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The Ultimate Guide to Best Crab in Singapore (2022)

Are you looking for delicious and juicy crabs? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Best Crab in Singapore before you get started!

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The Ultimate Guide to Best Crab in Singapore

Where to Find the Best Crab in Singapore?

Singapore is a place where the best seafood can be found, and crab is no exception. There are many restaurants in Singapore that offer the best crab dishes.

A good crab restaurant should offer fresh crabs as well as other seafood dishes. It should also have an atmosphere that is suitable for both families and couples looking for a romantic meal.

What makes Crabs dishes so popular?

The dish was ranked 17th in a list for best foods around the world by CNN’s travel editor picks! It also happens to be our national dish here in Singapore as recognized by the Tourism Board – it really doesn’t get much better than this!

For many years now, Crab Dishes have graced not only what we love about local cuisine but also given us something iconic to be proud of when traveling abroad.

When you order a crab dish, some places bring out the live crabs and serve them with their shells still intact. The flesh is so tender that it falls right off of the shell when touched. You can either break open your own or use some seafood pliers to do this for you (a mallet may also be provided).

If there’s too much sauce on top of all those sweet succulent bits inside, don’t worry! Just jump in and start scooping up as many pieces as possible to get every last bit before slurping down what’s left between your fingers.

How many types of Crab Dishes are there?

Chilli crabs are a popular dish in Singapore, but not everyone knows what they’re supposed to look like. You may be thinking that chilli crab can only come in one color, but this dish is not confined to just orange-red.

There are many different renditions of the Singaporean favorite and you might have never tried them all! There’s a lot more than red chili crab out there: try black pepper or even green onion sauce with your crabs for an added kick!

Chilli Crab

There are a variety of dishes made in different regions with similar names, but this dish is the most popular and widespread. It contains many strands of eggy goodness which give it its characteristic red-orange color as well as adding to its flavor profile.

The spice level on average can be considered mild though some versions may have more heat than others depending on where they originate from or what culture influences them.

White Pepper Crab

The white pepper crab is a mild spicy dish for those who are sensitive to spice. Unlike its black-pepper counterpart, it has a milder spiciness but still packs enough punch that even your taste buds will feel alive and awake after eating one bite!

The crab meat is cooked in a light, fragrant broth with white pepper and other spices and this dish contrasts well with different sauces as it’s not too spicy or salty.

Black Pepper Crab

The black pepper crab is a dish of spicy, succulent chunks of baked blue crabs tossed in dry black peppercorn paste. The typical accompaniment for this meal would be steamed rice or fried noodles and an aromatic broth sauce to temper the heat.

Green Chilli Crab

The delicious flavors in the “normal” curry sauce will have you coming back for more! You’ll be able to taste hints of lemongrass, lime leaf and kaffir leaves.

It’s not as spicy as some other Thai curries, but it still packs a punch with its spice level that is slightly higher than others on this list.

Salted Egg Yolk Crab

The salted egg yolk crab is version is drier than the traditional Black Pepper Crab but still has that signature salty flavour with salted egg yolk sauce and crumbs for extra savoury taste.

You can get both spicy or non-spicy versions at most places known for their crab dishes, making it easy to find one you like!

How to Pick the Right Crab Dish for Your Taste

If you are unsure about what type of crab dish to order, here is a guide to help you decide.

The first thing to consider is the size of the crab. The larger the crab, the more meat on it and typically the more expensive it will be. If you are looking for a cheaper option, go for smaller crabs.

It’s also important to know that different types of crabs have different textures and flavors. For example, blue crabs have a sweeter taste while Dungeness crabs have a saltier taste.

Conclusion: The Definitive Guide on How to Find the Best Crab in Singapore

The crab is a crustacean that has been a symbol of Singapore for many years. It is also the country’s most popular seafood, and one of the most important exports.

If you’re ready to find the best crabs, check out Best Crab in Singapore!

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