this approach, students gain valuable experiences that would help them excel academically as well as become well-rounded individuals.

Private school education is definitely something worth considering since it provides quality instruction from experienced teachers who strive to nurture their students’ talents and abilities. Now let’s take a look at what kind of extracurricular activities these institutions have to offer.

Extracurricular Activities Of Private Schools In Singapore

When it comes to private schools in Singapore, their extracurricular activities offer a wide range of opportunities for students. They provide a chance for students to explore their passions and gain valuable experiences outside the classroom.

The types of activities offered can vary greatly from school to school. For example, some may have sports teams such as basketball or soccer while others might have robotics clubs or language classes. Many schools also organize field trips both locally and abroad, which allow students to learn more about different cultures and expand their horizons beyond the classroom walls.

These activities are important because they help foster teamwork and collaboration between students, promote creativity, give children an outlet for stress relief, improve physical health through exercise, and develop communication skills that will benefit them throughout life.

With so many options available at private schools in Singapore, there is something for everyone! Next up: facilities of private schools in Singapore – what kind of resources do these institutions provide?

Facilities Of Private Schools In Singapore

It is often said that private schools in Singapore offer more than just an excellent education; they also provide some of the best facilities available. But how true is this? To understand this, let us look at what sort of amenities and resources these educational institutions have to offer.

Private schools are well-equipped with a range of learning spaces such as libraries, science laboratories, music rooms, art studios and computer labs. These areas give students access to modern technology and the opportunity to explore various topics and develop their interests further.

Additionally, many private schools boast sports facilities like swimming pools, basketball courts and running tracks for physical activities and team sports.

Furthermore, student wellness is taken care of through medical clinics which provide both preventative healthcare advice as well as treatment when needed. All these features make for a safe yet stimulating environment where young minds can grow holistically.

From all we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that private schools in Singapore have plenty going on behind the scenes when it comes to providing great facilities conducive to learning. The next step then lies in understanding how parents get involved in their children’s academic journeys within such establishments.

Parental Involvement In Private Schools In Singapore

Parents are like the sun, providing much needed nourishment and warmth to their children’s education. Like a mother bird tending her chicks, parents want the best for their children and actively support them in achieving outstanding results. Parental involvement is an integral part of private school culture in Singapore:

  • 1) Parents are encouraged to attend parent-teacher meetings on a regular basis;
  • 2) Private schools often have active parent associations which also provide communication between parents and teachers;
  • 3) Involving families in other activities such as open days, field trips, or volunteering at school fundraisers helps build community spirit among students and parents alike.

These practices help foster strong relationships between family members and educators, allowing both parties to work together towards common educational goals.

This shared responsibility allows for greater collaboration, thereby contributing to the success of private school students here. As we move forward into discussing support services offered by these institutions, it is clear that parental involvement plays an important role in creating a successful environment for learning.

Support Services Of Private Schools In Singapore

Private schools are not only focused on providing quality education to students, but also offer additional support services which can go a long way towards aiding their overall academic experience.

Private school support services include counselling, psychological testing and special needs provisions. Counselling helps children develop necessary skills such as time management, problem-solving and communication.

Psychological tests identify areas where the student may need more help or guidance from experts. Special needs provisions cater to those with disabilities, making sure they have access to the same educational resources as everyone else.

Furthermore, many private schools host parent-teacher conferences throughout the year so that both parties remain informed about any issues or successes that arise during a student’s progress at school.

In addition, private schools often offer extra-curricular activities like sports teams or clubs which give students an opportunity to discover new interests while developing teamwork and socialization skills along the way.

These activities supplement classroom lessons by giving students real-world experiences they would otherwise not receive in traditional schooling environments. The involvement of parents can further enrich these experiences; for instance, some parents volunteer to coach a team or assist with running events held by the school community – all of which contribute towards creating lasting memories for those involved.

Clearly then, private schools in Singapore play an essential role in helping children reach their full potential through comprehensive support services and engaging extracurricular activities. Allowing parental involvement provides yet another avenue for them to gain valuable knowledge outside of just academics – something vital for young minds looking ahead into adulthood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Private Schools in Singapore.

What Is The Average Teacher-Student Ratio In Private Schools In Singapore?

The teacher-student ratio in private schools is an important factor to consider when looking at educational options. It can make a big difference in the quality of education that students receive and how connected they feel to their teachers.
In Singapore, most private schools have a student-teacher ratio between 10:1 and 15:1.

This means there are roughly ten or fifteen students for every one teacher. It’s important to note that this number may vary depending on the school and the grade level; some classes may be smaller than others, which would bring down the overall average for each school.

Generally speaking though, these ratios offer students more personalized attention from their educators compared with public schools, where the ratios tend to be much higher.

Are There Any Scholarship Or Financial Aid Programs Available To Students Attending Private Schools In Singapore?

Aspiring students eager to attend private schools in Singapore may be wondering if there are any options for financial aid or scholarships. Indeed, such opportunities abound and can help ease the burden of high tuition costs. Let us delve into this topic further whilst exploring the various possibilities available.
To start with, many international schools offer partial Scholarships that cover tuition fees on a sliding scale; these awards typically range from 10-100%. Additionally, some prestigious institutions provide fee waivers based on merit rather than need.

Anachronistically speaking, one could liken this system to ‘putting your best foot forward’ – so applicants should make sure their application is as polished as possible!

How Does The Curriculum Of Private Schools In Singapore Compare To That Of Public Schools?

When looking at the curriculum of private schools in Singapore, it’s important to compare them with the public school system.

Private schools often have a more tailored approach that focuses on developing well-rounded students who can think critically and be creative problem solvers. They also typically offer a wider range of electives than what is available in the public school curricula.
Private schools are known for their high academic standards and rigorous course work, which may make them better suited for those seeking an advanced education or specialized training.

Additionally, many private schools provide extra support services like counseling and mentoring programs to help students reach their goals. These resources often aren’t available at public institutions, making private education even more attractive to those seeking individual growth opportunities.

Are Private Schools In Singapore Required To Follow The Singapore National Curriculum?

It goes without saying that private schools in Singapore are held to a different standard than public ones. But one of the most important differences is whether they adhere to the national curriculum or not.
To cut a long story short, yes and no. While some aspects of the national curriculum must be observed by all educational institutions, other topics may be addressed differently depending on each school’s own policies.

For instance, religious education is typically not mandated for private schools – though it might still be taught as part of their unique curricula. On top of that, many private schools offer additional classes outside of what is found in the regular public school syllabus such as extracurricular activities and electives.
This means that while both public and private schools are expected to cover certain core subjects like maths and science, there is room for variation when it comes to how these topics are approached and explored.

What Is The Process For Transferring From A Public School To A Private School In Singapore?

The process for transferring from a public school to a private school in Singapore can be quite complex and daunting. One must ensure that they find an institution which offers the right type of education and environment for their child’s needs.
In order to make the transition successful, parents should also consider factors like location and accessibility, fees structure and extra-curricular activities offered by each school. Additionally, it is important to look into financial assistance programs which may help cover tuition costs.

Finally, one should not forget to check the admission policies of each school prior to enrolling their child. This will allow them to understand what documents are required for enrollment and if there are any entrance tests or interviews needed.


Private schools in Singapore offer numerous options to students who wish to pursue a higher level of education. With smaller class sizes, increased access to resources, and possibly more individualized instruction than public schools can provide, private school might be the right choice for some families.

However, it is important to consider all aspects when deciding between private and public schooling. As the old adage says “you get what you pay for”; so parents should carefully weigh their budget against the benefits that private schooling offers before making any decisions.

Ultimately, with careful consideration of each option available, parents are sure to make an informed decision on which type of school will best suit their needs and those of their children.

We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best Private Schools in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

We hope this article that we have reviewed has been helpful for you! If you find this article helpful, do check out other related articles in Singapore!