9 Best Copier Rental in Singapore To Rent Printers & Photocopiers (2024)

Are you looking to rent photocopier and printer machines? That’s a wise move than buying! Check out the best copier rental companies in Singapore to rent from!

Updated on October 29, 2023 


Jasmine Tan
Best Copier Rental in Singapore
9 Best Copier Rental in Singapore To Rent Printers & Photocopiers (2024)
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Copier Rental Singapore

Singapore is a thriving and ever-changing city with a population of over 5 million and over 100,000 businesses. The quality of the city has led to its reputation as a global financial hub. Singapore is also known as a vibrant business center.

As a business owner, you know you will need printer copier one way or another. You will need them to keep up with printing all the necessary documents when running a business.

What is Copier Rental in Singapore?

Copier rental companies in Singapore offers companies to rent printers and copier machines instead of buying them. They will take care of all the maintenance and issues with the copier since they are the professionals. This will create convenience for businesses who rents from them.

How to Choose the Right Type of Copier for Your Business Needs

Choosing the right type of copier for your business needs is a very important decision. Copiers are not just a tool that you can buy and forget about. You need to keep it maintained, replace parts as they wear out, and plan for its eventual replacement.

There are many types of copiers available on the market today, from all-in-one machines to large-format printers to digital copiers. The type of machine you choose will depend on what kind of work you do, how much space you have in your office, how much money you want to spend up front, and how much money you want to spend over time on maintenance and supplies.

Why Should You Consider Copier Rental Companies?

Copier rental is not just about photocopies and printers. It is also about office equipment rental Singapore which includes all the items that you may need to make your office work more efficiently.

These companies usually have a wide variety of copiers and printers that can suit any need you may have. They can also offer other items like fax machines, scanners, and shredders which will help make your workday easier and more productive.

Why Should You Rent a Copy Machine Instead of Buying Them?

The decision to buy a copy machine or office space is a big one. You need to think about the cost, the amount of time it will take for you to break even on your investment, and whether or not you want to invest in these things in the first place.

You might end up spending time on figuring the monthly maintenance costs, repair costs, and overheads just to keep up with your own copier machine. Why not leave it to the professionals by paying a monthly premium for rental?

best iconBest Copier Rentals in Singapore (2024)

Our team of experts have researched and curated a list of the Best Copier Rentals in Singapore. Our list of recommendations are based on ours and others' first-hand experience, so it will be helpful for you! Let's not wait and get to it!

1. CPC Solution Pte Ltd

Best Copier Rental Singapore: Cpc Solution Pte Ltd
CPC Solution Pte Ltd
DetailsCPC Solution is a premier provider of copiers and printers in Singapore. We take great pride in providing genuine service in the Singapore copier industry.
AddressLocated in: Victory Centre
Address: 110 Lor 23 Geylang, #05-07 Victory Centre, Singapore 388410
ContactPhone+65 6527 9124
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8:30am-5:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am-12:30pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesPhotocopier rental: $99/month​


The best color copier rentals are available at CPC Solution, an office equipment rental firm located in Singapore. HP, Canon, and Toshiba are just some of the famous manufacturers it offers printers and copying machines from.

It has become an industry leader because of its low prices and high quality services, even though it has only been in operation for 10 years. Any sort of office equipment can be repaired by a team of trained specialists.

What We Like

  • Offers best color copier rentals
  • Offers printers and copying machines from famous manufacturers like HP, Canon, and Toshiba.
  • Industry leader due to low prices and high-quality services.
  • Provides repair services for any office equipment by a team of trained specialists.


“J,pandiyan from kim cheng we take rental from cpc more than 4 years service support very well,,thay doing regular maintenance and breakdown very fast respose. Esspecially Mr.Arun done good job for us he very good knowledge in technical. Everytime when we ask something about copier he explain very clear. Thank you for your keep going good….”

2. PTC Business Systems Pte Ltd

Best Copier Rental Singapore: Ptc Business Systems Pte Ltd
PTC Business Systems Pte Ltd
DetailsEstablished in 1982, PTC Business Systems Pte Ltd has been providing office equipment and business solutions to customers for more than 3 decades. As the backbone of our business, PTC locally and globally markets digital brand new and showroom models of color and monochrome multifunction devices to offices.
AddressLocated in: Aljunied Industrial Complex
Address: 625 Aljunied Road #07-01 to #07-09, Singapore 389836
ContactPhone+65 6741 5993
Email: enquiry@ptc-copier.com.sg, sales@ptc-copier.com.sg
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 8:30am-5:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am-12:30pm 
PricesEnquire for pricing

Since 1982, PTC Business Systems has offered a wide array of services and products for companies that require printing and copying. Its clients are varied, including businesses, educational institutions and governmental agencies. PTC is one of the only companies in Singapore that offers its own brands of printers and copiers.

In addition, PTC has partnered with different printer and copier companies giving their customers varied options. Some of the companies represented include Canon, Fuji Xerox, Kyocera Mita, Oki-Teriostar, and Toshiba.

PTC also provides software for managing and monitoring your printers and copiers and is now part of EFI Group, a global IT solutions company.

Long term lease options for a wide range of equipment are available from PTC Business Systems. It also has a repair service. It has a team of expert repair technicians who can diagnose and repair all brands of printers and copiers. They also sell parts and repairs.

What We Like

  • Wide range of services and products for printing and copying
  • Offers own brands of printers and copiers
  • Partners with various printer and copier companies
  • Provides software for managing and monitoring printers and copiers
  • Part of EFI Group, a global IT solutions company
  • Offers long-term lease options for equipment
  • Has a team of expert repair technicians for all brands of printers and copiers
  • Offers repair service and sells parts and repairs.


“Our company recently rented 7 copiers for 9 days usage at Suntec and are very satisfied with their prompt delivery and set-up. PTC also sent their engineer to check on the copier performance daily and the machines worked well despite our heavy printing and high usage. We will definitely consider their service again.”

3. Archer Marketing & Development (S) Pte Ltd

Best Copier Rental Singapore: Archer Marketing Development
Archer Marketing & Development
DetailsArcher is a Singapore-based company dealing in business print solutions such as print management software, business copier rental, printer sales and import/export of Xerox photocopiers & consumables.
AddressLocated in: Penjuru Tech Hub
Address: 4 Penjuru Place, 2.8 Penjuru Tech Hub, #01-23, Singapore 608782
ContactPhone+65 6777 2272
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-5:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed 
PricesCopier rental/leasing: from S$38.00 per month with a minimum duration contract


Archer Marketing & Development is among the most reliable printing vendors you can turn to for small business needs. Their print services range from large scale color printing to everyday monochrome printing and copying, and they offer them all at great prices.

Archer Marketing & Development is a full-service provider with extensive knowledge about copier and printer technology. It’s perfect for small business who don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment and who can choose to rent for longer period of time or just short time.

Archer Marketing is one of the finest color printer rentals in Singapore because of its wide selection of printers which work with Fuji Xerox, Synology, HP and many others.

What We Like

  • Archer Marketing & Development offers reliable and affordable printing services for small businesses.
  • Offers a wide range of printing services from large scale color printing to everyday monochrome printing and copying.
  • Full-service provider with extensive knowledge in copier and printer technology.
  • Offers rental options for small businesses who don’t want to spend a lot on equipment.
  • Wide selection of printers including Fuji Xerox, Synology, HP and more.


“Technicians are very Knowledgeable professional and friendly. Office and IT staff are also very helpful and quick to response.”

4. Print IQ Copier Rental

Best Copier Rental Singapore: Copier Rental Printiq
Copier Rental PrintIQ
DetailsPrint-IQ Singapore is a leading Managed Print Services company which sells and lease/ rent Copiers, Printers & MFPs. We have a wide range of copier machines and printers that are Affordable, Reliable and Hassle-Free that fits the SME budget.
AddressAddress: 8 Ubi View, #03-01 Serial System Building, Singapore 408554
ContactPhone+65 6100 7746
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-5:45pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesEnquire for pricing

Print IQ is a provider of high-quality printing and copying equipment, which is suitable for both office and commercial environments.

Their printing and copying equipment is available to rent or lease and includes a variety of top-of-the-line machines. If you only plan to use the equipment for a short time, leasing might be a better option than renting.

HP printers have the industry’s strongest security yet they also protect people’s wallets. Their customer service team has a team of committed and trained IT staff that are always willing to assist you with your inquiry.

What We Like

  • High-quality printing and copying equipment suitable for office and commercial environments
  • Available to rent or lease, with a variety of top-of-the-line machines
  • Offers industry-leading security with HP printers
  • Committed and trained customer service team available to assist with inquiries.


“Very good machines and service support!”

5. G1 Digital Copier & Supplies

Best Copier Rental Singapore: G1 Digital Copier Supplies
G1 Digital Copier & Supplies
DetailsG1 Digital Copier & Supplies is the leading copier machine supplier in Singapore. We help companies save costs by proactively offering lowest rates while providing effective solutions for their document printing needs. We earnestly believe that these efforts provide true business value and will go a long way towards maintaining a lasting business relationship.
AddressLocated in: Kampong Ubi Industrial Estate
Address: 3026 Ubi Rd 1, Singapore 408719
ContactPhone9669 0777
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm
Sunday: Closed
PricesAffordable rental rates start from just $38.00 per month.

From one day to five years, short-term and long-term rental and leasing are available. G1 digital products include printers, multi-functional devices, scanning, photocopiers, fax machines and fax servers. They can be used for either short-term or long-term leasing.

Their G1 digital options are designed to provide great value in terms of pricing, as well as the ability to give the best answer for any particular budget. G1 Copier pricing is based on the size of your office and how many of your employees use it. They offer professional, knowledgeable, and skilled service that will make you feel like your office is in good hands.

A long-term partnership is the ideal goal in business, and one that is worth working toward. This means being transparent with one another, both in your dealings as well as how the work is done. It takes trust and dedication to make things work out in the best possible way. You can have all these with G1 Digital Copier & Supplies.

What We Like

  • G1 Digital Copier & Supplies offers short and long-term rental and leasing options for printers, multi-functional devices, scanning, photocopiers, fax machines, and fax servers.
  • Offers competitive pricing options tailored to different office sizes and usage.
  • Provides professional, knowledgeable, and skilled service.
  • Aims to establish a long-term partnership with clients through transparency and trust.

6. TTS Copier International Pte Ltd

Best Copier Rental Singapore: Tts Copier International Pte Ltd
TTS Copier International Pte Ltd
DetailsSingapore largest direct copier importer. Leading in refurbishing copiers. We are the pioneer of the photocopier industry in Singapore, supplying and servicing photocopiers all over Singapore island-wide.
AddressAddress: 2 Kallang Pudding Rd, #04-01/02/03/04/16 #05-01 Mactech Building, Singapore 349307
ContactPhone+65 6841 5500
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-06:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-1:00pm
Sun & Public Holiday: Closed
PricesEnquire for pricing

TTS is a leader in the office supplies business. In fact, the company has a history of being awarded many government contracts. And, in addition to printer and copier rental, leasing, maintaining and upgrading, they also sell copiers and other office equipment.

Renting your own printing device, such as a laser printer, can be a costly affair – especially if you have to buy your own toner or ink cartridges. Rent one from a printing service provider. You can easily choose your preferred delivery method and then have the device sent to your office.

Furthermore, it is the copier supplier for the 28th SEA Games 2015 in Singapore. TTS has the experience and know-how to provide event organizers with the right solution for their photocopying needs.

What We Like

  • TTS is a leader in the office supplies business with a history of winning government contracts.
  • Offers printer and copier rental, leasing, maintenance and upgrades, as well as selling copiers and other office equipment.
  • Provides flexible delivery options for renting printing devices and toner or ink cartridges.
  • Has experience providing photocopying solutions for large events, such as the 28th SEA Games 2015 in Singapore.


“Thank you TTS Copier for your professionalism and efficiency. We had a great experience with TTS and Mr Aaron. He is always patient and helpful. We will continue our support to TTS!”

7. BT Copys LLP

Best Copier Rental Singapore: Bt Copys Llp
BT Copys LLP
DetailsWe are reputable local supplier with more than 25 years of in Copier Machine Sales, Rentals, Leasing, Repair & Maintenance. We offer customised corporate copier machine solution in terms of long term leasing, short term rental or direct purchase.
AddressLocated in: Bukit Timah Plaza
Address: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #B1-48 Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore, Singapore 588996
ContactPhone+65 8418 1524
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed 
PricesFuji Xerox CT201370 Black Toner Cartridge: $250.00


BT Copys is the leading provider of copy machines and supplies for copiers. They have been around for more than 25 years. If your company is looking for an office equipment solution, this is the right copier rental service for you.

BT Copy Services provides temporary workspaces, copy services, and more, including copier rental services. They also have a range of other services, including the ability to set-up a workstation at your location and provide the necessary equipment.

The availability of a rental option is a great idea. This can be very helpful if you are working on a long-term project and you need to use it regularly. Another advantage of the rental model is the price. Renting equipment that is only used for a short time is an inexpensive option.

The most reliable copier repair service is a reputable on-site emergency repair service. They will perform all your repairs and annual maintenance.

What We Like

  • BT Copys is a leading provider of copy machines and supplies with over 25 years of experience
  • Offers a range of services including copier rental, temporary workspaces, and copy services
  • Offers rental option for long-term projects, at an affordable price
  • Reliable on-site emergency repair service and annual maintenance available.


“Kudos to Ephraim and team once again.. Good quality copier machine and hassle free.. Thank you.. Highly recommended.. Friendly boss with very prompt replies and actions..”

8. Dots Technology & Trading

Best Copier Rental Singapore: Dots Technology Trading
Dots Technology & Trading
DetailsWe’re specialized in re-manufactured cartridges. We are also carrying original cartridges and as well as office stationery like paper etc.
AddressLocated in: Bukit Batok Connection
Address: Bukit Batok Street 23, #05-03 No 2, Singapore 659554
ContactPhone+65 6268 5823
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed
PricesTN-261 Laser Toner Cartridge (Compatible): $62.00


DOTS is a highly-reliable, well-established copy machine rental company in Singapore offering a wide range of flexible solutions and packages to cater to your needs. Their after-sales team is highly trained to provide any assistance.

In addition to renting monochrome and color copiers, they offer customers different printers with different features including monochrome and color printers, both with and without fax machines and scanners.

DOTS is a service-based business that provides a variety of printing solutions. The company rents out all sorts of copiers, as well as machines from different manufacturers like Toshiba, HP, Samsung, Brother, and Kyocera.

They also sell other equipment and supplies, such as printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners, ink cartridges, paper, toner and other office accessories. Replacing your older printers and copiers may be a good idea, but you can also save money on other office equipment.

What We Like

  • DOTS offers a wide range of flexible solutions and packages for copy machine rental in Singapore
  • Their after-sales team is highly trained to provide any assistance
  • Offers a variety of printers with different features, including monochrome and color printers with and without fax machines and scanners
  • DOTS is a service-based business that rents out copiers from different manufacturers like Toshiba, HP, Samsung, Brother, and Kyocera
  • They also sell other equipment and supplies such as ink cartridges, paper, toner, and other office accessories.


“Overall, it was a pleasant experience dealing with Dots Technology & Trading. Dickson was friendly, patient and swift in responding to my queries despite me being a relatively difficult customer with many request and questions. The prices offered here are cheap and the quality and service rendered was fantastic. I would highly recommend anyone to check out this company for your printing or cartridge needs.”

9. GD Office Solutions Pte Ltd

Best Copier Rental Singapore: Gd Office Solutions Pte Ltd
GD Office Solutions Pte Ltd
DetailsAffordable printing solutions. Dependable customer service
AddressLocated in: Hillview Building
Address: 48 Hillview Ter, #01-05 Hillview Building, Singapore 669269
ContactPhone+65 6299 1338
Operating HoursMonday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
PricesEnquire for pricing

This business is probably not available at the time of writing.

GD Office Solutions is like a household name for business offices in Singapore because of their reputation of being a trustworthy supplier of office equipment.

For small businesses in Singapore, they are considered a saving grace, as they are a reliable printing service provider helping these small companies save money by offering more affordable printing services.

Clients get to choose from a wide selection of printers and copiers to ensure they get the best fit for their business. Their staff is always ready to help, whether you have a question about their products or are unsure how to use your new equipment. The staff will gladly answer questions about the equipment.

What We Like

  • GD Office Solutions is a reputable and trustworthy supplier of office equipment in Singapore.
  • They offer affordable printing services for small businesses.
  • Clients have a wide selection of printers and copiers to choose from.
  • The staff is available to answer questions and provide assistance with equipment usage.


We have reached the end of the article! We’re glad that you made it this far! Now that you have our list of the best copier rentals in Singapore, do let us know if you feel that there are others that should be part of this list!

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