18 Best Birthday Cakes in Singapore That Are Nice & Delicious (2023)

Are you looking to celebrate your birthday with a delicious and fun birthday cake? Check out the best birthday cakes in Singapore to make your wish come true!

✅ Last Updated on March 21, 2023

Best Birthday Cakes in Singapore

Birthday Cake Singapore

Birthday parties are a big deal, and you want to make sure that everything is perfect. We’ve taken care of that for you! Our selection of the best birthday cakes in Singapore will make you want to call your friends and family and invite them over!

What is a Birthday Cake and Why Do We Celebrate Birthdays?

Birthday cakes are a symbol of celebration. They have a variety of meanings and each cake has its own story. The first birthday cakes were not for children, but for adults who were celebrating the birthday of their king or queen.

What Makes a Great Birthday Cake?

A great birthday cake is one that tastes good, looks good and is not too expensive. A birthday cake should be fun and celebratory.

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a birthday cake is price. Whether you are buying a cake from the bakery or making your own, you want to make sure that it does not break the bank.

The taste of your cake also needs to be on point. The best tasting cakes are usually premium cakes like those made by Magnolia Bakery or La Patisserie Chouquette, but they can be quite pricey as well.

If you don’t have much money to spend on a cake, there are many other options for cheaper bakeries that produce great tasting cakes too.

If you are looking for a cake that looks good, it is best to look for one that is festive yet simple. If you can do a little bit of decorating on your own, you will be able to enjoy the process and save money as well.

What are the Different Types of Birthday Cakes?

Birthday cakes come in many flavors and shapes. Whether it’s a simple round cake or a complicated three-tier cake, there is something for everyone.

There are many types of cakes that are popular today. For example, there are the following:

  1. Round Cake
  2. Square Cake
  3. Three-Tier Cake
  4. Layer Cake
  5. Sheet Cake

Best Birthday Cakes in Singapore (2023)

We’ve reviewed and curated a list of the Best Birthday Cakes in Singapore. We’ve made sure that this article will be helpful to you, so let’s not wait any further and get to it!

1. Whyzee

Whyzee - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
⭐ DescriptionWhyzee, Singapore’s best one-stop online birthday cake delivery, established with the goal to offer the best-tasting and freshest artisanal bakes to all at your doorstep. In addition, we provide island wide express last minute cake delivery within 60 minutes so you can satisfy your cravings anytime, anywhere.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://whyzee.com.sg/
📌 AddressLocated in: Thomson V Two
Address: 11 sin ming road Thomson V, Two, #01-30, Singapore 575629
☎️ ContactMenuwhyzee.com.sg
Phone+65 9773 2434
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
24 hours for online purchase
💵 PricingChocolate Desire Cake: $44.90-$70.90
Mango Mousse Cake: $41.90-$68.90
Chocolate Brownie Cake: $44.90-$65.90


Do you have a special day coming up? Why don’t you order a cake from the local online bakery, Whyzee, and surprise your loved ones with a special cake?

Their cakes are especially handmade by their team of expert bakers who has over ten years of experience. A custom-made cake takes about four hours to make, so it’s not a good choice if you’re in a time crunch.

But you can choose from a variety of fancy desserts, including unicorn, ombre, and bunny cakes, that are available in less than an hour. Get ready to celebrate with flowers and balloons. They’re guaranteed to get your party started.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Had a surprise to be made for someone special and Whyzee made the day for us. Whyzee managed to deliver the cake earlier then expected time for the surprise and they indeed surprise us with the early delivery. The cake was yummy and delicious. It’s the Red velvet peanut butter. Glad to have choose it, love by all and it’s gone within 15 minutes ♥️”

2. Bob The Baker Boy

Bob The Baker Boy - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Bob the Baker Boy
⭐ DescriptionHealthier Customised Cakes in Singapore – Half the Sugar – Double the Delight! On a Mission to Baking 1 Million People Happy!
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://bobthebakerboy.com/
📌 AddressAddress: 369 Sembawang Rd, #01-03, Singapore 758382
☎️ ContactPhone+65 9499 4015
Email: hello@bobthebakerboy.com
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 10:00am-5:00pm
💵 PricingLemon Hibiscus Vanilla Cake: from $59.90


Cakes are an irresistible dessert so when one is health conscious, it will be a struggle on their part to say no. But thanks to Bob the Baker Boy, they produce healthy and tasty cakes.

Bob the Baker Boy is Singapore’s primary cake specialist which offers nutritious and low-sugar cakes. They can reduce their sugar usage up to half but still achieving the same taste and appearance. For those who are watching their sugar intake especially those people with diabetes, this cake shop is for them.

They offer standard cakes, mini cakes, as well as customised cakes. They are also known for their trending cakes such as Drinkable Cakes, Bento Cakes, Longevity Cakes, Unicorn Cakes and many more. Island-wide delivery is also available.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Saw the many good reviews and decided to try Bob the Baker Boy for my brother’s birthday on 24 Dec as they have a wide selection of designs, with customisation option as well. Am impressed with the quality of the cake. Managed to add two additional “FA” tiles. Thank you for the very pretty cake. The cookies and cream cake tasted great! Ordering process was seamless and an email was also sent 3 days prior to collection date. Will definitely order again!”

3. The Frosted Chick

The Frosted Chick - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
The Frosted Chick
⭐ DescriptionThe Frosted Chick is the leading cake decorator of customised cakes in Singapore. From wedding cakes to children’s birthday, longevity(shou) cakes and corporate desserts, our bakery provides a personalised yet professional experience.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.thefrostedchick.com.sg/
📌 AddressAddress: 194 Kim Keat Ave, #01-414, Singapore 310194
☎️ ContactMenuthefrostedchick.com.sg
Phone+65 6250 3613
⏰ Opening hoursTuesday-Sunday: 10:00am-6:30pm
Monday: Closed
💵 Pricing4D Cake: $110.00
Aladdin Princess Jasmine Cake: $90.00
Among Us Cake: $165.00


The Frosted Chick is the perfect place for your family to celebrate special occasions. You’ll find everything from basic, minimalistic Mahjong Cakes to the more elaborate gold-brushed Darth Vader Cakes.

This cake shop is known for their beautiful cake designs as well as great customer service.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Accidentally bump into this baker in Google search for rainbow cake. End up it’s one of the best! The cake is just perfectly adorable and cute as I desired. I didn’t have much hope on the taste for fancy looking cake but this one is way exceed my expectations. Moist, sense and not too rich. The delivery service is superb as well.”

4. Zee & Elle

Zee Elle - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Zee & Elle
⭐ DescriptionZee & Elle is a boutique cake shop truly grounded in fulfilling people’s visions of how they want their special days to be celebrated. In our passion to serve others, we know with absolute clarity that in each and every process, it’s always about you.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://zeeandelle.com/
📌 AddressAddress: 524 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368215
☎️ ContactMenuzeeandelle.com
Phone+65 6741 4514
⏰ Opening hoursTuesday-Friday: 11:30am-7:00pm
Saturday: 10::00am-5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-2:00pm
💵 PricingHeart to Heart Gift Set (Cake+Bouquet): $249.00
Blue & Gold Abstract Strokes Cake: from $153.00
My Wildflower Mini Cake: $81.00


Zee & Elle is a homegrown bakery which is popular for their premium cakes made only from the purest ingredients and 100% real fruits. You can choose from a wide selection of cakes among which are the Honey Yuzu which is priced at $58 and the Guava Lychee for $52.

People always come back for their healthy cakes which is made using no preservatives. Customers can conveniently order personalized cakes through their website

Zee & Elle’s delivery fee between Friday and Sunday is $18, however, you can get a discount of $8 if you order cakes from their Macpherson branch between Tuesdays and Thursday, allowing you to pay $10 only as the delivery charge.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Ordered twice for birthday celebration and both cakes were really good! Guava Lychee was not too sweet and cake base was soft & fluffy. Melon Lychee was really yummy too, flavourful and memorable. The cakes were well decorated and nicely packed. The only downside is the opening hours for cake collection. Will revisit to try the other flavours!”

5. LÉLE Bakery

Lele Bakery - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
LÉLE Bakery
⭐ DescriptionLÉLE Bakery specialises in customised buttercream cakes for all kinds of occasions! We offer wide range of cakes, flavours and mini bites cater to all kind of celebratory occasion. Contact us now to get yours now!
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.lelebakerysg.com/
📌 AddressLocated in: Junction Nine
Address: 18 Yishun Ave 9, #02-19/22, Singapore 768897
☎️ ContactMenulelebakerysg.com
Phone+65 8776 1510
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
💵 Pricing2d Channel Box Cake: $88.00
Animal Jungle Cake: $238.00
Arsenal Football Cake: $88.00


LÉLE Bakery is a cake specialist that caters to all occasions in one’s life may it be weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, or even corporate events. They pride themselves in producing the best buttercream cakes with flavors such as Chocolate Banana Cake and the local specialty Ondeh Ondeh.

They are also happy to cater to the needs of the muslim communities as they strictly adhere to the no pork, no lard policy so that everyone will get enjoy their freshly baked goodies.

 If you choose to have your birthday cake customised, you just need to shed between $100 to $200. You can order a cake by texting them, visiting their online store, or calling them.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Communication was smooth and prompt. Ordering process was easy as well. Thank you for these amazingly cute cupcakes. My daughter was so delighted to receive them. The taste was as great as the appearance. Highly recommended.”

6. Honeypeachsg Bakery

Honeypeachsg Bakery - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Honeypeachsg Bakery
⭐ DescriptionHoneypeachsg Bakery is created by two passionate artisanal cake artists who believed in creating pretty yet tasty cakes. The constant innovation of unique cake designs and fresh new flavours for our customers to enjoy is always at the top of our priority list.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.honeypeachsg.com/
📌 AddressLocated in: The Promenade @ Pelikat
Address: The Promenade @ Pelikat, 183 Jln Pelikat, #B1-64, Singapore 537643
☎️ ContactMenuhoneypeachsg.com
Phone+65 9088 4932
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am-11:00am
💵 PricingEarl Grey Lavender Cake: From $59.00
Hojicha White Chocolate Cake: From $59.00
Soft Pastels: From $95.00


Just by hearing the name “honeypeach,” you will surely imagine mouth-watering sweet delicacies with amazing designs that will surely tickle your fancy. Honeypeachsg Bakery lives up to their name by offering wide variety of birthday and wedding cakes which are made from premium ingredients and decked with adorable and cute designs.

The bakery is known for their offerings of extravagant and custom-made designs. While you can choose between the classic flavors such as double chocolate and chocolate salted caramel, you can try their novel but lovely flavors like the vanilla raspberry, earl grey lavender, and their famous matcha white chocolate. 

One amazing thing about Honeypeach, is that, they are open to alter the recipe to your liking, for instance, adding oils, extracts or flavorings. In addition, they offer free delivery!

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Spotted this angel wings design cake while browsing for my girl’s 21st birthday party. It was love at first sight so I proceed to order the cookie butter flavour. Delivery was very prompt and cake was in perfect condition same as photo on website. We love the cake very much as it was moist, soft and not overly sweet. It was a smooth and great experience. Will continue to order from Honeypeachsg for my upcoming birthday celebrations. Keep up the good work. Cheers!”

7. Rainbowly

Rainbowly - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
⭐ DescriptionAs the first fresh fruit bouquet company started in 2013, Rainbowly is dedicated to offering decorated fresh fruits of joy. Customization available. We also cater for corporate events / weddings / birthdays.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://rainbowly.com/
📌 Address11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, 575629 
☎️ ContactProducts and Servicesrainbowly.com
Phone+65 6900 2188
Email: order@rainbowly.com
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Satuday-Sunday: 9:00am-2:00pm
💵 PricingFresh Fruit Strawberry Flower Bouquet: $129.00
Blessed Love: $159.00
Chocolate Coaed Mixed Fruits Platter: $99.00


Thinking of somewhere that is full of surprises? Look no further than Rainbowly. It is Singapore’s first fresh fruit bouquets and chocolate dipped fruit arrangements.

Their assortment of drool-worthy and amazing creations is what make this cake shop stands out from the rest. There are a wide range of tasty edible present boxes such as chocolate piñata cake hearts, fruit pyramids, watermelon cake made with fresh fruits, chocolate-coated strawberry fruits and many more. 

⭐ Customer Reviews

“One of the best service I have experienced !! They are beyond responsive. I put a last min order for an urgent case and they accommodated my request by putting extra time and effort on a Saturday. Will always buy from them going forward for such exceptional service and carefully curated presents 🎁”

8. Fluff Bakery

Fluff Bakery - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Fluff Bakery
⭐ DescriptionHalal, Muslim-owned, Artisanal Bakery.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.fluffbakery.sg/
📌 AddressAddress: 795 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198763
☎️ ContactMenuorder.fluffbakery.sg
Phone+65 9144 7729
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 12:00pm-7:30pm
💵 Pricing9″ Pandan Gula Melaka Cake: $75.00
6″ Ferrero Rocher Cake: $48.00
Basque Burnt Cheesecake: $75.00


Fluff Bakery is a halal bakery that offers a variety of desserts. There are a variety of desserts, including Ondeh ondeh and other local specialties. If you’re feeling particularly sweet, it’s a good place to take someone.

You can buy a box of cupcakes for dessert at the bakery. Their speciality would be the red velvet and dark chocolate cupcakes. If you want to avoid missing out, you should order ahead and visit before noon.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Love their donuts and apple caramel galette! The chickpea galette was abit too salty for me and their loaves were so-so/nothing special. But overall their bakes are worth the try!”

9. Baker’s Brew

Bakers Brew - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Baker’s Brew
⭐ DescriptionBaker’s Brew Studio is a sanctuary for baking enthusiasts in Singapore. We conduct baking classes of the best recipes, provide bakery delights, and design intricate customised cakes for any celebration.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.bakersbrew.com/
📌 AddressBaker’s Brew Causeway Point
Address: 1 Woodlands Square, Causeway Point, B1-K01, Singapore 738099
Phone+65 6980 7667
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm
Baker’s Brew Great World
Located in: Great World
Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade B1, K103, Singapore 237994
Phone+65 6235 1539

Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm
Baker’s Brew Paragon
Located in: Paragon Shopping Centre
Address: 290 Orchard Rd, #05-46 Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore 238859
Phone+65 6909 0669

Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 10:30am-8:00pm
Baker’s Brew Plaza Singapura
Located in: Plaza Singapura
Address: 68 Orchard Rd, Plaza Singapura, B2, #42, Singapore 238839
masks · More details
Phone+65 6980 0433

Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 11am-9:00pm
Baker’s Brew Sembawang
Address: 6 Jln Tampang, Singapore 758950
Phone+65 6635 7166

Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 11am-9:00pm
Baker’s Brew Tampines Mall
Located in: Tampines Mall
Address: 4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-K19, Singapore 529510
Phone: +65 6980 7117
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 11am-9:00pm
Baker’s Brew Upper Thomson
Address: 246H Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574370
Phone+65 6493 2246

Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 11am-9:00pm
☎️ ContactAs above per outlet
⏰ Opening hoursAs above per outlet
💵 Pricing2D Cake: $128.00
Paddle Pop Cloud Unicorns: $188.00
Light as Bubbles Blue and Gold: $128.00


When planning a dessert party, you will get overwhelmed not because you lack choices of the finest desserts but because there are just so many items to choose from.

This is what makes Baker’s Brew a popular dessert bakery. Another thing that keeps customers coming back at Baker’s Brew are their wide array of unique take on popular desserts like the dalgona tiramisu, Basque cheesecake and their brilliant rose-scented watermelon cake.

If you want more than a cake to satisfy your fondness of sweets, don’t go ahead and try their 6-in-1 cake bundle.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“We bought a supposedly birthday cake (for bridal shower tho) with the bride, and she chose this rose pistachio cake! which is really good! not a normal taste of cake that we always expect from other bake shops! we met this filipino guy name anthony, he’s really familiar with all the cakes, and super accomodating and he even told us which are the best sellers and what it tastes like! really a great cake for parties!”

10. The Durian Bakery

The Durian Bakery - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
The Durian Bakery
⭐ DescriptionThe only Bakery in Singapore that specializes in Durian-Infused baked products.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://thedurianbakery.com.sg/
📌 AddressLocated in: The Commerze @ Irving
Address: The Commerze @, Irving Pl, #02-26 1-26, Singapore 369546
☎️ ContactPhone+65 8875 1069
⏰ Opening hoursOpening Hours/Self-collection
Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Delivery Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-10:00pm
💵 Pricing100% Pure 1kg Mao Shan Wang Durian Mille Crepe Cake: $98.00
Classic Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake: $68.00
Black Forest Dark Cherry with Mao Shang Wang Core: $78.00

The Durian Bakery, as the name suggests, is known for their most delectable durian cakes. This bakery has some great durian-filled sweet delicacies such as the famous mille crepes, fudge cakes, swiss rolls, and more.

Their yummiest bakes are simply made with premium ingredients like the Mao Shan Wang (MSW) SilkyGold Durian Puree and the New Hokkaido Cheese.

If you’re not into durian cakes but rather chocolate, don’t worry as chocolate is another variation. Their heavenly chocolate cakes are made from 100% dark cocoa.

Durian is a delicious tropical fruit that’s perfect for special occasions, birthdays, and as a treat for yourself. It’s also nice to have around for when you feel like a little dessert.

Order one of these fantastic durian cakes for your next party, and you’ll have your guests begging for more. They’re a perfect snack for birthdays, or even as a treat for yourself. And they’re delivered right to your doorstep the same day

⭐ Customer Reviews

“If you’re Team Durian like myself, I’m sure you can’t resist any Durian-related cakes & pastries. There are wide varieties of Durian Cakes on The Durian Bakery website, everything is so tempting there! I must say the cakes and mochi from The Durian Bakery tastes really fresh and delicious. Durian lovers will be Spoil of choice for Mouthwatering options on The Durian Bakery’s website, dedicated to all things Durian.”

11. Flor Patisserie

Flor Patisserie - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Flor Pâtisserie
⭐ DescriptionFLOR Pâtisserie is a Japanese-styled patisserie serving authentic Japanese-inspired French pastry. We believe strongly in honest baking with the finest ingredients.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://cakeflor.com.sg/
📌 AddressFlor Patisserie – Duxton Hill
Address: 2 Duxton Hill, #01-01, Singapore 089588
Phone+65 6223 8628
Operating Hours
Mon: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 11:00am-7:30pm
Friday-Sunday: 11:00am-8:30pm
Flor Patisserie – Siglap
Address: 42 Siglap Dr, Singapore 45616
Phone+65 6243 0813
Operating Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 11:30am-4:30pm
Flor Patisserie – Upper East Coast
Address: 53 Upper E Coast Rd, Singapore 455214
Phone+65 6974 9885
Operating Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00am-7:00pm
☎️ ContactAs above per outlet
⏰ Opening hoursAs above per outlet
💵 PricingSakura Houjicha Basque Cheesecake: From $62.90
Lavender Earl Grey Millecrepe: $133.80
Yuzu Chocolate Brick: From $62.06


Flor Patisserie is known for its Japanese-inspired French pastries and is a great place to go if you are looking for a birthday cake shop. They have a wide selection of sweets, and one of their most popular ones is the Fruitier, which contains a variety of tropical fruits.

Their sakura crepe is a good choice, and you can choose to have it delivered to your doorstep. You can place your order online and have it delivered to your home, office, or your friend’s place. There are two branches in City Hall, one in Siglap and the other in Tanjong Pagar.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Picked a few cakes for my birthday party ☺we loved Arriety (chocolate, orange), and strawberry souffle. I would love to come back and try other cakes.”

12. Luna

Luna - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
⭐ DescriptionSimplicity is the hallmark of LUNA’s pastries, and each creation in the kitchen is inspired by natural flavours. By marrying unique components, our goal is to achieve a delectable experience for the dessert lover.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://luna.sg/
📌 AddressAddress: 53 Amoy St, Singapore 069879
☎️ ContactWhatsApp: +65 85223945
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Thursday: 12:00pm-6:30pm
Friday-Saturday: 12:00pm-9:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm-6:30pm
💵 PricingStrawberry Kisses: $85.00
LUNA 2.0: $90.00
Chocolate Truffle: $60.00-$80.00


Conveniently located in the stretch of Amoy Street where you can definitely find various cafes and food establishments, LUNA is a popular patisserie that belongs to this popular place.

LUNA is a favorite hangout among Singaporeans because of their cozy atmosphere and their delicious selection of cakes and pastries

Luna’s best-seller is their divine LUNA 2.0 cake which is priced at $90 and as well as their Gula Melakaya. This LUNA 2.0 is a top favorite because it is made of 70% dark chocolate mousse with salted caramel filling.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Classy cafe with a minimalist yet bold interior. Cakes were pretty good with complex textures, but nothing over the top. We felt the Hojicha cake was better than the competition. The Luna 2.0 chocolate cake had a surprisingly gelatinous outer layer which made a refreshing experience. Price is slightly on expensive side, likely due to the central location.”

13. Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes

Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
LE PETIT EMPIRE Designer Cakes
⭐ DescriptionLe Petit Specializes in customized novelty cakes and catering sweet and savory bites for parties and events.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttp://www.designercakes.sg/
📌 AddressLe Petit Empire Designer Cakes Cavan Road
Address: 11 Cavan Rd, #01-03, Singapore 209848
Phone+65 9855 4223
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes Bukit Merah
Address: 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-90, Singapore 150123
Phone+65 9855 4223
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm
☎️ ContactMenudesignercakes.sg
Phone+65 9855 4223
⏰ Opening hoursAs above per outlet
💵 PricingMango Cheese Cake: $49.50
Tiramisu: $52.00
Black Forest: $52.00


Money Pulling Cake has become a trend recently. This cake is an excellent representation of ang bao for children who are celebrating their birthday. 

The Money Pulling Cake Collection from Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes is something you should never miss. They come in different flavors and adorable designs which are made by Le Petit’s team of experienced and dedicated artists

Le Petit serves novelty cakes and caters sweet and savory bites for parties and events. Their famous cake collections include Money Pulling Cakes, Money Ball Cakes, Flower Box Surprise, Money Shooting Cakes many more.

They also have floral cakes and luxury-themed cakes for women as well as cars collection and alcohol-themed cakes for the men.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Cake was delicious, whole family enjoyed it. Replies was fast and service was efficient. Was asking many questions since was my first time but they were patient and gave assuring replies. Would definitely go back for their cakes for any other ocassions. Highly recommended! 😁😁”

14. Cat & The Fiddle

Cat The Fiddle - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Cat & the Fiddle
⭐ DescriptionSingapore’s Best Cheese Cake Delivery from famous chef Daniel Tay 
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.catandthefiddle.com/
📌 Addresshttps://www.catandthefiddle.com/information/contact
☎️ Contact+65 6287 0077
⏰ Opening hoursAs above per outlet
💵 PricingMamba Jamba Chocolate Banana: $55.90
Thai Meow Tea Milk Tea: $58.90
OVer the Moon Classic New York: $45.90


Run by the renowned pastry chef Daniel Tay, the Cat & The Fiddle, is a household name in Singapore in terms of cheesecakes. They are greatly popular for their wide selection of cheesecakes whether classic or local delights.

If you’re a durian lover, you can never go wrong with the King Cat of the Mountain durian cake. If you want a trip down the memory lane, you can choose the all-time favorite classic The Modern Duke’s Pudding.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Got this burnt cheesecake from them. Taste not bad, like the softness in the cake and burnt on the cheese. Recommend their different variety too if you prefer a good mix.”

15. Lisse Cakes

Lisse Cakes - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Lisse Cakes
⭐ DescriptionAt Lisse, we believe a smooth buttercream finishing marks a quality cake. It is not an easy task, but our team of certified bakers aim for this consistency to provide our customers with only the best quality cakes.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://lissecakes.sg/
📌 AddressN/A
☎️ ContactPhone: +65 8891 1169
Email : hello@lissecakes.sg
⏰ Opening hoursCustomer Service
Monday-Friday: 10:am-6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-2:00pm
Sunday: Closed
💵 PricingAdella: $150.00-$160.00
Austin 2.0: $140.00-$150.00
Golden Bloom: $150.00-$160.00


Known for their customised birthday cakes, Lisse Cakes is a top cake shop in Singapore. Their team of experienced and certified bakers always make it a point to provide clients the most delectable cakes

You can choose from their array of gourmet cakes such as the Coconut Raspberry cake, Banana Chocolate cake, Red Velvet Nutella, Cookies & Creme, and their Classic Lemon cake. And one more thing, they offer free delivery for every order throughout the island.

16. Dig In Cakes

Dig In Cakes - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Dig In Cakes
⭐ DescriptionAward-winning gourmet cakes freshly baked with the finest free same day islandwide delivery affordability like no others
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://cakesdelivery.com.sg/
📌 AddressN/A
☎️ ContactWhatsapp: 8940 8349
Customer Service: info@cakesdelivery.com.sg
⏰ Opening hoursMonday-Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
24 hours for online purchase
💵 Pricing6″ Chocolate Truffle Cake: $48.00
6″ Cake and Flower Bundle: $45.60
6″ Tiramisu Cake: $49.00


Birthday cakes can be enjoyed all the time not only for birthdays but on usual days if you’re craving for desserts. If you’re looking for a reason to order dessert any time of the day, look no further than Dig In Cakes.

Dig In Cakes is the place to go for birthday cakes that are made fresh and affordable. You’ll find a wide variety of delicious, homemade, and affordable cakes for every occasion.

Dig In Cakes is an award winning gourmet cakes which are freshly baked and made with the finest ingredients. They offer free same day delivery for every order of $100 above.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“I stumbled upon DI while searching for a birthday cake, I am glad DI did not disappoint us. My nephew and family liked this cake – not too sweet 🙂”

17. Spatula Bakery

Spatula Bakery - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Spatula Bakery
⭐ DescriptionOver the last few years, we’ve shifted our focus slightly, and our core business now falls onto decorative artisan cakes for special events like birthdays and weddings. We are more than happy to fill our time with several cake bookings each and every week, and look forward to working with you on yours!
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://spatula.sg/
📌 AddressN/A
☎️ Contacthello@spatula.sg
⏰ Opening hoursN/A
💵 PricingLana Rosette: $95.00
Vera Biscuit Fingers: $100.00
Giselle: $110.00


Spatula Bakery’s birthday cakes are all spectacular, so you can’t go wrong with them. Chocolate chip cookie dough, banana salted caramel, pandan gula melaka, and lychee rose bandung are some of the flavors included in the package.

The best of the best can be found here using hand-piped 3D buttercream flowers to edible gold to their superb piping technique, you can find the perfect cake for your next birthday party. Whether it’s for adults or kids, they’ve got the answer for you.

18. Bloomsbury Bakers

Bloomsbury Bakers - One Of 18 Best Birthday Cakes In Singapore That Are Nice &Amp; Delicious | Morebetter
Bloomsbury Bakers
⭐ DescriptionAt Bloomsbury Bakers, every cake, dessert and pastry is handcrafted by a team of passionate and talented bakers. We bake in small batches, to order, and we put our heart into every cake that we make.
🌐 Website & Social Mediahttps://www.bloomsburybakers.com/
📌 AddressAddress: 30 Bendemeer Rd, #01-889, Singapore 330030
☎️ ContactPhone+65 6299 3450
⏰ Opening hoursSTORE HOURS
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 11:00am-6:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm
Christmas Opening Hours
24 Dec: 11:00am-5:00pm
25 Dec: 11:00am-5:00pm
27 & 28 Dec: CLOSED
New Year Opening Hours
3 & 4 Jan: CLOSED
💵 PricingDino Party (From 4″ onwards): $35.00
Little Hearts (4″ cake good for 2 pax): $33.00
CB1 Comic Book Drip: $48.00


Bloomsbury Bakers is surprisingly unique. They are among the top favorites in Singapore when it comes to cakes and desserts.

What made them rise above the sea of competitors is their offering of local-flavored cakes. It means you can choose between pulut hitam (black glutinous rice), ondeh ondeh, orh nee (yam) or the honey calamansi pineapple cake.

Whether standard birthday cakes, customised birthday cakes, mini desserts or customised cakes for other occasions, their team of skilled and talented bakers passionately handcrafted every single one of their products.

⭐ Customer Reviews

“Love the tarts and and cakes! Have been buying since opening, reliable and good service. Able to deliver on time. Always excited to eat it 😍😍”


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