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31 Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore To Learn How To Swim (2022)

Are you looking for the best swimming classes in Singapore? Whether you are looking for swimming instructors to teach your child to swim or yourself to swim, these professionals will guide you through to become a swimmer! Check out the best swimming classes in Singapore!
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Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore
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Swim Lessons Singapore

Are you not a good swimmer, but interested in learning the fundamentals of swimming? In Singapore, there is a wide variety of swimming schools, each with a special selling proposition.

There are also swimming schools that cater to adults who want to learn how to swim. Some swimming schools concentrate on teaching swimming to children.

Swimming lessons can be beneficial for children and adults alike. For young kids, learning how to swim can help them develop their confidence and coordination in water. Adults who are looking to stay fit can use swimming as a great workout. It is not only fun, but it also helps tone muscles and improve cardiovascular health.

So if you want to learn swimming, but are not sure where to start, here is a list of the best places in Singapore that offer swimming lessons.

What Are Swim Lessons And Why Should You Consider Them?

Swimming is one of the best exercises for children as it helps them to develop their motor skills and coordination. It also helps in their cognitive development as it stimulates their brain and boosts their creativity.

How To Choose The Best Swim School For Your Child

There are many swim schools in Singapore and it is not easy to choose the best one. Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before making your final decision. The first thing that you need to do is to consider what kind of swimming lessons they want and how much time they can spend on swimming lessons.

What You Should Know About Private Swim Lessons

Private swimming lessons are an excellent way for kids and adults alike to learn how to swim. Private swimming lessons can be especially beneficial for children who have not yet learned how or need more help than what is offered at their school.

Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore (2022)

There are many swimming lessons in Singapore that can help you or your child learn how to swim. Here's a list of the Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore so you can start learning how to swim!

1. SwimRay Private Swimming Lessons

SwimRay Private Swimming Lessons
Best Known For: SwimRay provides Private Swimming Lessons in Singapore for all ages including babies, toddlers, children, adults, ladies, and more. Our swim lessons are conducted in condo, private house, and public swimming complex.
Website https://privateswimminglesson.sg/
Address https://privateswimminglesson.sg/public-swimming-pool#
Contact Details As in the URL above per location
Operating Hours As in the same URL per location
Pricing 1 to 4-6 (4 lessons): $120 per child

One of Singapore's more flexible schools, SwimRay can accommodate any pool and any time of the day, from early in the morning to late at night. The instructors are former commandos and divers from the navy, so you know you're in capable hands.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Coach Kai is very good! He was very friendly and my boys were very comfortable with him. He was very patient and very detailed in his coaching, communicates well too."

2. Elite Coach Sports Academy

Elite Coach Sports Academy
Best Known For: Sports Academy, Swimming, Boxing, Muay Thai, Fitness, Kids Academy, Kids camp, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, Pilates, PT, Triathlon & more. Expert & passionate teachers, we offer private & group classes. 
Website https://elitecoach.com.sg/
Address Located in: Goldhill Centre
Address: 191 thomson road Goldhill Shopping Centre, Corner unit 191B, 3rd Floor (Above SuperCuts Exit United Square, 20m from Novena MRT, Goldhill Plaza, Parking, Singapore 307632
Contact Details Phone: +65 8112 9162
Appointments: elitecoach.com.sg
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 7:00am-10:00pm
Pricing Private Training (Junior Teacher): $55 for 30 minutes

Elite Coach in Singapore focuses on private swimming lessons using the SwimtoFly method, Kids Gymnastics & Dance, Muay Thai Boxing, contemporary dance, and fitness personal training. For many years, they have continuously supported their clients in achieving their fitness goals.

Their SwimtoFly method has assisted more than 2,300 students in learning to swim applying the idea of flying in the water. 

In effort to expand their clientele, Elite Coach launched a studio in Novena in July 2020. Since then, they have been offering both studio and private classes.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"During my stay in Sinagpore, I went to Sithu's fitness training 6 times. The groups were rather small. The training sessions lasted 45 minutes each and were super varied and extensive. Sithu always really pushed and motivated me. Therefore, I was so exhausted after a lesson. I can absolutely recommend it to everyone to come to the training."

3. Happy Fish Swim School

Happy Fish Swim School
Best Known For: Through providing and promoting the importance of swim education for all ages, Happy Fish aims to be a community-oriented and socially responsible company. Along with our environmentally friendly practices, we strive to grow, inspire, and make a positive impact on our people and communities.
Website https://happyfish.sg/
Address Bedok
Located in: ESR BizPark @ Chai Chee (Formerly Viva Business Park)
Address: 750A Chai Chee Road, #01-03, Singapore 469001
Phone: +65 6589 8650

Appointments: happyfish.sg
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 1:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Public Holiday: Closed
Address: 30 Stevens Rd, #01-10, Singapore 257878
Phone: +65 6589 8650

Appointments: happyfish.sg
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 1:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Public Holiday: Closed
Wild Wild Wet
Located in: Wild Wild Wet
Address: 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599
Phone: +65 6589 8650
Operating Hours
Monday & Wednesday-Friday: 1:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Tuesday & Public Holiday: Closed
Home @ Bedok
Located in: ESR BizPark @ Chai Chee (Formerly Viva Business Park)
Address: 750 Chai Chee Rd, #01-07, Singapore 469000
Phone: +65 6589 8650
Appointments: happyfish.sg
Operating Hours
Monday & Wednesday-Friday: 1:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Tuesday & Public Holiday: Closed
Jurong East
Address: 2 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-05, Singapore 608512
Phone: +65 6589 8650

Appointments: happyfish.sg
Monday-Friday: 1:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Public Holiday: Closed
Address: 100 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287992
Phone: +65 6589 8650

Appointments: happyfish.sg
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Public Holiday: Closed
Bukit Timah
Address: 8 Duke's Rd, Singapore 268888
Phone: +65 6589 8650

Appointments: happyfish.sg
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Public Holiday: Closed
Contact Details As above per location
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing Babies (4-23 Months): S$342.4 /term (Weekdays)

Since 2007, Happy Fish has been the top swimming school in Singapore and Malaysia, with 10 indoor heated swimming pools and top-notch swimming programs for all ages. With many years of research and experience, they guarantee to give every student the best learning opportunity.

Their coaches go through countless hours of training, attachment, and rigorous evaluation. They are devoted to making the learning process enjoyable and safe for every student. This is accomplished with passion and the help of their extensive swimming experience.

Their students can learn to swim in a cozy, regulated setting with crystal clear water thanks to state-of-the-art water sanitization and filtration systems. The school's tried-and-true teaching method is used to fully train students on-site.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Shout Out to Coach Doyle , Dayven has been with him since HF WWW opened in 2019. I am very thankful for Coach Doyle with his patient and commitment to his work.He cares about his students and ensured that they are trained properly and developed the necessary skills."

4. Inspire Mum & Baby Fitness, Birth and Swimming Centre

Inspire Mum & Baby Fitness, Birth and Swimming Centre
Best Known For: Inspire Mum & Baby is a holistic fitness, swimming, birth and therapy centre with indoor heated pool for prenatal moms, women, babies and children. Prenatal and postnatal services including Aqua Therapy, fitness classes such as yoga, pilates and aqua pregnancy, birth doula and post-partum services.
Website https://www.inspiremumbaby.com/
Address Address: 188-2 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 436990
Contact Details Phone: +65 9234 1866
Email: info@inspiremumbaby.com
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Pricing Private Group Swim Package (5 Sessions): $300.00 Per Pax 

Inspire Mum & Baby provides a broad array of services for women, children, and postpartum mothers as well as those who are pregnant and nursing. They offer doula services, prenatal yoga, and aqua therapy as part of their antenatal program. As one of the trailblazers in baby swimming, they also provide swimming lessons to kids as early as two months old. 

They have provided mothers with physical and psychological support throughout their pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond because they are a women's center. They have supported many tenacious women's fitness regimens and taught their kids to swim well.

In addition, they are the sole authorized facility in Singapore offering Watsu¬ģ therapy to women of all ages. They provide yoga, Pilates and Cardiolates classes as part of their fitness program.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"I am immensely grateful to Linda for the encouragement and support rendered during my last trimester as my baby was breeched. Through her, I found a gynae skilled in ECV and had a successful procedure to turn baby around, and eventually was able to deliver my baby via normal delivery! I throughly enjoyed the aqua pregnancy classes too, offering some relief from the aches and pains of the last trimester - the classes were enjoyable and relaxing under Linda’s/ Sue’s guidance"

5. Swimmerse Swim School

Swimmerse Swim School
Best Known For: We have swimming lessons in Singapore tailored for every level of your swimming needs! We pride ourselves in providing Singapore swimming lessons with one of the best swim classes taught by MOE certified swimming coaches in Singapore!
Website https://swimmerse.com/
Address https://swimmerse.com/venue/
Contact Details Phone: +65 85887867
Email: swimmerse@gmail.com
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing Group Class Fee: $120 per month for 6 pax

Swimmerse is a combination of the words swim and immerse, which stands for swimming while immersing oneself in enjoyable activities and overcoming phobias. It was created primarily to improve swimming through a variety of games and activities.

Since 2007 in Clementi, Sengkang, Bukit Batok and Hougang, Swimming Swimmerse offers both group and private swimming lessons. It comes as no surprise that Swimmerse is quickly becoming well-known in the industry because they have the most affordable, effective, and enriching lessons available, with guaranteed learning results. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"My son enjoying his class with Coach Edward so much! Awesome, nice, and friendly coach. My son is progressing well. Highly recommmended! Thank you Coach Edward!"

6. Little Splashes Aquatics

Little Splashes Aquatics
Best Known For: Little Splashes Aquatics is recognised as one of Singapore’s leading aquatic schools in vision, teaching methodology and early childhood development.
Website https://www.littlesplashes.com.sg/
Address Balestier
Address: 207 Balestier Rd, #01-01, Singapore 329683
Phone: +65 6908 0600

Appointments: littlesplashes.com.sg
Operating Hours
Monday: 11:00am-8:00pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Wednesday: 9:30am-8:30pm
Friday: 9:30am-8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am-9:30pm
Address: 36 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 545553
Phone: +65 6241 4555

Appointments: littlesplashes.com.sg
Operating Hours
Monday & Wednesday: 9:30am-8:15pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:15am-9:30pm
Little Splashes King Albert Park
Located in: Sime Darby Centre
Address: 896 Dunearn Rd, #02-01C, Singapore 589472
Phone: +65 6970 4666
Operating Hours
Monday: 11:00am-8:00pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Friday: 9:30am-6:45pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:15am-9:15pm

Address: 28 Jln Selaseh, Singapore 808446
Phone: +65 6219 2555

Appointments: littlesplashes.com.sg
Operating Hours
Monday & Wednesday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 11:00am-8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am-9:30pm
Contact Details As above per location
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing 4 Class Bundle: $192.60 (Weekend)

A swimming school called Little Splashes starts teaching swimming lessons to children as young as three months old. It's a great place for swimming lessons because they have a variety of swimming pools, including heated indoor pools. As one of the best swimming schools in Singapore, they use American, European, and Australian stroke techniques.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"From a total beginner to being able to swim underwater for a few meters, within a few months. We are grateful to teacher Anthony for his patience and diligence that has helped our boy overcome his fear of the unknown. He looks forward to every class and enjoys his time in the water every week without fail. Thanks LSA and teacher Anthony!"

7. AquaDucks

Best Known For: The aquaDucks programme is a smart blend between the best American, European and Australian teaching techniques and further streamlined to the specific weather conditions and needs in Singapore.
Website https://www.aquaducks.com.sg/
Address Queenstown
Located in: Children's Cove Preschool
Address: 58 Jln Penjara, Singapore 149382
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 8:30am-7:00pm
Turf City
Address: 2 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287988
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 8:30am-7:00pm
Located in: St. James' Church Kindergarten (Harding Campus)
Address: 29 Harding Rd, Singapore 249537
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 8:30am-7:00pm
Address: 25 Gilstead Rd, Singapore 309070
Operating Hours
Tuesday-Friday: 3:00pm-7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am-7:00pm
Monday: Closed
Hollandse Club
Address: 22 Camden Park, Singapore 299814
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 8:30am-7:00pm
Swiss Club
Address: 36 Swiss Club Road, Singapore 288139
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 3:00pm-7:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am-12:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Contact Details Phone: +65 6463 5554
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing Children (Newton): $192.60 on Weekends (inclusive of GST)

The training approach used by AquaDucks, which combines American, Australian and European techniques, has undergone three decades of refinement. Each group of preschoolers and infant swimmers will advance through six levels of stamina development and stroke instruction.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Great team of swim coaches! My kids enjoy all their lessons and activities with the school. Thanks David, Lulu, Sharon, Kim, Stephanie, Elizabeth, Jaryl and Sam!"

8. Pacific Swim Team

Pacific Swim Team
Best Known For: Swimming Classes for all level. Proven Results for Competitive Swimming & Lifesaving. Swimmers learn best in fun and supportive environment. Pacific family is committed to help every swimmer fulfill their maximum potential. 
Website https://pacificswimteam.com.sg/
Address Located in: Our Tampines Hub
Address: Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523
Contact Details Phone: +65 9856 8280
Email: pacificswimteam@gmail.com
Operating Hours Thursday-Tuesday: 24 hours
Wednesday: 8:00am-9:00pm
Pricing Adult Classes (6 to 10 students per class): $25 per lesson

The Pacific Swim Team trains adults and children as young as three years old. Swimming lessons for children are completely safe because there are more lifeguards on duty. Learners have the option of participating in competitions like the Singapore National Age Group Championships. 

You can anticipate obtaining credentials from organizations like the Singapore Swimming Association, National School Program, SwimSafer Program, and Singapore Lifesaving Society. These organizations are all acknowledged by SportsSG. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"My son switched from a private coach to Pacific in 2020 and he has enjoyed his classes since then. The coaches are attentive and classes are systematic. I like how you can track the student's progress and upcoming class schedule in the system. Will definitely recommend the team to anyone who is keen to go for swimming classes."

9. Swimwerks Asia Pte. Ltd.

Swimwerks Asia Pte. Ltd.
Best Known For: Swimwerks Aquatic Training & Services is established in 2015 with a vision to promote water safety and equip individuals with swimming and lifesaving skills. 
Website https://swimwerks.com.sg/
Address Located in: Nordcom II
Address: 3 Gambas Cres, #07-11 Nordcom 1, Singapore 757088
Contact Details Phone: +65 6805 8186
Email: sales@swimwerks.com.sg
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Pricing Enquire for pricing

Since its inception, Swimwerks Aquatic Training and Services LLP has been focusing on promoting water safety and giving motivated people the ability to swim and perform CPR. Swimwerks achieved bizSAFE Level 3 in 2021 and is a recognized Swim Center of Swim Schools International (SSI).

They have grown within the sector over the years and established Swimwerks Asia Pte. Ltd. to take on new portfolios in 2020. For that reason, Swimwerks strives to be the premier comprehensive aquatic center in Singapore and the Asia Pacific. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"The kids always look forward to Teacher Jin Cheng’s lesson. We are glad that the kids enjoyed their lessons with him every week."

10. Swish Swimming

Swish Swimming
Best Known For: Swish Swimming was founded on the philosophy that learning to swim is an essential life-saving skill and not something that is only required for those who want to swim competitively. 
Website https://www.swishswimming.com/
Address Address: 72 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248848
Contact Details Phone: +65 9832 2522
Email: admin@swishswimming.com
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Pricing Children's Group Lessons (Loewen Gardens): $38.00 (Saturday & Sunday)

Do you feel too worn out to take the kids to swimming lessons? Enroll your child and your helper in SWISH! Swim School's Auntie and Me swim lessons, a series of daily sessions that teach children water safety and swimming skills.

With the only swim school in Singapore with both temperature-controlled indoor and outdoor saltwater chlorinated pools, their saltwater pools can accommodate babies and the pre squad level. 

With lessons for kids of all abilities, adult swimming instruction and a competitive youth squad, their team of AUSTSWIM certified swimming coaches will turn you and your children into mermaids very soon.

SWISH Swim School is situated in Dempsey Hill, a picturesque area with lots of vegetation. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Coach Nicoy is now taking my gal and significant improvements were seen for past few months, she knows each student’s best and lean so that helps a ton in tracking the learning journey! The management team is very efficient and considerate. Despite so many changes and measures for past year, they are always a step ahead in communication, emails and msgs. Makes us feel assured and without need to check in much when each new measure is implemented."

11. SwimBest Swim School

SwimBest Swim School
Best Known For: SwimBest Swim School offers best and effective private and group swimming lessons in Singapore. At SwimBest, we strive for excellence. SwimBest is a trustworthy and reliable swimming school in Singapore.
Website https://swimlessons.com.sg/
Address Westwood Residences
Address: 182 Westwood Ave, #06-07, Singapore 648146
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 8:00am-8:00pm
Bukit Batok Swimming Complex
Address: 2 Bukit Batok Street 22, #01, Singapore 659581
Operating Hours
Monday-Saturday: 8:00am-8:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Jurong West Swimming Complex
20 Jurong West Street 93, Singapore 648965
Operating Hours
Wednesday-Monday: 8:00am-9.30pm
Tuesday: Closed 
Contact Details Phone: +65 8121 3053
Appointments: swimlessons.com.sg
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing Group Lesson (Public Swimming Complex): $80 per month

SwimBest Swim School provides its esteemed students with both group and private swimming lessons. In actuality, their swimming classes are made to accommodate various ages and developmental stages. They offer swimming classes by group for toddlers, children, ladies, and adults. 

SwimSafer 2.0 is just one of the many programs that SwimBest Swim School offers to ensure that all ages and skill levels receive the best swimming instruction. 

Professional and committed swimming instructors conduct the swimming lessons. The committed and qualified swimming instructors are committed to giving their students the most efficient as well as enjoyable swimming lessons. Safety is their top priority. They are fully trained in CPR and lifesaving techniques to make the learning process enjoyable and secure. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Coach Raymond is always patient and encouraging towards his students. He has helped my son overcome his fear of water, and now he is a more confident swimmer."

12. Singapore Swim School

Singapore Swim School
Best Known For: Singapore Swim School is one of Singapore’s most reputable swimming schools with over 20 years of experience. At Singapore Swim School, we conduct swimming lessons at beginner, intermediate, advanced and competitive levels.
Website https://www.singaporeswimschool.com/
Address Located in: Woodlands ActiveSG Sports Centre
Address: 3 Woodlands Street 13, Singapore 738600
Contact Details Phone: +65 6269 4192
Operating Hours Friday-Tuesday: 8:00am-9:30pm
Wednesday: 8:00am-9:30pm
Thursday: 2:3pm-9:30pm
Pricing Adult Swim Lessons: From $120 / month

If you live in North Singapore and would prefer not to travel far for swimming lessons, contact Singapore Swim School. 

They conduct swimming lessons at The Woodlands Swimming Complex. They offer swimming lessons for those at beginner, intermediate, advanced, and competitive levels. They may also give lessons at public swimming pools and private condo swimming pools. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Great family pools with lots of options for swimming, playing or like many, learning to swim. Shower area could do with a bit of TLC but they are functional at best. Water was clean and clear blue with no chlorine smell. Plenty of lifeguards on hand and seating areas in the shade"

13. Marsden Swim School

Marsden Swim School
Best Known For: Swimming school for all ages, from 4 months old to adults. Beginners to elite swimmers. With over 20 years in Singapore our international group of coaches cater to all, we love what we do!
Website http://www.marsdenswimschool.com/
Address Located in: The Grandstand
Address: 200 Turf Club Rd, #01 - 33, Singapore 287994
Contact Details Phone: +65 6909 1436
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Pricing Group Lesson: $39.00 (Weekends)

One of Singapore's top swimming schools is Marsden Swim School. They have heated, salt-chlorinated swimming pools that are ideal for babies and kids up to age seven. It's simple to find a class close to you because they have locations all across the island.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"We really appreciate the coaches at Marsden for their professional approach in developing my children in their swimming journey, beginning from their first swimming lesson 3 years ago working on their techniques leading to recently when they competed in the National School Game swimming competition."

14. Little Fishes Swimming Lessons Singapore

Little Fishes Swimming School
Best Known For: Little Fishes is a Swimming School which provides swimming lessons in Singapore for all ages and levels. Young students should always be within arm's reach while at the pool.
Website https://swimlessons.sg/
Address Address: 22 Sin Ming Ln, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969
Contact Details Phone: +65 9643 6331
Email: admin@swimlessons.sg
Operating Hours Monday-Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Pricing Group lessons charges for babies: $320 per term (Weekdays)

The world's best infant and toddler swimming program is offered by Little Fishes Swimming Lessons. Each phase of their programs has been carefully selected with consideration for international curricula. In the shortest amount of time, your infant or toddler will be able to swim safely. 

They have demonstrated that even the most difficult-to-manage kids will come back to you from school smiling. They enjoy challenges, especially those posed by difficult kids. No child can ever be too difficult to manage, in their opinion.

Their lesson plans include a learning objective, and they promise to meet your expectations. They forbid photography or videography during their lessons because the results they deliver prove their credibility. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Practice makes perfect where champions are made..recommended."

15. State Swim

State Swim
Best Known For: Our Swimming Programs have been designed to support all ages and abilities: from infants through to adults, together we grow stronger and safer swimmers, for life. 
Website https://www.stateswim.com.sg/
Address Located in: Suntec City
Address: 3 Temasek Blvd Suntec City, North Wing #L4, Singapore 038983
Contact Details Phone: +65 8123 0103
Appointments: stateswim.com.sg
Operating Hours Monday & Wednesday: 10:00am-8:30pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00am-4:00pm
Friday: 10:00am-7:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am-5:3pm
Sunday: 7:30am-1:30pm
Pricing Adults - Learn to Swim (18 yrs +): $87.75 per month

The newest outdoor swimming pool in the city is at Suntec City and features diving platforms, a water skiing area, a lap lane, and an action area for water sports like paddleboarding and dragon boating. Swimming lessons are offered to people of all ages. Throughout the day, there are fountains and flower displays. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Awesome swimming school with great instructors!"

16. Isplash Swim School

Isplash Swim School
Best Known For: We are a leading swim school providing effective swimming lessons for all age. Our in-house group classes follows the MOE recognised, Swimsafer syllabus.
Website https://swimminglessonscoach.com/
Address https://swimminglessonscoach.com/swimming-pools-singapore/
Contact Details Phone: +65 8869 0089
Appointments: swimminglessonscoach.com
Operating Hours As in the URL in the address info per location
Pricing Kids (5-13 Years Old): $90/Month (4 Lessons)

For people of all ages, Isplash Swim School offers a wide selection of swimming lessons. They conduct adult women's swimming lessons separately with their qualified, experienced instructors. Enrolling in Isplash will ensure that you or your child learns how to swim by the course's final session.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Staff and Lifeguards were nice and friendly. My kids love the pool area. It is not a a massive play area for them but enough to keeps the kids entertained."

17. AquaBambinos Swim School

AquaBambinos Swim School
Best Known For: Unlike other pools where chlorine powder is added directly into the water, at AquaBambinos Swim School, our water is added with salt (NaCl) and cleaned through a two-stage process. 
Website http://www.aquabambinos.com.sg/
Address Serangoon Gardens
Address: 45 Burghley Drive, Block C #01-07, Singapore 559022
Phone: +65 6487 3225
Operating Hours
Monday: 3:30pm-7:30pm
Tuesday-Friday: 9:00am-12:00pm, 3:30pm-7:30pm Saturday-Sunday: 9:00am-7:00pm
Address: 66 Regent St, Singapore
Phone: +65 9021 9965
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 3:30pm-7:30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9:00am-7:00pm
Contact Details As above per location
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing Enquire for pricing

Initially started by two mothers who just wanted their kids to enjoy swimming, AquaBambinos has since developed into one of the leading swimming schools for children in Singapore. 

Infants, toddlers, and children aged three and older are taught how to swim by AquaBambinos. Trial swimming lessons are available.

This indoor swimming school has a strictly controlled heated indoor pool where the water temperature and chlorine levels are meticulously maintained, so kids with sensitive skin won't experience any issues. 

To make the experience more fun, the swimming instructors use noodles, kickboards and bubble packs. To prevent your kids from becoming reliant on them, they only use those stuff occasionally. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Team of patient coaches- special mention to coach Darryl who spent weeks coaxing my son to even get near to the edge of the swimming pool. Week after week he followed my son’s pace, never once trying to speed up the process. And as a result, my son gradually gained confidence and most of all, trusted his coach. Agree that there’re shortcomings in their administration but they are trying their best."

18. Singapore Swimming Academy

Singapore Swimming Academy
Best Known For: Established only in 2008, we are now the market leader for swimming lessons. We cater to all public and private pools in Singapore.
Website https://singaporeswimming.com/
Address https://singaporeswimming.com/swimming-pools-in-singapore/#
Contact Details Phone: +65 9875 5665
Email: enquiry@singaporeswimming.com
Operating Hours As in the URL in the address info per location
Pricing Group Class (5 to 15 yrs. old): From $100 per month

Swimming lessons are offered by Singapore Swimming Academy for children as young as six months old. They have heated, salt-chlorinated pools suitable for babies and kids up to age seven.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Patience and professional coach. Keeps the class discipline for conducive learning. My kid swimming improve tremendously, also enjoys it very much and always look forward for it! Thank you Coach Jackson!"

19. Swim Coach John

Swim Coach John
Best Known For: Professional swim lessons for all ages which are convenient, fun and catered to your individual learning needs.
Website https://swimsingapore.com/
Address https://swimsingapore.com/swimming-pools/
Contact Details As in the URL above per location
Operating Hours As in the same URL per location
Pricing Private Adult Swimming Lesson: From $120.00

When it comes to imparting swimming technique instruction, Swim Coach John goes well beyond the norm. Their swimming instructors help students gain confidence in the water.

Swim Coach is renowned for having some of the best swimming instructors in the country, who have mastered numerous techniques to effectively teach a variety of swimming skills to a number of learners. 

Enrolling in swimming lessons at Swim Coach is recommended for individuals with busy schedules. Swim Coach offers a variety of swimming times to accommodate some of adult learners' busy schedules.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Thank you! I learned a lot of new and invaluable techniques for teaching kids how to swim. Keep it up!"

20. Aquatics In Motions

Aquatics In Motion
Best Known For: Aquatics In Motion brings best practices to its aquatic programs in the niche areas of infant and toddler swimming, kids' water safety and swim stroke development. 
Website https://www.aquaticlessons.com.sg/
Address Address: 25, #02-01 Kaki Bukit Pl, Singapore 416203
Pool Locations:
Jalan Selaseh Indoor Pool
Address: 28 Jalan Selaseh, Singapore 808446
Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 9:30am-6:30pm
King Albert Park Indoor Pool
Address: 896 Dunearn Road, LINK@896, #02-01C, Singapore 589472
Operating Hours
Monday-Wednesday & Friday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am-9:00pm
Siglap Indoor Pool
Address: 300 Bedok South Ave 3, Siglap Community Center, #01-07, Singapore 469299
Operating Hours
Friday-Wednesday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Thursday: 12:30pm-9:30pm
Yio Chu Kang Indoor Pool
Address: 36 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 545553
Operating Hours
Friday-Wednesday: 9:30am-6:30pm
Thursday: 12:30pm-9:30pm
West Coast Indoor Pool
Address: 27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am-6:30pm
Contact Details Phone: +65 8262 1919
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing 4 Class Trial (Weekends): $180.00

Aquatics In Motion has incorporated best practices into its aquatic programs in the specialized fields of swim stroke improvement, children's water safety, and baby and toddler swimming. They are committed to teaching swimming in a safe and enjoyable environment at their swim school. They hold their classes in both private condominium pools and public pools.

Since 2011, the school is active in helping hundreds of kids and adults in becoming good swimmers and achieving their swimming proficiency goals. The dedication of their school's coaches ensures that students stay on course and accomplish their intended objectives.

Tailored lesson plans for various age groups aid in catering to the varying learning styles of students. So consider Aquatics In Motion if you're looking for swimming classes for babies, kids or adults.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Coach Justin has been amazing with my kids. He is experienced and able to handle kids of different ages with the utmost patience. Through his teaching methods, my kids have developed a love for swimming. Extremely grateful to have found him as a coach! Would highly recommend to parents with young children."

21. ElitePro Swim School

Elitepro Swim School
Best Known For: ElitePro Swim school is one of the Leading Private Swimming Lessons Provider in Singapore. Our Certified coaches teaching Swimming lessons over 100 different locations in condo, international school and private swimming pool. We cater our lesson to individual to personalised your needs in learning and progression.
Website http://www.eliteproswimschool.com/
Address Address: 436 Woodlands Street 41, Block 436, Singapore 730436
Contact Details Phone: +65 8292 3466
Operating Hours Monday-Friday: 8:00am-8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am-7:00pm
Pricing Private swimming lesson for adults: 1pax $300 each

ElitePro Swim School is a great choice whether you prefer private or group swimming lessons. They offer classes for children, toddlers, teenagers and adults.

At more than 100 locations on the island, including private swimming pools, international schools and condominiums, they can offer swimming lessons with certified swimming instructors. Lessons are additionally tailored to meet your specific needs.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Warren is a professional and really fun!!! Highly recommended."

22. Swim Masters Singapore

Swim Masters
Best Known For: One of the best swimming schools in Singapore, we provide a wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds and swim levels. 
Website https://www.swimmingcourses.sg/
Address Located in: Senja-Cashew Community Club
Address: 101 Bukit Panjang Rd, Singapore 670534
Contact Details Phone: +65 9060 1817
Operating Hours Thursday & Friday: 3:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Monday-Wednesday: Closed 
Pricing Adult Group 8 Swim Classes: $240.00

Swim Masters is a company that sells school supplies and teaches swimming to kids in primary and secondary schools as well as childcare facilities looking to keep their preschoolers active. Students can anticipate maximizing the development of their skills while increasing their stamina and passion for swimming.

Highly experienced coaches conduct a special program for three months. In addition to the program, Swim Masters provides swimming lessons tailored to students with different skill levels. Both beginning swimmers and seasoned swimmers looking to improve their technique can benefit from these lessons.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Good & patient instructor, can explain well and guide us to swim different strokes."

23. Condo Coaches

Condo Coaches
Best Known For: We provide private swimming, tennis, yoga, personal training, piano, violin & guitar lessons in Singapore at your home. Our certified & experienced coaches/teachers are located island wide and will travel to your condominium. 
Website https://www.condocoaches.sg/private-swimming-lessons-singapore/
Address N/A
Contact Details Phone: +65 9070 6001
Email: condocoaches@gmail.com
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 24 hours
Pricing Group of 2: $160/pax 

If you're looking for swimming lessons or a private swimming coach nearby, visit SG Condo Coaches and you can find a swimming instructor for every age group. 

You can complete the convenient inquiry process entirely online, and you'll be quickly matched with the ideal coach for your family's swimming needs. In addition to offering affordable lesson costs, the website does not ask for additional or unanticipated fees for reservations.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Jerome assisted me and was very prompt in all his response. He is very patient to find out all my needs to get a coach! He even provided service late in the evening which is highly exceptional!! I am very satisfied with the service he provided!! Good job Jerome!!"

24. Able Aquatic School

Able Aquatic School
Best Known For: Our program focuses on personal water safety and the skills necessary for your child to become a proficient swimmer or a qualified Lifesaver.
Website https://swim.com.sg/
Address https://swim.com.sg/swimming-complexes/
Contact Details Phone: +65 8808 2083
Email: admin@swim.com.sg
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing Enquire for pricing

The internationally acclaimed Swimsafer and Learn to Swim curriculum serves as the foundation for Able Swim School's group lessons, which are offered at more than 24 swimming complexes throughout Singapore. Children who are not yet ready for a group class can take private sessions.

Your kids will be dumping the floaties and learning to swim expeditiously with the large team of experts at Able Aquatic School. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"My children's favourite swim school! Always looking forward to their weekly swim classes conducted by Coach Shawn. Coach Shawn is patient, fun and the kids enjoy the company of him. Would recommend anyone who is looking for swim classes in Tampines Able Aquatic School."

25. Swim101SG

Best Known For: Swim 101SG swimming school has been referred to by our students as the Best of Swim Schools in Singapore.
Website https://www.swimminglessonsinsingapore.sg/
Address Located in: Block 415 HDB Sembawang
Address: 415 Sembawang Dr, #14-734, Singapore 750415
Contact Details Phone: +65 8129 8101
Appointments: wa.me
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 8:00am-7:00pm
Pricing Group Swimming Lessons for Adults: $90 per month

The goal of Swim101SG is to provide children with a fun and safe environment for learning how to swim. They only employ coaches who are registered under the National Registry of Coaches.

They are certain that your child will enjoy learning to swim with them and are believe that being able to swim is a crucial life skill. People of all ages can enroll in their program to take swimming lessons whether for recreation, health, or sport. Additionally, the Swim Safer 2.0 Swimming Programme serves as the national curriculum applied to assist teachers in teaching swimming lessons. 

As a result, it guarantees that swimming lessons are given to a high and consistent guideline and that your child learns in a fun environment.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"My child had learn will with Coach Jimmy. A patient and understanding coach."

26. Red Dot Penguins Swim School (YMCA)

Red Dot Penguins Swim School (YMCA)
Best Known For: Swimming school for the family
Website https://www.reddotpenguins.com/
Address YMCA @ One Orchard
Located in: YMCA
Address: 1 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238824
Operating Hours
Tuesday & Thursday: 4:00pm-6:15pm
Saturday: 8:30am-10:00am
Sunday: 3:00pm-6:00pm
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: Closed
St. Andrew's Autism Centre
Address: 1 Elliot Rd, Singapore 458686
Operating Hours
Monday & Wednesday: 5:00pm-6:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-6:00pm
Sunday: 1:30pm-6:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: Closed
Contact Details Phone: +65 9227 4114
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing Learn to Swim (Ages 2 and above): $300 / 10 classes

For infants aged six months to two years old, the Red Dot Penguines Swim School in Singapore offers parent-child activities along with baby swimming lessons. In every session, they use songs and activities to aid in your baby's confidence and swimming skills development. 

Lessons in swimming start with the basics, teaching breath control, confidence while floating, and submersion. The competent instructors promote independent exploration and self-rescue techniques. 

Regular swimming lessons are available for children as young as two years old and for competitive swimmers as old as six. There is also a swim training program that combines CrossFit with sprint-style swimming sets for leisure swimmers and former competitive swimmers as old as 18.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"My 4 years old child has learnt how to swim with the school. We are content with their services. The coaches are very professional. It's at central location and easy to travel to. We highly recommend Red Dot Penguins swim school( YMCA)."

27. The Swim Lab

The Swim Lab
Best Known For: Our proven curriculum ensures smooth learning progression for your child. The lesson plans are effective in helping children acquire sound swimming fundamentals and improve one stroke at a time.
Website https://www.theswimlab.com/
Address Sports Lifestyle Centre
Address: 3500A Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 159837
Phone: +65 9646 3655
Operating Hours
Tuesday & Thursday-Sunday: 9:00am-7:00pm
Monday & Wednesday: 9:00am-9:00pm
Hwa Chong Institution 
Address: 661 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 26973
Phone: +65 9424 4655
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 6:30am-10:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am-9:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Centre for Movement, NTU@one-north
Address: 11 Slim Barracks Rise, Singapore 138664
Phone: +65 81366373
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 7:00am-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am-9:00pm
Contact Details As above per location
Operating Hours As in the address info per location
Pricing Adult Learn to Swim: $450 (Per block of 12 lessons)

The Swim Lab seeks to improve learn-to-swim programs all over Singapore. With a carefully crafted program, competent coaches, and a supportive environment, they are able to help children speed up their learning process. 

‚≠ź Customer Review

"Great swimming pool for students."

28. Swim Hub

Swim Hub
Best Known For: SwimHub Swimming School specializes in providing private lessons and small group classes at swimming pools in all condos, private houses and swimming complexes in Singapore. 
Website http://www.swimhub.com.sg/
Address Address: 511 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638366
Contact Details Phone: +65 9173 0048
Email: admin@swimhub.com.sg
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-9:00pm
Pricing Adult group swimming lesson (Public Swimming Complex): $200 per student for 10 lessons

If you're looking for a swimming school that can offer flexible lessons, look no far beyond SwimHub Swimming School. SwimHub has their very own private outdoor swimming pool, which is situated on Upper Jurong Road, and conducts private lessons and small group classes at swimming pools in swimming complexes, private homes and condominiums in Singapore.

The highly experienced swimming instructors at the school are among the best and most qualified on the island. SwimHub ensures that their staff of qualified coaches is constantly updated on new swimming techniques through continuous learning.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"The Instructor of Willy is very kind and warm-hearted, skillful, especially very patient with children."

29. XSA Swim Academy

XSA Swim Academy
Best Known For: Coach Xavier is a full-time Swimming Instructor for the last 18 years. He continues to find joy in teaching swimming to people of all ages, ranging from 4 years old onwards to adults.
Website http://www.xsaswimacademy.com/
Address https://xsaswimacademy.com/locations
Contact Details As in the URL above per location
Operating Hours As in the same URL per location
Pricing Group lessons for children (Public Pool): $100 per child for every four lessons

XSA Academy is a great place for you if you want to learn how to swim and get over your fear of the water.

Coach Xavier, a full-time swimming instructor with several years of experience, founded the XSA Academy. He feels a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in watching his students improve their swimming skills and technique. From adults to children as young as 4, he provides lessons to all age groups.

He runs his swimming lessons with a fun personality and believes that kids need to understand and learn about water safety from a young age. He makes learning to swim fun, and as a result, his students are able to conquer their fear of the water and acquire a valuable life skill.

‚≠ź Customer Review

"My two girls like to attend Coach Xavier swimming lesson. Coach Xavier’s lesson is always fun and he is very patient with the children. He is flexible on schedule. He will make extra effort to ensure that the students are ready and well prepared, before moving on to the swim test."

30. 2Bubbles Swim School

2Bubbles Swim School
Best Known For: Our coaches have you in mind. We understand and listen to your concerns and limitations. Working together with you to achieve your goals.
Website https://www.2bubbles.com.sg/
Address Address: Singapore 440034
Contact Details Phone: +65 9363 8229
Appointments: 2bubbles.com.sg
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 8:00am-9:00pm
Pricing Private Lesson (4 Sessions): $300.00

2Bubbles Swim School currently has four volunteer coaches and no paid coaches. As a result, they are able to maintain the caliber of both their coaching techniques and their outcomes.

Safety is a key consideration when grouping their swimmers, and they constantly monitor every swimmer to put them in the best group that enhances their learning capacity.

They actually collaborate with their swimmers as a team, and they have triumphed in swim meets and other competitions. Thus, what motivates them to continue in their craft is simply being a part of their physical transformation.

31. Swimmingly

Best Known For: Swimmingly Coaches are all professionally certified by renowned organisations such as AUSTSWIM, SSI & STA. Coaches are thoroughly vetted by our team to ensure a fun and safe learning environment for everyone involved.
Website https://www.swimmingly.sg/
Address N/A
Contact Details Phone: +65 8268 5776
Email: hello@swimmingly.sg
Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 24 hours
Pricing One to One Coaching: $260 per month

Swimmingly uses the Swimsafer curriculum which is the national water safety campaign in Singapore that aims to improve kids' swimming abilities and guides the way swimming lessons are taught.

Depending on your child's swimming ability, lessons are made to be both enjoyable and complicated. Before being hired, the swimming coaches are diligently certified by reputable organizations like STA, SSI, and AUSTSWIM. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Swimming Lessons in Singapore.

How Much Does It Cost To Learn Swimming In Singapore?

The average cost for swimming lesson in Singapore is about $20-100 per session. Private swimming lessons are usually more expensive than a group swimming lesson.

To book a swimming coach, you are likely to spend between $20 to $250 per hour.

What Is The Best Age For Swimming Lessons?

The recommend age to learn how to swim would be about 3-4 years old. By this time, they would have the basic water survival skills to float on water.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Swimming For Beginners?

It really depends from individual to individual. For starters, about 20-25 hours of swimming lessons and practicing in the water would be sufficient to learn how to swim.


Now you have our list of the best swimming lessons in Singapore. If there are other awesome swimming classes hat you feel should be part of this list, let us know!

If you love swimming, check out other related articles to swimming lessons in Singapore!

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