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8 Best Chalet to Book in Singapore For Gathering Friends & Family (2022)

Are you looking for the best chalet to book for your next getaway or event gathering? Check out the best chalet to try out in Singapore.

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Best Chalet to Book in Singapore

⭐ We aim to provide unbiased reviews on the recommended places & they are not listed in any particular order
✅ Do go through the entire list before making a decision!

Chalet Singapore

Chalets are the next best thing to your house if you are having a large group of friends over. They’re great places to host family gatherings.

If you are having a party for more than 8 people, you may want to consider having it at one of the huge bungalows. They are perfect for such events.

Hotels are the perfect options for a local getaway. But sometimes you just need to kick back, unwind, and not worry about the front desk giving you the stink eye when you try to sneak additional people into your room (because who hasn’t done this?), and that’s where chalets come in.

Some chalet singapore are nothing more than a bed and a toilet. Others, however, are more like small towns. They offer not only comfortable accommodations, but also amenities such as barbecue pits, swimming pools and even mahjong rooms.

Where to Book a Chalet In Singapore in 2022?

How about getting away from the typical family lifestyle and moving somewhere where it’s not so hectic and your kids can get to know each other better? You can enjoy all the best features of a traditional holiday in Singapore while staying at a chalet.

These stunning properties are the perfect getaways for an all-inclusive, fun-filled vacation. Chalets are an integral part of Singaporean’s lives. They are used to celebrate birthdays, graduation, ordination, engagements, newborns, and for a great time.

chalet singapore
Aranda Country club accomodation

The pristine environment at the chalets is certain to make you feel refreshed. You’ll be so energized by the serenity of the location that you’ll feel as if you’re ready to embrace the rest of life with a newfound energy.

While bungalows are a good option, there are also many smaller hotels with simple but comfortable rooms, which will allow you to really enjoy your stay. The chalets for public servants are much easier to find and cheaper to buy.

You can enjoy the beauty of nature without living in a busy metropolis. Choose one of these remote homes to live in and enjoy peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How Much Does Chalet Cost?

There are several factors that affect chalet prices. The main factors include the season, time of year, and length of stay.

We’ve found great discounts on stays at select hotels on In addition, we always have a friend or two who works in the army, police force or civil service. Just ask.

You never know who knows someone who knows someone that can help you get the same kind of benefits. There are lots of different ways that can make a difference in a barbeque session, and that’s true, it’s good to have them all.

Best Chalet in Singapore (2022)

Here are the best chalet you can find in Singapore at great prices and service! Let us know which ones fit you best! Lets get to it.

1. The Chevrons @ Boon Lay (from $140/night)

Chevrons Chalet
Best Known For: Sleek designs with nice design facilities
Pricing Check rates here:
Address Address: 48 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609961
Contact Details Phone6668 8888

For a living space that looks this lovely, you may want to consider a chalet with great design. This chalet offers both contemporary and rustic style options. If you want to make your kids’ birthday parties more memorable, a family vacation home may be a better choice than a hotel.

The Chevrons has luxurious chalets and bungalows that are reasonably priced. If you are a member, you can enjoy discounted rates from starting from just $140/night!

Each of these villas has a covered barbecue grill for cooking outside. It’s a nice addition, and while it doesn’t come with an electric griddle, it does come with pots and pans to cook your favorite dishes indoors.

2. Civil Service Club @ Changi (from $100/night)

Civil Service Club @ Changi
Best Known For: Marvelous villas for a getaway
Address Address: 2 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508503
Contact Details 6709 4706

This could be the perfect place to have your next big corporate gathering or event. With spacious rooms and a unique design, it will be the perfect venue for your next event.

They offer different types of rooms that you can choose from. If you are looking for smaller accommodation, you can consider the one-story chalets which starts from $100/night.

If you are looking for a bigger accommodation, then perhaps the bigger colonial bungalows which starts from $250/night or the cottage-style bungalows starting from $280/night could be a better option for you.

If you don’t have a comfortable place to sleep at night, you can put a sleeping bag on the floor and that will work as a bed. The best sunrise in your life is probably worth waiting for!

There’s not a huge range of outdoor activities around the chalet but the ones that are available are all worth trying. You can bike, and there’s also fishing in the area.

If you spend a little time exploring the city center and get a couple of drinks at the CSC clubhouse bar and grill you’ll have a good time no matter what kind of event is happening that evening.

⭐ Customer Review

I did not know this place existed until my friend told me about the bowling alley. Soo cool. Awesome. Not crowded at all. There is such a good vibe a play really well. the prices are on the higher side but definitely worth itt. The staff are friendly and kind. Though the shoes could be better. My friends shoe was all tattered and the sole was nearly going to come of. Overall extremely good 👍 👌 😌 👏 experience.

3. Civil Service Club @ Loyang (from $170/night)

Civil Service Club @ Loyang – Sea View Bungalow
Best Known For: Huge bungalows with backyard BBQ pit great for family gathering
Address Address: 159W Jln. Loyang Besar, Singapore 507020
Contact Details Phone6581 9033

Book one of the luxurious zen terraces at CSC @ Loyang, which have spacious bungalows from $170/night, or book one of the luxurious bungalows at CSC @ Loyang, which have spacious villas from $220/night.

You don’t get to see your neighbors in this development. They are set so far back from each other that you might not even realize that they are there.

Do you think the old legends about the area are still true? Or do you want to know the truth before you go there? The horror stories from the past aren’t really that scary, so if they scare you, then maybe you should give it a break and stay away from the area.

This home is perfect for anyone looking for a clean, well-kept, and private place to stay. The attached bathroom ensures that there’s no need to fight for closet space, and the house is located near the grocery store.

You don’t have to worry about missing sunrise. When you get to that goal, just be sure to make sure you have clean sheets.

Kitchens are a fully equipped kitchen with tools like cutlery and cooking appliances. They provide appliances such as the induction cooker and oven for you to whip up your own meals.

⭐ Customer Review

“My favourite chalet to stay in & to have family gatherings. Spacious & clean always ☺️”

4. National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) (from $115/night)

Chalet @ NSRCC
Best Known For: Premier Resort Country club
Address Address: 10 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499739
Contact Details Phone6542 8288

NSRCC Chalet, from $115/night, is an excellent choice for your next cabin in the woods. The bungalows at National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) are located at the right kind of distance from each other.

You can have your privacy in the backyard while enjoying the sound of the ocean. It takes less than ten minutes to walk to the coast, but it’s well worth the effort to spend time at the beach. And that’s the problem. It means it can feel a little isolated.

The room comes with the two complimentary bowling game options per day and it’s a great way to bond with your family and friends. I think this property is perfect for someone who wants a secluded retreat. The décor is simple, yet tastefully done, and it’s in the perfect location.

You’ll have a private patio or balcony with plenty of room for outdoor furniture. You’ll also enjoy a quiet neighbourhood and not have to listen to the neighbours singing karaoke in the middle of the night.

⭐ Customer Review

“Nostalgic location that brings back memories from when I was a wee toddler – the facade has not changed one bit, but the swimming pools, chalets and driving range has gone through phases of upgrading. The newest addition being the Sky Range with a sea view. Perfect for cooling down on a warm day, check out the Bistro on level 5 to wind down after a round or range session. Lovely atmosphere, a second home.”

5. HomeTeamNS at Bukit Batok (from $210/night)

HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok Villas Chalet
Best Known For: Simple chalets in a laid-back resort with free Wi-Fi, plus a gym, a tennis court & a cafe.
Address Located in: UBTS Academy Pte Ltd
Address: 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003
Contact Details Phone6705 9475

You don’t need to spend a lot to have a getaway in Singapore. This is because there are lots of options available for those seeking a high standard of  accommodation at prices which are significantly cheaper than the price tag suggests.

The rooms have the video game consoles and board games for you to play, so you’ll have something to do while you hang out with your family and friends.

With three types of villas to choose from: Deluxe, Premier Deluxe & Superior. Their rustic 2-storey homes are a bit old-fashioned, but that makes them extra comfortable and affordable.

Your guests will be able to reach the bathrooms easily by following the main pathway, but for privacy purposes you should place a few small doors that open into the rooms from the main corridor so that guests don’t have to go outside.

⭐ Customer Review

“AJ is very helpful in attending to our queries and request and even checked in a few times with us to ensure we have a pleasant stay. Keep up the good work! 🙂 Villa is big and it’s a good place to spend time with family.”

6. Aranda Country Club (from $180/night)

Aranda Country Club accomodation
Best Known For: Indulge in leisurely rewarding weekends or holiday getaways at the Aranda Country Club’s Executive Suites.
Address Located in: Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East
Address: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497
Contact Details Phone6584 6811

If you’re looking for a luxurious, relaxing place to stay for your holiday or family reunion, then Aranda Country Club is your place to go. Complete with modern amenities and situated in a lush, spacious location, this chalet has some great features to offer – karaoke room, swimming pool, gym and a prawning centre.

Organize a barbecue session or just take a dip in the swimming pool, the dated décor will help you unwind as you settle into vacation mode.

Being just next to Downtown East, there is lesser crowd here, yet you can still enjoy the rides there. You can stay in comfort and enjoy a break off the daily hustle and bustle with these 30 units of lovely suites.

7. D’Resort @ Downtown East (from $135/night)

D’resort rainforest room
Best Known For: Integrated water park resort experience
Address Address: 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599
Contact Details Phone6582 3322

There are a number of options if you want to stay in Downtown East.

D’Resort is one of them where you can stay from $148.50 per night. It’s a stone’s throw from Wild Wild Wet, which is full of crazy water slides, which is why D’Resort is a great place for an adventure.

There is a room that offers all the basics. You will get free wi-fi, a mini fridge and a hair dryer are included in the price of your room. If you are entertaining a lot of people, you may want to consider having a smaller 1 bedroom apartment that is equipped with a balcony and better quality furnishings.

The grill pits are located away from the chalets, so the smell of grilled meat won’t linger in your bedroom so you can sleep in peace and comfort.

There are, however, plenty of eateries and retail stores at E!Hub, and you can even get a snack at the food court there. But no worries, with the convenience of food delivery apps, you can now enjoy your stay without going hungry!

⭐ Customer Review

“Stayed in the mangrove room, facing the park. Love the big room, comfy beds. Fridge and aircon are very noisy… which we usually turned it off at night to sleep. Many bad and good memories over the past 3 weeks in D’resort, but I would still like to thank all the staff who have served us during our quarantine! Keep up the good work! 👍”

8. CherryLoft Resorts (from $135/night)

CherryLoft Chalet
Best Known For: Resort chalet rooms away from the city
Address Address: 159 Jln. Loyang Besar, Singapore 509404
Contact Details Phone6388 5522

There are a lot of choices for chalets that are large and offer amenities such as hot tubs, pools and fireplaces. The CherryLoft Resorts is one of the popular chalets around that has a price starting from $135/night.

It is walking distance from downtown east. The rooms here are basic and a bit kampung-style, but the colorful exteriors across makes a nice change.

There are nights where it gets a little bit noisy in the chalet, because the management doesn’t have strict rules for noise. You may not know what kind of party in the neighborhood is, but it’s your chance to have one.

There is a swimming pool that is located outside the rooms for you to relax and enjoy with your guests. If you are hungry and want to get some snacks or extra BBQ supplies, there is a 24-hour shop catered for these needs right at the front of the pool.

⭐ Customer Review

“It’s a run down property, best thing is able to accommodate large amount of people and the bbq pit is right at the front of the chalet.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Chalet in Singapore.

Are We Allowed To Book Chalet In Singapore?

Yes, Singapore have now relaxed the rules for gatherings in Singapore. You can definitely book a chalet to have gatherings with friends and family.

Can Public Book CSC Chalet?

The public can book CSC chalet because it is open to public. Just register an account with them online and start booking!

How Do I Book SAF Seaview Resort?

You can call them directly at NSRCC via their hotline for booking and reservations.

What Is Chalet Accommodation?

Chalets are stunning properties are the perfect getaways for an all-inclusive, fun-filled vacation. Chalets are an integral part of Singaporean’s lives. They are used to celebrate birthdays, graduation, ordination, engagements, newborns, and for a great time.

Can Public Use CSC Swimming Pool?

To use the swimming pool at the CSC Chalet, you have to be members of CSC. Guests are allowed in the swimming pools.

What’s The Difference Between Hotel And Chalet?

Hotels comes with service that is provided by the hotels to make sure your stay is comfortable and refreshing. Chalet are usually for more relaxed accomodation just like being at home.


With all these new restrictions that we have, it is not easy to plan your own event when you are that popular kid in school or you have a large family to feed for a new year’s celebration.

Hopefully with this list, your concerns about the amount of space you need, the activities available, and the amenities will be sufficient and for you to have a great time gathering with your loved ones.

To compliment yourself with the getaway, why not have a feast by enjoying the best crabs in singapore?

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